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18 February 2016


Weeks ago after the tragic Cole Miller Coward Punch death in Brisbane, the Queensland Law Society president Bill Potts opined 'Parliament should consult conscience on lockout laws'.  While party leaders in Australia aren't anywhere near close to allowing elected representatives to make every vote based on their constituent needs, yesterday marked a watershed in what might be beneficial for Cairns from our State Government in the future.

The John MacKenzie attacks on progressives only just began
yesterday morning when word came through that the "Alcohol-Fuelled Violence" bill would pass later in the day.  Katter Party Independents, Shane Knuth and Robbie Katter, made a deal with Annastacia Palaszczuk to support the legislation in exchange for increased economic investment in Far North Queensland.  And with the rise in drug use, particularly "ice" and other violence-inducing drugs, who can disagree that banning known drug users from nightclubs is a positive step forward?  This amendment will likely provide a back-door to require technology improvements including mandatory scanning of ID's and comprehensive database of miscreants.  

A fair trade, we feel.  This is how "representative government" is supposed to work.  Almost never do you see a party-line vote in the United States Congress, or any U.S. State legislature.  They are not bound to vote for the executive on threat of "party discipline".  This has NEVER been a feature of the U.S. and other Presidential systems.  And many say the reason that regional areas in the USA are not "shortchanged" by virtue of their location.  Canada, with a similar regional/city makeup as Australia, is working to reform the "Party Discipline" form over government, and has even produced a wonderful documentary on the issue. 

The executive is also not the legislature in the U.S. system.  Nor in many other countries around the globe.  But that's another discussion.

In today's Cairns Post, Brisbane-based News Ltd. journalist Kimberley Vlasic offers her "experienced" millennial mis-guidance, insisting that the Katter Party members have "sold their support to the highest bidder".  That's how representative democracy is SUPPOSED to work, kiddo.  The only thing of value an elected member has is their vote in representation of the best interests of their constituents.  It's the Parliamentary system that's corrupted the process with party insistence on "toeing the line" despite the needs of their electorate.  They're not "party poopers" for playing by the rules.  

Billy Gordon rolled over to support this ALP legislation.  But what really made the Katter deal vital was the Member for Cairns Rob Pyne, who ended up abstaining on his vote after enabling the Katter's to make their deal.

Many of the legislators in Parliament yesterday quoted extensively Pyne's statements on this issue over the last few months.  Some LNP members thought that showing a lack of "party discipline" would make the ALP and Palaszczuk look weak.  However the result has been just the opposite.  Pyne is the real champion in this deal.

The only elected representative who took a drubbing is Councillor Richie Bates, who's now clearly only taking his marching orders from "Bankrupt" Bob Manning and the Unity Team.  Bates, who has piles of complaints about the poor state of behaviour in the Cairns CBD over his tenure, has done his smarmy best to stay in his job as Councillor.  He's already well aware that he has NO ALP future in Cairns, so now he's a man without a party, or a conscience.  

We look forward to additional opportunities when Cairns-area MP's can work cooperatively to get more attention and more resources from the southeast corner-dominated government, whatever the party.  

As for the actual legislation?  It will have ZERO effect on Cairns tourism.  It will provide the opportunity for savvy businesspeople to establish smaller themed "boutique" nightclubs focused around live (but not loud) music and socialisation.  The result in Sydney.  Making a more pleasant experience for all.


TAS said...

Rob Pyne: Cairns representative in Brisbane. Gavin King: Brisbane's representative in Cairns.

CBD Warrior said...

Sydney is BOOMING this year despite the same nay-sayers on lockout laws there. The fact is that NO ONE checks what the liquor laws are in a destination. Like all things, people go on a holiday and adapt to how the locals live in, and respect their communities.

If liquor laws were a deal-breaker on tourism, I can think of plenty of places that people visit with much more harsh restrictions.

Ken svay said...

A good result all around, the rabid radio host will be raving this morning. Why doesn't Cairns have small bars like other Australian cities? There is plenty of empty commercial space around.

Anonymous said...

24/7 liquor trading laws were introduced in the UK in an attempt to change the binge drinking Yobbo culture we have inherited from them and to create a more pleasant "cafe culture", like you find in much of continental Europe. By all accounts, it didn't work at all and has backfired spectacularly.This is a good result.

Anonymous said...

I was a tourist for many years before settling down here and the area is a fantastic destination except the nightlife. I recall we tried Jonhnno nightclub but by 10.30 it had not even got started and after a day on the reef an early night is not negotiable, especially when you need to get up at 6.00 am for another sightseeing adventure. So I do wonder if the "experts" actually ever talk to tourists. On that note while on the tourist trail sometimes people would mention drunks in Cairns, or drunk backpackers but never heard complaint about Aboriginal drunks. They were somewhat of a problem back then still in smaller numbers than white drunks. So travellers saw drunks but local media seemed obsessed with only one race. Blinded to white social problems. Now we see the same with gender, despite Manning being about the same or probably even worse than Schier we see the protection of the stupid white male. Something a less than perfect female never gets treated to. Really is the Deep North.

But yes sad the town cannot see the potential in a earlier more vibrant town. I rarely go downtown at night but would love to if it captured that wonderful atmosphere at night you get on perfect days on the Esplanade park when there are some buskers and market stalls. Something the night market fails to do these days.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if we are being sold out yet again. Is some business with an interest in this legislation behind it?

"This amendment will likely provide a back-door to require technology improvements including mandatory scanning of ID's and comprehensive database of miscreants."

If I had a security company or tech company Id be rubbing my hands now at the thought of how much I'm going to charge business and government to implement these new laws.

Not Impressed said...

Yes, a good result. Three cheers for the Palaszczuk Government for doing something to curb alcohol related violence. No, it certainly won't stop it altogether, but it is a start in the right direction. As for Rob Pyne abstaining from voting, I am shocked at his outright contempt for two long term ALP members whose only sons were killed by drunks. One son was killed by a punch happy drunk outside a nightclub in Cairns. He was innocent of any aggression himself, just a bystander. Each morning for years afterwards on my way to work, I walked past the spot where he was killed, and I remembered, with a heavy heart, the cheerful, good looking young man he was and what hopes his parents had for him. The other victim, a very young boy, was killed when a drunk driver ran over him whilst he was walking on a footpath IN THE EARLY HOURS OF THE MORNING. How well I recall the parents grief!

For shame, Rob Pyne! Now don't dare go and appeal to your obsequious supporters that you are being "bullied" as you are wont to do. Allow me the right and the human decency to express my disappointment on behalf of those boys whose promising lives were cut short by alcohol. Allow me the right as well to express my disappointment on behalf of their still grieving parents. Parents who no doubt supported you in the election.

Finally, allow me the right to express my disappointment on behalf of all victims of alcohol fuelled violence.

NYM said...

I have to wonder too at Rob Pyne's decision to abstain from voting.

This issue, of trying to do something to curb alcohol related violence, is a serious social issue. It is about human behaviour and trying to save peoples lives and protect them from violence.

Why Rob Pyne would decide that on a critical issue like this one to "not toe the party line" is frankly beyond comprehension.

Sure, I can understand it on some issues, where an MP might not agree with his or her own party, and I generally applaud their actions in those cases, but on such a grave issue like this one?

My message to Rob Pyne therefore is that we value human life and we expect our Members of Parliament to have that same value. This is NOT AN ISSUE where some egocentric Member of Parliament can equivocate. This is NOT AN ISSUE to demonstrate that you "will stand up to the party." This is a bad call Rob Pyne.

Anonymous said...

Overall I think this demonstrates the ability of Palaszczuk to negotiate with other parties. Julia Gillard impressed me with her skills in that regard, despite the predictions by the LNP that she would soon lose control of her minority government. If compliments are to be handed out, it is Palaszczuk who deserves them.

Bob R. said...

Im all in favour of anything which can stop people getting injured or killed and women being bashed. I don't reckon the government has gone far enough though. A bloody lot more needs to be done. However I agree with NYM it is a bad move on Pyneys part also Billy Gordon who voted against it.

Anonymous said...

Im buggered if I can see how you reckon Pyney is the hero in this Hillbilly.
I mean fuck a duck mate, Pyney was fully prepared to bring down the government just so that the rednecks and yobbos in Cairns could have a few more hours piss up time. That's all it was about.
Fuck me dead but Springborg is probably already preparing his first speech as Premier and King running around having his Brissie clobber all drycleaned and ready. I can hear him rubbing his paws together and panting away in the background. Its only a matter of time before Pyney cracks the shits again and self destructs.

Alison Alloway said...

Anonymous, let us hope that situation never occurs. One Far Northern Labor MP has already set the precedent in bringing down an elected Labor State Government and the aftermath was horrendous not only for the State in that it gave us Joh Bjelke Petersen but it split the Labor Party. The fall out up here wasn't too good either, as the late Ray Jones, former Member for Cairns, once explained to me. There is a piece of wisdom which says "Those who don't learn from the mistakes of the past are bound to repeat them." I hope certain people take notice of that.

Anonymous said...

If I write a comment on SMH 99% accepted. The Guardian I had only one comment deleted. Years ago I tried to write facts on Andrew Bolt blog and NONE were published. News Corp was so bad I gave up trying. Tried again about a year ago with News Corp and found big improvement so Allison may start trying CP again. Last 6 months with News Corp I reckon 75% are published. Huge improvement.

Alison Alloway said...

Good to hear Anonymous 14.11, but with a Federal Election in the wind, I predict that only the sucky sucky sucky fluff pieces promoting the LNP will be allowed and anything "dangerous" like the proposed privatisation of Medicare would be instantly tossed aside by The Cairns Post.

To wit, I tried writing complimentary pieces to The Cairns Post during the 2010 Federal Election campaign thanking Labor's Jim Turnour for his achievements, including our much needed radiotherapy and oncology unit which unquestionably has saved lives of Far North Queenslanders. The Cairns Post tossed these aside in favour of letters supporting "Colin who cares" Riddell who was then making a huge issue out of dugong and turtle killing in the area. The Post and John Mackenzie actually played on this issue and fired it up so that it totally dominated the local election. Saving the turtles and dugongs and not the local cancer victims was the leading political issue which saw Entsch returned and that fat fool of a Riddett hugging Entsch on election night like an infatuated silly little school boy. If Riddett ever develops cancer, of which he has a 50% chance since one out of two people alive today will develop it, I hope he remembers that the man he hugged in public didn't do diddly squat about getting us a radiotherapy and oncology unit and who frankly demonstrated that he didn't give a shit if Colin Riddell died unnecessarily. The fool.

To sum up, I haven't forgotten any of the above, and even today the behaviour of The Post still leaves me feeling cold and disgusted. I am not hopeful of any fairness or balanced reportage from The Cairns Post.

Anonymous said...

Powerful writing there Alison, incisive and straight to the bone. Keep it up.

Tony Hillier said...

Interestingly, some reader criticism of Sleepy Manning and his Unity Team has managed to get past the gatekeeper on the Compost's new-look [sic] Courier-Mail-styled copycat website. Could it be that Murdoch's minions sense the local captains of industry perceive a commercial benefit in switching allegiances, and that they're starting to turn with the wind. Mayoral aspirant Jim Brooks spoke so much sense during his incisive speech at Connect Cairns' policy launch on Friday that even bogans of the burbs and myopic conservatives might see the benefit of voting in a progressive council and booting out the incumbents.

Anonymous said...

I think so Tony. Either the Cairns Post has been massively out of touch with the people, or I and others here have. We will soon see.