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23 September 2015


No one represents the "Big End of Town" more than Charlie Woodward and the Woodward Family's  CAPTA Group.  

The CAPTA Group owns and operates a large number (some say a majority) of the tourist destinations in Far North Queensland.  Callers to the Cueball show routinely excoriate the government and others for "driving our jobs overseas". Charlie Woodward proudly boasts how he's now buying tour buses (coaches) from a Chinese company, Yutong, because they're cheaper than the Australian-manufactured coaches.  So let's make no mistake - the Woodward Family's CAPTA Group is interested in more money in THEIR pockets, not jobs for Australians.    

This is as unAustralian as it comes.

In fact these large contracts being stripped from Australian workers are just the reason our coach manufacturing industry is in collapse.  CAPTA's lazy $5M sent to Zhengzhou instead of Adelaide is a big reason this has happened.

No reason to "buy local" for old Charlie.

So last week, the Chamber of Commerce trotted out old Charlie Woodward to bitch and whinge about the loss of tourist visitors from the cruise liner Pacific Pearl last week, due to high winds.  Woodward is quoted as saying that this incident underscores the "need to dredge the inlet for these larger cruise ships".

However a little investigation and discussion with the same sources at P&O interviewed by the Cairns Post reveals the continued folly in this port dredging scheme and the mistruths the pro-dredging side will tell the public.

Sources at P&O confirm that this ship would NEVER have tried to dock at the CBD pier EVEN IF THE CHANNEL HAD BEEN DREDGED TO PLAN.  The channel would still be TOO NARROW to navigate safely in a period of high winds - especially when these winds (as last week) were broadside to the massive vertical sides of these cruise liners.  The risk of running aground in such a narrow channel would NEVER allow such a ship to dock in the city!

Had the port been dredged, this ship would STILL have anchored at Yorkey's Knob!

The large cruise liners have been described by experts as a "plank with a block of flats on top".  As the Costa Concordia proved, these ships are unstable - that's why they all have large "wings" (stabalisers) that they deploy at sea.  In a narrow channel with NO space to maneuver, windage effects can topple a cruise liner.

We believe that the Cairns Post was told this important fact, and failed to report it.

So in fact this incident, which apparently cost the Woodward family precious extra profits, is proof that the this $300M port dredging is a boondoggle of massive proportions.  And a colossal waste of valuable taxpayer infrastructure investment.

A few extra cruise ships docking in the city benefit only a wealthy few, like the Woodards, who are quick to strip Australians down south of high-paying manufacturing jobs.  These are the Aussies who spend up big on holidays to places like Cairns.  They now are being shoved into minimum wage tourism jobs, under the control of the same people who stripped them of their GOOD jobs in the first place!

We continue to support a $300M infrastructure investment in Cairns by the State Government.  We've got lots of roads, bridges, light rail transport, and other needs.  We don't need a bigger temporary hole in the ocean.  


Anonymous said...

At the moment the inlet will not get dredged: it's quite simply not financially viable.
It's ironic that the Cairns Regional Council are getting so heavily involved in a political debate that has nothing to do with them. It is not their port or asset. The CRC have backed a pro dredge float in a community parade & have pro dredge leaflets & petitions at Spence St headquarters as well as all of their work place depots.
The question needs to be asked why?
This is more than cheap votes for Bob Manning.
Perhaps someone should look very carefully at who would financially gain from dredging the inlet ( certainly not the public).
There is more to this than meets the eye and it's good old fashioned money and greed.....

Tony Hillier said...

Charles Woodward's ill-informed comments on the need for dredging is palpably motivated by vested interests. The 64,000 dollar question is: why are right-wing elements advocating for a measure that is economically and ecologically untenable.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Townsville gets a 120 million dollar terminal development, and constant dredging with dumping in the marine park for the export port.
And to think that James Cook Uni is based there.

I guess the Cruise liners will call in there soon, why not?

TAS said...

When an individual or group aggressively lobby for taxpayer money to spend on anything, the first test should be 'look for the vested interest'. The proponents of dredging the inlet know well that it doesn't stack up economically, environmentally or even operationally. Everything is against the inlet being more of a port that it currently is. So why the continued push? Because its the opposite to Labor policy. This sort of tricky lobbying is the modus operandi of The Cairns Post, 4CA McKenzie, Entsch, Manning et al, because it has the potential to sway the minds of the gullible of this town. And to an extent it works, you only need to read the inane letters and SMS's to the Post for evidence of that. It worked three years ago too, when Manning/Unity and the above-menrtioned ilk went on an anti-CEP propaganda drive which resulted in the surrendering of millions of dollars of approved grant money, simply returned to State and Federal governments with the loss of a shovel-ready project that would provided stimulus and enhanced our city cultural assets. The gullible saw that as a win against the 'witches and bitches'.
There is no end to their spoiling on purely Machiavellian partisan grounds (and of course pandering to the 'vested interest' - the likes of Charlie Woodward). They would rather drive this city into the ground, turn the reef into a dead zone and clear-fell every tree in the far North than concede to anything that doesn't advance their narrow and selfish agenda.

Anonymous said...

Charles is the biggest tight arse in Cairns - if it's 5 cents cheaper he will take it.

Anonymous said...

Entsch and Gavin King were putting all their energy into saving Abbott Point for dredging all the while priority ports were being decided by both their parties. Had they wanted continued new capital dredging for Cairns they would have argued for Cairns INSTEAD of Abbott Point. The decision was made last year. It was a joint Liberal/LNP decision to only allow new capital dredging at Abbott Point, Hay Point, Gladstone and Townsville.

Copy of recent letter from Greg Hunter Liberal Federal Minister for the Environment reminded ALP government of the joint commitment. Liberal Environment Minister Hunt says ANY MOVE TO ADD CAIRNS TO THE LIST OF PRIORITY PORTS UNDER THE LEGISLATION WOULD BE A CLEAR BREACH OF OUR JOINT UNDERTAKING TO UNESCO.


It is not only this Woodward person who has misled the people but Entsch, 4CA, Chamber of Commerce, Advance Cairns, Springborg, the Mayor and of course the Cairns Post.

Last year submission were invited but none of these now very vocal proponents made any submission. It was a joint request as the wording says -

Consultation was invited on the Australian and Queensland governments’ Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan from 15 September to 27 October 2014.

You can click halfway down on Show all to see who made submissions and none were to include Cairns as a priority port.


So the sign the petition campaign has been a total waste of time,money and has seriously misled the people. Not only that the done done to the economy is massive.

Headlines screaming - Ports Bill 'will cripple' Far North's economy - Cairns Post, same fear mongering irrational stupid comments that hurt so many business so why? A few can benefit?

They have lied to us. Yet will get a pay rise no doubt for being able to treat the people and small business in this town with total contempt. If we really wanted to progress then heads need to roll.

Hamish Krint said...

I often wonder how these informative comments can be circulated to a wider audience? I tell everyone I come across about hillbillywatch.com but I don't meet all that many new people.
Maybe Hillbilly needs a Facebook or Twitter presence, or is there already one?

Anonymous said...

The LNP Govt's Qld Ports Strategy http://www.statedevelopment.qld.gov.au/resources/plan/queensland-ports-strategy.pdf did not designate Cairns as a priority port yet there wasn't a peep out of these fools at the time. Council didn't even make a submission. So why all of a sudden has it become Manning's biggest priority for Cairns??

The Cummings report which estimates an economic return of $5 billion is nothing but a piece of over inflated bullshit. Same as the shithouse report he did after the Labor Fed Govt rezoned the coral sea.

It is truly unbelievable also that the environment minister Greg Hunt was in Cairns yesterday and the Cairns Post didn't see the need to ask him about his letter to the Qld Govt. That of course just wouldn't have been convenient.

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghai, A pack of Lefties commenting on here.

shanghai said...

I have not read so much shit above since my term 2 report in 1978 just garbage and that's what wrong with us too much regulation ,too much nanny state ,too much me me as for my humble self I've tried to get Charlie to spend money on rfs and change menus but no this is his attitude they only come once" and im thinking that's your wife's attitude but don't wonder why the chinese go somewhere else a real poor attitude from one of our tourism leaders

Anonymous said...

Your dead right shanghai and look at those pair of tossers CHARLIE WOODWARD and BARRY HENDERSEN.

Anonymous said...

RAINFORESTATION is a joke, the food is crap and overpriced. The toilets are disgusting. No wonder the chinese don't want to go there.

Anonymous said...

Woodward is a stupid name. His parents must have been inbreds. And as for him, he looks like an overweight version of the Monopoly guy - the balled headed Muppet with twirled moustache!

Sir Cus. said...

Local LNP supporters so desperate for an issue going into Cairns local Govt.elections,running with scare campaign that's not supported by Federal LNP Govt.

Anonymous said...

The selection of priority ports occurred 2013 and has been common knowledge ever since. As nobody said anything I took it that everyone was happy that Cairns was a boutique port. To come out after the election to blame ALP is gutter politics after they had years to air their grievances. Springborg even said on 4CA that he supported Cairns being a priority port when he his own government put an end to that possibility. I wonder if MCKenzies was in on the lie or treated the same as his audience. Springborg treated us as idiots thinking nobody here has a clue what goes on so lied to us blatantly. The petition to include Cairns to be dredged and dredged and dredged until it is a massive industrial port was pure propaganda. It was too late.

The confusion was whether the EIS escaped the commitment made that no new capital dredging would take place outside those 4 ports. It is uneconomic. Ports are run like private business so claims the wider economy will benefit was propaganda again. Improved port income needs to cover the debt costs. BUT since Hunts letter it is very very clear. The EIS was never going to get the nod because they decided no new capital dredging outside 4 ports and made the commitment January. The delay was because it was always a con, we were never going to get the 90 million. EIS was never going to be approved economic or not.

So then Hunt finds out the " gullible " people of Cairns have been handed the facts when he thought it was just for Brisbane eyes. Didn't we get the memo? We get fed lies up in this gullible backwater, facts are just for the South. They are happy LNP stopped dredging in Cairns down south so get that version, in Cairns we get the version where they blame ALP. Entsch gets mad that finally we get the fact from the LIberals so they rush a new letter that treats us as bigger idiots. Phew Entsch thought, we almost got the facts. Thank heavens for 4CA and Cairns Post to keep us misled so a few can benefit. We would not want democracy up here after all.

We have been massively lied to AGAIN

Anonymous said...

Check out woodwards new bitch BARRY

Bob R. said...

There are a lot of people in this city a stubby short of a sixpack mate and as easy to suck in as a baby but I reckon the penny is starting to drop. After all the Newman government didn't rush in and start gung ho dredging away despite bloody Gavin Kings promises. Yeah its only political skulduggery from the LNP who are full of piss and wind.

Alison Alloway said...

Wonder how safe those Chinese built coaches are? I guess we will find out with time. There is more to this grimly determined lobby to dredge the inlet than the reasons being spruiked. Unquestionably it could be political, in that the LNP oppose anything which is Labor policy just to divide and polarise the public. However, the sheer tenacity and orgy of lies, misinformation and sheer bullshit makes me suspect there may be something else behind all this. Frankly, I can sense the salivating and rubbing of hands for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Is it all about upgrading the port (at taxpayers expense of course) so that it can be promptly fully privatised and bought by a group of local "investors" who in turn will flog it off with a handsome profit to a foreign interest? China is buying up heaps of agricultural land, cattle stations etc in order to secure their own food supply. A 4 Corners program which interviewed some of the Chinese buyers of Queensland grazing properties in Charters Towers revealed the Chinese are keen to buy transport companies AND PORTS. Think about it. The entire transaction could be achieved within a few short years and a few cunning slimeballs could be out of the country living a life of luxury with their toy boys and girls. "SO LONG, CAIRNS SUCKERS!!!!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment there Alison.

Tony Hillier said...

Perceptive comment Alison, as always … and that's why it's of paramount importance that we elect a a mayor and Cairns Regional Council next March that isn't self-serving. We must break up the old boys' network whose tentacles are so deeply enmeshed in dubious local business activities. And, in my considered opinion, that means getting right behind mayoral candidate Jim Brooks and his Connect Cairns team.

Hugh Janus said...

Fascinating insight there Alison

Anonymous said...

I reckon the Chinese would be more likely to have their eyes on Townsvlles port but then maybe the government wouldn't want it to go into foreign hands because Townsville is a military city. But what about Mourilyan that would serve their interests better I think. I dunno but it makes you think anyway.

Ken svay said...

Why would the Chinese want a little port on an estuary like Cairns? What do we produce that they might want to export from here? All we have is sugar and the world is awash with the unwanted, unhealthy stuff. It looks like the run off from the cane farms was responsible for the huge turtle kill, is anyone else concerned about this? Does the Hillbilly know or care?

Anonymous said...

The Chinese are buying up our grazing properties, including stock Ken svay. The want a port to export cattle and other food produce.