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22 March 2016


With the Cairns electorate returning Bob "Sleepy" Manning to his office in Spence Street, irregularities in the Unity Team registration has raised red-flags at the offices of Electoral Commission Queensland.

An investigation has been opened into the apparent violations of law by ECQ, and an additional complaint has been filed with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

Cairns Unity Team Inc., the corporate entity used by Manning and his team members to collect contributions from the big end of town, is in fact a deregistered company.  And they then applied for a new Australian ABN with this deregistered company on 1 October 2015.

Operating a deregistered company is a serious violation of the Australian Corporations Act of 2001.

The internet registration for the Unity Team website (cairns unity.com.au) also has been established using false corporate information.  The WHOIS registration for this registration shows Cr. Terry James as the registrant who's submitted this information.  

With Bob Manning and his family running one company to ground late last year, this corporations violation could result in serious charges being filed against the directors of Cairns Unity Team Inc.  It continues to be a profound embarrassment to Far North Queensland to have our Mayor having his wages garnisheed for unpaid debts to local companies dudded by the windup of Events NQ.

Nice way to start a new term, Screwdriver Bob!

We've sent a "please explain" to Councillors Manning and James, with no response.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work HBW!

Anonymous said...

too bad this didn't come out before the election - the scumbags could have been disqualified and we would now have a council that actually thinks about the bigger picture instead of bigger wallets.

Anonymous said...

Awesome start to Sleepys new term! Question marks already! More potential dodgy business dealings, fuckin hilarious! Dear oh dear, we better get used to it I guess, it's Groundhog Day in the life of sleepy bob.

Ken svay said...

The costs of the Tobruk Pool over runs will be very damaging as well. But this allegation about illegalities should surely have been exposed by those running against Manning. They appear to have been very naieve and obviously not hungry enough for power.

Anonymous said...

What's the go with photos of Bob with his head on Wazza's chest, almost dry humping him? Is this in preparation for the plebiscite on queer marriage? The Compost also reported Bob was very tired from all the election campaigning! Fucking serious? The bloke is like a Canadian bear or a sloth which sleeps 20 hours per day. How can he be tired from sleeping in his office half the day then watching Foxtel the rest of the day?
Poor Bob, I guess he better start some new businesses and then let them win Council work. That will keep him active.

Anonymous said...

Why is Cairns Unity registered as an 'incorporated association' when they are not a charity?
Why aren't they listed in the ASIC business names index?
And if you search the ACNC website for registered charities, they aren't listed there either.
Why have they repeatedly registered and cancelled their gst registration?
Searching on their IA number in the Fair Trading website comes up with the result of "no records matched".
When will the EC declare the results of this election 'null and void' and call a new election?