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23 February 2016


We hate the incessant talk about how Cairns residents are getting the screw-job on petrol costs.

We not only hate being reminded how badly we're getting screwed on this (and let's face it, pretty much everything else).  But even more, we hate being reminded how ineffectual our governments (at every level) are at regulating our malfunctioning free market.

Do you think Qantas or any other airline are paying extortionate prices for jet fuel in Cairns?

We note that today, Qantas is paying .357 cents per liter of Jet-A fuel in Cairns - - only about .006/cents more than the price they are paying in Brisbane or Sydney.

This fuel is refined at the same place as our petrol
(Singapore) and brought to Cairns in the same way (ocean) as our petrol.  QUITE OFTEN IN THE SAME SHIP!

This airport price includes the trucking of the fuel from the port of Cairns to the airport, to be dumped into the airport storage facility (with some leaking underground, as we've already learned).

No different than the trucking of our petrol to our local servo, to be dumped into their underground tanks.

We don't want to hear any nitpicking about the numbers.  Sure we still need to add petrol tax & GST, but the fact is we're getting the old screw-job, and NO ONE cares to do anything about it.

We hate this subject. . . . 


Anonymous said...

The ACCC are a toothless, testicle-less tiger. The fact is this - the more you pay for fuel, the more revenue the government reaps. Quite simply the government will never transparently regulate the oil industry because if they end the great fuel rip off
they will reap in less $$$. As for fuel prices, at $40 per barrel the airlines are reaping a windfall, as long as the supply remains available. At least at Cairns airport there is a good supply of backup fuel leaking and loose under the Tarmac, not that the NQA Board and CEO seem to be doing anything about.

Anonymous said...

According to one of the callers during 4 CA's sham call-in session with Jim Brooks, high petrol prices in Cairns are caused by not dredging the Inlet. Of course this went unchallenged. How can you possibly argue with such stupidity ?