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4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
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27 February 2016


We recognise few actually listen to the John "Cueball" MacKenzie 4CA radio program.

After the Schilling Unity Team slander attack against Connect Cairns mayoral candidate Jim Brooks on Wednesday, Grant Broadcasting
management ordered MacKenzie to read a complete apology on the air yesterday (Friday).  Apparently attempting to save themselves from an almost sure, expensive loss in a courtroom.

The slander went to air because MacKenzie, despite his legal obligations under the Commercial Radio Codes of Practice, allowed Schilling to make these slanderous statements when he has the technology (and obligation) to disconnect such callers.

MacKenzie gleefully posted the original slanderous statements on Twitter, and in a sound file on the 4CA website.  MacKenzie and Grant have so far refused to post the apology on Twitter, and have also refused to post the apology audio recording in the same way.

This makes the apology incomplete - far more people were given access to the Schilling Slander from Twitter and other social media.  This still leaves them open to a lawsuit.  



Anonymous said...

Mackenzie and Schilling are louts simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday's show had the Mayor on, what a joke. More ads than usual easy orchestrated callers, what a joke.

Ken svay said...

Wow, that is an awful rant by Schilling and certainly seems like defamation. And how did he get such a run at the guest, surely the opportunity for ratepayers to call and ask questions is what the programme is all about.I can't believe that we are paying a moron like Schilling a fat salary. He may need the money though as may the broadcaster, those lawyers love these picnics.

TAS said...

An apology doesn't take away the defamation. Especially since this apology was made only to mitigate the almost certain action for damages against 4CA and Schilling by Brooks. One cannot apologies such damage away anymore than reversing away from a car crash cancels out the damage you've just caused.
The most amazing part about this 'car crash' is that, after decades of 'on air' talk back, McKenzie let it happen. As much as I despise him and his views, I didn't think he could allow anything this stupid.

Anonymous said...

Nothing from Schilling himself?

Anonymous said...

I think it is about 3000 apologies short.

Anonymous said...

If '4 Crap All' had a modem of decency or ethics it would sack Cueball. There is no excuse for the vile tirade that was allowed to go to air. The only reason they are offering a half-arsed apology is because they don't want to be sued, it is not because they are decent people, money is more important than conscience. Bunker Shilling and Cueball need to be punted - immediately!

Anonymous said...

Please post the original remarks by Schilling..I missed it..:(

Anonymous said...

Schilling now on 4 CA reading an apology and retraction