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15 April 2016


4CA's John "Cueball" MacKenzie was ebullient this morning, breathless in his excitement that ALP MP Craig Crawford had secured the "acting" Premier to view the traffic schmozzle that is the Cairns Western ARTERIAL Highway.  The Cueball aural fellation continued into his show, "congratulating" the motorists who sounded their horns when the "acting" Premier was on-site.

Upgrade of the inadequate Bill Fulton Bridge (which was completed in 2000) is of course long overdue.  Council has allowed huge housing estates to be constructed from Redlynch to Caravonica - all with residents needing to travel to/from the city on this inadequate ARTERIAL road.

Crawford made promises to the voters of Barron River that upgrade of the Western ARTERIAL Highway was a "critical project" for the area.  And if he and Jackie Trad had looked closely at the map, he would have noticed that the schmozzle continues north past the Bill Fulton Bridge.  Trad and her entourage in fact were driven north from the city on the Cook Highway, turning south on the Western Arterial at Caravonica - where southbound traffic crawled from the school, across the Barron River Bridge and the Freshwater Road/Rail bridge - to the site of the ALP circus.

There is no cause for the rest of the highway to be ignored with a partial, inadequate upgrade.   And the upgrade of this ONE bridge is NOT what Crawford promised.

Highways need to be planned and upgraded as a SYSTEM - partial, politically-motivated projects rarely accomplish anything but moving the congestion to another location.  A Main Roads traffic engineer has advised HBW that in fact upgrade of this one bridge will just move the congestion to the Redlynch Connection Road, which is known to be inadequate to handle the load coming off a four-laned bridge. 

And Main Roads has long known about the huge dangers posed by the two-lane Barron River Bridge - a bridge that was substandard when first constructed, and has NO area for bicycles to transit.  

Craig Crawford was swept into Parliament in the 2015 election, and for weeks after looked like a stunned mullet - so surprised was he at his win over the LNP member.  He's struggled to get any traction in the Palaszczuk government until recently, when the ALP has decided to prop him up as a get-square against the defecting Rob Pyne.  Despite his disability Pyne is showing real backbone at calling attention to the infrastructure deficit that is facing FNQ.  Crawford has gone poodle on us - instead of insisting on a full upgrade of the Western ARTERIAL Highway, he's cheerleading for this partial, inadequate solution.  


The Cairns Western ARTERIAL Highway is the only ARTERIAL in the state that is NOT to four-lane standard.  It is heavily used as a bypass around the city by tourists and commercial trucking.

Crawford is holding a poisoned chalice as the Member - Barron River has been neglected by successive governments for major infrastructure upgrades. Several intersections on the Cook Highway are now crippled, the highway needs four-laning from Kewarra to Palm Cove, and the Smithfield Bypass still just a pipe dream in need of funding.

Don't be fooled - the Trad/Crawford Show means little to the residents of Barron River.  It's great for future electioneering - but a growing number in the electorate are not fooled by these charlatans and their dog-and-pony shows anymore.


sir cus. said...

HBW it has to be a positive or at least a good start to a bad situation , compared to digging up harbour its ground-breaking.

Anonymous said...

Standard political pony show. Only fix a small part of the problem, not the whole thing. What a surprise, NOT! Spin doctors and charlatans, that's a they are.
However, I do find Trad somewhat sexy. Quite a MILF that one.

Bob R. said...

Jesus bloody Christ Hillbilly, the LNP did fucken nothing. Those bridges and that highway was last upgraded by a Labor Government when Lesley Clark was the Member. When you bellyache about Labor, remember to point out that the LNP did fuck all.

Anonymous said...

It's the first stage in a six stage upgrade.

Anonymous said...

TRAD SEXY????? You must be demented! Good grief a new low point....

Mickwow said...

I agree with annonymous 11.7wholeheartily,I agree with thepolitical standard pony show bit as well!

Anonymous said...

She didn't have time to do her hair that morning..liked like she had just got in from a late boozy night­čść

Tony Hillier said...

Not entirely off topic: Compost PR man Nic Dalton's latest update on the never-ending Aquis pantomime has hardly met with approbation from the Murdoch rag's readership, which is clearly heartily sick of his and the Fungs' weekly bullshit bulletins. The comments that can be viewed via the following link are unanimously derisive:

Anonymous said...

Yes Tony Hillier, I totally agree with all you say. If I spot an article written by Dalton, I immediately turn the page. But there he turns up once again on the next page with the same waffle.
Would anyone other than the Murdoch press employ this man?

Anonymous said...

Does the Compost employ the Daniel Johnson style attack trolls that spend all day lurking in the online comments section ready to attack anyone without an extremist conservative right wing opinion?

Anonymous said...

I am concerned the pre selected ALP Leichhardt will be another Crawford. Major parties do not want us to get too demanding and prefer people they can control.

Bob R. said...

Oh Christ all mighty I just read where whiney Pyney is whinging about this Ms Trad woman calling him a nasty name. I mean fuck a duck. Wheres Pyne's fucken balls? Anyone call me those sort of names I would tell them to get fucked and walk away. I mean bloody hell we've gone from one namby pamby milksop in Gavin King to another crying milksop. Someone should tell that Pyne fellow that if you fucken cant stand up for yourself then how in fucks name can you stand up for Cairns?

Anonymous said...

I would love for Trad to call me names. She can put a dog collar on me and stand on me in her high heels while calling me 'bitch' and I would be very happy!!! She is a cutie.

Anonymous said...

Bob R. perhaps you could suggest to Pyne that he hire you as a tutor in foul mouthedness? You obviously have the skills.

Hamish Krint said...

Pyne is unable to stand up.......maybe he should take it lying down?

Alison Alloway said...

Bob. R. you have made your point, albeit in your usual crude style. Politics is a rough game, and always has been since the time of the Greeks. It isn't the Presbyterian Ladies Cream Cake Afternoon Tea party!

When I was working with the late Ray Jones, then Member for Cairns, in the late 1970s, there was huge friction between the then Liberal Party headed by Terry White and the National Party led by Joh Bjelke Petersen. The Liberal Party at the time were the Junior Party in the Coalition despite their receiving the greater share of votes in elections. Resentment simmered at the Nationals grabbing more Ministerial portfolios and dominating Parliament, and eventually erupted into all out war between the two parties. (Oh, there was a lot more involved, but too complex to go into it.) Heated exchanges took place, and no, they were not always without foul language.

I also recall Ray himself telling me of the ongoing feud between the late Russ Hinze, Minister for Everything, and the late Kev Hooper, the ALP Member for Archerfield. The two HATED each other with a passion.

Well....one day Ray rushed towards the lift going up in the new Parliamentary annexe to the 13th Floor (where Joh had put the ALP members!) Just making it before the door closed, he found himself squashed in between two enormous stomachs - those of Hinze on one side of the lift and Hooper on the other side. Both men were quite huge.

The air was heavy with beery breath, and the lift took off before Ray could make a hurried exit.

Hinze and Hooper then commenced a "fart" war, with skinny little Ray, who was only around 5 foot, caught in between.

Blast after blast followed, with the air becoming putrid and Ray, who had a delicate stomach, started gagging. To make matters worse, the lift stopped at one stage in between floors, and Ray thought with some horror, that he would die of asphyxiation.

Eventually, floor 13 was reached and Ray staggered out, eyes watering and dry retching. Hooper delivered one last huge blast before giving Hinze "the bird". Hinze loudly belched back.

A true story. Now, how would Rob Pyne have coped with this? Gone running to the media?

I think there is a wise saying, "If you can't stand the heat in the kitchen.....".

Anonymous said...

Alison, excellent insight into the 'real' side of Politics. No doubt a story that is repeated over and over weekly, but perhaps with different characters and slightly different shennanigans. What it also shows is this is where our taxpayer money goes and how it gets spent and it is no wonder that this country and regions like Cairns are so dismally fucked.

Alison Alloway said...

Anonymous 07.17, despite his behaviour, we owe a lot to the late Kev Hooper, the then Member for Archerfield. Kev was most often the person that police officers and members of the public took their concerns to, regarding the then corruption within the State. Without Kev Hooper raising these serious issues on the floor of Parliament, it is doubtful that 4 Corners would have aired its "Moonlight State" program which triggered the eventual Fitzgerald Inquiry.

Kev had a hide like a rhinoceros and was a tough man. Few other politicians could have withstood the legal repercussions and real threats that he received as a result of his speeches on the floor of Parliament House.

Yes, Hooper might have been crude, but coarseness aside, he was a damned good, effective politician! That is the point I have been making. Politics is a bloody rough game. It has never ever been one where the highest social decorum and graces are the order of the day.

Anonymous said...

Well said there Alison.

Anonymous said...

does anyone else think that HBW is suddenly critical of Alp? Specifically Trad and Crawford? Funny how this equates to similar issues currently with the Member for Cairns, something tells me HBW is aligned with someone!!!!\