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08 May 2016


Cairns voters last year turned out Queensland LNP MP's across the region.

The #1 issue?  

Now as we prepare to go to the polls for a Federal Election, Cairns voters need to keep only one FACT in mind.


Entsch has FAILED on the big issues important to Far North Queensland:

Insurance Crisis 
Shipyard Patrol Boat Contract 
Cairns Port Dredging 
Overpriced Electricity
Youth Unemployment
Fighting the Backpacker Tax
Money for Highways

He's failed on EVERY issue.  Two rounds of funding for the "NATIONAL STRONGER REGIONS FUND" have seen Cairns with NOTHING.  ZERO. NADA. 

And that was the Entsch promise at the LAST election!

With the Northern Australia White Paper, the only project being considered for funding?  ONE BILLION DOLLAR$ (20% OF THE PLEDGED FUND) for the CAIRNS AIRPORT.  PRIVATELY OWNED BY NEW YORK HEDGE FUND BANKERS J.P. MORGAN CHASE.

Entsch has pissed off every Parliamentarian in Canberra, and wasted most of his time pushing his one personal issue - GAY MARRIAGE.  He couldn't even get a vote on that!

We don't often agree with the Cairns Post, but like them, we want our fair share of tax money returned to the Far North.



KitchenSlut said...

"We don't often agree with the Cairns Post, but like them, we want our fair share of tax money returned to the Far North."

I can't agree. I don't think there has been any valid data or analysis presented I have seen that FNQ does not receive a "fair share" over time. This is not a defence of the performance of Warren Entsch. It is just an observation that in Australia generally the regions actually do well per capita from the federation. Not the reverse as claimed by the ComPost campaign.

jim cavill said...

KS are you an
LNP troll by any chance at all

anthony john Spiteri said...

Haha Entsch suppose we have to build a bridge and get over it eh.....lol

KitchenSlut said...

BTW who sold FNQ short on insurance? It was Bill Shorten who was responsible minister during that period. Fact. Not spin!

Ken svay said...

KS is totally wrong. City electorates get lots of pork. We get none and Entsch does not care.

Anonymous said...

We didn't do too badly when Jim Turnour was the Federal Member for Leichhardt.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the rising crime rate in the area also, this place needs to have a much larger police force.

Anonymous said...

an increase in police is a state responsibility not federal. Unless you are saying Cairns needs a larger federal police presence.

Anonymous said...

Having recently moved from Cairns to a major city, I now realise how hard it must be to get funding in Cairns. Cairns is considered small fry in the overall scheme of things.

Anonymous said...

Jim Turnour was the worst MP in history and still has his snout in the trough at JCU.

Anonymous said...

Mark Beath (KS) is right - regions do all right. Cairns suffers from an immature political culture. Entsch and cronies blow hard and develop ridiculous expectations (Aquis, Tunnels, square stadiums, capital dredging of the Port (even though Fed and State Liberal Govts had ruled it out for sound eceonomic reasons) etc, etc that are lapped up by CP and uncritically pushed in haphazard and unprofessionally partisan ways through Advance Cairns and CCCI.

There is no doubt that Jim Turnour - though awkward in the media - was an effective local member delivering in spades e.g. the cancer clinic, bringing forward funding for Bruce Hwy, Cairns Institute, Daintree Observatory, hospital resources, dentist school at JCU (although that was a bipartisan commitment) etc

Entsch has always played lowest common denominator politics (except on gay marriage). Bullying, bluster and bollocks.

Tony Hillier said...

Jim Turnour was indeed the quiet achiever, and never got the press recognition his hard yakka merited. Compared to some of the other ALP members for Leichhardt, he punched well above his weight. It'll be interesting to see how much publicity the Compost grant this election's Labor candidate. Little known outside of party circles, she'll need all the publicity she can garner. With his bluster, buffoonery and pig headedness Entsch knows how to play tabloid meedya. He'll be dumping headlines into their indolent laps.

Anonymous said...

The problem is spending here is spending for the big cities. It is not what is spent here but how much sticks around. So they can announce spending that will go straight back to Sydney or Brisbane in planning costs, in architects fees, insurance premiums, engineering costs.developer costs etc etc. Here we get some temp labour job on roads or stop and go and that is about it. So they spend here just for pork barrelling.

You can see this in tourism, they have increased revenue 15% but the local economy does not see much it, Few more cabs drivers and bed makers perhaps.

KitchenSlut said...

Thank you Anonymous. I don't think anybody has been more critical of Entsch on insurance than I have. Also the very first and contrarian to slam Entsch on that as a totally misguided bellicose fool when his seminar followers were effusive. However it was Bill Shorten who was the minister directly responsible at the time of the parliamentary inquiry response and also response to the initial Commonwealth Actuary enquiry. Do you really want me to update you on the details of that?

I still can't find evidence of significant disadvantage beyond year to year fluctuations. The most recent Cairns Post diatribes have excluded the $5 billion Northern Australia fund and also strangely the Cape York roads program? Yes, Leichhardt can indeed be won or lost on Cape York!

Really, the greatest outcome of the budget with regards to NQ was no funding for the Townsville stadium. I had a special celebratory drink just for that!

Anonymous said...

Cairns and the Far North always does best when there are Labor Governments. Almost every government building in Cairns has been built under a Labor Government.

Hamish Krint said...

As I predicted with Sleepy Bob having an easy win in the Council elections (and all his ineffective mates), so I (and the bookies) predict an easy win for Wazza. He's a smooth operator, has the gift of the gab, and comes across and 'one of us'. He doesn't have to actually achieve anything (as most of us don't), doesn't have to follow up on promises (as most of us don't), doesn't have to show the money (as most of us don't), just share his beer belly with us (as most of us do), crack a joke with us (as most of us do), and share a taste of the good stuff (as most of us do) - a man's man, a gunna, someone who women have a distaste for (but then, most of their hubbies are in the same category)........here's an idea Wazza - build a space rocket launching pad for North Korea at Yorkeys instead of Fungtown - we'll get squillions to do it, and it will provide 50,000 jobs!

Anonymous said...

I dunno Hamish Krint. I think Entsch is facing a combined challenge this time in having a fairly strong Greens Candidate whom I predict will poll better than other Greens before him. He is a local boy and well known in the Cairns community. With preferences being exchanged between Labor and Greens, who knows?