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11 April 2016


This isn't the first time John "Cueball" MacKenzie and 4CA have given oxygen to "free energy" promoters.  We haven't forgotten the "Lutec 2000" that was going to revolutionise Cairns.  

But at least the last crowd were home-grown scammers.

Russell O'Doherty, self-appointed leader of the "Daintree Power Committee", has received his answer from Ergon to his proposal to install a "pollution-free generator" and mains power from a California-based company called Eco-Gen Energy.  

The Ergon answer was an emphatic "NO".  They cautiously referred to the technology as "unproven".

We don't need to be so cautious.  It's another power scam.  Pure and simple.

Eco-Gen's website looks to be organised to operate as a US-based scam, with instructions how to purchase and use their product in conjunction with a small solar installation, getting the US government to pay the bulk of the cost.  Even O'Doherty has said publicly that solar is inappropriate technology for the Daintree. 

The Eco-Gen website and location is also the home of other businesses that seem to have generated lots of complaints, including SunAmerica Solar, SunX Solar, Solar Soma Energy, and First Solar Inc.  It has all the usual scammer-type language - vague explanations of what the technology actually does, fanciful claims of clean, green, low-cost energy, claims of "numerous" patents that can't be found anywhere, and other bullshit.

The President of this company is shown as Raoul Hamilton, who touts his business experience at "Fat Burgers".  The Managing Director is a woman called Julia Otey, who claims to have been personal assistant to celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck.  How foodservice experience relates to high-level electrical engineering is difficult to understand.  It should be noted that corporation registrations in the USA have no requirements that enable the government to positively identify the registrants.  These people could be complete fakers.

All of this could be found by O'Doherty or anyone else in a few minutes.  O'Doherty was for a time hiding the name of the company from the media, but it's now out and easy to verify.  

So what's really going on here?

The Daintree pro-power group are now attacking anyone and everyone for "discrimination".  He put it very simply this morning during his usual bitch about the lack of power.  'Ergon provides power to all the aboriginal communities north of us, we're being discriminated against".  

This continues to ignore the basic fact of Daintree subdivision and development.  NO MAINS POWER WAS AN INTEGRAL PART OF THE APPROVAL FOR THESE PROPERTIES.  They now just want to abrogate an essential element of Daintree development.  This land was sold to hippies who wanted to live off the land, off the grid, and in a non-commercial way.  O'Doherty and everyone else purchased properties that had this covenant embodied in their land deed.  

So now they want to change the game.  That's fine, let's have a proper debate about what will undoubtably be massive development of the Daintree if mains power were available. 

Minister for Blogs Warren Entsch has issued his boilerplate letter of support to this group.  Anything to secure a couple votes.  Entsch support of any issue is now looking to be the kiss of death, like the NQ Insurance White Paper.  Entsch gets nothing done for anyone.  Thanks for that, fatboy!

This is an insidious and intellectually-bankrupt way for these Daintree residents to affect change.  The preservation of the Daintree is a national and international issue.  Once the grid is in and we find out that the Eco-Gen JouleBox is a fraud, you can bet these people will be yammering for Ergon to hook 'em up the our grid.

Let's have the discussion.  But stop hiding behind scammers.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious shit, could only happen in the Daintree. It's probably the invention of some Cow Bay ganja smokers! And now that Wazza has thrown his 'weight' behind the concept we know it truly is a sham or useless product! Maybe they can take it and hook it up to Sleepy Bobs chamber chair and when he dozes off to sleep one of his glove puppets can jerk him back to life by hitting the switch? Or maybe they can use this piece of shit device out at the airport to help trace the leak of Kevin Browns precious leaking aviation fuel (oops, standing by for a comment from his 'fucktard' supporter).

Cairns, what a joke!

Bob R. said...

Christ all mighty I remember Mackenzie spruking those commercials for Quaid on 4CA all those years ago - They went something like this -

Do you want to get away from it all? No phones, no traffic, no noise, no people, just you the rainforest and your own private piece of paradise.

The commercials ran over and over and on TV for months. I remember thinking that only fools would buy land there but it looks like there were a lot of fools.

Second Anonymous said...

Sad that ABC Far North (which can usually be relied upon) fell for this story whereby the interviewee talked up the benefits of free power "you only need to connect a battery and the magnets do the rest" berating Ergon for not connecting to "their" generators to take the extra load.