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04 September 2015


Based on complaints by residents to Cairns (un)Regional Council, the Cairns Police (QPS) have arrested two young property developers at Woree, and charged them for their actions.

The two young men, both from the Cook Islands, decided that instead of going on the dole, or getting in the queue for very scarce public housing, they would use their woodworking skills to build their own small residence on unused scrub land in Woree. 

The "tiny house" development that is all the rage with the developers now.   

They allegedly took some abandoned timber from a left-over shopfit at Northern Blinds headquarters nearby.

We believe there's a lot more here to celebrate than punish.

Everyday, spurred on by our Cairns #1 Bigot John Mackenzie, reactionaries are attacking "homeless" people in Cairns for, well being homeless.  Attacking "dole bludgers".  Attacking governments for providing public housing.  Assaulting the homeless on the street and demanding they be "moved on" - to where it's never quite clear.

A "crime" requires intent.  These young men didn't have "theft" as their intent.  They didn't try to sell the timber to buy drugs or alcohol.  Their intent is clear - they wanted a place to sleep, out of the coming rain and summer season.  The same thing everyone wants.  Crime?  Hardly.

These two young men should be offered jobs by the
construction community in Cairns.  They clearly have initiative and are hard workers.  Shame on Northern Blinds for not allowing these young men to continue their construction unimpeded by this police action.  

Former Mayor Kevin "Hiding from the Pakis" Byrne recently said on the radio that his daughter (being educated in tony American boarding schools at a yearly cost higher than the average Cairns family makes) would not stay in Cairns after schooling because 'there's no future here'.  Apparently she's not interested in one of the highly-sought-after retail jobs selling trinkets to the cruise ship passenger flood we're going to get after spending $300M dredging our harbor.  (Sarcasm off).  

These young men from Woree are the kind of young workers we want and need in Cairns.  Their arrest is police harassment.


CBD Warrior said...

I agree HBW! We see precious little initiative shown by our local young people. If I still had my business I'd be out looking to give these blokes a job.

Anonymous said...

Spot on HBW. It is amazing how the shock jock is now suddenly downplaying crime issues in the CBD after screeching about it for years. The reason is of course his support for the liquor industry and late night trading.He'll sell himself to any vested interest, like the media whore he is.

Strangely enough "Sour Grapes King" on his sad little blog is claiming that crime is out of control since he was booted out. This is followed by snide comments about Rob Pyne's disability by the paperboy's dwindling band of supporters. The paper boy's absence from the mackenzie's whinge show is also curious.Maybe he just used him like he used everybody else.

Anonymous said...

Whilst I appreciate the sentiment in your article HBW, at the end of the day taking materials from private property without the owners permission is THEFT. The owner of the alleged stolen property has every right to lay charges if they wish.
Unfortunately the gap between rich & poor is widening & homelessness is a problem that is only increasing Australia wide.
I cringe when reading royal commissions costing millions & the perks politicians get whilst Australians are living on the streets.
Maybe one day the federal, state & local (useless pass the buck) council will team up & come up with real solutions to a sad , avoidable & growing problem.
But don't hold your breath.....

Tony Hillier said...

It was with gobsmacking incredulity that I read a filler in the Compost yesterday to the effect that Mackenzie is up for an award in this year's Commercial Radio Awards as 'Best Talk Presenter'. The winner will apparently be announced at a "do" on the Gold Coast on October 10. What a travesty; what a farce; what an indictment on commercial radio here in Australia (and no doubt elsewhere)

shanghai said...

fuck yeah send em my way I need a new dunny

Russ said...

So you're okay with me jumping your back fence and knocking off a few hundred dollars worth of your gear just so I can show a bit of initiative Hillbilly?

'Initiative' might have been approaching the business owner and asking if they could have the timber, or maybe do a little bit of work for it.

How do you get police harassment out of this scenario?

Oh, and seeing you've recently castigated others for stealing images from the internet and using them to for their own means, you perhaps should have quantified that image of the structure as being one that was cut and pasted from the net, and most definitely not the tarp and timber job at Woree.



Bob R. said...

Robert Reid, the brilliant journalist told me years ago that in the media world, journalists and radio announcers can nominate themselves for media awards. Robert made no bones that he nominated himself for an article published in Playboy about Xavier Herbet (which I read, and mate, it was just fucken brilliant). Reid won an award for that alright, after he nominated himself. SO....fucken Mackenzie has obviously nominted himself, the narcissistic turd.
As for these young fellas building themselves tiny houses, well Christ or mighty they shouldnlt have pinched the materials to build them should they? How about the Cairns Regional Council fucken well donate some materials to these young lads to build shelters for the homeless?

Alison Alloway said...

Sheeesh, Bob R. you seem to be firing away on all pistons lately. Next we know you will be coming out of retirement and standing for council yourself?

Bob R. said...

Nah not me. I like the sound of this Jim Brooks fella though. Pity we cant have another woman up there, but we know what Mackenzie and all his woman hating wankers will do if a woman puts her hand up. Christ or mighty whenever I think of how Mackenzie treated Val Schier with all that public bullying and abuse and revving up the rednecks and retards around the place I still feel sick in the guts. The thing is no bastard would be allowed to get away with treating another person like that in the workplace and no decent person would ever treat another person like they were shit. I hope this Brooks character has some cojones and can throw the abuse back at Mackenzie harder and faster than he can throw it.

Alison Alloway said...

I guess I'm still shell shocked over the bullying campaign launched against our first ever female Mayor. Then there was the unprecedented misogynist campaign against Julia Gillard with Australia's shock jocks leading the charge and firing up all the Neanderthal men around the place. Did they ever think about the type of message they were sending out to certain types of men and the spike in domestic violence in this country? We have a very grave problem in Australia when people like Mackenzie can spew away without restraint against a female public figure, mocking and jeering, abusing and vilifying and ultimately, eroding respect not only for women in public office but for women overall.