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05 August 2015


Former Member for MacKenzie, and media whore Gavin King is no longer the darling of 4CA's John "Cueball" MacKenzie.  That honour now goes to Michael Trout, the one-term bungler as the Member for Barron River.

MacKenzie has begun his spruiking of Trout earlier than any previous candidate, in part because of his delusional belief that the Palaszczuk ALP government will not run full-term.  This means that the unemployable Trout is now beginning to be a regular fixture in the MacKenzie-orchestrated attacks on the ALP and our local elected representatives.

And Trout is obliging with wholesale lies and misrepresentations. . . almost a nonstop 10 minutes worth yesterday alone.

Some of these statements:

On why he announced for Barron River again:  "In 2011 there was a real push from the (Cairns) tourism sector to have somebody representing this sector in the state arena". (:41)  Well that didn't happen, as it was the ineffectual Gavin King picked by Campbell Newman to be Ass. Tourism Minister.  Apparently renting horses isn't considered very "tourist-industry" related.  

"Ann Sherry, CEO of P&O Cruises (Carnival Cruise Lines), had come to Cairns to talk about the future of home port for Carnival in 10 or 15 years time". (1:03)  Carnival, in fact, has already announced a plan to home port appropriately-sized ships in Cairns without the need to dredge the port.  And the majority of cruise ships being built now for Carnival will be UNABLE to use the port EVEN IF DREDGED AS PROPOSED BY CAIRNS PORTS!

"She (Ann Sherry) was snubbed by the Mayor at that time".  LIE.

"We have a deputy premier, Jackie Trad, who is hell-bent on making sure there is no more facility, or strategic port in Cairns". (1:41) This is a LIE.  Trad has only said that she is opposed to dumping capital dredge spoil in the ocean.

"Everyone knows that for any regional city to develop into the next 50 years, you must have airports, you must have highways, you must have rail, and most important you must have a port".  (2:04)  This is stupidity writ large.  Does Trout really believe that every city without an airport or a seaport will wither and die?  Every inland city is doomed?  HOW STUPID!  Besides, WE HAVE A PORT.  It's a port appropriately sized for a city like Cairns.

"For us to be looking into the future without a strategic port is scandalous".  (2:23) What we should be doing is moving ALL the freight shipping OUT of the Cairns Port to Mourilyan, where it belongs.  REAL midterm strategic thinking would demand the petroleum farm be relocated away from the CBD and near Mourilyan, where it belongs.  Mourilyan Harbour is almost 10m deep, and currently ships sugar (molasses), cattle, and other heavy goods.

"Curtis Pitt to have taken that $40M off the table and put that back in the general revenues, there should be an absolute outcry from the people of Cairns".  (5:15) We agree.  Hey dickhead, where was your "outcry" when you and Gavin King allowed Campbell Newman and your LNP mates to strip the budgeted $93m for the Entertainment Precinct from Cairns, along with the budgeted $35M for the CBD upgrade, and put it back into more barely-used toll tunnels for the Brisbane elite!  Hypocrite!

"There has been some criticism as to why we did not release the EIS late in 2014.  The reason why (stutter, stutter) was there was changing legislation by the federal government, the coalition government, and the timing was not right.  It went back to the Coordinator General two or three times  for changes of legislation"  (5:30)

This is contradicted by Michael Trout's previous statements where he claims the delay has been due to "federal requirements that mandate a two year study of tidal movements".  (:32).  Then he goes on with even deeper bullshit, claiming it was ready to go but they didn't want to be criticised for putting it out during the Christmas holiday!   He then goes on to confirm that HE had seen the report, as did Gavin King!  The facts are clear - the LNP promised the dredging project in order to get elected, and then failed to follow through.  

All the attempts to rewrite history now are sleazy politics at its worst.

"I believe we'll be the only tourist city in the world that will have a (nightclub and pub) lockout time".   The idea of a "lockout", which only impacts those already drunk, is a terrific compromise idea between an early closing time and a city filled with violent arseholes.  

Moron. Trouty needs to get out more. 


Bangkok                     1:00 AM
London                       1:30AM, some clubs until 4:00 AM
Paris                           2:00AM  
Singapore                   1:00AM or 2:00AM
New York                    4:00AM in the city, 2:00AM elsewhere
Istanbul                       Generally 1:00AM
Dubai                           Alcohol?  fuck me
Kuala Lumpur              3:00AM
Hong Kong                  2:00AM
Barcelona                    3:00AM


Anonymous said...

On January 30th 2015 while LNP were still in government Greg Hunt sent a report to UNESCO in order to preserve World Heritage Status of the Great Barrier Reef. In this report combined efforts Liberal and LNP 4 priority ports were identified. Townsville, Hay Point, Abbot Point and Gladstone with no review until 2025. The claims this week are one big lie. It is not possible for Cairns to be given priority port status and LNP know it. The dredging can still go ahead without it except for the problem in that same report they promised they will not approve development of ports anywhere if they did not stack up economically. They know this as well. It seems the issue is used so some can be seen to be for Cairns and keep their gravy train positions. When are they ever honest with the people?

Anonymous said...

No need for a port in every city. Many inland cities thrive without one. Many like Wollongong suffer with one. South Australia is port central and suffers economically. Vegas.Vegas has its oil piped from 400 miles away. Only a stupid place would close down the economy because a tiny bit of dredging does not occur.

But where was he when in government and LNP decided on what ports would be classed as priority? Where was he with the money?

I though he said AQUIS was to pave our streets in Chinese gold,no priority port demands then. If so critical why didn't he say something when he had the power to do so? I can find nowhere where he objects to Cairns being off the priority port list submitted by LNP.

So talking down the economy for their own career aspirations but screw it will hurt business and investment in Cairns AGAIN. Who has ever benefited from all their grandstanding,hype and lying? What is McKenzie legacy to this town after all his huffing and puffing. Chinese do not invest in dysfunctional backwaters.

shanghai said...

hate to be a smart arse but Dubai,instabul,kl, are in muslim countries and bali an hindu island surrounded by islam 3 am is late enough

Mickwow said...

Trout is one of those people that aspires to be a politician for the sinecure it provides.To hear himtrying to articulate a certain point is rather embarrassing and he is void of any forward thinking.He would be more suited being a bus driver or a person who rents out horses?

Anonymous said...

Give Trout a job at Cairns airport working with Mr Browns team! Perfect fit.

sir cus said...

Now Labor is back in Govt.the sky is going to fall in if we don't have priority port status, local media put this shit out.

Anonymous said...

He should be called Trouser Trout.

Ken svay said...

He should be named Trouser Trout.

Anonymous said...

HBW gutter trash. Your beloved ALP will yet again be reduced to insignificance as they are a bunch of corrupt and union driven scum. Game to post this you loser?

Anonymous said...

Anon : From where I sit the LNP seem to be the ones that lie,mislead so wonder why they do that if they are so honest? Cairns suffers for their never ending lies.

Miroslav Winopska said...

Gavin King instead of posting anonymous rubbish like that @21:52, why not let us know how your great bio on Tunnels Newman is going? Haha can't wait to fish it out of the dumpster bins in coming weeks.

shanghai said...

above cmon we have feelings here any way your just jealous because you don't have your snout in the trough like all our pollies be like us suck it up and join the club

Bob R. said...

Yeah and thank Christ for the unions Anonymous 21.52. They are all we have between us and starvation wages like the bloody yanks have at the moment.

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghai: To be or not to be, this is the question. Ask a monkey it will give the answer.

Anonymous said...

So the Bligh Labor Government, the Borbidge LNP Government, the Newman LNP Government and now the Palaszczuk Labor Government are not going to turn Cairns into a major port. It was the Beattie Labor Government all those years ago which made Mourilyan the export port for the Far North. So why the hell is this issue being dragged on and on. It's like flogging a dead horse and expecting it to rise again.

Anonymous said...

Why is Mick Trout a member of a fathers rights group who oppose paying child support and advise each other on ways to avoid paying child support?