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04 March 2016


Up to our north, Douglas Shire has been firing on all cylinders since deamalgamation from the Cairns (un)Regional Council.  Starting their new life as their own council again, they were kneecapped by Cairns Council CEO Peter Tabulo and Mayor "Sleepy" Manning, who used the split to sack unwanted council employees in a cheap and nasty way.  

In fact the tourism component in Port Douglas has seen a rebound in growth almost double that of Cairns.  Port has benefitted from over 16% increase in American tourists - a figure double that of the rest of Australia.  Port Douglas has an allure to the American market, which started with the visits to the region by President Bill Clinton.  After the end of his presidency Clinton continued to visit - he was in Port on the day of the 9/11 attack in New York.

Port was left with huge infrastructure problems, Manning and his council spent their first year ignoring them.  Julie Leu worked hard trying to keep her shire together during her time as CRC councillor.   Ratepayers recognised her work and sacrifice, and elected her Mayor.  There has been little of the disharmony that plagued the pre-amalgamation council.

So it was somewhat mystifying that the editor of the
Newsport newspaper Roy Weavers jumped into the race against Leu.  The Weavers have only been resident in FNQ for just over a dozen years, but they've quickly become part of the community's fabric.  He's proven to be a solid journalist as well as producing quality tourism publications for the region.

And after Weavers entered the race, he squandered every ounce of good will and integrity in one moment of psychosis.  He invited Gavin King to write for the Newsport.  

We all know King's history.  Writer of the most divisive and intellectually bankrupt opinion pieces for the Cairns Post, King squeaked in the Joh Bjelke Newman election win.  And thought that his election validated his vile personality and sick opinions.

So polluted is King that even John MacKenzie stopped talking to him.

King was summarily executed by the electorate last year.  Mercifully.  He then went on to speed-write the history of this spectacular LNP crash with Campbell Newman.  Factual it is not.  Newman, unable to find a "real" writer, found a comrade among the "pack of bastards" that King had been.

Gavin King has begun writing his typical "news stories" devoid of facts and filled with sleazy innuendo.  "Fiasco" in the headline - a Gavin King hallmark.  

Weavers claims that he stood down from his publication to avoid a conflict of interest.  Fair enough.  

But there is little rationale for then pouring raw King sewage on a well-functioning community.

In just two weeks King has waded in neck-deep with his brand of shoddy journalism.  When you don't have any facts, just make shit up.  And bully them in the process.  Apparently annoyed that Mayor Leu won't give him an interview, he reaches into his "bully bag" and attempts to build a case that his ineptitude means that Julia Leu is "hiding" from the media.

Goodonya, Julia.  You don't need to talk to this grub.  

King, who clearly hasn't even gone in to read the Shire budget, then takes his brickbat to Leu - with not a shred of fact to support his diatribe.  Helped along by his documented misogyny, lubricated with XXXX.  

King then pulls out his one fact, doled out to him by his absentee boss Weavers.  The quote: 'we'll look at things'.  

This act of bringing in the unemployable Gavin King is an unfortunate turn of events for Douglas Shire.  And apparently King is already getting comfortable at his his new "internet" job - he doesn't even have to drive up there to talk with anyone.  Although Newsport shows King as "Special Political Correspondent", clicking on the email link gets an email directed to "editor@newsport".  King's self-promotion knows no bounds.

Roy Weavers has thrown Douglas under the bus.  It's time to source our Port news elsewhere.

And we fully support Julia Leu for reelection to her post as Mayor of Douglas Shire.  We're sorry our endorsement has been so polluted by the regional swine.


Anonymous said...

He is not very accurate with numbers, so no credibility. BUT If he wants to damage somewhere else it means he is not doing that damage here so all good.

TAS said...

If Jim Brooks turns out to be as committed to Cairns as Julia Leu is to Port, we will have a very good mayor (and I'm thinking we just might).
Anyone who reads or pays an ounce of attention to King is never going to vote for Leu (or Brooks) in the first place, he has as much credibility with intelligent 'thinking' people as McKenzie. They both just resonate with the dim witted loonies.

Anonymous said...

Gavin King is a sleaze bag and he cant write to save his life. He fancied himself as another Allan Jones but failed miserably. He thinks being nasty and chauvanistic is clever...it's not, and he will be a loser all his life.

Anonymous said...

He lied in an article that helps the owner of Newport who is running for Mayor?

Ken svay said...

Please stop posting photos of Campbell Newman, it makes me feel sick.

Anonymous said...

I note that Julia Leu has shared this post on Facebook and David Kempton has gone on the attack. Says you're denigrating people hillbilly. Is this the same David Kempton who worked behind the scenes to discredit Billy Gordon and try to bring him and the Labour government down?
Roy Lavers is a decent man but he has made a poor decision in hiring King (what a boring, turgid read his first two Newsport articles have been) and hence would probably make poor decisions in the unlikely event that he defeated Julia Leu for the mayoralty.

Anonymous said...

She is wise not to talk to him. King may have done enormous damage to Cairns economy with his made up "facts", we will never know, but it never helped at all and that is without any doubt. Port Douglas would be wise to him I am sure.

Anonymous said...

She should avoid him like the plague after the treatment he doled out to Val Schier. He'd probably end up making juvenile jokes about her hairdo. His crappy website/blog thingie is obviously not going too well, since he found it necessary to find another day job. At least Port doesn't have a talk back show he can hog to spout his immature thoughts on all sort of things he knows very little about. Ukuleles, tea-towels snigger, snigger...go away you grub !!!

Anonymous said...

Used to check Newsport a couple of times a day.
Since I saw Kings name I have never returned and never will.
Pretty sleazy thing to do Weavers

Bob R. said...

Shit a brick hey so King is looking at becoming King of Port now? At least he's out of Cairns anyway.

Anonymous said...

I see from his latest attempt at a "story" on the floundering "Cairns Now", poor old Gavin can't tell the difference between a concrete pump and a crane. Loser!