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15 February 2016


Like most activists, former councillor Ross Parisi keeps a running commentary on the increasingly bizarre actions of Bob "Belly-Up" Manning and his council of yes-men (and women).  We thank Mr. Parisi for this contribution to the mix.

The Barron River Delta has been largely free of development, for good reason.  It goes under water regularly.  And as many new residents are unaware, this results in the Captain Cook Highway being blocked between Arnold Street (adjacent to the airport) and the Caravonica/Yorkey's Knob roundabout.  Sometimes for days or even weeks at a time.

The now all-but-dead Aquis project proposed building their entire project on "stilts"and other elevated foundations.  Just one of the idiotic proposals to come out of these people.  Likewise the Adventure Waters project, a busted development by the Freebody family just south of Yorkey's Knob Boulevard, would have flooded even in relatively minor (1:10 year) floods of the delta.

So now here come the owners of Northern Sands, a sand mining operation just north of Holloway's Beach Road, and a proposal to build a bottle shop, petrol station, and junk food emporium on the site.

Like people can't wait five minutes until they get to Smithfield to get a burger and a slab.

Given the propensity of the Manning Council to approve anything that crosses their desk, with little real professional oversight from the poodles running what passes as the Development Department, we would urge readers to lodge an objection to this intrusion into this sugar cane land.

Establishment of development in the Barron River Delta is unnecessary and will eventually prove costly to the community.  This proposal proposed to protect itself from flood waters by increasing the height of the access roads and development area by 1.8 metres.  6 FEET IN THE OLD MEASURE.

This technique was shown by James Cook University professor John Nott to increase the damage on other properties in the flooded area during an event.  It's bad planning procedure.

And all of this comes just on the heels of Northern Sands getting approval to expand their mining activities on an adjacent property just along tributary Thomatis Creek.  

Straddling the proposed access road built up 1.8 metres to meet some mythical development standard.

You can't make this shit up.

We urge you to make the council development department aware of your objections to this nonsensical proposal.  Submissions with a tenner attached will get a prompt reply. 


Anonymous said...

Another poorly planned and shoddy piece of work by Bob and his Hillbilly advisers. Just give it the tick and flick and reap in the extra rates, council fees, planning and development charges and other boltons that the Council will extract.....and such a beautiful location as well, overlooking a sand mining outfit. Choice! Flood? What flood!

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful tropical island photo HBW.
Oh sorry, it is a house in a cane paddock. Oops

Anonymous said...

Ross is seeking help from HBW to push his barrow ? He more or less blocked anyone with a hint of intelligence from his Cairns FB pages, which are now dominated by extreme right-wing, hard-core LNP diehards. Some of the comments there are pretty foul and Ross' one man war against the current state government is getting more ridiculous by the day. Seems to me that he is just another LNP mouth-piece, although I do agree with him on the Aquis and Adventure Waters projects.

Doesn't one of Cairns' former number one developers have a skip business next to Northern sands ? Under a different name of course...

Ken svay said...

Why is this place so like Cambodia? Phnom Penh built in a swamp with modern developments totally unregulated and always built on top of a couple of metres of fill that leads to worse flooding for the low lying land.

Anonymous said...

Noting the names of some of the people who are arguing in favour of it on Ross' FB Page, you can be assured it is a flawed idea...

Anonymous said...

I thought it was Val's Council that approved the Freebody Waterpark wet dream?

Ross Parisi said...

Thank you HBW for spotting my concerns about wholesale and incremental development of the Barron River Delta. Indeed my concern extend 40 years back to the days I was a Councillor on the then progressive Mulgrave Shire Council (MSC) under the leadership of the late Tom Pyne. In 2009 I called for a moratorium on any further approvals for development including extensions to sand mining. Since then "Adventure Waters' has been approved and Aquis has been encouraged to go ahead. Again I call on the Cairns Regional Council (CRC) and the State Government to declare a moratorium on all further applications and commission an investigation into the environmental and social consequences of approval of inappropriate developments. Rest assured that Aquis and Freebody's development will not go ahead just like Pinebridge canal development on the same land did not go ahead in the early 90's because residential and or tourist developments are for all intents and purposes inappropriate developments in deltas. Daikyo wanted approval for a canal development at Clifton Beach in 1988 and the (MSC) told them to go away.

It seems that the current CRC and for that matter the State Government and Federal Government have no idea about the volatility of the Barron River in times of flood and I am hopeful that the Cairns Connect team under the leadership of Jim Brooks sees the merit of a moratorium and the need for a further investigation.

In essence deltas are the play things of rivers and not of humans. If humans meddle in them then they do so at their own peril.

Anonymous said...

Is there something 'fishy' here HBW ??

Dave Jackson started Northern Sands when Boral Quarries sold out.
Now your document is quoting 'Luke Jackson - Planning Officer - Action Officer'

Surely a coincidence ? Or maybe not !!

Ross Parisi said...

Following the significent flood of 1967 and those of the 70s the then State Government commissioned the Barron River Delta Report at a cost of $600,000. It is this report that engineers and planners refer to when doing reports on proposed developments. Prior to this report the Mulgrave Shire Council (MSC) food height policy was from memory 1:50 years flood. Upon the release of this report the MSC amended its policy to a 1:100 for residential developments on the fringes of existing townships. With the effluxion of time the community seems to have forgotten the consequences of a 1:35 year flood let alone a 1:100 year flood. Short of another major flood to remind us it is time to revist the flooding issue in the Barron River Delta. In the meantime while this is done there should be a moritorium on any further developments within the delta.

Anonymous said...

Good work Ross. At least somebody understands the geographical layout, unlike Mayor Manning and his conga line of suckholes.

Tony Hillier said...

It is to be hoped that reports of Professor Jon Nott getting the chop from James Cook University are erroneous. A world renowned expert on geographical matters and an authority on the Barron River Delta, the good prof boldly questioned data produced by the proponents of the gargantuan Aquis Resort proposal at an information evening held at JCU's Crowther Theatre last year. Might that have cost him his job?

Anonymous said...

"Good work Ross. At least somebody understands the geographical layout, unlike Mayor Manning and his conga line of suckholes."

Ross knows why the Cook Highway floods.

I have told him many times it is because of the elevated nature of the road that has insufficient culverts.
The road becomes a dam straddling across the river flood plain.
Eventually the water finds a low point to cross and over the road it goes.

But I guess Manning and his conga line of suckholes are to blame for this woeful underdesign by the Department of Main Roads.

Anonymous said...

I well remember the nasty attacks from local LNP politicians on the esteemed professor after the Aquis Aware meeting, so there could well be some payback going on.. The duplicitous shock jock regularly has Jon Nott on TalkBack and affords him the respect he deserves, only to rail against everything he stands for when he is indulging in one of anti green rants.

Second Anonymous said...

While local councillors may be ready and willing to give it the green light it would still have to go before other agencies including Main Roads - and the proposal would have a snowballs chance in hell getting that tick of approval.

Anonymous said...

Scientists from CSIRO are again losing their jobs, so it could well be that Prof. Nott is amongst a group that the Federal LNP don't want around.

Geoff Holland said...


JET SPRINT BOAT TRACK, buggie track, electric trike track..

Minutes attached of Council Meeting 28 Oct 2015 where Jessie moves the motion. Discussion of erosion. Of course this will increase erosion and sediment runoff into the Barron River and GBR Basin. I suggest it will also reduce water flow during flooding - ie exacerbate flooding.

Suggestions made to me BUT NOT CONFIRMED (and everyone deserves to be assumed innocent until proven otherwise) include:
1. the Jet Sprint Boats are V8,
2. regarding GFM / Tree Arrangements (though Tree Arrangements is in his daughter's name, John Madderom is a director and their level 5 arborist), they are not paying award wages – in which case they would be undermining the level playing field and council ought not to be contracting a company which is not paying award wages.
3. that at least some their recommendations according to another level 5 arborist, are not up to Australian standards,
4. that John Madderom gained his level 5 arborist qualifications in a short space of time, not the normal 3 years, and the company which awarded him those qualifications went bust and no longer exists,
5. As GFM and Tree Arrangements are on the council's "preferred list" other arborist tree-lopping firms are excluded from tendering. [It could be that the preferred list needs to be transparently open to tender more frequently].
As mentioned above, these points have been SUGGESTED only (but by people in the industry). Some may be accurate, some completely wrong. All may be wrong. However, they warrant further investigation.

"Specifically, the proposed development comprises a facility providing a range of activities, such as motorised buggy track, electric trike track, jet sprint boat track and associated amenities and car parking. The applicant’s intention is to provide a facility with a range of motor related entertainment facilities for social visitors, as well as allowing
organised events such as corporate team building".


ApplicantJ Madderom

Reference No.6451/2015

Geoff Holland said...

I also noticed a few days ago construction fencing go up around a large field just past St Andrews College on the way to Crystal Cascades.

The field had just been ploughed - rich and fertile - ready to pour concrete and asphalt?

Any farmer worth their salt will tell you - building on rich fertile land in such an arid country with a growing population is very foolish indeed.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the environment, the airport is close by. They want to build helipads in the mangroves, the Masterplan has the general aviation precinct being moved and shops built in its place but there may be fire fighting perfluorochemicals under some of that ground. There is thousands of litres of aviation fuel leaking under the tarmac, there was a paint spill that leaked into the Baron, there are noisy engine runs in the late of night, and supposedly noxious weeds growing on airport land. And all things environmental are left in the hands of a JCU Uni student! That's right, a kid who hasn't held a full-time environmental job before is the person in charge of not only Cairns but Mackay airport as well. Can you believe that place? There used to be two experienced and qualified environmental girls looking after the environment for both airports. Now you have one person who is a Uni student. Now I have nothing against Uni students but, to have just one young student looking after two airports is a joke as that is an impossible amount of work to for one kid to handle. It doesn't surprise me in the least as Kevin Brown (J.P Morgan lapdog) is all about making money for his precious puppet masters, but what shocks me is that Auckland airport part owners of Cairns airport, they have people on the NQA Board. Auckland have a robust environmental department, yet Cairns airport has a structure that is unbelievably questionable. I absolutely cannot believe that a CEO AND a Board would accept that as being an efficient, adequate and compliant method to manage two airports environmental requirements? Both airports sit near the ocean, near our Great Barrier Reef, yet this is what we get. It won't be long until the reef fish starting growing two heads like NQA management.

Anonymous said...

Geoff no development conspiracy please.

A short extension street is being constructed to relieve the traffic congestion at the school.

If you have ever driven in this area at 2.30-3.30pm you would be aware of the problems.

Anonymous said...

There is some pretty heavy stuff leaking out of Cairns airport. People usually only spill the dirt like that when managers are screwing them over. I've served on numerous boards over the years and as a board directorr I would be furious that the CEO can't control these leaks. It indicates weakness on his/her part and an inability to exercise any control. The fire is well and truly lit in this place and unless the board extinguish it the whole place will be consumed. Not good for the shareholder.

Anonymous said...

That's deadly serious about the aviation fuel leaking under the tarmac. You mean the whole airport could go up in flames one day??? Surely this should be raised out in the open with demands that the problem be fixed as soon as possible?

Anonymous said...

Aviation fuel has a lower flash point, so I doubt that the while thing will go up in flames. However the fuel is supposed to sit in pipes, not lay loose under the ground. The bigger risk is that it would eek it's way through the water table into the ocean or the Baron. It's been leaking for a number of years and 30, 000 plus litres is a hell of a lot of fuel, not good at all. I do agree that the situation simply is not good enough and it should be remedied immediately as it has dragged on for a long time.