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16 December 2015


Big news in the thinking parts of Australia is the shocking announcement that the Northern Territory government has sold-off the Port of Darwin.  

To a Chinese Red Army-controlled company, Landbridge.  

We usually have enough on our plate just reporting on local FNQ issues, but this story has local impact, and we believe a
wider importance for all Australians.

Chinese companies are increasingly taking on non-Chinese sounding names as they attempt to purchase infrastructure assets around the world.  And the Brisbane-based Landbridge Industry Australia P/L, like many, appoint an Australian 空服 (empty suit) to front the project.  Not much different from the various "front men" Tony Fung has put forward for his casino dealings across Australia.

Operational control of the Port of Darwin has been given to this Chinese company, with alarm being raised by our allies at the incompetence being shown by the government.  At a high-level Australia/US security meeting in Boston last month, Julie Bishop failed to mention this information to the US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter despite the growing permanent presence of US troops in Darwin - troops who now will be using a Chinese-controlled port.  So far, the only response from our head of defence Dennis Richardson has been to tell the US that they should read the papers.

President Obama two weeks ago took PM Malcolm Turnbull aside at the APEC meetings to raise strong objection to the Chinese military presence in this port, with Turnbull apparently only hearing of the agreement a week before.  NO federal government approval was needed as the port was ostensibly owned by the NT government, who couldn't resist over half a billion $$$ from the Chinese.

We understand the Palaszczuk ALP government has had discussions with Landbridge about ports in Queensland - including Cairns.  This has yet to raise any RED FLAGS with our local Minister for Blogs Warren Entsch, who you'd think might have a passing objection to a foreign country owning a port where an Australian Navy base is located.  Any chance his recent knock on the head (does anyone believe that bullshit story about a cow, anyway??) might get him focused on his job?  

The US government has previously knocked-back port purchases by foreign entities, including the huge Dubai Ports Company.  And Dubai is ostensibly an ally! 

But some infrastructure you just don't sell.  Look at how we've gotten screwed by selling off the Cairns Airport to Greedy Venture Capitalists who don't give a stuff about anyone.

Both LNP and ALP governments have put out the "FOR SALE" signs in China.  EVERYTHING MUST GO!  NO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED!  An exhaustive report in the Guardian lists just some of the property being snapped up by the Chinese.  Our largest and most efficient farms.  Our cattle stations.  Our largest dairy.  Why have Australians as the middle-man when the Chinese can buy our most profitable enterprises and, thanks to the Free Trade (ChAFTA) Agreement, begin sending Chinese workers to run these farms THEIR way??

ChAFTA takes effect next Sunday, 20 December 2015.  Merry Christmas, Suckers!

While ostensibly these purchases are by private interests in China, they are all operating under Chinese Government orders to secure their food security.  The race to develop Chinese farmland into homes, office blocks, and commercial space has seen China go from a net exporter of food to a net importer of food in just 15 years.  Increasingly massive amounts of food are being imported.  China is short water and short land. These quasi-government companies can only access these levels of foreign currency with authorisation from Zhongnanhai.  

There are also negotiations underway to combine and sell up to six pastoral cattle stations in Cape York, with the deal rumoured to be in the $2Billion range.  We're informed that former MP Michael Trout has been involved in these negotiations.  Not something you'll hear him spruiking on the Cueball MacKenzie show.

New Zealand as well has been raided, although they now are starting to look askance at these deals and begun knocking them back.  The Chinese now own all the large dairies in New Zealand. But just last month the NZ government rejected the Chinese purchase of 13,800 hectare pastoral cattle and sheep station.  It is now unlikely that any agricultural land sales by the Kiwis will be approved there.

We all know what's happened to the price of local fish since we began "live exporting" our seafood to China.  Our own reef fish is off the menu for most Australians, priced dearer than Wagu beef!  What do you think happens when the Chinese begin draining our country of grain, produce, cattle, and sheep?

Those profiting from these sales routinely "dog whistle" charges of "xenophobia" whenever someone questions the policies and lack of foresight being shown in these sales.  It has less to do with the Chinese and more to do with just basic common sense.  

Only three counties in the world are fully self-sufficient in food:  The United States, Canada, and Australia.  EVERYONE ELSE in the world relies on these big three to produce huge surpluses.  The US and Canada have tight restrictions on foreign ownership of farmland.

Why isn't it registering with our politicians?  

As Washington Post reporters Woodward and Bernstein were told in All The President's Men - FOLLOW THE MONEY.


Anonymous said...

It is astonishing how ignorant the north is. US troops in Darwin is like Russia putting missiles in Cuba. It is like NATO surrounding Russia after the supposed end of the cold war. US also sought to secure a base in Vietnam for the same reason. Well going back Vietnam war was really to contain Chinese dominance in the region.

With South China Sea hegemony wars is on full speed. Indian ocean you can Google China String of Pearls strategy where China is doing likewise to India due to India being a strong ally of the US. Sri Lanka was treated horrendously after it allowed China to build a port in exchange for help in ending its civil war. So then the claims of human rights abuses came flying despite US doing worse in Iraq. So we got off lightly. If it had been a Republican administration perhaps retribution would have been more noticeable.

But that is the maritime cold war of sorts. Food is another issue all together. Read they will pay big for many of our food stuffs and we may never get to eat some things like oysters ever again. There will be no advantage to living in Australia if it continues on this path. We are being sold out.

Although I agree both LNP and ALP have sold us out I doubt there would be any desire for ALP to sell ports. They know they would never win another election if they tried that stunt again.

Alison Alloway said...

Well Anonymous 07.35, keep up to date with what is happening in Victoria where it looks like the ALP Government there is examining leasing off the Port of Melbourne for 50 years. (Have they learned anything from the Bligh Government annihilation, you might well ponder?) Yes, Hillbilly, the Chinese have stated very clearly on national television that they are looking to Australia to "secure their food supply". They also stated that they are "looking for a port to lease in North Queensland." With abolishing the one child policy, they expect their population to surge. Just how many Australian ports have been leased out to foreign interests now? All that I can come up with, are Brisbane, Darwin, Newcastle, and maybe perhaps Melbourne. It is a terrifying scenario. We are an island continent and depend heavily on shipping for more and more of our goods for day to day living, including oil. Half witted politicians are setting us up to be at the mercy of other nations who can use political thuggery and blackmail against us. "If you don't give us what we want, we will subject Australia to a maritime blockade, ensuring that no ships are allowed into your ports. We will starve your people until you do what we want!" Think it cannot happen, huh? Think again of all the countries the US and its allies have imposed sanctions on. Australia was once a proud, self sufficient country, able to produce almost all of its own needs through all its economic sectors, agricultural, manufacturing and tertiary. Today, through the efforts of poor political decisions, we can't provide clothing to clothe our population, we cannot produce all materials for building our own homes and we now stand the inevitability that we will not be able to feed ourselves. Added to this, will be the fact that if we keep on flogging off our ports, we will be as vulnerable as a Third World Country to predatory nations. Will our grandchildren face starvation because of the short sightedness and sheer idiocy of the current crop of political representatives? A country which cannot feed itself is, quite frankly, fucked.

Anonymous said...

Lubricants is an appropriate sign for the airport and the greater Cairns region because the place is screwed

Anonymous said...

Why not advertise the product Advanced Hair on airport road instead? Both Brown and Manning could use the product.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful sign on airport road! Gollum Brown advertising lubricants. Make sense to me as the airport has been fu#ked.

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghai? spuds apposed to potatoes, FMD the cumdunts in Cairns can't tell the difference. We have the Mrs AA giving her complete lefty views on how we should all live under the ALP, hand outs for all. Hahahaha.

NYM said...

I don't know what you mean Anonymous 18.23 above by claiming Alison A has given her "complete lefty views on how we should all live". Her point that we are an island nation and dependent upon shipping for our survival is a critical one and if we hand over our ports to foreign interests we would be placing Australia in a very vulnerable and weak position. I think that is a logical deduction. I would also agree with her assertion that if as a nation we cannot feed ourselves we are stuffed. The Chinese population is surging and expected to continue to surge hence the Chinese government are already planning against food shortages in their country. The need for extra food should be a stimulus for agricultural expansion here in Australia with farmers being given assistance to increase their crops and more canneries and food processing plants being established. It has been suggested that some of the refugees could be employed in this new era of agriculture. Whatever. However this isn't the way the Australian governments are handling China's urgent need for more food. Instead we are just allowing the Chinese to come in and buy up the Australian farm, lock, stock and barrel.

Bob R. said...

yeah I dunno about getting too worried about our ports just yet. We have a lot of import ports in Australia all around the coastline. I doubt any bastard could cut off our food supply just yet. But there is one thing which we should all be watching which is the security of our oil supply. We import almost all of our crude and refined oils and the experts reckon that if imports were interupted we would run out of petrol in just 3 weeks. The other major problem is that our import ports are all quite isolated from each other, strung out all over Australia like browns fucken cows and oil cannot be transported from city to city in trucks. We dont have a network of pipelines to transport oil so it has to be transported by ship. there lies all the dangers of our dependency on shipping. What if there is a huge disruption in the supply chain somewhere? What if there are open hostilities between the USA and China in the South China Sea? Would the oil tankers want to travel through all of this or would they remain in port in Singapore somewhere? That's the biggest danger to us that I can see at this point in time. Hey NYM mate I agree with your comment there about revving up our agricultural sector to serve the growing hunger in China. Instead of flogging off the Aussie farm to the Chinese we should be upping our food production, providing jobs for our unemployed kids export earnings and more revenue for all of us. Makes sense to me.

Tony Hillier said...

AA is dead right. There is serious cause for concern with the expanding Chinese encroachment on vital utilities like ports and agricultural and land resources — not just here in Australia, but in the South China Sea and around the globe. Our elected members — of all political persuasions — are selling Australia's long-term interests to the highest bidder for short-term gain … and the obsession with getting the budget back into surplus. Xenophobia is not motivating what passes for current public concern. We need to wake up before it's too late!

Anonymous said...

China today warning Australia not to meddle in South China Sea, but they can buy our ports!

Anonymous said...

China also calling our Foreign Minister a fool.

Anonymous said...

Julie Bishop is a thorough idiot for allowing this one to slip through to the keeper. Turnball is a clown and so is Truss. All of them asleep at the wheel. And where was that parrot Brandis? How the A/G department could miss this is palpable. No wonder the Yanks are mighty pissed off, after all we ARE their lapdogs and Australia's stuff up doesn't bode well with Uncle Sam's strategic positioning in the North of our Country. And yes, the sneaky Chinese also have the shits with the whole saga hitting the headlines. But this is the problem with Australian governments and their short term thinking - flog the asset, any asset, today as quickly as possible and make a short term finical windfall that costs us dearly in the long term. I mean if you thought the federal government was bad, just look more locally at the local 'lack of talent', people like Herr Entsch, Pyne, Manning, King!!! OMG it's a miracle that the region even has living, breathing humans still around. Wankers. Then there is the business community and it's poor conga line of weasels - Woodward, Simon Wild, Murphy, Kevin Brown'noser....get me a tissue I can't stop laughing (and crying). Somebody please nuke us and put us out of our misery.

Anonymous said...

You left Freebody off that list brutha