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15 March 2016


Shades of Kevin Byrne. . . 

The Bob "Sleepy' Manning Unity Team has well and truly discovered that their claims of "experienced leadership" are backfiring among the ratepayers.  Fed up at the arrogance shown by this Manning council, Max O'Halloran skipped a candidate's forum in Division 7 that he had already agreed to attend!

You can't make this shit up.  

Over $100K a year for a handful of meetings a month, and O'Halloran can't be bothered to take questions on his performance from the public!

O'Halloran was tipped by Edge Hill mates that the community was coming loaded for bear (or more accurately, turkey) - with questions about the massive cost overruns at his Tobruk Pool project and dirty trick campaign against the opposition candidates being just two of the questions teed up for him.

As one of the councillors fielding allegations of bullying and harassment by staff at council, this was shaping up as an uncomfortable meeting for poor Max.

For a council running on their "experience", they are all looking loathe to be questioned about it in public.  God knows they've avoided being questioned at the rubber-stamp council meetings held by Manning.

Cairns residents will recall that former mayor Kevin "Hiding from the Pakis" Byrne lost his bid for reelection after turning up at a tough Clifton Beach candidate forum, and then bolting when the questions got too tough.


Ed in Edge Hill said...

The bats are coming home to roost.

I was at the community forum in Edge Hill. Shocked the councillor wouldn't appear. I had things I wanted him to answer for.

Anonymous said...

When you attended the forum Ed, were you still making your mind up as to who to vote for, and did Max not turning up rule him out of the running for you? What was the feel in the room by residents regarding his no show? Do you think it sealed his fate amongst those who may have still been making their minds up, or did they make excuses for him? I'm curious to get the feel for the vibe out there.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious stuff, gutless Councillor hiding from his community. What a pissweak individual. My recommendation to all in Division 7 is to vote this Muppet OUT. If he isn't capable of engaging his constituents over valid issues such as bullying, or cost blowouts as with the Torcrook Pool then piss him off and get somebody voted in who WILL engage with the people who are paying him. It's actually that simple! 2016 is the year for change in Cairns. It's time for us (the people) to set expectations on our elected members, and if the members don't stack up then vote their asses out onto the street. Now is the time.

Suzee said...

These boyos are as gutless and spineless as a slop of feces. The only substance they have besides stench are a host of clinging maggots. These are the big men who get on Mackenzie's on air program and berate, smear, and demonise women leaders. Look at them at the moment tearing into that Peta Credlin and ripping her to shreds foisting "blame" on her for the failures of that that abysmal cretin Tony Abbott.
Of course they don't have the cojones to face the people in their Division. That would take something called COURAGE and these soft dicked cowards don't know what that is.
For the likes of O'Halloran and Schilling, COURAGE is a woman sitting with Mackenzie taking foul and abusive phone calls which Mackenzie has lined up, one after another.
Would you soft dicked so called "men" do that? Huh???? Huh??
Yet Val Schier did.
COURAGE is a woman standing up at the podium in the Creswell Hall hall filled with people all fired up with hate and rage after being well and truly manipulated by Mackenzie's daily hate tirades, and calmly answering questions and demolishing myths. Val Schier did this.
Would any of you soft dicked so called "men" do that?? Hey O'Halloran, Schilling, Manning etc?
Of course you wouldn't. You would all be standing there white faced, trembling with fear and with pissed pants. That is of course if you had even a teaspoon of courage and attend. Which you don't!

So it doesn't come as any great surprise to hear about sexual harassment and bullying in the Council. After all these are the types of so called "men" who like to put women in their place. It
wouldn't occur to these creeps that women would find them sexually repulsive.

Does it make your balls start bubbling to see the fear on women's faces when you start your bullying and abuse? Does it give you all that type of sexual thrill? Huh? You think we women don't know this. But we do. We know the "pleasure" it gives you. We know also that if there were not laws in place, you would be the rapists in our community, not only of women but also of children. This is why women find you so completely revolting.

Anonymous said...

ohalloran like the old man think its ok up to top up their super or savings by taking their councillor salaries and doing very little for it.

vote these arsholes out

Anonymous said...

Don't stop I'm about to cum !

Anonymous said...

And the other option is a fly by nighter who's claimed connection by being president of a local cricket club for 5 mins. It should be a prerequisite that you live nearby, have paid rates for a long time and have connections to the community that run deeper than volunteering for 5 mins.

Anonymous said...

Fair dinkum our Councils are filled with parasites. You have liars, bullies, egotists, bankrupts, dickheads, crooks and shonks. Now you have another one in Brisbane who has 'pulled out' (pardon the pun) for sending photos of his Weiner to a 17 year old schoolboy. What a Muppet!! What is wrong with these people? Did he learn bad habits from Billy 'the willy' Gordon? The Councillor was supported by that fool Quirk, the bloke who couldn't crack a smile if his life was dependent on it. Plus Quirk has questions hanging over his head about his own ethics.
These people are lower than low, and we the taxpayer pay them. Yes we pay for this shit! So then we have state politics, did anyone see that other tool Jarrod Bleijie in parliament today, with a fake rat on his shoulder? What a fucking goose. Yet another little boy on an ego trip to nowhere. And let's not forget out Federal politicians with scandals surrounding Mal Brough and Peter 'slippery Pete' Slipper, the shenanigans surrounding Slugger Abbott and Peta Crudlin, then you have the not yet forgotten Albo, Krudd, Gillard, Shorten bullshit that has left Labor looking like prized morons. Is there something in the water perhaps? Oh wait, in America you have the Presidential reality show between Trump and Clinton (Hitler and Hitlery). Has the fucking world gone mad??

Anonymous said...

What is the reason Max O'Halloran didn't appear?

Maggie said...

Not once since moving back to Cairns in 1989 have I seen or heard from Max O'Hallorran and I ought to be kicked up the kyber for voting for him or any of that mob.All request for fixing a broken main which flooded our street for over a year was ignored. Someone who is a friend of the city engineer got on to him and the problem was fixed within a week.A street light in our dead end street which people think is a through road? Also ignored!Well,here stands the old biddy with her bum sticking out.Start kicking.

Anonymous said...

Jesus H. Christ himself Suzee. You made my heart stop there. Seems to me as if the Cairns Regional Council should offer you a job in Human Resource Management.

Anonymous said...

At least the fly by nighter bothered to attend the forum unlike Max O'Halloran and answer all the questions. He's also a degree qualified financial advisor who I'm sure has more of a clue about budgets (unlike the current incumbents)

Anonymous said...

Say what? Someone who knows about finances, in Cairns? Get the fuck out of here, seriously? Well I'll be damned. First time for everything!! Did you hear that Sleepy Bob??? Apparently there ARE candidates who know something about finances, perhaps you should get him to teach you, you bankrupt bald headed numpty!

Anonymous said...

Financial planners/advisors don't necessarily have degrees - most have diplomas or grad certificate at best. It also doesn't infer they are financial wizards - I bet the Storm financial guys were financial advisors with degrees too!!

Bob R. said...

Christ all mighty Suzee, you can sure get up the blokes who harass women. Id love to see you get fair stuck into Mackenzie and those old dinosaurs who rant away about women in government on his program. Then you could get stuck right into those blokey bloke Councillors who all stick together like a wad of snot in the Council. Or as you put it a slop of feces. On another issue, how old is this O'Halloran fella? He looks to be in his mid 70s judging by the photo, and he wants to go another four years. I mean WTF? Manning must be in his 70s the same as that Richardson woman that nobody seems to know or see. I dunno how old that Schilling is but he doesn't look like he is in his prime years either. Will they all last the four years? I know they have it easy, no stress and little work expected of them except to nod to Manning in the Council, but they all have one foot in the grave so to speak.

Alison Alloway said...

Sheesh Bob R. You're in a morbid mood. Just a reminder, Bernie Sanders is 74 and he is the best hope the USA has at the moment.