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07 March 2016


One of the most interesting races in the council election is in Division 2.  The now disgraced and foulmouthed John Schilling, seeking a second term, is being pursued by the Connect Cairns candidate, Jesse Martin.  

Schilling is one of the triumvirate of current councillors who've reportedly been abusive of council workers and staff.  More on this issue soon.

Division 2 has a long history of electing young upstarts to represent this division packed with young people.  This area is negatively portrayed by many in Cairns as the locale of the troublemaking element in town.  Martin has worked with the youth in this area, and brings a unique insight into the young people of Cairns.  His videos "Word on the Street" are widely viewed - upwards of 20,000 viewings on Facebook alone.  His method? Engaging with youth at a grassroots level with activities that challenge their mind and body.  

Martin is a JCU graduate with a strong track record of community engagement.  One of the principals in the Streets Community Centre in Bentley Park, Martin is a motivating speaker and organiser.  He excels at building a consensus from those with wide-ranging ideas.  

Schilling on the other hand is a builder of unimaginative housing as owner of Mac Constructions P/L, a position he's continued to hold while collecting his $100,000 pa Council salary. QBCC records show that Schilling has continued to build homes WHILE DRAWING HIS PAY AS A COUNCILLOR.  

Disturbingly to many, Schilling's council-paid mobile phone (0412 773 730) looks to be the same as the contact phone for his construction company. 

Schilling has used his friendship with "Sleepy" Bob Manning to get his Division's share of council projects.  But he's shown little interest in dealing with the youth issues so vital in this part of the city - other than calling for more police and more jail time.  Those methods have proven to be ineffective.  But REAL solutions take expertise and time.  With Schilling dividing his time between his "full-time" councillor position and his "full-time" home builder job, he's disqualified himself for reelection as we see it.

Schilling is foul-mouthed bully who didn't even get consulted for the Mayor's shocking plan to put rock concerts at a council-owned racetrack.

The comparison between Jesse Martin and John Schilling is reflective of the crossroads that our city finds itself grappling with.  The "old boys" club of mates like Schilling take no risks and get no rewards.  The millennial generation of up-and-coming leaders like Jesse Martin who are stepping up to put their stamp on the future of Cairns.

Jesse Martin is a proven community leader.  He doesn't wear some cheesy-looking hat.  And he doesn't go on the radio and embarrass himself and his colleagues.  

We urge the voters of Division 2 to take the time and listen to their candidates.  Go forward, or stand still.  It's a choice that should be easy for the electorate.  All of Cairns will benefit from a councillor with Martin's ability to engage the youth on the south side.  


Shanghai said...

Hey hill billies put the your beers down pynes jumped ship that's thrown a spanner in the works

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I really wonder who writes for HBW. Under no circumstances could a reasonable person believe in the Unity Team candidate, but at the same time, being a councillor is significantly more than relating to young people, it's city first and electorate 2nd. Rate payers can only hope the young man actually understands business and how to work with adults to achieve better for all of the LGA and not just pay lip service to young people

Anonymous said...

Anon 20:43
Not sure people become any more skilled as they get older. You either have it or not I do not know one current councillor that understands economics for eg.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see a candidate that has a tertiary education for a change.

Destiny Prophet said...

Anonymous 7/3/16 20:43,

The young man in question seems to be a master of organisation and consultation, and an achiever - from what I've read he hasn't just talked about doing shit - he's done it - which would put him in stark contrast to some current seat warmers.

We have a perfect example before us at the moment, that age and experience ain't necessarily all it's cracked up to be.

Hamish Krint said...

And it gets better...Schilling has a best mate, who happens to be married to Div 3 councillor, who was chosen (privately) by two former councillors, appointed by Bob Manning, and touts herself as an Independent, but votes 100% of the time with Unity. Independent???
You can't make this shit up!

Alison Alloway said...

Younger people need to be supported and encouraged into community leadership positions. They are our future, after all. Age does not necessarily bestow wisdom on all people but rather some become more imbecilic with the passage of time. Think of Mackenzie for example. I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

anon 20.43

i agree in part that any person pursuing a councilor position should have experience and capacity to present the city first as part of a team. on the basis Shilling conducted himself terribly on the radio, the young man appears to be the better option from a personality trait, but if elected he will be representing all of cairns and its people and the question can rightly be asked (is the young man experienced and capable to deal with a small team of others handing a $250,000,000.00 city budget)?

Anonymous said...

hahahaha AA GOLD!

Destiny Prophet said...

Anonymous 11:59

As opposed to the experience and capability of a Mayor who just bankrupted a previously successful business?

And who wants to spend a billion on light rail?

And who's suggesting the Council buy the unviable race track and hold music festivals there? A policy no doubt designed to try and swing the youth vote from Martin to Schilling.

Anonymous said...

After reading about the division 3 member I just went soft.

Jim cavill said...

Surely he can manage that sort thing