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13 January 2016


All governments do sneaky shit when they think we're not looking.  We've discussed the gutting of Paradise Palms and the now-open "consultation" period for the too small and way-too-inadequate replacement Cairns theatre by the Manning council.

So it's no surprise that the federal LNP government took a major government contract out of Cairns and gave it to Singapore while we were all celebrating what we've all hoped would be a much better 2016. 

What's getting the voter's attention in this announcement are the continuing performance failures of the Member for Leichhardt, Warren Entsch.

Entsch began this term in parliament under an LNP cloud - stripped of his title as whip as leadership soured on his malperformance and dishonesty.  He promised to "fix" the FNQ insurance crisis, which continues to sour investors on unit investments and has saddled home owners and the elderly.  Cairns now has the smallest percentage of insured properties in Australia.    

Entsch continues to spew on the subject, but let's face it - he's done nothing.  NOTHING.  

Entsch and his staff organised the #CairnsForTheBin campaign - an attempt to sell the Cairns Port shipbuilding consortium bid for the 21 replacement Pacific Patrol Boats.  Entsch said in parliament "When it comes to ship building and maintenance, quite frankly, we (Cairns) do it very well".

Apparently the Navy has voiced an alternative opinion.  They told a parliamentary committee last week that they have been 'disappointed at the quality and speed of repair work' in Cairns.  This was the precursor announcement to yesterday's bludgeon - the announcement that the current refit work necessary on the existing fleet was going to be done NOT in Cairns, NOT in Darwin, but in SINGAPORE.

Did this announcement come from Entsch?  Did it come at least with some kind of faux expression of indignation?  That's what you would at least expect when a government decision goes against the community.  

No.  Not from Warren.  The Entsch response?  "This decision isn't a slight on Cairns."  Entsch then went on to toe the LNP line and defend the decision to SEND OUR JOBS TO SINGAPORE.  Some will point out this is "typical" party politics and Entsch is just doing what the party bosses have told him.  But the LNP is also aware that Entsch is a likely loser at the next election so dumping money into Cairns is apparently now seen as a lost cause.  We count on our parliamentarians to "bring home the bacon".  Entsch has failed miserably in this task - despite his party being in government!

As a result Entsch is now seen as the most ineffective
parliamentarian Cairns has ever had.  While this major loss of shipyard jobs has happened, the Entsch website pretends it isn't happening.

Entsch finally said that 'this decision will not effect the decision (due this month) on the tender for the new Pacific Patrol Boats'.  If the Navy has called the work in Cairns substandard, the veracity of this statement is fantastical.  Almost as fantastical as the Entsch plan to tunnel under the Trinity Inlet.

And even more bizarre - the lack of reaction from the (LNP dominated) Cairns Chamber of Commerce and Cairns (non)Regional Council.  Except for the lone voice of one councillor, Richie Bates.   Bates would seem to be the only local leader to have raised his voice to attack this anti-Cairns decision.  That says something about his integrity, and underscores the worthlessness of Warren Entsch.


FNQ Producer said...

I was at yesterday's meeting of the Rural Debt and Drought Taskforce. It was attended by the Shadow Ag minister Deb Frecklington. Robbie Katter was there. Entschy was a no-show. Bloody disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

It makes no sense for a struggling regional city or rural areas to vote for Liberals. But they keep getting what they voted for. Nothing.

Ken svay said...

Do you have a link for Entsch attacking seniors who comment here? The insurance thing has dragged on for so long with no result and now the boat maintenance contract has gone? This is disgusting after all the LNP propaganda about spending billions in the tropics. Unfortunately they didn't mean our tropics!

Anonymous said...

'Bringing home the bacon' alright! Nice photo of the bloated whale in parliament. It looks like Wazza's taxpayer funded credit card has paid for a few bacon meals by the look of the stomach on him!! Politiicans - snouts in the trough. I bet the taxpayer pays for all his home insurance as well? These people are a disgrace. Out city has so much potential. It's located in one of the best parts of the world, yet we keep getting saddled with third world country politiicans an business leaders. It's unbelievable. As soon as the Wild Hog and the garden gnome are booted out the better. Please lord, may we get a government and local politicans and business leaders who aren't useless cardboard cutouts, Please!!!

Anonymous said...

The Minister for meat pies has lived a luxuriant life tucked away in the sleepy backwaters of Cairns. As far away from Canberra as possible, out of sight out of mind, tucked away in the boondocks forgotten and not important. Us locals need to send Canberra a message, a message by way of no votes for any government who fails to look after us up here. It's time to rally the troops boys and girls, the assholes down South need to stop gouging us on insurance and infrastructure. We need to be heard. We demand proper local, state and federal representation, not handed the leftovers and the pond scum. Just because we aren't Point Piper or Sydney's Northern shores it doesn't mean we can't send Canberra a message. It's up to us little people to force change as change won't come from anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable that the Chamber anf Advance Cairns have been silent. This is far more of a threat to Cairns than any poorly thought out dredging proposal. Truly does go to show who is pulling their strings. Word is Advance Cairns chair, an LNP member and Warren Entch campaign manager is paid 40 plus grand. That's mostly ratepayers money, happily doled out to this useless mob by council. At least the useless CEO is now gone.

Anonymous said...

Judging by his DUI charge a year or two ago I think it may be more than bacon and meat pies that is a problem.

Anonymous said...

Ha. 1980's visionaries. Well this city included it's traffic lights, roads, city precinct and airport is still back in the 80's! I'm amazed we don't hear Duran Duran and A Flock Of Seagulls blasting through the city! Then again, Cairns is too retarded to have stereo speakers.

Anonymous said...

Mate please don't go thinking Richie Bates is any better than the rest of these scum bags. He is only voicing concerns because he wants to run in state elections and move up from council and Manning ass licking. He knew manning wasnt ever going to go for a pavement along the side of the road to the airport, but made a big media deal to act like he wanted to honour the woman that was killed, then when it got voted down in a behind closed doors meeting he did as manning told him and shut up with the rest of them.

Anonymous said...

So many jobs are being outsourced, that it is happening now every week. Entsch has had a cushy, easy time of it as an MP because nobody is holding him to account, apart from Hillbilly Watch.

Anonymous said...

And come Monday Mckenzie will be slobbering all over him and Manning without a single critical question being asked. I suppose their free re-election campaign on 4 CA will be in full swing soon with more nonsense about Aquis, dredging and rectangular stadiums...Any concerns about the cost blow-out and funding shortfalls of Manning's pathetic excuse of a theatre will be swept under the carpet and the punters will swallow it all and keep congratulating themselves on how they showed the world to stick 100 million dollars of funding for a world class entertainment centre. A real victory !!! Thank you Bob. Now let's start bulldozing the mangroves for a heli-pad. That will show those bloody greenies !! Who needs mangroves anyway when we can just concrete everything.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of mangroves and helipads, any truth that there are noxious weeds growing at Cairns airport, they can't be seen from the highway. Nothing is being done about it, out of mind out of sight and save some money by doing nothing about it.

Anonymous said...

Mckenzie should be well rested. Spotted him on the same plane as me from Bali.

Anonymous said...

Wonder which one of his sponsors paid for the trip...

Ken svay said...

I read an old Cairns Post and I was flabbergasted read comments by Entsch that losing the boat contract would have no effect on Cairns. After all the nonsense spruiked by the Libs about the billions to be spent in the tropical north!
And now I read that the insurance report is finished but it is sitting on a ministers desk, so we were told it would be finished in six months but not told that it was now going to gather dust in Canberra.