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14 March 2016


Divison 9 is an important area of Cairns.  This division covers the important economic tourism communities of Trinity Beach, Kewarra Beach, and Palm Cove.  A councillor in this area needs to be especially "on the ball" and available to the ratepayers - including the business interests who thrive in these areas.

Greg Fennell has NOT been that councillor.  Fennell, like Jessie Richardson, has been Mr. Invisible these past 3+ years.  Only in the last few months have any investments been made in Division 9.  Funny that.   Fennell has been "called out" by council staff as one of the abusive, foul-mouthed councillors that have made work a terror for many that work for them.  Minority groups in particular have made horrific allegations against Fennell, and primarily because of these reports, he's been told that his idea for preselection to Barron River at the next state election is a non-starter.  Such is the depth of sludge he's generated for the Labor Party.

Many issues in Division 9 have gone begging, including large areas in Clifton Beach and Trinity Beach that still have roads without kerb and channelling.  And continued issues with high-density housing applications not being noticed to the neighbourhoods have highlighted Fennell's worthlessness.  Fennell is now attacking his opposition candidates for speaking out on "state issues", claiming that his job is roads, rates, and rubbish.  Well that's rubbish - surely his role as chief Division 9 community organiser is vital to getting attention to these local issues.  And no explanation why he's been the attack dog against the school zone traffic areas then - a clear state responsibility.

Fennell's inattention has undercut the work done to establish the Neighbourhood Watch groups in the northern beaches.  An attentive councillor would be the first to show up for these grass-roots meetings with the community.  Fennell has done none of it.

Fennell has been so bad that the LNP in the area put up another LNP candidate against him - Howie Thomas.  Yes, we know that ballot says "Bronwyn Thomas", but really - how is that possible?  "Airhead" Bronwyn can barely string two sentences together, and has NO business or community activity record.  We've previously documented the sneaky shit that surrounds Bronwyn and Howie.  A lot of "dirty tricks" have been underway in Division 9, with the Thomas corflutes the only that look to have survived the waves of vandalism.  And we're not even sure that the woman on the corflutes is really Bronwyn Thomas - looks more like Howie with that bad photoshop job.

With the Thomas' active in LNP politics, Bob "Sleepy" Manning apparently decided that TWO preferencing candidates might get Fennell over the line.  At the recent Palm Cove candidate's forum it was clear that Sleepy had no interest in Bronwyn's opinions on anything.  Along with the rest of the audience.  You have to wonder how the Thomas family supports themselves.   

We also note several councillors including Richie "Turncoat" Bates have been insisting that a councillor should live in their division.  Bronwyn doesn't - they've lived in a succession of rented houses in Division 8.  And neither Bronwyn nor Howie appear anywhere on the electoral rolls, with no apparent reasons why they might qualify for a "silent" registration.  With them even listed in the phone directory, why are they not on the rolls?

We've previously covered the paper-thin CV and experience of Bronwyn Thomas.  It's some scary shit.

Brett Olds. While some in the community responded "Who?", Olds has been pretty active around the community for some time.   The current president of the Clifton Beach Tennis Club, he's been a community activist for coming up on 25 years.  He speaks well and has a coherent idea of how local government works.  However he's stuck on the misspent idea that being "independent" means he shouldn't make a preference deal with the other progressive candidate, Sarah Flenley.  While party affiliations are of course not a feature of local government elections, it would be nice to know that Olds plays well with the other councillors.  This is a bit of a worry.  Maybe not the best in some books, but ticks all the right boxes to be effective.

Sarah Flenley also has a strong track record of community involvement - the best of all the candidates.  She understands the value in strong community organisations including the Neighbourhood Watch groups.  Organised and articulate, Flenley is a fine candidate for council and they would be pleased to have her at the helm.  Jim Brooks is fortunate to have her as member of the Connect Cairns  team.  Additionally, with the dearth of women in elected local government, we would hope that voters in Division 9 would take this into account at the ballot next Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Mrs Thomas looks like an inflatable doll. But you're right HBW, perhaps the photo is actually Howie? As for Fennell he has done the usual and got voted in, did nothing for several years accept greedily pocket his $110k salary, and now just a few months before the election he tries to act 'proactive'. Non-attendance at community meetings is a hug no no for a Councillor. Working with the community is what they get paid to do, and yes that means turning up to shitty little wooden buildings in summer, putting on a smile, enduring the smell of pensioners wearing mothball covered cardigans, and eating their homemade cheese and pumpkin scones. But it is what you get paid to do Greg! But oh no, not in Cairns. Our illustrious representatives feel they are entitled to pull a six figure salary and then jut do SFA! Bludgers and tossers that is all that they are. Bring on Saturdays election and please all of Cairns wake up to where your taxpayer money is going, demand it be spent better by having proper representatives, hard working Councillors who will ensure our sustainability and not drop us off the cliff like the current muppets have done.

Bluey said...

Here,, Here,, Bronwyn and Howie's stance on UBER shows they don't support Self Funded Retirees either, as 90% of Taxi Licences are owned by self funded retirees, and that is a lot of the community, there are 137 Taxi Licences in Cairns and about 4000 licences in Brisbane not counting all the other regions.
If those self funded retirees are forced to go on full pensions imagine the drain on social services.

Anonymous said...

Bluey, I agree mate! The dumb ass government provides no incentive to us to start and maintain a business. You pay a couple of hundred thousand to buy a taxi liscence and then Uber comes along and starts providing the same service and they don't have to pay a cent basically to set up their little business. It's an outrage! Let's 'uber' out our politiicans, it would save us taxpayers a shitload of money!

Anonymous said...

Definately a LOT of photoshop. Looks like all the other Cairns fakes who have their over photoshopped mugs on the back of busses selling real estate. BTW the teeth look a size too big.

shanghai said...

self retirees not have to only worry about taxi plates but what about the people who bought off the plan for flats in Melbourne,sydney and Brisbane guess what ? there's a over supply now ! no renters negative gear to your hearts content but just remember the banks will want their money back at some point so pay up and a stock market that's only where we were in 2006 ! yep don't u love retirement

Anonymous said...

Thank you hbw for educating me. So Bronwyn is really "The Social Guy's" other half. The guy who cheats buying false fb likes. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Her signs are all done by expressway signs in Cairns the owner is the co head of the lnp in Cairns along side Bronwyn' s husband Howie. Matt the owner of expressway is also Bob Mannings campaign manager. Manning actually backs Bronwyn because of her lnp ties. Manning has done nothing for Cairns except to bring shame on the far north for his lack of business acumen both in the public and private sector.

Anonymous said...

Howie is a howelling cry baby, not to mention the faceless men, who decided to dump the great man Greg Fennel he has done so much for the beaches,such a tireless worker for his constituents and the lnp dose this to the poor bloke. God bless you Greg you deserve better.

Anonymous said...

Nobody has heard of or seen this Fennel character since he was elected. Is he a real person?

Blue Heeler said...

Oh please. To borrow your favorite phrase HBW, you can't make this shit up. The Cairns Post operating at its usual standard of editorial oversight has today admitted that Bronwyn Thomas a.k.a "the orange airhead" is a member of the LNP.

Well hello....

In spite of Howie the ratfucker's best efforts it has been obvious that the orange airhead's entire candidacy has been nothing more than a cynical attempt by the LNP to get the egregious Fennel across the line.

Bleating her "independence" the orange airhead has had the unmitigated gall to request donations (Save the Reef now anyone?).

Today in the Compost she claims that her membership of the LNP, her marriage to a wannabe LNP ratfucker, her sleazy preference deal with the LNP and her obvious taking of orders from Sleepy bob at the recent Palm cove community forum do not detract from her"independence"

What an airhead!

seriously, not even in america could you get away with making this shit up, yet the airhead wants us to believe.....

Well, the electorate will consign the orange airhead to the dustbin of political history come Saturday, hopefully with the egregious Fennel and Sleepy Bob for company.

Anonymous said...

Article in Cairns Post today 17/3 has Bronwyns Thomas admitting she is member of LNP....but on her FB election page she's asking for donations to help fund her campaign because it's expensive and she says shes not " affiliated" with either party!Reckon the Libs have dumped her as unelectable.Now fellow HBW readers are we going to donate to Howie and Bronwyn?HaHa!!

Anonymous said...

Bronnie is just another wannabe trough dweller. In it with her old man for the easy coin. She hasn't been upfront with her agenda from the beginning, that's makes her a shonk, that makes her disingenuous, it means she isn't in it for her community. That's a big no no. Time to send her packing with no votes. Bronwyn, you are the weakest link......goodbye

Geoff Holland said...

HBW -you are not doing your job of critical appraisal. You come cross as the PR machine for Connect Cairns. So I will do the unthinkable and give an frank appraisal.

The Unity Team is backwards. We all agree on that. If Unity were to be rated 2/10 then Connect Cairns comes in at 5/10 - ie neither are worth voting for. Nor are there any independents worth voting for.

Don't vote for Unity as they are retrograde with policies that undermine community.

But be aware that Connect Cairns do the same Mexican wave we all criticised Unity for. Connect Cairns really didn't want to support the Public Translink Bus to the Airport proposal, but when asked in a public forum, they came around - all CC candidates in one go. In the end 20/26 candidates said they supported this proposal.

In the second survey on saving the four roost trees opposite Cairns City Library soon to be cut down - a stupid idea from any angle (if you don't think so you probably do not understand the issues well enough) - only one candidate had the courage to say she would vote to protect those four roost trees, and that was Ellen Weber of the Connect Cairns team (a notable departure from the team voting / consensus voting / Mexican wave policy). Good on you Ellen! My opinion of you has suddenly rocketed. Not so, unfortunately, for the rest of Connect Cairns team who ran away and hid from the survey, as did most of the other candidates. (I collared 17 today excluding Ellen who had voluntarily responded to me).

Michael McGarry of Connect Cairns stated on facebook today that the Connect Cairns Team were not green extremists because they supported Aquis. It has come to this - if you speak out against Aquis, you must be a green extremist.

The big thing in favour of Connect Cairns is their bold commitment to Beyond Zero Emissions. This I give them full credit for. I am sure they have some other good policies. But they are gung ho about widening roads on the northern beaches, which will only bring more traffic - we've known that since the 1970s for God's sake. There are better solutions.

I believe their policies fall into line with ALP policy (who are most likely bank-rolling their campaign, same as Unity is bank-rolled by the LNP) which is why they were reluctant initially re Translink Airport Bus, pro road-building (Craig Crawford can think of nothing else) - and of course allowing roost trees on private land to be cut down in line with a hypocritical ALP State DEHP.

I must say, that even though I most likely don't agree with Bronwyn Thomas' political philosophy, which is most assuredly not as progressive as that of Sarah Flenley (should Sarah have the freedom to say publicly what she believes), Bronwyn responded at length to both surveys. She was also polite and respectful following the release of the flying fox roost survey where other candidates, including Connect Cairns, were clearly irritated and abrupt with me. So I give her credit for respect and willingness to engage in constructive dialogue. Also credit to Unity for making no bones about their views to grant a permit to cut down the roost trees, on being friendly, and in the case of John Schilling, (and Richie) willing to talk.

I repeat, Unity Team policy is more retarded than Connect Cairns and most of the independents, but frankly, until we get a genuinely progressive candidate who doesn't compromise their values, ideals and policies in their desperation to capture the "middle ground", we shouldn't be endorsing anyone, otherwise we are just compromising our own values.

So here we are, LNP Unity versus ALP Connect Cairns, and no exciting independents in sight. Wake me up for the next election.

Alison Alloway said...

How dare you tell lies Geoff Holland! Connect Cairns is NOT an ALP Team. I am a member of the ALP and have been for many years. I would know if these people are ALP members or not, and CAIRNS CONNECT IS NOT AN ALP TEAM. Get that.

Anonymous said...

Alison Alloway.....please explain why the Connect Cairns were using Senator Jan Mc Lucas' office as their base then!

Alison Alloway said...

As far as I know that was not their base! I repeat the majority of the members of the Connect Team are not and never were ALP members. The ALP did not field a team in the Council Elections.