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21 October 2015


We've previously come out in favour of government support for ridesharing app Uber in Australia.

Governments and regulators across Australia continue to careen from attacks on Uber, to tepid support of the service.  This despite the fact that Uber is operating in all the Australian capital cities without ANY regulation from ANYONE.

This is an untenable situation that is allowing Uber and their drivers to operate in an unsafe way.

The fact is that much of the taxi regulation system is just a giant monopoly designed to protect the lack of competition in short-distance transport.  In Cairns, this protection along with a grossly inadequate public transit system is all it takes to ensure we all get gouged. 

But the lack of reasonable action by government to ensure reasonable regulation of this service has left the Uber to self-regulate, always a recipe for disaster.  Case in point:

This video was posted by some drunken hos out Gold Coast barhopping last night with their "Uber" driver.  

This Uber driver is one Thalia Cottis, owner of (unregistered) business Hair by Thalia, and clearly full-time Uber party car driver. There is no suggestion she's been boozing.  Which even more sharply draws into question her intellect.  Who does this while driving??

Anna Palaszczuk and her government, having fully rejected the moniker "Smart State", are in full bureaucrat mode with endless studies underway instead of reasonable actions to regulate this service..  How can anyone dream of being a technology-driven state if government can't even get on board with the dynamic transport changes underway across the world?

Time to get with the program, Anna.  

And Uber needs to get rid of their "party drivers" and find someone that's interested in keeping their eyes on the road.


TAS said...

Must be a slow news day Hillbilly. Not sure why you're even highlighting this one? You get one short video alleged to be an unregistered hair-dresser cum Uber driver and you use it to rant.. What about the regular taxi drivers and all the misdemeanours and crimes committed by the taxi industries bad employees. In fact, bad employees are just about everywhere - especially in jobs which are difficult to directly supervise. If this is so concerning to you, should you just forward to police?

Anonymous said...

Cairns city centre to Kewarra Beach on Saturday night was over $80.....
Half the price using Uber.
No brainier Hillbilly!

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghai, Hillbilly's got it wrong again if the person driving is the girl with brown hair then its left hand drive car, plus it could be of anyone's car. Hillbilly you'v gone to shit again.

Mickwow said...

I cant see any issues with Uberand the waythey run their business.I was a cab driver in a different life and i can tell you that most of the owners did not give a shit about the public or their drivers and they have operated under a monopoly forever.
The taxi owners continually whinge about the way Uber drivers are not paying tax and this is bullshit,i have employed many sub contractors who for reasons did not earn $75,000 per year and the taxation law allows you to pay your taxes at the end of the financial year ifyou wish......all very legal.
My advice to taxi owners is join Uber yourself,you may even make more money and enjoy your working day.Uber will not go away and they are planning to take their business into transport such as courier services and in any industry that their business model works.
It also provides a working environment that allows people to work when they want to and isn't that is what it is all about.
Get over it cabbies you have been disrupted just as the first motorised cab forced horse and buggy cabs out of business.

Anonymous said...

The driver should have got her ├╝ber tits out!!
Certainly a lot prettier than the smelly sweaty rag-heads that usually drive their stinky cabs as slow as possible (fucking con men), and usually play their cobra chanting music and playing with their little dicks in between fares. The one good thing I guess is that the registered drivers, unlike uber drivers, get to go to the feral Cairns airport taxi rank toilet and piss and shit all through it like feral animals. Hey Kevin Brown, have you paid for repairs to the piss soaked rotting floor lately? Ha


Anon 19:27. Apparently you don't know how Snapchat and other "selfie" apps work.

Educate yourself.

shangai said...

again I get dragged in like al pacino in godfather 2 but the real issue is compensation by the the way air bnb are making inroads in our accommodation, soon uber banks are coming to u soon all u dinosaurs out there get with the program its here to stay and thriving

Anonymous said...

WTF Shanghai did you say, HB nah i'm not going to educate myself i'll do a Billy Gordon join the Parliament and do fuck all and get paid heaps of money the blackman way, and Shanghai i'm with you, Uber is here to stay so suck it in girls. Hahahah

Ken svay said...

Dont knock Uber, taxi prices in Cairns are terrible. Bugger the licence holders,times they are a changing.

Anonymous said...

Well we already have an uber Mayor, uber local MP's and an uber airport.

Ander Son said...

i just love uber ride. it's make me happy.