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24 September 2015



Warren Entsch, Minister for Bloggers and Member of Parliament in the Seat of Leichhardt, is a lying jackass.  He's been a continual failure for Far North Queensland, a continued failure as an LNP member, and is distrusted not only by the Cairns community but his fellow MP's as well.  These are facts without much dispute.  

But the Entsch fuck-ups are now reaching heights that have even his handful of paid spinmeisters shocked today.

Most residents in Far North Queensland today got an email from Australia Post that strikingly confirms that Entsch not only is a liar, but is working to undermine the battlers in a way that is breathtaking.

Australia Post, in their struggle to develop new services for the public, has rolled out new insurance services said to be "competitive and affordable".  Included in this roll-out in today's email is "Gold Home and Contents Insurance".  

So this new government-funded service, underwritten by all of the residents of Far North Queensland, is NOT AVAILABLE TO RESIDENTS OF FAR NORTH QUEENSLAND!  Start filling out the application and insert your FNQ address, and the website immediately says "UNFORTUNATELY WE ARE NOT PROVIDING OUR SERVICES AT YOUR LOCATION".

Go try it yourself and be disgusted!!!   

With Cairns in a longstanding insurance crisis (THE SKY IS FALLING, THE SKY IS FALLING! shrieks John MacKenzie daily), we now find that our taxpayer-supported AusPost insurance service IS REDLINING FAR NORTH QUEENSLAND!

This sadly is just one more fuck-up among years of fuck-ups by Warren Entsch.  You've got to wonder what he's doing when he's in Canberra besides giving interviews about gay marriage.  He's got zero credibility with his colleagues, so he gets nothing done.  He repeatedly spins a tissue of fantasy about all the "work" he's doing for us.  It's self-promotion and baldfaced lies. 

Entsch has been one of the vocal "leaders" who have been trying to get the Queensland Government to rescind the minor port status of Cairns, a status pushed by Gavin King and Campbell Newman during the LNP's abortion government. 

This while Entsch has known full well that the Reef 2050 Plan, proposed and finalised by his own LNP Abbott government, prohibits Cairns from being dredged.  A prohibition not only part of this final agreement, but also agreed with the United Nations.  Entsch continues to vilify environmental organisations like the Pew Research Center (a non-partisan public advocacy, praised just today by Pope Francis on his first visit to the United States).  Pew and the Greens have had nothing to do with this agreement.  IT'S ALL ON THE LNP, Entschy!  Did you sleep through it?? 

But as the recently discovered letter from LNP Federal Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt, there is NO CHANCE that Queensland can make this change to the Cairns Port.  NONE.

A fact that Warren Entsch, Lying Weasel Extraordinaire, has known for over a year.

So afraid is Entsch of being exposed as a worthless charlatan, he continues to spin lies thinking he'll be able to bullshit his way into one more term.  

Fat chance, fat boy.

Warren Entsch couldn't even stop Australia Post, another government agency, from fucking us over!

He bellows and blusters to LNP mouthpiece Cueball MacKenzie that he's "backing fully the efforts to get the port dredged".  All while knowing the show's over.  Even hardcore LNP locals have begun to question why Entsch is spending all of his time trying to legitimise sodomy instead of doing his job.  

The big question today????

Why is a GOVERNMENT INSURANCE AGENCY being allowed to discriminate against the homeowners of Far North Queensland?


Anonymous said...

True I tried to get a quote and got this message -

Due to our underwriting criteria we are unable to offer you insurance at the current time. If you'd like to know more about other insurance options, you can contact the Insurance Council of Australia at www.findaninsurer.com.au.

Entsch is hopeless. Manning is hopeless. I had hoped to see the pre-selected candidate for ALP expose and confront him but nothing yet.

Anonymous said...

I do wish you'd tone down the expletives, it diminishes the credibility of all the other excellent exposes articles you post.

But I'd also remove the address from the screenshot in case someone thinks that's where you really live.

Anonymous said...

HBW, what does it say when under the new Turnbull government, the Minister for Resources, Energy, and Northern Australia is awarded to Josh Frydenberg; a minister based in Victoria??

Malcolm (Turnbull) obviously has a lot of faith in our ol' mate Entsch!!

Anonymous said...

I asked 'Matt' the austpost post consultant.
Consultant: Welcome to Australia Post Insurance online support team, How can I help you toady ?
You: what location is the furthest north of queensland do you serve? It seems from Townsville to Cairns there is no policy coverage
Consultant: Hi My name is Matt, Great question. Was this for a car of home quote?
You: home
Consultant: The line is from approximately Rockhampton north
Consultant: Is there anything else that I can assist you with today>
You: no thanks

Must be something to do with the magnetic forcefield that the tropic of CapriCon enforces ??!!

CBD Tarzan said...

The great Far Northern insurance Cluster Fuck!

Anonymous said...

Entsch is as useful as used enema water. Whenever you used to see all these Gimps walking through Parliament House with Abbott you would see the FNQ white whale walking 20 paces behind the rest. Why? Because he is is a political nobody. He reminds me of the pimply kid at school who wore the shiny shoes. Or the farm kid who lost his cherry to a potty calf. An outcast who is tolerated, like most FNQ politicians and dumbasses, all get dumped in Cairns. I'm still amazed at what Cairns rednecks out up with - Wazza, Manning, Kevin Brown, and all the other so-called businessmen that sadly inhabit our region. It's almost as if god squatted above the Cairns CBD and opened his bowels!!

sir cus. said...


Anonymous said...

You make excellent points about the insurance offered by Australia Post. It would be good to know the total cost of the program and the amount of taxpayer subsidization.
You make excellent points about the port dredging. People are wasting their time and energy on this when it is not going to happen.
But please stop the use of the F* word, and the characterization of Warren Entsch as "fat boy". It diminishes your blog.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Turnbull give Minister for Nth Australia to a Victorian? Enfsch is such a loser.

Anonymous said...

Wow missed that, Minter for Northern Australia given to a Victorian based in Toorak. Well whatever development that takes places is required to line the pockets of city based fund managers and investment bankers makes sense I guess.

KitchenSlut said...

The policy is underwritten by Auto & General Insurance Company. It isn't government funded or underwritten by FNQ residents. Australia Post receives a commission for online marketing and doesn't guarantee payment.

mickwow said...

Anonymous 07.30, why wouldn't you call Entsch "fat boy, just look at him.This man is a poster boy for all "Boss Hog": types.He has the easiest life all on the taxpayer.He does not have to say anything because his own party do not want to talk to him,neither do the press or opposition parties,hang on,John Mckenzie does.


To the reader that has asked we "tone down the expletives". . . .

We understand they may make some cringe. that's a good thing.

We're not the Cairns Post, mate. Sometimes you need to get a donkey's attention.

Anonymous said...

WTF Shanghai did you say, Fuck me you need to tone it down with your yum char and stop taking our Japanese tourists on your crappy sun palm bus.

Anonymous said...

Turnbull supports UBER - Entsch does not
Hunt does not support dredging here - Entsch does
Liberals do not support his marriage bill - Entsch does

What is about Liberals he agrees with?

DV Billy Gordon, made a mess there as well. He is a disaster.

Bob R. said...

Yeah, Entsch has had an easy ride alright. The media don't keep him to account and only write up fluff pieces on him. Then the media and Mackenzie make sure nobody criticises him. Mackenzie gives him full time on his shot talk back show whenever he wants to go on. Hes got it sweet.

shanghaid said...

fuck off cairns is the jewel of the federation cairns is recession proof and where here to stay we have had our recession already only Australia has to catch up to us and bite the bullet and stop living in debt fuck the wankers in the s/e we don't need u we have what we got ps my bus is crap is because the owner is from s/e qld surprise surprise rip us off live like kings down there Australia your standing in it

Second Anonymous said...

In the latest edition of the Western Cape Bulletin Entsch is quoted as saying he turned down Turnbull's offer of a front bench cabinet position.



Would have thought that would have made front page of the Cairns Post instead of him tripping over a hose, falling down stairs and going to a vet for treatment...

Anonymous said...

Cairns Post is worthless Second Anonymous. They did not even know Entsch supported Turnbull. Back in February when Turnbull first challenged Abbott Entsch ran to press exposing his support for Turnbull. Entsch was polling badly and blamed Abbott.
Then the lies about the dredging, poorly reported.

One Coalition MP described the comments by Dr Jensen and Mr Entsch as "the height of indulgence by complete morons" and that "no-one wants it [a spill] apart from the crazies".

But the statements by Mr Entsch and Dr Jensen show momentum is building for a possible move against Mr Abbott


Anonymous said...

Offered a cabinet position by Turnbull? What a joke. That's just more of Entschs bullshit.

Anonymous said...

On another note, the crook behind the All Black Carnival scam is being taken to court (again) by one of her financial victims, a bus company from central Queensland area who bought a team to play. They are going through the process to wind up the Kungi Aboriginal Corporation who scammed them.

There are believed to be many local suppliers and small business along with the cairns regional council who have also fallen victim to this noted scammer.

Some commentary is now present within the community that people have found themselves as members of the Kungi Aboriginal Corporation yet have never agreed to be members or signed any forms. The scammer was taken to the Cairns Supreme Court last year for doing the same thing, and was found guilty on all charges by the judge.

This city needs and welcomes carnivals for all people and driven by people for all walks of life, no business or supplier nor the rate payers of Cairns should be subjected to blatant theft by a well known shyster.

Hopefully the collective victims make sure she never has the capacity to deceive honest business people again.

All Blacks Carnival cash into her pocket, doesn't pay the council, the businesses, the suppliers, the staff, the proper prize pools or tax.

Ed in Edge Hill said...

Entschy was just misunderstood.

He wasn't offered a cabinet position. He was offered a spot in a box. Not exactly the same.

Anonymous said...

Entsch is a fair weather supporter.Back when polls were behind Abbott he pissed off Turnbull by publicly shaming him.

from the real press....Never to be read about in the CP....

Malcolm Turnbull did just that and got a now-infamous dressing down. An email from chief whip Warren Entsch to the entire Coalition party room tore strips off Malcolm Turnbull for missing five votes.

"This behaviour is totally unacceptable and shows great disrespect ...," the letter said.

It was then leaked.



Ken svay said...

Entsch is onto the insurance thing isn't he? He told us a few months ago that it would take six months for an inquiry to tell us what we already know. The six months must be nearly up. Thank goodness the ALP are also pushing hard to resolve this, they can't do enough for us up here.