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04 May 2016


Not long after Malcolm Turnbull was elected as Liberal leader, and elevated to his Prime Ministerial position, Cairns LNP leaders were contacted by Liberal leadership in Canberra.  We understand a memo prepared by communications director Drew Clarke's staff was read to the Cairns LNP leadership.  The memo contained a list of "federal government projects" that would be left UNFUNDED by the Turnbull government in the budget if the Cairns LNP preselected Warren Entsch again for Leichhardt.

It has been previously reported that Entsch was part of a group of elderly Liberal parliamentarians told they should retire.  The rest of them took the hint and are gone.

Entsch refuses to go.

So it was no surprise last night that Cairns was dudded in the budget.  

We have been so ignored that even the funding for Mobile Phone Regional Blackspots was removed!  A project only partially completed, and one that still leaves much of the Cape in mobile hell.

Warren Entsch spun into full apology mode yesterday morning, launching the usual bullshit about "responsible budgeting" and "living within our means".  

No money to resolve the Insurance Overcharge Rort.
No money to resolve the Cook and Bruce Highway Gridlock.
No money for a rectangular stadium.
No money for the Cairns Port.

Funny, but the proposed budget has spending going UP.  And they shitcanned "Work for the Dole" - our young people are now back in line for free money.  And Warren Entsch now wants voters to believe that his reelection will result in largess for us "later".

It's the oldest in political lies.

The fact remains that Entsch is profoundly disliked and an albatross to the future of Far North Queensland.  His colleagues in Canberra know him as a liar after his failed time as Liberal Party Whip.  He's been voted "Most Egocentric and Narcissistic" parliamentarian.

Warren Entsch is ineffective and ineffectual.

And we have only our "community leaders" to thank for this disappointment.

Oddly, there seems to be a $1 Billion loan guarantee for the Cairns Airport.  Yes, the Cairns Airport, a privately owned facility.  The Cairns Airport, owned by JP Morgan Chase, one of the "too big to fail" banks who got $Billion$ in US bailout money.  Even a misbehaving Entsch couldn't stop Turnbull from funneling our money to overseas bankers!


Alison Alloway said...

You should read the comments by the GREAT DUMBED DOWN in the Cairns Post! "We need to be a separate State!" the half wits are shrieking.
Yeah, great thinking....NOT. Now I know why the suicide bomber blew himself to pieces right in front of a heavily fortified American base while the American sentries watched in amazement. "There! That'll show 'em!"

Hamish Krint said...

Are you suggesting that we all pool together and get a suicide vest for Wazza? Shucks, there goes my election carton of beer if I vote for him.......

Anonymous said...

Turdball is smart. He knows what a mob of dumbfucks Cairns people are and that locals are too stupid to push Entsch out, were stupid enough to vote in Train Driver Manning, and are therefore too stupdid to notice that no funding will be given to Cairns, so why give us hundreds of millions of dollars when he knows we are an easy snow job! The message is loud and simple - the arrogance and stupidity of voters who won't give Entsch or Manning the flick has cost is hundreds of millions of dollars.....Hillbillys indeed.

Anonymous said...

Astute observation HBW. The government is happy to give JP Morgans asset a billion dollar leg up but it won't give the region a dime! This is what you get when the Capitalist Goldman Sachs minion Malcolm Turnbull is PM. And it plays nicely into the hands of a Capitalist like Kevin Brown. Nothing short of self centred greedy douchebags.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Brown has now been given the job of managing Perth airport. Will be interesting to see who replaces him.

Anonymous said...

Greed is ruining our country and the greedy money hungry money mad ones are now in control. God help us all. Look at Turdbulls budget - nothing for most people on average incomes but extra costs in medical treatment child care food etc

Anonymous said...

Annon 05:40, a number of the Scotsman's deluded managers think they are going to get the top job. Unfortunately most of them are locals who have proven themselves to be incompetent dumbwits, too stupid for even the Cairns region, plus they wouldn't last 5 minutes in the real world anywhere else anyway. Also a couple of them are part of his 'mates rates' team who also think highly of themselves but deliver very little. They are overpaid and not respected.

The best option is for an external CEO appointment, a CEO with lots of actual CEO experience, and not a dumbfuck local hillbilly. There are some fine candidates at QAL and NT Airports who would do an incredible job, it needs to be a CEO who brings a giant broom and completely guts the current managers, restructures the NQA business properly and then enforces proper KPI's. It's time to get rid of dopey managers, loud mouth managers, incompetent managers, managers who don't and can't deliver, managers who cry, managers who bully and managers who have emotional outbursts.

Anonymous said...

So Labor has the chance of grabbing the seat from Entsch. Let's hope their candidate is better than some they have thrown up in the past.

KitchenSlut said...

But .... isn't the budget allocation to Northern Australia actually well above a pro-rata population allocation?

Anything for Cairns Airport is subject to NAIF where thankfully most directors have been appointed to avoid regional conflicts and the pork barrelling promoted by the Cairns Post.

Anonymous said...

I wish labor people would stop complaining about Entsch. Unless they can come up with a, at least, half-decent candidate he'll still be there in another 10 years.

Hamish Krint said...

I think Sharryn Howes, the ALP candidate might just do the job! She can actually say 3-syllable words, complete a sentence, answer a question in an intelligent manner, and probably doesn't drink 10 bottle of red wine/week.
Having said that, Wazza is a good schmoozer. Wonder if they'll do a head-to-head soon?

Anonymous said...

To right anon @1137. No one asked Jim the fed Labour member to get funding and build the magnificent southern road upgrade a few years ago that has saved so many lives and car accidents. What was he thinking. He should have been like the present fed member and complained a lot and done S.F.A.The end

Peter James said...

Come on Hillbilly - are you seriously suggesting that Wazza is no longer welcome? After all he has done for FNQ? It can only be Tall Poppy Syndrome in play that could bring on the scurrilous comments that his detractors constantly churn out. I can promise you the average Joe Blow in his electorate is more than satisfies with him. After all - who wouldn't want a poofter loving drink driving Burt Newton lookalike fighting to get us absolutely fuck all and having his snout and both front feet in the trough all the time. The only statesman I can think of that comes close to him would be Donald Trump. Don't your readers watch Kitchen Cabinet ?

Anonymous said...

Dear 20:58

There are so many reason not to vote Entsch that if the people do vote him back in then we are set in stone as a Trumpish version of the USA where redneck backwaters vote against their best interests. Though it was the council vote for us that resulted in us selling our business and we have now locked in our future elsewhere. If the people do not want progress and vote for regressive policy and council then no real reason to stay if you are ambitious, progressive and full of energy to achieve. This town is dead end everywhere you look. Entsch is a dead end, Manning is a dead end. No real point fighting any more, Cairns is done.

Anonymous said...

This is his 5th term and he is shooting for a 6th FFS. Get rid of the useless prat. In the entire time this goose has been in we have not got a cracker. Howard, Abbott and now Turnbull think he is a prat. He is a compulsive liar who has achieved nothing, except the DUI.

Peter James said...

Anonymous 19:32 Chin up princess - we've got a keeper!

David Rainbow said...

A good article apart from this quote "And they shitcanned "Work for the Dole" - our young people are now back in line for free money" We just had a 18 year old die and the Federal Government is culpable in neglecting it's duty of care. I suggest you go to the Australian Unemployed Workers Union site and avail yourself on the facts. You can email cairns@unemployedworkersunion.com
We need a Royal Commission in to Work for the Dole. Just like the one they had for Pink Batts.

Anonymous said...

Wazza is a dud. A deadbeat politican who could never make it anywhere else but Cairns. Sadly his ability is well suited to this regions mentality, hence the reason the bloated blogger has managed to remain a LNP survivor for Leichardt. Cairns has gotten what it deserves. One day it's sleepy inhabitants (the ones not brain dead from using ICE, drinking goon or having undiagnosed syphillis) might wake up and demand value for money from their representatives, but I somehow doubt it. This region has a legacy of hillbilly inhabitants too stupid to tie their own shoe laces or count to 10.