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4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
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07 September 2015


One frequent target of Cueball-orgnaised bashing are the local TV stations.  They regularly take a pizzling from callers for pixellated, distorted, or other picture problems.  

The broadcast regulator, ACMA, routinely finds that this problem is caused by cheap, poorly shielded LED lamps purchased from China.

As there are no standards (yet) for LED light radio frequency (RF) interference, many of the bulbs are causing huge amounts of interference that results in picture collapse.

It is generally only one or two channels that are affected, not all of them.  And if you live in a unit block as we do, it can be cheap LED lights in an adjacent apartment, if they are located near the TV wire.

Read and learn!


Anonymous said...

This is way too technical for the average Mckenzie listener, HBW.

He relies on regulars like foreign policy , Islam and global warming expert Bill, Peter the former Engineer, Ron the former Councillor, Ken the Cabbie with the awful voice, a former Mayor and of course expert on council and financial matters Raj to analyse problems and allocate blame where it belongs: the greenies, the ALP, the do-gooders etc. etc.

Obviously bad TV reception is the fault of bludging public servants in faraway Brisbane or even further away Canberra. It couldn't just be a simple technical issue.

Bob R. said...

It sure pisses me off that we have "Quality Assurance" testing when we phone a callcentre...you know when they say, "Your call may be monitored for quality assurance" but NOTHING ELSE is. So we have all this food unfit for human consumption pouring into the country, fucken asbestos in kids toys, faulty electrical appliances, substandard steel and the list goes on and on...but hey....our phone calls to call centres get QUALITY ASSURANCE. Now, aren't we all fucken lucky!!!!

Alison Alloway said...

You nailed it there, Bob R. Yes, that is what capitalism has come to in this country now. Once upon a time we all expected QUALITY for our money, today with free trade agreements, free market capitalism, globalism etc, quality is a dubious characteristic. We don't know if what we eat will make us sick; we don't know if any electrical appliance we buy will give us a shock; we don't know if the toys we buy our kids are safe; we don't know if the steel girdars in our buildings are strong enough for buildings. On and on it goes. But as you point out...we do have quality assurance in our callcentres. W

Anonymous said...

More news lately about asbestos in kids crayons. Nobody gives a shit.