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05 October 2015



Just days after Queensland Premier Anna Palaszczuk began an overhaul of the government owned corporate boards (long overdue since the ALP retaking the Parliament), there have been some rumours that ALP MP's asked Palaszczuk to retain Cairns Base Hospital board chair unSir Bob Norman. 

The thinking in the Cairns ALP leadership was that the hospital board was a poison chalice, and having Norman there to "take the fall" would be the best politics.

This is what happens when every decision by every government official becomes "politics first".  Norman should have been sacked the first week Palaszczuk came into office.  But instead both sides spend their time manueveuring for political points instead of doing what's best for the people.  

And in the end, Norman double-crossed everyone by resigning this week.

This resignation then saw the amazing spectacle of ALP MP's disputing Norman's claims of "political pressure" when they know full well his three year tenure as the LNP hospital hatchet-man has been riddled with failure after failure.  Bizarro politics run amok.  

Norman, a failed ice cream shop owner and rejected Chamber of Commerce president, started his role as the first local hospital board chair with claims that he would "finish the new hospital blocks", "move the hospital helipad", and "end the bed shortage and ramping" that had plagued the hospital.

Norman however has little to show for his three years at the helm.  He boasted he removed the word "Base" from the hospital's name.  However even Queensland Health still routinely refers to the "Cairns Base Hospital" in press releases and other public documents.  

In his bolt for the door, Norman exhibited the same political sickness that has gripped the Cairns (un)Regional Council.  Norman boasted he delivered an "$8.8 Million Surplus" last year.

Since when is a public hospital, funded by the taxpayers, supposed to be posting a profit???

You can't make this shit up!

This so-called "surplus" has come while ambulance ramping outside the hospital has continued to increase.  

Norman has presided on other abject failures at the Cairns Base Hospital.  He presided over a "witch hunt" of doctors who exercised their right of freedom of speech by speaking with the media.  He used his position to attack doctors and others for failing to sign unfair contracts imposed on them by Gavin King and the LNP leadership.  He's still failed to finish the hospital some five years after first starting work.  He's boasted on the available of "public" (paid) wifi in the hospital and yet large areas of Block D are still plagued with electrical issues.  He botched the installation of high-tech equipment for the Liz Plummer Oncology Centre, showing little respect for the huge donation of private funds for this project.  Cape residents have seen local health care options slashed while TB, STD's, and drug and alcohol problems continue to grow.  Mental health beds are still woefully short of what our community needs with Norman red-lining increases in this area routinely.  

The hospital is still clogged with long-care elderly patients
who should have been relocated to elder care facilities, with Norman claiming that he's been writing letters to Federal Minister for Blogs Warren Entsch monthly.  Entsch called Norman a liar and squealed "he thought he fixed this problem a long time ago".

With Entsch credibility at less-than-zero, we'll take Norman at his word on this one.  Entsch lies to everyone.

And the helipad has remained in its location, while patient and staff smoking areas still ring the facility like a cancer gauntlet.

But unSir Bob claims he's been a great chair, because he's romped in with an $8.8M profit!


Hugh Janus said...

Horses arse - haha !!!
Good one HBW

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, 'Sir Bob'. Another FNQ relic who is achieved SFA! Why is Cairns the dumping ground for all of Australia's incompetents, idiots, parasites, has-beens, wannabe's, rejects and lame-arses? One giant pot of politicians, business leaders and dipshits all located in the one area. To put that another way - a shit Council, shit Federal government representative, shit airport, shit port, shit business leaders, shit newspaper and generally a shitty overpriced 1970's redneck hillbilly town to live in!

Bob R. said...

You got it right HBW. Both major parties have played politics with appointments to these boards which is why the Hospital Boards were abolished by the Beattie Government. It was the LNP which re-instated them after their last election and they then went ahead and put all their party hacks into the top positions. A nice cushy well paid job.

sir cus said...

The only public hospital in the world with a surplus,best known for two ground breaking decisions,helipad and no smoking signs, both failures.

Anonymous said...

I just heard Gavin King singing the praises of Bob Norman and getting stuck into Dr. Sandy McDonald. Wonder if that is the same Sandy McDonald who treated King a while ago when he had a medical emergency. Ungrateful grub.Judging by King's comments, he still doesn't get it why he was booted out after one term.

As for Bob, I seem to remember him being on TalkBack day after day trying to destroy the CEP project and blabbering on how that land was absolutely vital for future port expansion. Here we are years after and what happened to the port expansion ? And no CEP either, plus millions lost in funding.

And Mckenzie in true style is now distorting history even further by blaming the ALP for losing funding set aside for the dredging. How shameless can you get ?

Anyway both Bob and Gav conveniently blamed "the unions" for the hospital problems. Whatever...

Anonymous said...

King, Entsch, Mckenzie The town wants to fail if they listen those stooges.

vallour said...

argghhhh dont get me started on the Cairns "airport" man I worked out there (unfortunately) for around 10 mths and the constant confusion by Tourists and locals alike when approaching the first roundabout and muti-coloured poster (signage) really is a sight to behold.....disgusting greedy pieces of shit brown n ilke....also gotta be one of the only airports ive been to where your stung for a fuckin trolley....dogs!

Bob R. said...

Mackenzie also spruiked that massive fucken lie about Labor selling off the airport and promising to build a brand new hospital as well. That was an outright brazen lie of Mackenzies which was then parroted over and over by King and the other slimey lying mongrels in the town. Anna Bligh and Desley Boyle stated clearly that the proceeds of the sale of the airport would go towards upgrading the existing hospital plus buying land for a new hospital. So here Mackenzie is again telling lies about Labor I mean Christ or bloody mighty. We were never given any money to fucken dredge the fucken inlet. What a bunch of lying oily greasy crooks they all are. Wouldn't lie fucken straight in their coffins.

Anonymous said...

And today all the moaning about the cruise ships started again, with McKenzie trying to turn it into a major crisis. Apparently people couldn't get off a cruise ship in YK today because of windy conditions. If only the inlet had been widened people would have spent millions blablabla. Turns out that this particular ship could have docked in Cairns, but, like many others, they didn't want to pay the high fees charged by Ports North. Somebody rang up about it close to 12 and McKenzie of course conveniently ran out of time, so all the nonsense bandied about all morning remained unchallenged.

Anonymous said...

Vallour, Brown is off jet setting again this week, New York this time, has a meeting with JP Morgan. Hopefully they are giving him his marching orders. The airport is a pathetic joke, everything about it is shit. But don't worry as the tight Scotsman isn't shy to spend on himself. Loves to strut around in his white Merc while wearing his lairy coloured striped shirts. No CEO worth a pinch of piss stays at the same place for 5 years, that tells us something. Where to next, Weipa airport or Nauru international?

Anonymous said...

Yesterday all the moaning about the cruise ships started again, with McKenzie trying to turn it into a major crisis. Apparently people couldn't get off a cruise ship in YK yesterday because of windy conditions.

If only the Inlet had been widened people woukd have spent millions in town blablabla. Turns out that this particular ship could have docked in Cairns, but, like many others, they didn't want to pay the high fees charged by Ports North. Somebody rang up about it close to 12 and McKenzie conveniently ran out of tme.

Anyway, it is all the fault of the greenies somehow and not Gavin King who promised he'd dredge the inlet within 6 months of coming to power and sat on the (averse) report instead of releasing it prior to the election. And the gullible punters keep sucking it up...

Second Anonymous said...

Good to see in Craig Crawford a local MP who admits there is a problem with ramping and has called for action. In the past our local MPs have just denied and made excuses.

Anonymous said...

The Sun princess can fit in the inlet. Lies,lies and more lies. Other boats same or similar can and do.

There is something going on because it is not going to make much difference economically. No evidence of corruption that I know of but would have to question why they want to risk World Heritage Status by demanding priority port.If we get priority port status then we probably lose World Heritage with no guarantee dredging will occur. It only allows for more dredging requests, it does not actually approve it. Very dangerous game they are playing, the tourism industry may collapse if that petition gets up. So why?

Anonymous said...

Would prefer money put into hospital rather than the pockets of SAve the Port liars.

They say Sun Princess could not come into Cairns because ships with over 2000 passengers are too big unless we dredge. They also said because it's draught was 8.1m.

MS Legend of the Seas has a draught just slightly under at 8.07 and 2076 passengers and can come in 5 th Dec 2015. Vole dam has fewer passengers but draught same as Sun Princess and can come in 25th October.
MS Amerserdam same draught as Sun Princess will come into port next February.

Carnival Spirit chooses Yorkeys Knob 10 th September even though draught is well under at 7.7m
Pacific Pearl chooses Yorkeys Knob 11 th September with draught 8.2. Tighter fit but doable as under 8.3m limit
Pacific Dawn even tighter will choose Yorkeys with draught 8.218
Radiance of the Seas. Officially too big for Cairns draught 8.5
Carnival Legend chooses Yorkeys with 2124 passengers and easy fit for Cairns with draught 7.8m

So if we dredged Sun Princess would still choose Yorkeys because like others can fit now. Only one ship now to year end clearly cannot fit, Radiance of the Seas and two ?. So this dredging is one big con. Someone is out to make some major money from the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Dredging equipment should be brought in and hooked up to McKenzies mouth, as well as Kings mouth and any other bullshitting political tosser spruiking this crock-of-shit port dredging crap. It's another Cairns con job and they will probably get their own way because Cairns is full of crooks, shonks, snakes, rogues, corruption, nepotism, greed, dickheads, assholes, and kiss-asses. And that's just the politicans!!!

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghai, 13:40 is a fucken tosser also 21:45 yep totally agree they talk with fork tongue.

Anonymous said...

They want the port upgraded so that a concerned group of businessmen can buy it and then flog it off to the Chinese at a massive profit.