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15 December 2015


Praise was heaped on Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King and LNP sycophant Joh Bjelke Newman for their highly ineffectual campaign against bikies and bikie-related businesses.  Like tattoo parlours.  And to bolster their smoke-and-mirrors campaign, they went all-out to find warm bodies to bolster the QPS ranks.

Police insiders have revealed that many of these dodgy recruits were sent to Cairns - seen as a compliant LNP backwater where numbers, not performance, are paramount.

A case in point is the now former Constable Cristina Cidade, who was stood down by the QPS after allegations of an improper relationship with an arrestee at the Cairns watch house.  After his release on bond, Constable Cidade is reported to have moved in with the man.  Subsequently QPS Internal Affairs has suggested the Constable was improperly accessing private police records on the man's behalf.

It's not like Ms. Cidade, a Brazilian native, hid her sordid past
when she hired on with the QPS.  Ms. Cidade was reportedly fired while on probation with the New South Wales Police when she was found to be giving radio interviews about "what kind of men she likes" while assigned to secure the scene of an attempted murder.  

And her frequent appearances in "Inked Magazine" should have been a clue for the hiring sleuths (sloths?) at the QPS.  

There are a whole spectrum of "dodgy recruits" that reportedly have been dropped into Cairns.  One is said to be unable to even hit a target during firearms qualification.  It is suggested several cannot pass physical qualification testing.  And the recruits who ARE performing well are almost immediately pulled from Cairns to be sent to the Southeast Corner.  Former Constable Cidade was given watchhouse duty, but couldn't even stay out of trouble there.

As the street crime problems return to Cairns, we have fewer police numbers in Cairns than during the Bligh government time, along with a rasher of dodgy recruits like Ms. Cidade.

After a few weeks at full pay doing bugger all, Ms. Cidade apparently got the hint and turned in her badge this week.  It's unknown if the QPS will continue the embarrassment by prosecuting the former Constable. 

Something has gone seriously wrong at the QPS if recruits retreads like this are getting into the job.  We expect to see Ms. Cidade returned to her rightful pole at Covergirls.   

But much of the blame rests on Gavin King, who continually touted the arrival of these new police recruits while knowing that they would not have qualified under previous governments.  

QPS Internal Affairs is said to be overloaded with investigations of this type, made more difficult when so many of them are on coppers in regional areas.

It's understood that the local MP's have been aware of these issues for over a year and so far have done nothing to get our local Cairns policing back on a solid footing.  Meanwhile the violence in the CBD continues to escalate. 


Anonymous said...

Give her a job in security at Cairns no'airport!

Anonymous said...

Well Cairns is the dumping ground of every piece of secondhand shit - cops, business leaders, politicians. And you know what is ironic, we are charged top dollar as a community in taxes, insurances and every other fucking gouging cost and what do we get in return? Tripe. Offal. Shit. Fuck you Wazza, Anustasia and Sleepy Bob.

Anonymous said...

Absolute crap article HBW. Suggesting that individual governments control the quality of police recruits is laughable. Suggesting that a copper with Tatts is automatically bad is also plain stupid. Article is 90% crap. Original HBW writer is back?

Tony Hillier said...

Well done again Mr HBW — this old hack tips his hat to ya. This is the kind of scoop that a half-decent regional newspaper — which the Compost, even before the latest round of crippling staff cuts, has palpably never been — would be breaking every day of the week.

The conspicuous early morning presence of PC Plod pushbike patrols on the Esplanade, where faux boot camp sessions make all the noise while dazed Chinese tourists wander around like herds of wildebeest taking photos of anything that moves, would assuredly be more gainfully employed in the mean evening back streets of the suburbs, i.e. the three Ms, or patrolling the CBD or some of the more troublesome beaches.

Anonymous said...

The security line up at Cairns Airport is out of control with the que stretching over 100 meters. There have been complaints but no one listens - less staff and scanners means more profit.

Anonymous said...

Meantime King is kept busy flogging his silly book on his silly website , breathlessly announcing all sort of "scoops" that aren't scoops and having childish digs at his former employer and the bloke who stole his job...

NYM said...

Hillbilly on this occasion I have to disagree with you. Tattoos today appear to be some sort of badge of passage for young people. Whatever, it is part of the conformity of the times where everyone must have one or just fall down dead as a door nail. I agree that tats look unattractive on young, perfect skin but beauty has always been in the eye of the beholder. As for this young woman making a poor choice of partner; don't we all make poor judgement of people at times?

Tony Hillier said...

King has had his 15 minutes of fame … he is yesterday's man and yesterday's fish & chips wrapping. His Newman suck-up number will be on sale for a song in Cash Converters any day now.

Anonymous said...

I see some new recruits arrived the other day. I believe they were personally trained by Anastasia so they should be fine. Any tattoos are officially Labor Party approved. They should be fine, compared to the ones Newman trained. In case you are too brain dead to get it, I am taking the piss.