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01 January 2016


For the last few weeks, Gilligan's Backpacker Drug and Alcohol Emporium has been advertising their New Year's Eve Gala.  Selling tickets for their "Cirque du Soleil New Year's Eve Show"

The actually owners of the Cirque du Soleil, a Canadian company, unfortunately have taken issue with the fraudulent exploitation of their name and Intellectual Property. A notice ordering Gilligan's to Cease and Desist, as well a demand to pay substantial damages to the Cirque, has sent shockwaves through the management of Gilligan's and their owner. 

Gilligan's is still owned by one Christian Ainsworth, youngest son of gambling machine tycoon billionaire Len Ainsworth.  The younger Ainsworth just lost a major lawsuit brought by a former friend and restaurant vendor in the Gilligan's property.  The lawsuit alleged that Ainsworth engaged in "bullying, intimidation, and standover tactics" and issued a threat to "break the legs" of the plaintiff. 

Insiders at Gilligan's discovered an investigator inside the venue last night, photographing the Cirque du Soleil marketing and recording the MC welcoming customers to their "Cirque Night at Gilligan's".  

This will likely cost Gilligan's a pile of bucks.  Cirque doesn't tolerate abuse of their trademarks and has won similar suits around the world.

Prior to his last lawsuit, Ainsworth was recorded as telling the plaintiff "I've just read the letter from your solicitor.  You're fucked.  You're fucked, fucked.  You're fucked."

It's unclear whether Ainsworth has called Cirque du Soleil and issued this same threat to them.

Another world-class businessman in Cairns.  


Anonymous said...

Only in Cairns do you get such a stupid bunch or redneck businessman. Anusworth should call the show "Cirque de dipshit". I hate to tell him this but Anusworth - you're fucked, you're fucked, fucked.......welcome to Cairns circa 2016, where Hillbillys rule.

shanghai said...

na his another rich kid who thinks his effluent or I mean affluent don't worry there is plenty around don't worry when the easy credit dries up well see if this smartie can cope that's what 25 years of not having a recession does people start to believe their own bullshit bring it on

Ken svay said...

What a fool.

Anonymous said...

Well said Shanghai. When the easy money does fall over, and it will, there will lots more pain in this town

Anonymous said...

He really looks like the quintessential businessman in that photo doesn't he? Scowling, dishevelled, messy hair, beer gut and shirt that needs ironing. Perhaps he had just had a nap? Or maybe he had been drinking goon in that shitty caravan on his block of land? Maybe he had just woken from a midday nap at Mannings office? Either way if this bloke has placed a cheesy spray painted sign on his lone digging machine on his block of land this would hardly indicate that he is a serious businessman about to start a $50 million dollar project. Looks more like yet another Cairns business failure, along with Mannings business, Slymon Wilds two airlines and a host of other 'big names' featured regularly on HBW. At least Cairns is going to give us some more great laughs over the coming decades.

Anonymous said...

I saw that guys so drunk one day he assaukted one of his employees