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26 December 2015


Insiders have confirmed that Aquis and Tony Fung have stormed out of negotiations for the Sheraton Mirage Gold Coast.  The breakdown is said to have ended in shouting and racial epithets between Fung and the Mirage owner, Nirmal Singh Bhangoo, currently under investigation by Indian authorities for running several Ponzi schemes.

Bhangoo, a former milk salesman, was forced by the Indian corporate regulator SEBI to undertake the Mirage sale after being ordered to make a refund of R49,100 crore (just over AU$1Billion) to defrauded investors around the world (including some in Australia).

Bhangoo and his board were said to have had an inside track with the Campbell Newman government, a track that went awry when Newman and his clown school were ejected by the voters.  And Bhangoo and his mob are under investigation in Brisbane for fraud that involves the Newman government and fraudulent rental subsidies at Brooklyn on Brooks, Chelsea Apartments (Bowen Hills), and the Meridian Apartments at Mayne.  Failure to close on the sale of the Gold Coast Mirage may provide the media for people to chase all of 2016.  Stay tuned. . . .    

However the Fungs look to have problems of their own.  The Fung plans for the Gold Coast mirrored the announced plans for Aquis in Cairns - another so-called $8B investment in hotels, apartments, and a casino.  (It's no coincidence that the plans have the number '8' in them - this being the Chinese 'lucky number').  It's more Fung bullshit.  Australian publications continue to kowtow to the Fungs and their "billions" despite there being scant evidence of this fortune.  

Take the infamous Tony Fung Boeing 757.  Purchased after Google executives found it "too small", Fung used the toy to fly a few groups of highly-placed communist party apparatchiks to Cairns in his attempt to jumpstart Aquis.  However with China starting Year 3 of a casino and money-laundering crackdown (which has seen President Xi Jinpeng jail much of the Fung-aged "old guard"), Tony's got few friends now in China.  

If these were just "big resorts", he might be able to get them off the ground.  But calling them "casinos" is now the kiss of death in China.

James Packer just resigned from the board of their Macau casino properties - with rumours ranging from a public offering to bankruptcy of these companies.  The situation is dire for the Chinese casino business.

Insiders claim Fung has buckled at the Mirage negotiating table knowing he's unlikely now to build anything in Australia.  It is said he's used the excuse that Bhangoo and his Pearls Group failed to deliver the continuing endorsement of the Sheraton Hotel (Starwood) who were already skittish about Fung and had refused a spot as an Aquis hotel. Fung had been hoping the Starwood chain would be sold to one of three Chinese bidders; at least one of them had internal links to the Fung family.  With Starwood being purchased by the Mormon Church-controlled Marriott Hotels, gambling is surely the last thing they're going to be interested in supporting.

The Tony Fung Show is about over.  The props are for sale
(the jet, listed with the text "motivated seller who's just authorized a SECOND $5MILLION PRICE REDUCTION") along with the condo in Harbour Lights.  

It's not easy being Donald Trump.

Editor's Note:  This article about the crackdown underway in China is worth a special read by all Australians:  


Anonymous said...

Hilarious article! What a debacle. Now that Herr Newman and his conga line of rectum lickers have gone, Tony Fung-dung has no smokescreen left. Those less educated in geopolitics and world finances will be shocked to hear that China is up shit creek financially. The money is gone and so are the gamblers. Fung is bleeding, Packer has bailed, Acquis is dead and Cairns will be left exactly where it has been for years - a sleepy redneck town filled with political and business leader dung. Sit back and watch tourism keep slipping, house prices crash and jobs dry up further. Cairns is only good for shit infrastructure, shit drivers, rejected Cops, high insurance and expensive petrol! If that's what floats your boat then good, because that's all your going to get. Well, you also get protected fruit bats, an outdated airport, the pathetic Harley riding Liberal trough dweller and the Yoda looking sleeping Mayor! Yep, Cairns really is the joke of Australia.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Fung will build a Casino in the South China Sea on one of those man made islands and all those stupid Yank sailors in their warships can drop by for a game of shore leave Roulette?

Anonymous said...

My my, what will Kevin 'baldy' Brown do now to pump up his passenger numbers? The China wave has run dry, no Casino to attract the former gamblers and tourism is static? Will he don the striped shirt and quickly jet off to China with Antonson and blow another $50k between the two of them chasing cheap low budget airlines and in the end cutting no new deals? That's what they normally do. Looks like 2016 holds in store the same things it has every other year in Cairns by producing failed dreams, fantasies being peddled as business proposals, no direction, no solutions, and just the usual fluffed up puff pieces written by the Compost from which Cairns most gullible fucktards gobble it all up and keep believing in the tooth fairy. Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Developing North Australia is going to be hard! Aquis gone from Cairns(?), QNI nearly gone from Townsville and Adani's mine west of Mackay was never gong to make it. Just what is the driver for the North? I like it up here, but its no place to invest...

Barry said...

I cannot find anywhere that lists Tony a Fung as a millionaire or billionaire, the Forbes listing from 2011 to 2015 does not even give him a mention, I put this listing on my site (cairnsvideonews.com) some time ago and nothing has changed.
His father owned a bank but he died in 1985 and has nothing indicates that Tony Fung owns a bank in fact he's known as an investment banker.
As I said on my blog today one has to ask "what is Tony Fung up to?" apart fro making a clown of himself.
Go away Tony Fung Cairns does not need you.

TAS said...

Anon 16:04 (and others above), don't invest, don't spruik for business at any cost, just enjoy. The Cairns lifestyle is just fine. And if it's not, leave. BrisVegas beckons. Joni Mitchell said it best when she sang "they paved paradise and put up a parking lot". Lets stop such stupidity and trade on the great lifestyle we have. Boutique tourism beat glitzy casino destinations for the discerning.

shanghai said...

wow I thought wtf had problems every one chill out merry Christmas its not all doom and gloom we are doing better than heaps of people except Yarrabah the king got it right do nothing and claim racism if they don't do it its so simple and beautiful e.g. we want a civic centre to show chase our heritage.. no.. from Brisbane....racist bastards well sue turnbull from pt piper ..ok.. fuck it its not my money get the gist brilliant and so simple the king of Yarrabah for mayor giddy up

Anonymous said...

He never was going to build aquis, he was after the city casino licence so that he didn't have any competition. The investors he had lined up to finance aquis saw the writing on the wall when he couldn't get the share holders to sell so here we are, verging on 2016 and the cane paddocks near the knob are still cane paddocks, Vic's old shark attraction near the knob turn off is still an old shark attraction and according to the temporary council we have and all the fairy believers all this is still going to happen. The end.

Bob R. said...

In 2015, the Party locked up not only tens of thousands of ‘corrupt’
officials, but also harassed, detained and imprisoned thousands of ordinary citizens in the name of ‘ideological security’. More than 200 lawyers were detained in May after high profile lawyer and activist Pu Zhiqiang was indicted on trumped-up charges of ‘inciting ethnic hatred’ as well as ‘picking quarrels and stirring up trouble’.

Yeah still a communist country, too bloody right it is. Say anything against the government and you're up shits creek without a paddle.

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghai? I wanted to put my last Australian Dollar into Fungs Casino before losing it all in super ann. All the sad sacks in cans have taken their toll on me instead of slitting my wrists i'v decided to go to the land of the long white cloud at least the PM works on behalf of the country and doesn't draw a wage. Todalou

Anonymous said...

Can someone post about freebody waterpark earth mover forsale out front and site office removal at Dillon road

Anonymous said...

With names like Fung and Bhangoo we dont want them here. Not to forget we have a well tanned Manning as the supposed Mayor and an airport management group made up of Scots, Irish and Canadians. Get me the spew bucket quickly........

Anonymous said...

Vic's old shark attraction pretty much sums up Cairns as a destination. It could turn out to be an important part of history as the reef is pretty much rooted with crown of thorn starfish replacing sharks. Can we please build another building next to it and shove Manning and Entsch in there?

Anonymous said...

yay for selfish reasons as Thomatis Ck is a great kitesurf spot :D

Anonymous said...

Tony Fung's caper became blatantly obvious when I read this over 2 years ago :-

Macau Money Laundering
A stunning $US202 billion in “ill-gotten funds are channeled through Macau each year,” according to The Congressional-Executive Commission on China Annual Report 2013.
Diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks claimed that the casino and hospitality sector accounted for over 50% of Macau’s GDP but that, “its phenomenal success is based on a formula that facilitates if not encourages money laundering.”
And a lot of that money comes from China.
Macau casinos pulled in a record 36.5 billion patacas ($4.57 billion) in revenue in October, largely driven by Chinese visitors.
In 1999, Macau saw 800,000 mainland Chinese tourists. That figure exploded to about 12 million in 2008 and then 17 billion in 2012. In 2012, another 11 million visitors came from Hong Kong and Taiwan.
How exactly does it work?
China only allows 20,000 yuan ($3,200) to be moved out of the mainland at a time and $US50,000 a year. To circumvent that, Chinese high rollers can do one of two things. They can deposit money with junkets in the mainland and use that money in Macau, or they can borrow from third-party junket agents.
If they choose to deposit the money, the junkets, who are basically gaming promoters, ferry money across borders. The gamblers can then use that money in Macau. Once they’re done gambling they can take their winnings in U.S. funds or Hong Kong dollars and invest it in property or offshore tax havens.
These junket agents vary from sole proprietorships to publicly listed companies. They help arrange for visas and accommodations, including VIP rooms. They also collect gambling debts.
Frequently, the money that ends up here has come through illegal means, through bribes or embezzlement.
Another way illicit money finds its way to Macau’s casinos is through pawn shops. Visitors buy goods from a pawn shops with a debit card and then sell it back for cash.

Tony Hillier said...

The Compost (aka spin doctor supreme Dalton) has taken a diametrically opposite view on the Fungs' Gold Coast pull out. Quelle surprise!


Anonymous said...

Gee, what a shock. Chinese doing something dodgy so they can make even more money!!

Mickwow said...

I think that annon 23.55 is on the money.The Fungs were probably scoping the scene and use the development to do dodgy and nefarious money hiding.
The truly stunning part is how Manning and his inept council swallowed the whole bullshit story,hoping that this would solve every problem that Cairns has.The rednecks that now seem to come to Cairns joined in,wandering around zombie likerepeating AQUIS....rectangular football field,harbour dredging,no new entertainment precinct,all will be good.

Anonymous said...

That's a nice pink turbin that Bhangoo is wearing. Is he supporting the Jane McGrath foundation or is he a fag? Or both?

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Who-fung-dung build us a proper airport instead of the current crap pile. He could also build us a new port, some launder-mat's on the esplanade, a big comfy Chinese king size bed for Bob to sleep in when the Chamber is sitting, and hire Freebody's dozer and use it to finish off the Toorbollocks pool.

Anonymous said...

Quick quick send Kevin Brown to China to strike a deal with the Fungster to bring in the big bucks to Cairns. Kev in his thuper coloured shirts should be able to cut a deal, a deal that boosts the economy as well as his corporate bonus. C'mon Kevvy, be our saviour, you can do it. You were 'da man' at Edinburgh so step up to the plate oh mighty bald one and pull Cairns out of its financial slump and bring us into prosperity.

Anonymous said...

There has never been one article about Aquis in the Compost that wasn't written by that fucking idiot Nick Dalton. He has to be on a 'kick back' of some sort.
As the project started to fall apart, he never wrote or hinted of any negativity.
Huge size (and cost) reductions from the original plans, problems with probity etc, and Dalton never removed his 'rose coloured glasses'. Funny that!
Fung thought all this great promise would blind the government into overlooking his shonky past, issue licenses etc. Seems the people doing the probity checks were the only ones not overawed by his bullshit. Checking far and wide,- the FBI, the RCMP etc.

All he ever wanted was the Reef Hotel Casino. A casino in the north of australia, would mean a far shorter flight time to bring the 'yellow peril' here to launder their dough. A perfect replacement for Macau.

Anonymous said...

And let's not forget all the other suckers, like John McKenzie, who have been pushing this project for years. Manning held up building a new theatre for nearly 3 years, because he thought the Fungs were going to do it for him. Only the other day, John Schilling was still maintaining that a rectangular stadium could be built by the Fungs.

Isn't it funny that the same people who bagged and ultimately destroyed the CEP project, start salivating every time there is a new announcement on dud projects like Freebody's Waterworld or Aquis ?

Where are Trout and King now ? I remember well Trout's rude dismissal of valid concerns that were raised at the Aquis Aware meeting. King, who wasn't even present, chipped in the next day with some Green/Labor bashing nonsense. Typical arrogant LNP politicians and they still haven't figured out why they got kicked out after only one term.

Anonymous said...

Australia is perfect for Fung - stupid laws pathetically policed, no wonder he wants to buy into this place. Add into the mix a Hillbilly town like Cairns which has hillbilly politiicans locally and at a state level and you can see why Tony was so keen to make a deal. Agh well, it's all turning to shit now as nobody has any money any more, the reef is rooted, fucktards are in government and business leaders are incompetent eunuchs. All we need now is a Cat 5 cyclone to put this stinking shithole out of its misery!