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16 March 2016


Division 5.  This important area covers the Cairns CBD, but also other adjacent areas of high density housing.  Along with the Cairns Airport, Aeroglen, Bungalow, and Portsmith.  The economic heart of Cairns.

This division is best served by a councillor with deep business experience, ties to Cairns' core business (tourism), and an appreciation of the challenges faced by small business in the city.

Current councillor Richie Bates has failed the business community in all of these criteria.  Bates, known as a Labor leader in a previous life, ditched his Labor mates and ideals once his election as a Bob Manning rubberstamp was complete.  Bates has in our view been the most profound disappointment of all the Unity Team councillors.  Bates is mistrusted by the right-wing mates of Manning -  Terry James,  John Schilling, and Max O'halloran   

Bates has never once disagreed with Manning.  His one burst of conscience, after the pedestrian death along the Airport Road, was squelched with nary a peep of objection from him.

And Bates has stood by as issue after issue comes to Council and Bates rubber stamps the clearly wrong choice.  Flying foxes.  Lake Street.  Shields Street.  The "zero requirement" for parking at the Cairns Aquarium.  All issues where Bates' known disagreements are never voiced.  $100K+ per year buys a lot of councillor silence.   The business area has gone downmarket with many absentee building owners from "down south" content to leave the investments to deteriorate.  Some areas (Grafton near the Convention Centre, Abbott Street across from the Casino) are retailing dead zones.  Bates also failed to speak up when the homeless food van was parked in the centre of our tourism area.  Bringing bad elements back to the CBD after years of steps taken to intervene.  

Bates is the worst kind of councillor - spineless.  It's easier to understand the poodle mentality of the others.

Business leaders in the CBD have been roundly disappointed with the lack of consultation by the Council and Bates on the projects that have disrupted their businesses.  Some closed after the Lake Street fiasco.  Others now on Shields Street are starting to feel the pain, with few lessons learned from the Lake Street debacle.  

Candidate Raj Patel?  No thanks.  Bitterness is a poor excuse for a proper CV.  Patel is an almost daily caller to the MacKenzie show, offering his pithy observations that rarely make any sense.  And Patel's only slogan "I can work with anyone".  Essentially Patel is a less-intelligent poodle than Bates.

We don't need another poodle.

The Connect Cairns candidate Steve Edwards *HAS* the requisite business experience that will him to interact professionally with the business community.  A great addition to the Jim Brooks slate.  Edwards is a well-known tourism operator, working as general manager for one of the main Cairns companies.  And not content to sit on his laurels, Edwards has put in the hard work to get his Masters of Business Administration (MBA).  With none of the Cairns (un)Regional Council senior management educated to this level, this will make Edwards a vital cog in analysing the Council's spending - and identifying the massive financial holes left by "Bankrupt Bob" Manning and his cronies.

Our choice for Division 5 has no dissent.  Steve Edwards and the Jim Brooks Connect Cairns team.


KitchenSlut said...
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Anonymous said...

found out yesterday why I can't see any comments in the online compost since their new design: you need to allow the advertising to see the comments. If you block the ads, you block the comments. One more reason to give this paper the flick....

Anonymous said...

The CBD has long been neglected. With some streets it is like walking past shitty empty shops with busted facades in downtown Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

CBD is very 3rd world slum, except 3rd world often has character. Not this council fault but more every councils and state government and Federal government fault. What many want is a vision. CEP was the only chance we had. Esplanade is so dirty and shabby looking I would have preferred they redesigned that street before Shields Street. Main eating area for many locals and tourists yet very very shabby.

Anonymous said...

Cairns is looking like a tacky second-rate SE Asian provincial city due years of mismanagement by various administrations. I watch the cruise-liner people wandering around and I feel embarrassed for our city.

Alison Alloway said...

Division 5, in which I have lived for close on 40 years, is for the main part, (outside of the upmarket unit high rises and rented accommodations on the fringe of the CBD), populated by older people with a wide multi-cultural cross section. Regular visiting to the nearest shopping centres, ie Westcourt and Festival Faire, would reveal a fair idea of who the general population are. My own street has people from Korea, the Philippines, Bhutan and Thursday Island living here.
We are not the hoi polloi, nor the crème de la crème of Cairns. Few of us have swimming pools, late model cars and you don't see as many solar panels on the roofs as you would in other more wealthy or newer suburbs.

Richie Bates has worked with us over the years he has been a Councillor on every day issues which do not make the front page of The Cairns Post. However, issues which worry us, like rats, pot holes on footpaths, burst water pipes and suspect food from take away food outlets.

Richie also took up on my behalf the matter of providing a water rates reduction for people whose water pipes burst and where it is not discovered until some time later. This happened to me not long after he was elected.

I have also been impressed that Richie has taken on board some of my suggestions for city improvement, such as more public art in the way of statues etc Sure, a small enough thing, but the fact is he listened and I noticed the Council has issued tenders for public art works some months back.
Richie has amply demonstrated he is readily available for whenever a person in his division has a problem and that he will listen. He is not invisible, but highly visible at many of the community functions in Division 5.

Finally, Richie most certainly copped some flak from certain ALP members when he joined the Unity Team. However he maintained his ALP and Union membership despite the initial unpleasantness. That took a whole lot of courage. (Courage, as we have seen with other Councillors is in short supply these days!)

As for "not disagreeing with Manning", what would happen if he did disagree? Would it change anything apart from the fact that Manning would start a campaign to ostracise him? For those of us in Division 5, we don't want to see someone who has demonstrated he is a good Councillor for us little people, being relentlessly demonised and vilified as the Devil Himself on the Mackenzie show because he dared speak out against Herr Manning. He is only ONE vote in Council after all.

There are times when it is wise to "retreat and live to fight another day." Frankly, to sum up, I am voting for Richie and hoping he is returned with a new Mayor and new Councillors as colleagues.

Anonymous said...

But what we need is a billion dollar light rail network to ferry people past our busted and broken down shanty city full of empty shops and pavements covered in piss from all the dero's who roam the city at night. I wonder where Sleepy will get all the additional money from to pay for the upkeep and maintenance of his rail network once it goes in? Doesn't the state or federal government require proof of former successful projects before they doll out more money to you? What is Cairns success story, the disaster called Torbrook pool which is months overdue and millions overspent? Local Council is an embarrassment, it really is. Could things get any worse?

Tony Hillier said...

STOP PRESS: Mayoral Q&A scheduled for ABC Radio Far North @ 5pm today (Wednesday). Intelligent questions guaranteed. Tell all your friends.

Anonymous said...

bates abandoned the lake street business owners and like the old man hid and made excuses and did absolutely nothing, I hope he loses on sat 19 and I hope he struggles to find a job and then maybe he will understand anguish and suffering and the anguish and suffering he put so many through over their lack of intelligence dealing with the lake street makeover

please people, vote for someone else other than bates

Anonymous said...

Hi Alison ... good post.

I have worked with Richie for a number of years attempting to resolve community, business and residents concerns.

He is a top bloke with a caring but pragmatic resolve.

As for HBW's comment "ditched his Labor mates and ideals" is utter bullshit.
Labor ditched him in favour of Kirsten Lesina.

Quote ...
In a razor-close vote at Labor's pre-selection meeting in Cairns today, first-term Cairns Regional Councillor Kirsten Lesina, was selected as the party's candidate in the seat of Cairns for the next Queensland State election.

Bates won the local ballot 31 votes to Lesina's 27.

However, Labor's electoral college system, that allows for additional votes from factions and representatives not in the local area, tipped more votes to support Lesina from the party's right.

Had he been the ALP candidate in 2011 we would not have had to suffer Gavin King !!!

Maybe he will replace the "look at me" Rob Ryne.

Anonymous said...

I thought that was very well put AA. You make a good spokeswoman for your Division and Councillors would do themselves a favour to keep you in the loop.

Anonymous said...

And on the state side of politics have a look at Stuart Traill's gutless slandering of Rob Pyne's defection from the current Lib/Lab state government on his facebook page. At least Pyne has the balls to stand up against their Adani arse kissing. How are your lips Stewie?

Anonymous said...

Richie Bates cared so much about his council constituents he worked hard to get pre selected for a state Labor seat. Missed out. Then he thought he'd like to be a federal member. Rejected again. Ditched Shier's team to run with Manning's LNP team and success at last. Bates cares only about himself and doesn't deserve another term. Alison, Steve Edwards is a decent honourable man and will get my vote

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 21.16, "gutless" is the one word nobody would ever use to describe Stu Traill if you got to know him. However, "foolish" might be the correct word to describe Rob Pyne. It is a fact of life that you don't burn your bridges behind you when entering politics and public life. Pyne has flung a Molotov cocktail at the very people who campaigned the most for him with their successful "Not 4Sale" campaign. Not the most intelligent move.

Anonymous said...

I think Rob Pyne, Gavin "Clown"King and Campbell Newman did more to get Rob elected than Stuart Trail. Rob called Annas bluff is all. They are a bit precious really.

Anonymous said...

13:20 Personally I support someone whose family have been Labor stalwarts turn their back on Labor's sudden lurch to the right with their approval of another nail in our environmental coffin with the Adani mine project and similar lack of interest in FNQ as their LNP predecessors and local reps. This is not backing footy teams, this is getting what's best for our part of the world. Maybe Traill could shut up his white anting and have a go at running the political gauntlet himself instead of hiding behind his union.

Tom Sawyer said...

Many people have been taken by the fact that Steve Edwards is genuinely likeable and articulate. He's a successful businessman on Abbott Street with a maverick streak. He home-schooled his son, drives a Jag, and wants to preserve the character of old Cairns. He holds his own in discussions on tourism, business, economics, education and society. He's head and shoulders above the grasping, droning Misterbates, and he leaves poor Raj flapping ineffectually, whining about something or other. This Steve Edwards bloke is the surprise trick of this election He's the only MBA to ever stand for council. For once - a decent bloke who just wants to represent his community and has precisely the right set of skills to do it - has stepped up.

Alison Alloway said...

I have no doubt this Steve Edwards might be a decent and honourable man as you say, Anonymous 06:39. However, I don't know him from a bar of soap. On the other hand, Michael McGarry has introduced himself to me, ditto Ellen Weber, Mark Malone and Scott Colbran. I met up with Jim Brooks years ago when we were both public servants and I can vouch that Jim was well respected within the public service. Regarding Richie Bates, he and I go back a long way in time. Richie knows a lot of my family and was good friends with my cousin who was a Councillor on the Atherton Tablelands for many years. Ummm, might not be a good idea for a Councillor to drive a Jag through the more humble streets of Division 5!

Ken svay said...

I voted for Edwards as I have never seen a city so poorly run with such expensive rates.