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12 April 2016


Cairns Mayor Bob Manning's recent campaign for Mayor exploited a tried-and-true Australian political trick to get him reelected to his seat - the first Mayor in Queensland to have his wages seized due to unpaid bad debts.

He's dubbed it the  "Green Train" Light Rail project.  (Funny how the word "green" is an epithet hurled at progressives until it's useful as a campaign slogan by the right).  

Yesterday, the Federal Liberal Party pulled the same bullshit out of their hat - there must be an election coming there, too.  Six weeks ago, the SBS comedy program "The Feed" predicted the return of this well-worn election distraction to our political scene - like a tired old lover with a sex toy they're too frightened to open.  

Once again we get to be entranced by the thought of Australia getting a Shinkansen-style bullet train between
Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne.  A distraction that Manning proved works on the regional level as well as for the feds - of every political stripe.

The "planning" for this infrastructure always seems to garner press a few months before an election.  Only to sink beneath the waves just after.  It has been so since Bob Hawke.  

The reasons we won't have an Australian high-speed train are the same reasons "Sleepy" Manning's plan will never get up.

A too-small population at an inadequate density.

Bob Manning idiotically suggested that "other cities with Cairns' population" have light rail.  Sure they do - they're in high-density towns in Europe or Asia, not in a city with a length of 40+km!  It's intellectually bankrupt for Manning to make such a ridiculous promise, and for his "team" to let such nonsense take up valuable management time that could be donated to the REAL problems in this city. 

Which SHOULD include dedicated busways that could be converted to light rail - in 50 years when it might make some sense. 

But we digress. . . 

  • Minimum $120 Billion - over $5000 from every Australian
  • Costs always blow out
  • Interest on $120B - $3 Billion per year
  • The system would need PROFIT of $3B/Year to pay interest
  • At $150/ticket - 219,000 passengers/day 
  • Current travel between these cities - 44,000 per day
The economics of light rail in Cairns are even worse.


  • CBD to Edmonton 14km - Same as Gold Coast Light Rail
  • Gold Coast 1st Stage - $1.6 Billion ($180M from GC Council) plus federal and state money
  • Gold Coast system - 10 Million passenger trips/year
  • Gold Coast - LOSING MONEY
  • ASSUME construction cost a GIFT from some mystery Santa Claus - no cost to ratepayers
  • Cairns - Best case 2.2M passenger trips/year
  • Shortfall - $2265/year PER PROPERTY
So how much of our rates money is Bob Manning and his council of idiots going to spend on a "feasibility study" - when back-of-the-envelope math is clear?

This morning during the 4CA Cueball show, one of the regular callers urged Manning to consider a monorail for the project SO THAT THE STREETS AREN'T BLOCKED BY PUBLIC TRANSIT!  People this stupid don't deserve a thoughtful answer.

So we run again the old favourite - the Springfield Monorail.  No better response exists.


Anonymous said...

What a lame crock of shit. The dumbfucks who fell for Bobs bullshit are seriously missing a chromosome. Only in Cairns could a politician get elected having absolutely no actual election plan, nothing. Well done all you toothless unemployed Manunda ice addicts and piss heads. Just a few hollow words from Bob while he slept the days away and hey presto, he gets another 4 years on $230,000 per year! You really really couldn't make this shit up.
Let's have some fun with this though. Let's continue to pursue Sleepy Bob at length over the next few years, weekly, until he and his CFO produce the signed and agreed project complete with the necessary large bucket of money all signed off??

Anonymous said...

The voters in this town are very stupid. They knew Manning was a dud and voted anyway. The people are like the south say they are,backward hillbillies.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Who-flung-Fung will pay for the rail line? I can picture Sleepy Bob driving a train, with his socks pulled up to his knees and train drivers hat covering his coconut husk! Toot toot goes Bob. Ding ding next stop Council Chambers. Toot toot

Anonymous said...

Dedicated Bus lanes? Moving to Light rail if/when actually needed?
We need an O-Bahn system Adelaide has had it for decades and is expanding..
Tried & proven. It might actually be feasible for Cairns.

Anonymous said...

We got the local retail spokesman on Talkback today, a strong LNP and Manning supporter, complaining about the homeless people in town town and the food-van, something Manning supports. But he wasn't going to complain to Manning, because just being re-elected, he apparently has his hands full. Manning can get away with anything, as long as he doesn't increase rates and no one will ask any hard questions about his fanciful schemes.

Raj Patel actually made a very good point today. he had a look at infrastructure requests made to the Feds from all over Australia by various councils. There was nothing from Cairns, zero, not even for the unfunded theatre. Mckenzie agreed it was a absolute joke. But will he put it to the responsible politicians or business leaders next time he has them on air ? Of course he won't !

shanghai said...

ah yes we reap what we sow welcome to oztralia 2.7 trillon $$$ in debt you beauty !!! now what ? stay tuned

Mickwow said...

I agree with annonymous 15.47,we must keep harrasing Mannning and making public comment on the progress of his election promises.In capital cities the protesting groups band together and do things like hiring roadside billboards with appropriate comments and Hundreds of thousànd pèople get the message daily,imagine one on Captain Cook highway and one on the southern approach where people could sit in their cars in a traffic snarl and ask themselves,"Where is my Green Train Bob"?

Ernie said...

This piece of shit macca should have been asking these questions before the election, none of them are worried now it will be another 4 years before they are taken off the gravy train, wake up folks and get rid of them now.

Bob R. said...

Oh I don't know Hillbilly. Seems to me as if Manning has an Ace up his sleeve now with that fucktard of a Rob Pyne signing an agreement with Katters Party that he would bring down the Palaszczuk government and get the governor to install the LNP as government if it didn't give some big dough to Cairns.
I mean all Manning and his media machine have to do is to put pressure on Pyne to get the dough for the light rail, dredging the inlet, the new theatre the overspend on the Tobruk pool, the footpath to the airport and three fucken bags full for the boy down the road and Pyne would be up the proverbial shitters creek. I can see it coming.

Anonymous said...

People know that all those promises were just bullshit. All they care about is that the rates stay low. Most of them seldom venture out of their aircon shit-boxes in the burbs unless it is to drive to the nearest aircon shopping centre in the burbs to to up on junk food and booze. They wouldn't give a stuff what happens in the CBD. Not sure what motivates the shock-jock. He might still be rattled by the fact that we had a female mayor for a while, who refused to put up with his bullying. His softly softly approach towards Manning is truly remarkable though. Remember how he completely roasted his former mate councillor Blake on air about the one-laning of McLeod St. ? The poor man was almost in tears. The shock-jock raised this same issue with Manning once, but Manning simply refused to discuss it and it was never brought up again.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what's happenning with the HBW website but I presume it's an attack orchestrated by some politicians or a big business again who have Google in their pockets. TRY TYPING CAIRNS HILLBILLY WATCH INTO YAHOO and that will bring you on to this site. It seems that trying to use Google as the search engine is the main problem.

74 said...

Bob R, Rob Pyne can see through Manning's bullshit, just like we can.

Anonymous said...

If you don't give people a good reason to vote for you they stick with the devil they know,in this case mostly made up of LNP suck holes.

David Rainbow said...

David Rainbow said:
We should call these Lying Nazi Parasites out on this. Is Wally Stentsch planning to back it? Where is Meat Pie Manning's plan and what contribution has he budgeted for? Perhaps the ALP should look at this project and say "If you have a good idea to ease Highway congestion, employ people in the region we would look at raising the funds to construct it. We might not get Mannings Turnbullshit vision but we do have the corridor and some of the infrastructure to make something unique. Even if it was a revival of the Mulgrave Rambler with an economic Loco to take people and their pushbikes from the Northern beaches into town. Lets say "OK for once you may have a good idea, put your money and your plans where your mouth is".

Observer said...

You just voiced my own thoughts there Bob R. We can expect to see Manning and everyone else dump their shopping list of wants and needs on Pyne now that he has adopted the persona of Santa Claus for the Far North while holding a loaded gun to the head of Annastacia Palaszczuk. I note the media has already started its campaign of "Fair Go" which will enthusiastically collaborate with Manning and the LNP. Any failure of Pyne to deliver an item on the shopping list will see him hammered with the relentless ferocity we all saw when Val Schier was Mayor. The LNP want their arses back on the government benches and Pyne is now the weakest link and the pathway there. I can only imagine the sheer dismay of the local Labor Party which had pinned such hopes on Pyne as another future Minister.