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25 January 2016


Mayor Bob "Sleepy" Manning knows best.

Since taking office almost four years ago, he's steered the Cairns Council into being the most secretive and least consultative council in Queensland, perhaps in all of Australia.  

The result of the darkness that's fallen over Spence Street is now rearing its ugly head as a small-business victim is telling their story in the media.

Consultation is supposed to be a good thing.  Consultation is the time when the ratepayers and others impacted by proposed Council decisions are allowed to comment on the proposal and in many cases share their expertise with our leaders to provide a better outcome.  Especially when Council outreach on decisions is narrow, a wise leader recognises that there is a lot of brainpower and experience in our community that can be harnessed with using a "bigger net" and a wider-reaching consultation.  A Council that deliberately undercuts or ignores the consultation process produces lower-quality outcomes that are, in some cases, very expensive mistakes.  

In December, Cairns Council released for "consultation" 14 proposed new Local Laws to replace the current set of laws.  Issuing such a major overhaul of these laws after the Christmas holiday period has started is dishonest on its face.  The 'consultation period" was only 19 days and ended the day before Christmas.  And while over 1000 residents had expressed interest in the plans to overhaul these laws previously, the actual "consultation" only a pithy 50 responses.  This isn't "consultation", Bob.  It's a shell game.  

This (dis)Unity Team council has had four years to do this work on the Local Laws.  Management failures account for the slowness of council staff work on most of these big issues.

Bob Manning's achievements as Mayor are tissue-paper thin.  Basically we've got a rock wall in Machans Beach and the Moody Creek Retention Basin.  Both projects were in the consultation stage under Mayor Val Schier, so Manning can't take full credit for delivering them.

And the public doesn't know any of the details on the cost overruns, suggested to be some $4M OVER on the Moody Creek project alone.  The reason we don't know is that Council public reporting has been slashed under Bob Manning and city manager Peter Tabulo. 

And the Tobruk Pool rebuild (which community consensus suggests will be a failure in this location as he tennis centre has failed) is running way too late as well.  How much over budget is anyone's guess.   

We've had glimpses into the secrecy failures of this council as early as the Tobruk Pool contracts, and with this suspect contractor now months late at delivering this project (and unknown Million$ over budget), Manning ordered both the tendering process as well as the project management OFF the future council agendas.  This information, so easy to find at every other Queensland Council hasn't been in Council reports for YEARS.  

It's unclear if even the councillors are being provided this information.  Cairns Council agendas are run through in sometimes as little as 15 minutes with nary a comment or discussion in public.  

You can't make this shit up.  

Manning promised four years ago he would DELIVER a new Civic Theatre - this hasn't happened.  He boasted during the election that it would be built on land adjacent to the Cairns Convention Centre, and in fact insisted that the location of this infrastructure for Convention use was "vital" to the project.  We're now getting a project much too small, which along with the parking dispensation handed out to the Cairns Aquarium project, will dump hundreds of cars into this area of the CBD with NO off-street parking available to support these projects.  The so-called two week consultation period ended with the project contracts being issued THE DAY AFTER THE CONSULTATION PERIOD ENDED.  

This isn't consultation.  It's a consultation charade.  Bob Manning believes public consultation is an annoyance and a hinderance instead of a road to a better city.     

Cairns has had the important consultation process with our local government hijacked by a group of people that frankly don't give a shit about our opinions on anything.  


Anonymous said...

I have not responded to any consultation as it feels like contempt, just make us think we have a voice but all just patronising bullcrap. He is running to Post every other day asking for handouts from the state government along with Cummings, good little raving socialists demanding government buy jobs, but then hand out work to southern contractors.? Maybe if we spent the money locally we would need to be such loser leaners?

Maybe one of the councillors can try and explain why we spend a massive sum on Sheridan Street projects when it is the ugliest, least inviting part of town. Now not even seen by many tourists/potential investors as they use Lake Strret. Now some landscaping on Lake St would have made sense. Ray Jones another main entry to the city that needs some greening but 10 million on Munro Park is simply insane waste of money. But the yes people too weak to question the ongoing stupidity.

Anonymous said...

May I go out on a limb here HBW? The problem is bigger than garden gnome Manning. The problem is us, the community. We vote these muppets in. We need to stop acting like Hillbillys and voting Hillbillys into government. We can change though, absolutely, but it is up to is to vote Mannings arse out of Council in March. It is up to us to vote Entsch's arse out of government come next fed election. Let's get rid of these trough gorging numbnuts and vote in people who will represent us, not represent their mates or their own pockets. And we need to hold the next representatives accountable from day 1, ride them harder than a miner rides a $20 call girl. We the taxpayer need to own our politicians arse, not the other way around. We need someone in Cairns who will fight for a slice of the state and federal pies, not sit on their fat arses and allow funding to slip by us because they are lazy, good for nothing trough swillers.

Anonymous said...

The Councillors also have a lot to answer for. What are they doing about Manning? Why don't they kick hiss ass out? Are they shonks as well, it looks that way? All for one and one for all. Tabulo is useless an will always be the Mayor and Councillors lapdog, usually the CEO goes if the Mayor goes so hopefully Tabulo will also get punted. Besides, most Councillors are also dickheads who only get in because of long term connections with business leaders and they all look after each other's wallets. The entire system of local government is fucked.

Anonymous said...

the stress duress caused by the old man and his sycophants over lake street is evidence they don't care

as stated by anon 1230, the people must react to these interlopers and vote in others who on face value appear to have integrity and do not appear to be aligned

Mickwow said...

I was listening to previous mayor Ron Davis answering slime ball McKenzies inane questions about the history of the Civic Centre,which was built while he was running thejoint and Davis stated his biggest regret was that it should have been bigger in all respects.He even went as far as to say that it has been restricting bigger and better productions ever since.
You would think that keeping this in mind, the powers that be would make sure they would not repeat the very same mistake.This is the result of having a Mayor with no foresight who looks to the past for the way forward.A more progressive Mayor would realise a bigger facility would draw better acts,bigger audiences which equates to more money coming into the City......oh i forgot the Mayor and his missus just fuck off to Brisvegas when they want to catch a show,what an incompetent personhe appears to be.

Anonymous said...

It was absolutely galling to hear the shock jock say that some people ( "the against everything brigade") will never be happy with anything this council does. This coming from the scumbag who for years ran a relentless campaign against the previous Mayor whinging and complaining about anything she proposed. Well,he got his way. An inferior theatre and a massive loss of funding. Well done dickhead!! What happened to your mate the paperboy's twice daily calls? Is he still bitching and sniping at the world behind his keyboard?

Anonymous said...

Well the anti everything brigade include investors, they are not exactly queued up to invest in a town that fails time and time again to have rational achievable plans for its future.

Ken svay said...

Where is AQUIS our saviour? Isn't it going to fix all our problems and magically give us a stadium as well? Does anyone go to council meetings? When is the next one and are ratepayers allowed to ask questions?

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghai? what a mob of fucking sad sacks there are on this site, why don't you all put your hand up and run for Mayor since you are such fucken experts on every fucking thing. Shanghai that fucken Yum Cha was yummy.

Barry said...

Aquis, what Aquis, it's gone

Anonymous said...

Cairns Post refuses to publish the truth about Tobruk Pool - wonder why ?

Anonymous said...

Annon 18:23, it's because they are a hack rag who are happy to be bought off by the highest bidder. They are complete shit.

Anonymous said...

Don't understand the concerns HBW.

cats to be registered-good
new laws against barking dogs-good
action against rogue shopping trolleys-good
restrict off site advertising-good, the place is littered with tacky advertising

Even the shock jock is supporting all this. Well, he would, since he agrees with everything Manning says. If any of this had been proposed by the previous council, he'd be screaming blue murder and would be lining up his mates in the retail, restaurant and cab industry to condemn these measures.

Fortunately there were other distractions today : Rob Pyne (unleashing a torrent of LNP propaganda) and an alleged flag burning in front of the RSL (bring on the chest thumping patriots demanding we bring back capital punishment and public flogging). It is all too predictable...

Anonymous said...

Does it really matter if they burn he Australian flag? Our Government has been fucking us over for years, giving billions away in foreign aid, financially penalising pensioners etc, plus prostituting ourselves to the USA. We may as well adopt the Yank flag anyway.

NYM said...

The sheer gall of Mackenzie to state that "people are against everything Manning does." Is he alright in the head??? Mackenzie started demonising Val Schier from the very Monday following her surprise election as Mayor. How well I remember his conversation with Kev Byrne, "Ooooh mate, MATE, we never saw it coming, no, we never saw it coming........". Mackenzie's voice was audibly syrupy and saccharine sweet with sympathy and condolences for poor old Byrne. "Ooooh MATE, MAAAAAATE, MAAAAAATE......" (For a while I wondered if Kev's wife hadn't taken over the program.) Frankly, I thought he was going to start bawling over the radio.

From there, Mackenzie launched and indulged in the worst, vitriolic hate campaign ever witnessed in North Queensland against an elected representative. That it was a female, and the very first female ever to be elected Mayor of Cairns Regional Council, seemed to inflame his malice and sheer vindictiveness.

He didn't even bother to try and change his tone of voice. Many times when he was spewing out his venom, his voice sounded like he had a throat full of asputim.

Who can ever forget Macenzie's "Cash for Comment" made up "scandal" in which he wanted ratepayers to pay for the Mayor's presence on his program answering calls from listeners, yet Kev Byrne was quoted in "The Cairns Post" as saying "I never had to pay." (Really???)

However, the very pits, the lowest of the lowest came when Mackezie went ballistic and insane over a humble, little musical instrument, loved the world over - the ukulele. All the Mayor, Val Schier did, was to endorse the idea of a Ukulele Festival as a "niche" tourist attraction for Cairns, and Mackenzie used her endorsement to twist and turn it all around and make out it was her own idea, and NOT the idea of a group of musicians.

Every red neck and bogan in Cairns became all fired up with Mackenzie's ranting and raving.

I managed to stave off a lot of the criticisms by pointing out that one of America's top heavy metal bands, 'FOO FIGHTERS" was interviewed in Rollingstone Magazine attending a Ukuele Festival in San Francisco. I later contacted Rollingstone Magazine, and posted them comments by Mackenzie over the proposed Cairns "Ukulele Festival."

Never mind what one of the staff at Rollingstone wrote back, but
FOO FIGHTERS came to Brisbane and gave a free concert following Cyclone Larry. NO THANKS TO JOHN MACKENZIE!

Finally who can forget the campaign against the Entertainment Precinct which was fought as a WAR, led by Mackenzie??

So here we are today, having lost the opportunity to get:
* A new multi storey car park (which the city needs)
* Extensions to the Convention Centre (which we need)
* A modern exhibiting museum

And meanwhile we are still waiting for the new performing arts theatre, which we have had on the "wanted" list since 1995 or 1996.

I fully expect Mackenzie will soon be saying things like, "Oh we do need another multi storey parking building in the CBD, but the people of Cairns were all fired up and so much against it....."

"Oh there were some plans around some time ago, to extend the Convention Centre, but I don't know, I mean that was during Val Schier's time, and we know she didn't do anything much."

Mackenzie is very adroit and cunning in twisting and turning facts around to exonerate himself from any blame and to shift blame largely onto the people of Cairns.

How dare he say that people are "against everything Manning does!"

Ken svay said...

We need a museum. What was the story with the old abandoned one? Any half decent town in ton world has a museum but we don't . Mareeba has an excellent museum and the sugar museum down the line is good too.

Anonymous said...

NYM, very succinct post. I hope HBW keeps posting the repetitive failures of our local political dross between now and March. We need the community to be aware of the depth of the shit that our region is in thanks to these parasites. None of them have done us any good. Manning? He is as useful as a boil on your ass cheek. Fuck no, done nothing. Pyne, fuck no, done nothing. Too busy scoring political points down South than to give a shit about us. Mackenzie? Ha. SFA. He is useful as a bleached anus. Nil achievements to date except for making himself sound like a complete twat. Herr Entsche? Useless. He is only good for eating pies and shitting 8 times per day - like my dog does! Nothing nothing nothing. And now we have treasurer Coitis Pitt. Hey Coitis, you remember us and your little office at Gordonvale? Where's out share of Anna's bucket of money? C'mon you useless bald headed arse licker, spin a yarn and get us some of that money. Not a cent has been spent on this shithole in decades....politicians, they are all useless mounds of horse shit.

Anonymous said...

Yeah we need a museum alright, we could display the following in it; all the 1980's mentality this region promulgates, Manning, Entsch, Vic's shark mouth, the international airport terminal, the port, most of our city roads and shop facades, most of the Chamber and our business leaders, the Compost, pretty much the entire city of Cairns should become a museum, a museum to what is old. Nothing we about this place, just old old old.

Shanghai said...

That does amuse me being chaired down the esplanade by 6 German amazons me in my high chair all you bogans chanting Allah shanghai fuck yeah I'm going for emperor/mayor /profit/pope leader of the people just remember its not what I can do for cans but what cans do for me aka capt manneriing to council at first sitting

Alison Alloway said...

I was a strong supporter of the idea of a modern museum as part of the original Entertainment Precinct concept. I saw it as a facility which would grow with time, developing a reputation as a prime show case for displays from the South Pacific region and aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander cultures as well as exhibits from Queensland's sciences such as paleontology. With a good Curator, our Museum could have developed networks with private collections and showcased displays from the World Collections Program.

Much as I argued the case for such a museum building to be built, I hit the brick wall of small minded provincial philistines and short sighted ignoramuses.

Funding for such buildings doesn't come easy and I doubt we will ever get funding for another for many years to come.

Anonymous said...

Alison I read Perth is organising a Indian Ocean Museum and thought Cairns is a natural fit for a centralised South Pacific Museum, PNG, Torres Strait and Indigenous Australia cultural centre for art and a museum. Stuff like that puts a place on the map. Could forge more South Pacific and PNG links and extend the citys reach. Still one day perhaps.

Ken svay said...

Maybe some here are ignorant of the history of Cairns but I have learned a lot in a year or so. The WW2 history alone is good., too many philistines in Cairns and some here as well. Pity, no wonder we get nowhere.

Anonymous said...

The only time Sleepy Bob does anything proactive is when it is for himself, forget doing anything for Cairns! It was so funny watching him along with that other bald headed Cairns 'leader' Kevin Brown as they celebrated the 25th birthday of that shitty T1 airport terminal. They slobbered over the birthday cake, posed for photos, showed off their bald heads to all the hangers on and sphincter lickers, it was appalling. Forget funding a museum, Browns airport belongs in a museum! And Bob, well he belongs anywhere but Cairns.

Anonymous said...

WTF, a cake for that shitty old terminal?? Seriously dude, that's lame. And what's doing with the airport manager Sheila with the Irish accent? She gets Botox all the time and then looks like a tranny. Scares my kids, like Michael Jackson

The Ponz said...

Alison says "funding for such building doesn't come easy"...is that the taxpayers money you're on about luv? You should get out more and maybe checkout the Armor Museum out near that other Cultural Gem "Jabaguy".

Alison Alloway said...

The Ponz, I am aware that museum was privately funded, and I point out I know the wife of the man who owns it, very well. (Yes, I do get out a lot, hence I probably personally know half the middle aged women in Cairns these days, and my sisters all know the other 50%.)
However, I had my heart set on a facility which could have showcased exhibits from the Worlds Collection Program and, as you can imagine, there are very strict protocols involved there. I doubt a private facility could provide all the requirements such as special air-conditioning treatments, security guards blah blah blah.

Oh, MICKWOW above. The Cairns Civic Theatre was built by the Kevin Crathern Labor Council in the period 1972-1974. I know Ron Davis is insinuating personal credit for it, but he was not the Mayor at the time. During that period I worked with two ALP Councillors on that Council. These were the late Basil Creedy and legendary Cairns cricketer, the late Brian "Double" Bolton. I would often hear them discussing the building.

Kev Crathern, a well know identity in football circles passed away some years ago.