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23 April 2016



A few weeks ago, Cueball MacKenzie apparently got his marching orders from his LNP mates.

'You were so good at pushing the Cairns Post's Gavin King forward as a political force, we want you to do it now for our new Cairns Post darling, Julian Tomlinson'.

Julian Tomlinson is the so-called Deputy Editor of the Cairns Post.  And of course as such, he lives in Townsville, not Cairns. Julian got his start in Rupertland with the Gold Coast Bulletin.  On the sport desk.  

The "Tomlinson" touch is now being fully applied to the Cairns Post.  The appeal to the bogan-end of town is now being emphasised with bogan headlines about crocs and boat ramps getting page one, and even bogan-directed "Street Survey" questions now getting special attention.  All in vain, as the ComPost circulation is down almost 30% while the Cairns population continues to grow.  


Tomlinson, who's Facebook sign-in name is "Greasy Pig", is shaping up to be even more misogynistic than the disgraced Gavin King.  So extreme have been Tomlinson's writings, in Townsville he was the subject of a research paper by Dr. Ryl Harrison, Higher Education Policy Adviser at James Cook University.

His writings in the Townsville Bulletin about women in politics have been widely criticised.  And when letters from those he's attacked roll into the Townsville Bulletin, he's used his position to block publication of these contrary opinions.  

Julian Tomlinson got his position the usual, blokey-way - by virtue of his father, Max Tomlinson being editor of the Townsville Bulletin (1998-2003).  Ol' Max then spread his wings, becoming media advisor for Liberal Party Senator Ian MacDonald.  And Max was pre-selected as LNP candidate for the seat of Thuringowa in 2010, but didn't even get over the line in that election.  Normally I wouldn't be ascribing the sins of the father to the son, but when daddy starts using his position to grease the skids for his little boy. . . . well you get our drift.  The dickhead doesn't far fall from the shaft.  

Cairns-based academic Dr. Carole Ford wrote an op-ed in 2012, complaining about the few women in Parliament under Joh Bjelke Newman.  Daddy Max dashed off an email to Dr. Ford, pointing out that the skills to be a parliamentarian were not possessed by women as "a fact of biology".  He went on to contrast Ford's "Sisterhood" with his wife, Julian's mother, who he said was dissed at cocktail parties for accepting her role as the "keeper of the flame of civilisation".  

This was too much even for Tony Abbott, who shit-canned ol' Maxie in barely a day. 

At the same time, Julian launched into his own attack on "feminists" and using his position at the Townsville Bulletin, refused to publish an objection to his rant that was signed by 59 Townsville organisations and 150 Townsville residents.(1)  At least the Cairns Post allowed a trickle of dissents when Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King launched into one of his racist/sexist/ignorant tirades. 

Julian, who has no higher education in journalism (which is now seen as a positive in the bizarro world that is Newscorp) was identified by another popular Cairns blogger already spewing right-wing babble not long after Tomlinson was first anointed with his "deputy editor" position.  A position he got ahead of a precious educated few who actually WENT to journalism school, but didn't have the all-important right-wing family connection.  The purpose of higher education is in part to develop the skills of "critical thinking and analysis".  Not necessary when your job is to represent the blokey, bogan electorate as is Julian Tomlinson. 

With Max's political career all but over as a result of his big mouth and dinosaur mentality, he's turned all his attention into grooming Julian - a bogan version of Joe Kennedy.  And he's decided Cairns will be the benefit of his largess - with most in Townsville now wise to the name "Tomlinson".  

Such is the fruit of Max Tomlinson's loins, now cutting his teeth on the Cairns electorate, and being groomed by John MacKenzie (via phone from Townsville) for his upcoming political career as Cairns' next LNP neanderthal.  The other two Tomlinson sons, Nick and Damian?  Daddy doesn't love them.

Enjoy!  And be warned!

(1)  http://researchonline.jcu.edu.au/34419/1/34419-harrison-2013-thesis.pdf:  page 224


Anonymous said...

Hilarious stuff. That photo is appalling, they look like the kind of Hillbillys that you find parked in a station wagon outside a primary school handing out boiled lollies while flogging themselves off!!

Bob R. said...

Never heard of him.

CBD Warrior said...

More terrific research from the HBW. While you're running stories with depth and analysis, the Cairns Post is running surveys about free beer.

Nothing illustrates the collapse in journalism more than this.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing the Tories love better than to find a woman leader to monster and fire up misogynism in the community. It's no bloody wonder we are witnessing a spike in domestic violence across the country as the right wing shock jocks and the Murdoch media machine in tandem with the Tories, demonise women leaders. Who can forget the way Julia Gillard was treated when she ousted sitting Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd? Compare that to the way Malcolm Turnbull was treated by the shock jocks and media machine when he ousted sitting Prime Minister, Tony Abbott. Quite a HUGE difference wasn't there? One rule for women, another rule for men.

Anonymous said...

Apparently one of Tomlinson's heroes is Andrew Bolt...say no more. God help us if that dickhead gets into politics. Mckenzie certainly has been grooming him and all his regulars are drooling over the prospect.

Anonymous said...

Max looks like he was beaten with an ugly stick. Lovely yellow teeth and moustache, truly looks like a washed-up 70's porn star.

Anonymous said...

I have three things to say. A. I think this character is our fed members son, the face is very familiar. B Any educated person (anyone who votes other than LNP)thinks this story is a non event as it is always expected to happen sooner or later, a true bogan, qualified and fitting the description of a classic LNP candidate and brought forward via the redneck/bogan talkback program especially tuned to the bogan and redneck listeners in this area. C. If this candidate,his father warren and the host of the said redneck talk back program choose to go to Manila once a year on holidays cruising then that is their affair and nothing to do with this forum. the end

sir cus. said...

No need to comment ,the article and comments have covered it ,say no more.

Alison Alloway said...

I agree, Anonymous 11.29. When Gillard ousted Rudd, the media and shock jocks went into hysterical overdrive, whipping up a frenzy of hatred amongst the politically ignorant and stirring up misogynism. I was appalled at the sheer ignorance of people who were saying things like, "This is the first time in Australian history this has ever happened!" What hands down pants bullshit! Billy McMahon ousted sitting Prime Minister John Gorton, Mike Ahern ousted sitting Premier Joh Bjelke Petersen - just two examples of where this has happened in the past. It isn't uncommon at all to see a sitting Prime Minister or Premier deposed. We are a democracy after all, and nobody is given a "Divine Right" of tenure. The shock jocks play ruthlessly upon peoples ignorance. Wherever I see nonsense being parroted by shock jocks and their listeners, I try to counter it with the truth.

Anonymous said...

He should be rejected for hating UNESCO who we rely on to provide World Heritage Status to the reef which is the regions lifeblood. Also anti climate change which we require adaptive policies for urgently to ease insurance costs and he supports mining that again is a negative for tourism and agriculture. So he is totally wrong for Cairns even ignoring the extreme right faction he belongs to.

Anonymous said...

So this redneck will be standing against our own Katters Party boy, Rob cry-baby Pyne hey? I see Pyne has finally crawled out of the woodwork and has decided to be open and upfront about his political allegiance. He now has a photo at the top of his facebook site "Rob Pyne Standing Up for Cairns" with himself and the other two Katters Party members, Knuth and Katter Jnr. (Go and look for yourselves.)

Anonymous said...

So the Cairns Post tells me the owner of the Cock and Bull supports not allowing the Greens to go out to the reef to see damage first hand so they can continue to fleece tourists and pretend its not happening. With Greens support getting up to almost half of Labor's primary vote nationally that's that's a pretty brave thing to do especially when most of his clientelle would be young green oriented backpackers.

Anonymous said...

So what a constructed article it was in the Courier Mail and the Cairns Post about barring Greens Senators from going to the reef.

Of the 5 cowboys pictured at the Marina:

Daniel McCarthy, I am told, is #2 Campaign Manager for Unity Team, and running as a candidate for the Senate representing the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party.

Apparently he didn't declare this in an interview on ABC Radio Far North and later was required to apologise.

I am also told the former campaign manager for the Unity Team now works for Cairns Post. I do not know their name.

Passions of Paradise managing director Alan Wallish I am told is an active member of the LNP who can be seen handing out HTV cards for the LNP at elections.

Graham "Johnno" Johnson, owner of the Cock & Bull is a big game shooter (aha! maybe also a member of the "Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party") including elephants, and has tiger skins at his home. Alex Johnson, is Graham Johnson's son.

So basically this story in the Courier Mail / Cairns Post was cocked up by the LNP/Shooters and Fishers Party, most likely with the creative input of Julian Tomlinson.

I have also been told that a former campaign manager for the Unity Team now works with the Cairns Post.

Apparently Unity Team was not registered at the time of the last election. Is anybody following that up?

Anonymous said...

Cock and Bull gets mainly local that like less than average quality food and losing all their money on the pokies. The land around that place is 3rd world infested with weeds so few tourists would be attracted.

shanghai said...

hey Allison don't forget the hatchet job on gough 11/11/75 and rabbott /turnbull but what about the lnp 50 million for the reef and 1.2 billion on bombs go figure yeah that's where my money wants to go

Anonymous said...

Your right! It's a disgrace how fathers lever and parachute their sons into politics. It's just another pitt-fall.

Alison Alloway said...

Anonymous 12.02, it isn't unusual and in fact is quite commonplace for sons to follow their fathers into politics. It has been since the time of the first Greek parliaments. One of the most famous examples of this in more modern times is that of the three Kennedy brothers, John, Bobby and Ted all following their father, Joe Kennedy into the political arena. So it has been here in Australia with the likes of Doug Anthony (National Party) Mike Ahern (National Party) Simon Crean (Labor Party) Bob Katter (National Party/Independent) all following in their fathers footsteps.

Generally women do not enter political life if either one of their parents has been a politician. Annastacia Palaszczuk is one of only a few women that I can think of, who has done just that.

Anonymous said...

Bloody astonishing the sheer level of ignorance people have of politics and the horror is - they vote! The dumbing down of Australia is complete.