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4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
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22 February 2016


So we're over two weeks into this year's Local Government election process.

And as usual, the media isn't doing their job to educate the public on the track record and proposals from the candidates.

Seven Local News (even their name is a lie - it is produced and pre-recorded in Maroochydore), which has a regular John MacKenzie rant as part of their "news" broadcast on TV, only covered the launch of the Bankrupt Bob Unity Team.  And they didn't put up any video of the actual attendees at this Manning event - other than the candidates and their partners there was almost no one there, and they were grim-faced and sullen.  

The Connect Cairns launch was packed with over 100 supporters on a weekday arvo, and all were enthusiastic and boisterous.  This would have been much better TV - if Channel Seven were not in the pocket of the Unity Team.  

WIN News (also produced in Maroochydore) covered both launches fairly and without favour.  The same night.


Then there's the Cairns Post, produced in Townsville.  We're all aware that the Cairns Post investigates nothing, reports on nothing, and regularly regurgitates the same stories over and over again.  Send the Cairns Post a press release and watch it become "news".  How many times do we read about "BIG PROJECT LAUNCHED" only to find six months or a year later than NOTHING has been done.  Paul Freebody no fewer than five times grabbed the front page touting the start of his Adventure Waters project.  We all know how that's going.

The ComPost change in editor last April has proven to be a negative for the community.  Jennifer Spilsbury was stuck in MacKay for over 20 years, and in desperation was scraped off Rupert's shoe and 'promoted' to Cairns.  There has been zero change in journalistic standards since her arrival, and she's confined her writing to "puff pieces" where she promotes only herself.  Last Saturday was typical - she talks about how much SHE likes to read, what a great operation News Ltd. is in Australia, and other yawn-worthy observations.

Spilsbury continues to spruik the advertising component of the ComPost - the number of ads touting Chinese hookers posing as Japanese, Korean, Singaporean, and even locals is at an all-time high.  Kudos, Ms. Spilsbury!  You've discovered the only growing market for your sleazy newspaper.

Ms. Spilsbury's editorial waxes nostalgic about the "old" way of reading.  Her last paragraph, edited by HBW to reflect some semblance of accuracy, says "People don't actually read newspapers.  They step into them every morning like a hot bovine turd bath". 

It's obvious from the reorganisation of the Cairns Post social media effort that it's only a matter of time before Cairns and Townville are given one "combined" newspaper.  Already the Cairns Post twitter and Facebook feeds are filled with traffic reports and restaurant reviews that are clearly from Townsville.  We're not stupid.  Jennifer Spilsbury is the LAST editor of the Cairns Post. 

The Cairns Chamber of Commerce has always traditionally had a forum for the candidates.  With the audience almost exclusively from the "big end of town", the general public is excluded by tradition as well.  This year's $79 lunch invite notes that "one question may be submitted" but may be edited or ignored if we don't like it.  You can bet no one there is going to be asking Bob Manning about the sweetheart no-bid contract approved by his own council just weeks before his company went bankrupt.  

How is any of this fair and open government?  Why aren't these candidates having open "Town Hall" style meetings so popular elsewhere?  Standing on streetcorners waving at passing cars is lazy campaigning.  It's worthless.  This means you, Jim.  Bob Manning is too lazy to even wave at cars.

How can anyone make a sensible decision without knowing any of these people?

Lastly, we have John MacKenzie and 4CA.  A responsible local radio station would have the candidates in for debates - ask them the tough questions and get their answers.  Even and irresponsible local radio station would give up equal time for these candidates, so that they can talk directly to the voters (admittedly a very small sampling). But John
MacKenzie has turned his three hours daily into Manning Mode - every day at least one (today two!) Unity Team candidates gets the microphone to bash away at the opposition and tell fairy tails of what they've accomplished for Cairns.  No tough questions here. Just enough time to tout the latest "Perpetual Motion Machine" for the Daintree, and we're right back at it.  MacKenzie is a public airwave thug, with no sense of responsibility, or decency, or ethics, or humanity.  Perfect!


During previous elections, this hasn't stopped the candidates getting a fair shake from the 6-9AM host.  Val Schier regularly spoke during this time slot, as have Labor representatives from across the region.  We understand that in this tradition of fairness, current morning host Murray Jones contacted the Connect Cairns team and invited them on the show.  

And as soon as he got a whiff of this plan, John MacKenzie, acting in the great tradition of Aussie standover thugs, warned Murray Jones that he 'puts his job at risk if this should happen'.  Murray has meekly agreed to keep his job.  Pussy.

The actual owners of the station refuse to respond to complaints lodged about this gross unfairness.


Anonymous said...

"Spilsbury" sounds like some kind of 'special favor' one has to give to receive a promotion! However, the term 'bovine turd' succinctly describes her 'Townsville' paper which has a 0.5% Cairns local content added to it. DICKHEADS

Anonymous said...

HBW- The Compost has gone down the pan and you are correct. I don't know the lady in question but I expect she got an awful lot of time for reading in Mt. Isa! Newspapers worldwide are on their knees. Only the big Nationals have a chance of survival. Paywall has been an abject failure. The Compost must now be bundling many more papers to Hotels, Coffee Shops etc. to give off some false pretense of actual readers for advertisers to invest their $'s in. It is the modern day classic smoke and mirrors show. The Regional dick head at News is Nick Trompf. He managed to single handedly piss off the Real Estate industry by not negotiating rates in the Real estate guide. He is arrogant and reminds me of an 80's 'News of The World' Ad salespeople that thinks what he peddles is still needed and therefore he can charge what he likes and look down on everyone. TBH a combined Cairns/Tville paper is a great idea ..Gives all of us just one more reason to not have to buy this crapsheet.

Tony Hillier said...

A fair dinkum Q&A session involving the mayoral and division candidates was held in the City Place as part of the lead-up to the last Cairns Regional Council election. No suitable central outdoor place currently exists and no forum is evidently planned beyond the business oriented luncheons that HBW details above and which were/are only accessible to the well-heeled. It's no surprise there's such apathy among the hoi polloi — especially given local "meedya" coverage that's minimal, myopic and given to dispensing misinformation.

Anonymous said...

Jim Brooks will be on talkback on Wednesday morning for an hour. I imagine McKenzie will have lined up the same conga line of rude and nasty assholes that used to give Val Schier such a hard time when she appeared on his show. None of the current councillors or the Mayor ever get any hard questions put to them when they are on talkback. It is always the same suckholes that ring up and get the airspace week after week telling them how happy they are with the council or carrying on about some pothole in their street.

I remember the paperboy once agreed to answer questions online and received an absolute bollocking. He never did it again. Maybe he had upset the shock jock and he let through some unhappy punters for a change.

Meanwhile the social media campaign against Jim Brooks is in full swing. Grasso and the old LNP hags must be working overtime to keep up with it all....

Ken svay said...

I considered going to the lunch until I saw the price- 79 bucks! They obviously don't want ordinary people there. Good article by hillbilly, I have had no one knock on my door and I really know nothing of the oppositions policies. I would like to see us ratepayers save money, surely we pay far too much to people running a small city. It can't be that hard. I would do the mayors job for half and pay councilors half what they are earning.

Anonymous said...

Lazy would-be politicians of every colour and every level of government have put up their corflutes and then been elected across this city for many years.
I have not had a door knock from any one of them in 20 years.
Is it any real surprise to anyone that those folk subsequently provide lazy representation of their electorates and lazy representation of this wonderful city.
TV and press in Cairns truly is just a joke, and we need to accept that as a state of affairs and simply find a new way of communicating. Social media (when not under the manipulation of Howie and Co.) really could play a powerful role, but once again lazy is as lazy gets.
Standing on the Highway in the afternoon like a pizza bunny is exactly one such lazy effort to attract attention. Not sure if it attracts votes or just dismay that this seems the best they can come up with. And if it is, we are in deep strife.
More power to you HBW. I'd vote for you in a flash.

shanghai said...

fuck the local elections I cant wait to be the first punter to the aquarium I want to see a whale shark ps saw elvis and wtf ,dave the the cabbie ,mick from brismead and raj standing in line with bags of cash trying to buy off the plan at the seven pillars sales office in spence st THEY ARE DREAMIN

Anonymous said...

We can expect the same ole same ole recycled stories dragged out yet again from one of the Word folders in The Cairns Post archives on all the proposed new buildings, accompanied with "quotes" from Manning as to the dynamic progress of Cairns under his leadership blah blah blah

CBD Tarzan said...

Strike a light where is Blakie and Sno job Brown Bono with their tamed media tarts when you need em?

Anonymous said...

There are many forums for debate in this city, including HBW, nearly as many as there are special interest groups.
I also know that Jim Brooks has made himself available to the public on many occasions in the next few weeks. UDIA, Civil Contractors, Queensland Aids Council, Australian Services Union, Cairns Alliance of Social Services, Australian Christian Lobby and Study Cairns. Rigorous and honest public discussion is badly needed for aFuture Cairns Plan, and needs independent facilitation. Maybe you would like to organise it!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Councils next move will be to trot out Mr high heels Kevin Brown to spruik all the big 'wins' chalked up by his 'one team' and how his airport has contributed immensely to the regions 'vision' of becoming an economic 'world leader' in regional development while engaging closely with Mayor Mannings robust leadership team over the past few years? After the interview he might indulge us with further commentary about his 'one team' approach and then bore us with his waffle about electrical maintenance, lean six sigma, and the strategic placement of rubbish bins in the terminal? Afterwards he might make us a cup of that queer green tea that he drinks while further boring us with his other 'vision' of NQA filling it's portfolio with more airport purchases and the further streamlining of company processes to strengthen the Group's standing as being a 'world leader' in airport management, and how he would like to thank Mayor Manning for being the cornerstone of what today is one of the worlds greatest airports?

Oooh i am so excited that in anticipation I have popped on a striped shirt and the high heels, poured a cup of green tea and buttered up some cruskets and I'm ready to be enthralled by the wealth of experience Kevin brings to the table. Am I allowed to place core flute signs around Cairns with Kev's picture on them with the slogan 'Business leader of the year'? Please please please let me.

Anonymous said...

HBW...I emailed the editor of the Compost asking that they feature a division a day in the paper...and each candidate had to answer these basic questions.Where did you go to high school?What is your post secondary education?What is your employment history?How long have you been a RATEPAYER in Cairns?Do you currently live in the division you are contesting?Are you currently a member of any political party?Needless to say I did not even get the courtesy of a reply!

Anonymous said...

Cairns does not really have democracy but if we did then Cairns Port would not be losing so many staff. Part of a strong functioning democracy is a fair and fearless press but we have one that promotes Neo liberalism .....the very ideology that is culling their staff numbers along with so many other jobs in the region.

Anonymous said...

I just had a look at Greg Fennell's speech at the Unity launch last Friday.It's on his website.I actually felt sorry for him and judging by the body language of the other councillors lounging around they were horribly embarrassed for him.It finishes with text saying that Greg trained as a boilermaker...presumably so us peasants will think Greg is one of us.Rumour has it that the Barron River Libs are going to put Greg or Bronwyn Thomas up for state election....can't see it happening.People in division 9 have been laughing at Bronwyns picture on her corflutes....it's so obviously photo shopped it makes her look like a wax caricature!

Anonymous said...

WTF! A "Perpetual Motion Machine" for the Daintree??

Anonymous said...

Annon 19:49, it sounds like either some sort of bush sex toy or perhaps some kind of drug experience c/o the Daintree's finest dope growers!