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29 April 2016


A noteworthy impact of the last Bob "Sleepy" Manning Cairns (un)Regional Council has been the "fast and loose" interpretation and waivers issued by them.  Giveaways that many in the planning business see as not so much a "priming the pump" for economic growth, but making already bad situations in the CBD and elsewhere WORSE.

A case in point has been the new Cairns Aquarium project.  We're all happy it's underway.  But merchants and others in the area aren't going to be so happy when it become operational.  The original development application suggested 80 employees would be working at the facility.  They should have been required to provide 114 car parks.  Other operational aquarium projects in Australia have upwards of 400 carparks.  

But the Cairns Aquarium is going to have NO onsite parking, thanks to the Manning Council "gift".  And not long after this gift, the Cairns Aquarium announced that in fact they expect 130 EMPLOYEES, not 80!  So the parking shortfall, JUST FOR STAFF, is even greater than previously thought.  

And this project is only a couple hundred meters from the Cairns Civic Theatre and park project - which will also not have enough parking (it never has).  Three projects that could easily generate 2000 or more visitors at the same time, with parking for a little over 100.  

You can't make this shit up.  

The Manning council is leaving giant planning albatrosses for subsequent city leaders to deal with.  

So the newly-elected Manning council begins a new term by starting to repay their dividend to the developers (most of whom were also campaign contributors).  We're told today to get excited about the addition of two stories to the Cairns Square at Abbott and Shields Streets, the busiest streets in the Cairns CBD.  Home of CQU Cairns "campus".    

This building is ALREADY short 100 carparks.  With this new development application, the building will be even more short of carparks - and it's already known to be short of bicycle parking as students routinely are chaining their pushbikes up to street furniture and other non-bicycle parking areas.  

These developers made two of the most ludicrous of arguments in their plea for approvals - "too much parking is just as bad as too little", and "our leases don't include parking for the tenants".   Arguments that undoubtably won't be challenged by anyone in the Manning council.  They're very happy to leave all these issues for someone else to deal with in the future.

We agree that communities like Cairns need to wean themselves off the private use of cars.  But this needs to be done as part of a "transport strategy" that puts in place rational alternatives in conjunction with the community.  Four years of Bob Manning has resulted in NO attempts to put together a transport strategy - the fairy tale of light rail notwithstanding.

Then just Wednesday the new Manning council approved a desperately needed aged-care facility.  Adjacent to Tjapukai and the ski park, where nightly tourism activities are common.  In violation of several State and Cairns Council planning documents. And on land in a known flood plain, located next to a sand mine!  After all, flooding is how the sand GOT there in the first place. 

This is the best we can do for our elderly residents?  Stick them in a building with trucks going by at a high-frequency.  In a building with no greenspace, where you can't walk to any kind of shop or amenity, and where you need to keep all the windows shut to keep out the sand and dust?  

You can't make this shit up.

The absurdity of this location for this kind of facility is obvious, and the first application was withdrawn when professional staff opposed it.  But then the developers said the magic words - "approve the project subject to reasonable mitigation conditions".  

The Manning council and CEO Peter Tabulo have a known history of modifying and/or eliminating conditions in approved Development Approvals AFTER projects are built that haven't complied!

Several of these cases exist since Bob Manning became Mayor.  This is just one case in point, just a kilometer from the approved aged-care facility.

When the VIP Furniture showroom was built on Mt Milman
drive, the DA included a standard provision to have bicycle parking, and to screen the air conditioning equipment from view.  The building was constructed without meeting these conditions, and occupied by VIP.  (This in part because of a loophole where private certifiers approve constructions that are in code violation, a story for another day).

A complaint was filed first with Council, who did nothing.  Then with the State Ombudsman, who ordered Council to enforce the conditions.  VIP screened the machinery on the building.  

This same developer (R.B. Lowden) then builds two more showrooms next to VIP - auto parts and a pet shop.  All the A/C equipment HERE is also unscreened, and no bicycle parking was provided.  The building opens without meeting these DA conditions.  After receiving the same complaints, the developer then spends THOUSANDS of dollars to get council to REMOVE these conditions!  They claim the bicycle parking "is never used", and that "the air-conditioning equipment can't be seen from the front and there's only farmland behind".  Farmland behind NOW - there's a major bypass highway and residential development planned for the future.

And the conditions were removed WITHOUT the same kinds of public notice, so the public has no opportunity to object.  "Pay your money and you can do anything!"  The new standard at Cairns Development!  

That's in fact why we HAVE these kinds of development conditions.  To protect residents IN THE FUTURE! 

But CEO Peter Tabulo can't be trusted to abide by, and enforce, conditions of approval either during construction or afterwards.  Nor apparently will the Manning Coun     


Ken svay said...

I don't think I will be able to park near the library after the aquarium opens. But where could they have put a car park? Not underground with all that Wright on top. It would have required major engineering.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but Ken - you'll be able to park in the vacant lot on the other side
of the Oasis. Wonder what sort of 'highway robbery' rates they'll be
charging for that one.

Anonymous said...

Who will own the batty car park?

Alison Alloway said...

The original Cairns Entertainment Precinct contained a multi-storey car park to be built on the old site of the Australia Post Office. Of course we all know what happened. Now what we can all look forward to is when the Aquarium opens, the screams will really reach a crescendo for more car parks. This is what happens in Cairns ALL THE BLOODY TIME. Round and round in circles like a lunatic dog trying to catch its tail.

Anonymous said...

CQUni students keep being told they will get discounted car parking in the Lake St Carpark. Believe it when I see it.

Anonymous said...

The mayor and councillors are prostitutes to developers. The client pays and the services provided

Ken svay said...

Gday hillbilly, this is not about the aquarium but about the apartment protoype on Spence St. I watched it being built and of course it has never opened. Yesterday there were four or five tradies taking the awful gold mesh panels off the facade, again.
Apparently the fourth attempt to make it look better. They told me that the panels are the wrong material fixed badly. And there is nothing inside! Can you believe it?
It must be time for the CP to run the bullshit article again about the billions of dollars in development coming including all those towers in the CBC. They run the same story regularly. I have a photo if you want of the panels coming off and the brackets being realigned.

Anonymous said...

These so called developments will just help persuade many people to stay out of the CBD. Those of you that have to work will now have to leave at day break just to get a park. Cairns has no soul.

Anonymous said...

Manning is said to be great mates with the new owner of Paradise Palms.
Maybe this is why council is paying for the new link road off Discovery Dr and not the developers, the plot thickens.

Anonymous said...

Well the Compost reported last week that Cairns airport is working on 9 new international destinations to add to it's list of fantasy destinations it wants added to o it's schedule. Now we all know that Team Kevin Brown likes to talk big but deliver little, but if the fantasy comes true just imagine the beautiful infrastructure those extra visitors will get to see around Cairns CBD - cheap ass signage and billboards, run down city shops, ugly and unsightly aircon units, drunks wandering around and plenty of vacant shops!

Interesting how the airport won't reveal ANY of the commercial details on who the airlines are etc? It's easy to just throw destination details out there but where is the proof please? And the airport says "9 new destinations", does that mean that Kevin's poodle Antonson has actually started to do work for her annual $260k salary? Surely not. It would be the first time ever!!

Anonymous said...

Must be about time the C/Post re-ran that same old story about a new mine going ahead outside Georgetown. I dare say that will resurface with some suitable bullshit quotes from Entsch so as to suck in the rednecks. All too easy peasy.

Anonymous said...

That's all fatboy Entsch is capable of doing - offering up regurgitated fantasy projects that gets all the locals as hard as steel, who then vote for the overweight buffoon and then when he gets voted back in the same empty broken promises occur. Cairns is full of brain dead rednecks, possibly on par with Queenstown Tasmania's incest loving, no teeth, inbred Hillbillys who are short a chromosone or three. It can be the only explanation for voting in the same pasty bloated nimrod again and again. Cairns dumbest voted Sleepy Bob back in and I have no doubt that Tubby will also be voted back in. Retards

Ken svay said...

I hear that banjo sales are driving the FNQ economy.