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04 January 2016


The Annastacia Palaszczuk-led Queensland ALP government has rejected any capital dredging of the Trinity Inlet and Cairns Port - in large part because the COST:BENEFIT analysis showed clearly that the project would be an abject waste of money.

But reporter Nick Dalton at the Cairns Post, a financial reporter that rarely exhibits any financial acumen, has continued the exaggeration of cruise ship economic impacts on the city.  This kind of bullshit enables the community blockheads to continue beating this profoundly dead horse when it's cited as "accurate".  


The story headline is actually two lies.  It claims both "100,000 passengers" and "$30M in (passenger) spending".  

The published cruise ship visit calendar published by Ports North shows 34 Cairns visits. Over 1/2 of these ships have a capacity of 1500 passengers or less (and the ships are rarely full).  Even assuming all these ships are full, the actual number of passengers is less than 60,000 - not 100,000 as Dalton claims.

So the $30M in his story (apparently Dalton is under the delusion that the average spend is $300/passenger) is already wrong by almost 50%.  But his spend-per-passenger number is also grossly in error.

Even the Cummings organisation estimated the daily spend per passenger (published in the Ports North Dredging EIS) at a maximum of $220.  Less if the ship is ported at Yorkey's Knob.  So the actual economic value of these 34 port visits is less than $12M.  

Editor's Note:  Even this statement by Cummings Economics is nonsensical.  It doesn't explain why a passenger docking at Yorkey's Knob would spend $172/day but the same passenger spends $220/day if ported in the city.  Cummings claims it's because fewer passengers come ashore, but as this is a per-passenger estimate. . . .but Cummings lack of logic is another story. 

Sure, it's $12M.  But look at it in context - one ship visit has the economic impact of one 300-passenger international airplane arrival into Cairns (with TEQ estimating that a Cairns visit has a spend-per-passenger of $1025). 

Paying the airlines to fly planeloads of passengers into Cairns for FREE is a better investment than dredging our port.

And just as predicted, the one lonely comment to this Cairns Post nonsense shows the level of intellect on the "pro-dredging" side.  This writer is a frequent mouth-breather caller to the Cueball Mackenzie show.  You're all entitled to your own opinions.  You're just NOT entitled to your own facts.  Try reading a little, Mr. Wentworth.  The "idiots in Brisbane" clearly read the EIS, and said no thanks.  


Anonymous said...

So funny. The embellished Dalton article followed up by a comment from Wentworth. Perfect toilet paper combination. I will go place the page in my dunny ready for use! These plonkers peddling the Cairns port fantasy are complete dickheads. The figures they use are bloated and embellished and are 'spun' to suit some people's ridiculous agenda. Yet again the Compost publishes another bollocks article that isn't worth the cheap ink it is printed on.

Ken svay said...

Where is the cost benefit analysis?

Anonymous said...

Maybe CAPL CEO Kevin Brownnoser can contribute some of his supposed business acumen and local muscle and fly to China and beg the Chinese to send extra cruise ships to Cairns? His airport has supposedly saved the region so maybe he can sort out the port issue as well. Surely all those trips between him and Antonson every few months running off to China will pay off one day, or will it?

Steve said...

Agree totally with your opinion, but how much are the ships paying Ports North in Berthing fees and do they pump out toilets, supply fuel etc?

Anonymous said...

Agree also that airlines are better and if we invest in tourism that could be better than cruises by a long way. If they formed a northern airline would be a far better use of funds.

Anonymous said...

You are correct otherwise according to my calculations. I am tired of the fake accusations at Brisbane by the Mayor and the Wentworths and the other chap Elvis Ashwood that waffles on and on. If we attack Brisbane should be for valid reasons and there are plenty of those. The misleading attacks are the politics that screw this town over and over again. Very selfish.

International visitors spend near double that of domestic passengers who spend about $150 so without knowing that break up lets go with Cummings $220 a day and we are looking at 20 million for an entire year. Imports costs on tourism are generally massive and can be upto 80% of the gross takings. Let's be generous again and say it is 60% and we are left with 8 million in the local economy. Nice for a handful of tourism operators but small impact on the economy. One ship will base here and that will be far better as passengers fly in and have a few stays before joining the cruise. It is not and never will be great for Cairns economy but welcome still as every penny is useful but not a river of gold like some self serving leeches would have us believe.

As for port fees say we had half those ships at Yorkeys come into Cairns Port and pay $35,000 fees that would give revenue of 1/2 million p.a to the state out of which they need to pay tug boat , pilots etc. It would also increase other revenue as well but still small small numbers when we see the dredging will cost hundreds of millions. It would not cover interest expense. Those that think it was viable are greedy, numerically challenged or political idiots because it never added up. Not even close.

Anonymous said...

Cairns post I read said those anchored off Yorkeys Knob may have fewer come ashore but they spend more in the CBD as they cannot go back to the ship for lunch etc. Cairns port ships may spend more on reef and Kuranda trips but doubt they spend so much in town. Read Darwin has an average spend $95 per passenger per day and Sydney $105. Take out the pre paid highly expensive reef trips the averages spent will drop massively. I wonder how much our reef operators get though compared to the sales commission?

Anonymous said...

What is so bizarre is that most of those pro-dredging people are LNP supporters and it was the LNP (Federal and State) who killed off the dredging project. Yet they manage to somehow turn this into another anti-ALP, anti- Green campaign, cynically exploiting well-meaning, but confused and ignorant people like Elvis and making them jump on their bandwagon. Check out perennial bore Peter Senior's FB page if you want to know where he stands politically. Same for the "Save the Cairns Port" mob.

Meanwhile, just about every day another cruise ship is docking at the wharf. So what's the problem and what is really behind this ? If McKenzie is involved in it, there is a good chance that it stinks.

I noticed by the way that he has finally stopped whinging about the McLeod St. re-configuration in front of Cairns Central. That went on for years with all the regulars (including that cabbie with the horrible voice) calling in day after day predicting it would kill the CBD and what not. He only gave up when Manning refused to buy into it. So much easier to bully a female Mayor I suppose...

Anonymous said...

True Anon, We were lied to but really people like Elvis have had an education and should be able to ascertain facts. This town is 90% bullshit. They all lied to us including the Post as I guess they fell safety in numbers. Boys club sinking this town and nobody really doing anything to challenge it. This town is economically illiterate. And the most illiterate blame others, point fingers and lie. There is no solution. 8 years after the GFC and in all that time not one rational evidence based idea has been pursued. Not one.

Anonymous said...

fair dinkum I coughed in my chardie, elvis have an education ? watching alvin purple on the abc in the 70s is not education ! but fun nevertheless but on a serious note his heart is in the seven pillars project dredging is soooooo passé he wants monuments now but not in his backyard speaks like a typical baby boomer !

Anonymous said...

The issue is kept burning away because it is a highly successful political carrot. Its like the rectangular stadium which the LNP will keep on dangling in front of the rednecks every election. Its all hot air and bullshit but it works.

mick tet said...

Maybe the reporter needs to read the Cairns Post "code of conduct",

1. Accuracy

1.1 Facts must be reported impartially, accurately and with integrity.

1.2 Publications should take reasonable steps to ensure reports are accurate, fair and balanced.

1.3 Clear distinction must be made between fact, conjecture, comment and opinion.

1.4 Try always to tell all sides of the story in any kind of dispute. Every effort must be made to contact all relevant parties.

1.5 Do not knowingly withhold or suppress essential facts.

1.6 Journalists should not rely on only one source. Be careful not to recycle an error from one reference source to another.

Ken svay said...

I saw a bloody great boat in port this week but bugger all passengers walking around buying stuff or eating. Surely most passengers would go to the reef, islands or rainforest. And I believe that most people on cruises eat on board, after all they have paid for it.
What's is there to see or do in the city? We don't even have a museum.
Perhaps they could organise tours of the palatial council buildings and the radio station.

Anonymous said...

Ken Go to the casino and they even have announcements reminding passengers their ship is about to depart.

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghai? These hand fuckers on here should stop bagging Elvis and yourself and build monuments of you both. Sounds plausible, you pair are the only ones that want shit to happen in this shit hole. hahaha

Ken svay said...

I have just been reading on stuff about the arrival in Wellington today of two a Royal Carribean cruise ships. The journo says that the average daily spend per day of passengers is $120. This is far less than the figures quoted for a daily spend in Cairns. Where do these figures come from?

Bob R. said...

Oh Christ, we keep on reading from dickheads in the compost and bloody Mackenzie how the big ships will save the city and bring untold riches to everyone. People on cruises wont bloody eat at the restaurants because they have excellent restaurants on the boats. They wont bloody attend shows or nightclubs in the city because they have those on the boats. They wont want to buy all the cheap Asian made souvenirs in the CBD because they are the exact same ones they can get all the way around Australia. All that will happen will be that thousands will get off the boats and go for a wander around the CBD maybe buy an ice cream or something if it is hot then return to the boat. Some may be able to get on a day tour to the Tablelands that is all.