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20 January 2016


It's been hard to understand the level of anger that has gripped the American political system - an anger so profound that the two leading candidates for President are "outsiders" - Donald Trump, an egotistical blowhard and Bernie Sanders, a "social democrat" in the mold of Theodore Roosevelt.

At the core of the anger is years of big business and the wealthy taking an increasingly larger piece of the pie as the middle class sees their dreams of a better future for their children gutted.

Australia is no stranger to this phenomena.

Today Cairns is getting an obligatory pre-election visit by current Labor leader Bill Shorten.  He's here, not to support an overhaul and modernisation of the Australian tax system, but to lodge his objections to the suggestion that the GST is going to rise.  Gutless politics at its best.  

And then there's Bob Katter - Donald Trump with a big hat.

Katter yesterday shocked some (not us) when he endorsed the idea that the failing Palmer Nickel Mine in Townsville should get a federal government bailout.

That's Right.  Bob Katter, "Populist", wants to spend OUR tax money on a bailout of his fellow parliamentarian, Clive Palmer.  

As always he claims he's on the side of the "battler" - but if this were true, he'd be asking for money to retrain workers for the 21st Century economy and an investigation into the books-fiddling being done by this Palmer company.  Katter is just as corrupt as the rest of them.  Where was Katter and his mouth when Palmer was stripping hundreds of millions out of this company??

And the situation at the Yabulu Townsville location are even more dire than most of the lamestream media have discussed.  Palmer's companies have systematically stripped Palmer Nickel of assets, including the required clean-up fund for the toxic environmentally damage to the site and surrounding areas.  

Palmer purchased this nickel refinery from BHP Billiton in 2009 for a reported $35M, after which Palmer has taken over $335M out of the operation - much in cash, but much in a "fiddling" with the books that has left NO MONEY left to do site remediation.  This is a world-class scandal.

Meanwhile a collapse of the refinery has also left the government of New Caledonia in a precarious position, with President Phillipe Germaine warning Palmer last year of likely civil strife the result.  This after Palmer Nickel strong-armed the Noumea government into exclusive sales contracts with the Yabulu refinery, leaving the country now unable to secure new customers for their nickel laterite mines.

And the LNP response?  Some silliness about demanding the Palmer Party parliamentarians return Palmer contributions to help the nickel mine.  They don't want the real situation exposed either, because the next one will have THEIR name on it.  

All the politicians are in it together.  And we're the victims of this massive collusion between big business and our elected "leaders".

Meanwhile the Cairns Post suggests that we deserve a pennies-per-litre price reduction on petrol that SHOULD cost about .80 cents.  We're still getting screwed on insurance, on electricity, on food, on most commodities, with another 5% GST coming.  

It's no wonder the Americans have turned to a TV Reality star and a socialist.  


Anonymous said...

The stuff that's in those tailings dams at the back of Yabulu is incredibly toxic....the worst stuff you have ever seen. There was a report that some of it was leaking into the ocean already?

Anonymous said...

Australian politicians are spineless grubs. They've been protecting and looking after big business for an eternity. They are all bluff and bluster, thoroughly full of shit. Why is that if you owe the ATO a couple of hundred bucks they ass-rape you, but if you're a business you can get away with not paying entitlements or superannuation and then go tits up leaving the workers out of pocket. But of course the ATO gets it's money. And as for collusion, the GFC 2008 resulted in not one single Wall Street banker going to jail, none of them. And companies like Ford who fucked themselves up due to poor business practises and greed blamed the GFC and the government let them off all their debts. What about my fucking debts? Why don't I get mine wiped clean? Bill Shorten in Cairns you say? Fuck off Bill you weak 'yes man'. Actually do something rather talk hot air. As for Malcolm our illustrious PM, well he is a Goldman Sachs protege so he will never provide a break for the remaining middle class or the poor class. Those guys are elitists bankers with only one agender - to look after themselves and the scum pulling their chains from their Wall Steet penthouses. Until Western society stands up to these vermin.

TAS said...

It's worse than you thought: not only does Katter want us to donate our money to a dodgy private enterprise owned by an dodgy (alleged) billionaire, but ultimately we (Queensland taxpayers) also pay for the environmental clean up - estimated to be anything from $25 million to $300 million. There isn't, and never has been, an environmental bond held by the environment department to cover this inevitable necessity. How many other dirty sites are there in Queensland where taxpayers are going to be left holding the dirt can when the miners cry broke?
How is this allowed to happen and who in government is responsible? And why aren't we long suffering workers/taxpayers storming the walls over this outrageous debacle?


Alison Alloway said...

The Western World is experiencing the failures of the so called "free market capitalism" and "global economy" delivered by Thatcher and Raegan in the 1980s. "Trickle down" free market capitalism has only resulted in the wealth of individual countries being funnelled upwards into the offshore tax-free banks accounts of fewer and fewer peoples. Capitalism today means you socialise the losses and privatise the profits. America is in free fall with the inequality gap as great as it was at the beginning of the 20th century. Australia isn't too far behind, only because we still have some muscle against neo-liberalism in our trade union movement and a shaky and weakened Labor Party. Frankly, I don't believe our protections against inevitably following the USA down the gurgler are that strong any more.
When we have an Australia where the Chinese are permitted to buy residential properties without putting down a deposit, yet Australians cannot do so; when we see Australian real estate agents pouring into China and establishing offices to sell off Australian homes and farms; when we see our best agricultural lands being sold off to foreign buyers; when we have offshored most of our manufacturing industries; when we see our Australian assets such as our ports and electricity infrastructure sold off to foreign interests; when we see our Australian workers being forced out f their workplace so that the management can replace them with foreign labour to be paid $2.00 a day; when we see young people unable to afford the fees of privatised Technical and Further Education colleges; when we see the LNP trying to increase university fees so that young people would be burdened with debt for decades after they graduated; when we see our National Health Service under threat of being privatised; when we see our Australian public services starting to be offshored, so that one of the biggest sources of full time, secure employment in Australia will be given to foreign nationals in foreign countries - what is our future???

We were once a proud, independent nation, well able to provide for ourselves in almost everything. However we are being systematically gutted, our wealth and ultimately our standard of living and way of life is being ripped away from us, while we are slowly but steadily being taken over by other nations.

Australia Day is only a few days away and we will once again see crowds of people out there celebrating a country which can no longer produce its own clothing, which can no longer produce its own cars and vehicles; which can no longer process all of its own processed food requirements and which will become more and more reliant on other nations in the future for food itself. A country which can no longer provide jobs for all; a country where more and more jobs are casualised and a country where home ownership has now become a lost dream for most young people. To top it off, the Australian flag which they worship is made from cotton produced and picked by exploited labour and sewn together in Asian factory sweat shops.

Poor feller, my country.

Anonymous said...

Billionaire my ass! Clive is flogging his planes, flogging his refinery, resorts and other interests. Nickel prices are down to 2003 prices and demand for minerals and oil has collapsed. What will become of his billion dollar Titanic replica? It will probably get sold to the Chinese for scrap metal!
And these individual financial collapses are happenning very very quickly. Clive isn't too big to fall (pardon the pun). Tinkler fell, so did Bond and Skase. Even the Packers have been close to the wall before.

The world is scrambling to contain an uncontainable mess. Capitalism and a global financial structure set up for the elite and by the elite is failing. The precursor bubble burst in 2008, the real bubble is close too exploding, one in which it won't be banks and lending institutions collapsing, it will be entire economies and countries. America is broke friends, they possess a 19 trillion dollar debt that quite simply can never be repaid. Countries such as Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Brazil are all up shit creek financially in a major way. Germany who is propping up Europe (not that Frau Merkel is happy about that) is being eroded daily. The rest are struggling - France, England and others. China is tipping over and their dirty little financial status which has been well covered up for some time by the Politiburo has now been exposed. Australia's debt is ballooning all thanks to short sighted politicians and a nation hellbent on being America's bitch and spending more money than it can print on pointless wars and other fruitless endeavours.

The ball of string has well and truly unravelled. 2016 will be the year that the world deck of cards comes crashing down, and we are all going to pay. Hold on to your seats cos we are in for the ride of our lives.

Anonymous said...

Look at the big fella asleep in the chamber. He looks like Migaloo in a suit! Has Clive been following Sleepy Bobs training manual?

Anonymous said...

Well said AA. A reasonable person who sees the future in a way similar to your article can only blame themselves for not taking steps now to become immune from the changes

accept change and diversity or accept the consequences

Alison Alloway said...

What sort of meaningless drivel is that, Anonymous 08.44?? "accept change and diversity or accept the consequences" What is this obsession with the word "diversity" which sees people slow down their speech, emphasise the word by sticking out their jaws and bottom lips in an attempt to sound intellectual instead of inarticulate parroting halfwits? You call it "diversity" when our country is steadily transforming itself into a Third World Nation??? Right at the moment our ex Goldman Sachs Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull is over in the USA sucking dick over the Trans Pacific Partnership which every credible economic body has said plainly and emphatically, WILL NOT BENEFIT Australia. Turnbull and co. are turning Australia into a corporate identity where national sovereignity is sorely compromised. If Canada is now the "most sued nation" in the world because of its free trade agreements, how soon will it be Australia's turn to be "the most sued nation", bearing in mind that corporations under these free trade agreements have the right to take legal action against governments. The USA is now widely regarded as an oligarchy, not a representative democracy. Australia is following suit, and you say "accept change and diversity or accept the consequences"?????

Bob R. said...

Any moron knows that Australia would be the biggest loser in any of these free trade agreements? I mean what the fuck do we have to trade nowadays? Only minerals which are losing their value and primary produce. That's about it and we won't have that much primary produce to trade either if the Chinese keep on buying up our dairy and cattle stock and our best agricultural properties. So we are trading off cheaper stuff and importing all the high tech and processed stuff. Who is going to do better in the balance of trade payments? Frankly I think Australia is rooted.

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghai? AA having a self righteous rant again, she has so much hatred bottled up because her beloved lefties Government wasn't voted in. How dare anyone say a anything she doesn't agree with. HaHaHa

Ken svay said...

No miner is required to post a big enough bond to rehabilitate the environment. But they get a free ride thanks to conflicted politicians and lazy voters who have no knowledge of the issues.

Alison Alloway said...

FROM SENATOR NICK XENOPHON....worth reading through!!

"When it comes to foreign investment and the national interest, we've been treated like mugs."

Foreign investment clearly can play an important role in developing Australia's economy. But the issue is that the current foreign investment rules are too lax and too vague to protect the national interest.

For instance, did you know that a private overseas company or individual doesn't have to get government approval to buy prime agricultural land, or food production facilities, unless the value is over $248million?

Other countries understand the emerging importance of global food security by investing billions of dollars in Australian farms and food production. Why don't we?

Australia needs to be aware of how much of our agricultural land we are selling and to whom, so that we can maintain our food security and food supply chain. If we lose control over large areas of land and food production, we may be faced with a shortage of viable agricultural land to produce our food.

I have co-sponsored legislation to lower the threshold for scrutiny of foreign investment in agricultural land from $248million to $5million. What's more, the legislation spells out a national interest test, instead of the vague rubbish we have now.

Australia should be able to feed the world with Australian owned farms and food production. That must also involve revamping our investment and tax laws to encourage that to happen."

Well said Senator Xenophon!!!

NYM said...

This thread is way over your head Anonymous 11.16. You have no understanding of the issues being discussed. Toddle off and read your comic books.

Bob R. said...

Fingers all crossed that Xenophons legislation gets up in Parliament. Yeah this endless flogging off the Australian farm has got all my relatives some of whom are as Tory as you can bloody find all worried. We all had a big talk about it over the usual Christmas family get togethers and for once everybody agreed on something that we have to look after our own food security first and buggar bloody China. We should be exporting them food not letting them bloody move in and buy up the farm and shop.

Anonymous said...

To be honest Bob R. there would be a few "Tories" as you call them around the traps who would agree with you and Nick Xenophon. Overall I agree too with the gist of what has been posted on this thread before. Modern capitalism has gone feral and has to be reined in. America at the moment is the country to watch.

Samson Smythe said...

If 1000 workers in Cairns were about to lose their jobs all at once, Hillbilly would be screaming from the rooftops. Good on Katter and the Townsville Chamber and Council and the AMWEU and all the other unions who backed Katters call. Thank God he is not just another Labor or Liberal cut-out. Palmer kept them in a jobs supporting their families
since he bought it and now it looks like Kagara at Mt Garnet and their 150 employees from CAIRNS and surrounds will lose their jobs too because their concentrate is processed by the Townsville refinery.

It seems Hillbilly puts mouth into gear before engaging brain!