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17 May 2016


The Hillbilly Watch blog has been through several election cycles for all levels of government.

We have this week been made aware that, for the first time, this Federal Parliamentary election has seen Parliamentary and Australian Public Service employees and resources being used by the coalition government to monitor political websites, and report back to the members.  Illegally.

You can't make this shit up.

When the election was first called, HBW and our IT support noticed a huge increase in the number of connections coming from "anonymous", connection-hiding tools.  One of which was found to be based in Canberra.  But even more ominously, we have also logged connections from several computers located in the Department of Parliamentary Services.  Something that we know normally occurs daily.  But these are connections that should have ended when the election was called and the government entered caretaker conventions.


Insiders have told HBW that the Cairns-based Member for Leichhardt Warren Entsch is continuing to receive daily reports and summaries of the HBW and other political websites from this department.

Legal experts have advised that this would appear to be flat-out illegal.  Additionally, if Australian Public Service (APS) employees at the Parliament are engaged in these activities, they are in violation of the APS Code of Values, section 1.13.

Other political websites in Australia have reported that similar monitoring has continued of their publications, and in most cases increased in frequency.  And at least one high-profile website has noted their logs also now include connections from the Australian Federal Police.

We have filed a complaint with the Australian Electoral Commission.  We urge any others aware of any details of this government monitoring of the election process to make a similar report.  

This marks a new low in dirty-tricks by a government trying to protect their majority.  Typical.   


Peter James said...

What has got me flat out fucked is that I sat in my loungeroom and watched "live" as the "w"(b)anker visited the GG and returned in convoy to Zedquarters - ala OJ Simpson - to announce the impending election. On my afternoon stroll to the shops there's a Wazza election placard. 45 minutes later tops. As a good constituent I kicked it into the bushes and took a piss on it. I tried hard but couldn't summons a crap.

Anonymous said...

What? Surely not? Politicians breaking the rules? Politicians being dishonest? I am truly shocked! Then again, perhaps even the politicians are looking for an honest, factual news reporting source that isn't biased or corrupt, but simply publishes what the people really think? Either that or Wazza is reading HBW hoping to find some healthy cooking tips, or some weight loss tips, or some tips on 'how not to dress and look like an overweight grubby FNQ hillbilly' ?

Warren you should really get back to the meat pies, empty promises, blogging and spinning mate. The election countdown clock is ticking.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Cairns airport has been doing a little HBW light reading as well. Is Kevin Brown looking for dress tips and recipes also?

Anonymous said...

Does Entsch have a twin? That photo is deceiving, I'm used to seeing him with hair dishevelled, sloppy shirts (complete with food stains), generally looking like a cross between a bogan and a hillbilly (a true Cairns person). Why doesn't he dress like that when he is visiting Spamberra with all of his politician buddies?

Anonymous said...

The only "convention" any of these wasters is interested in - is one where rich corporate fuckers pay them to bend over, and - with free grog in hand - they happily oblige.

Alison Alloway said...

Just recently, a woman in NSW posted a video of a Russian Australian woman talking about a mining Company called STAR MINING in which Malcolm Turnbull had an interest. The Russian Australian woman spoke of her involvement and the entire history of how Turnbull tried to invest in this so called lucrative gold mine in Russia some years back. It was all apparently a huge scam on the part of the Russians, however Turnbull's company which raised some of the finance, was of course registered in the Caymans. I am not familiar with corporate law so don't exactly know what wrong doing Turnbull may have done (except the company being registered in the Caymans). HOWEVER, strangely the post and the video were missing the next morning. I had read it very late at night, and, after I finished reading it, my virus checker shot me a warning that someone had sent me a virus which had been successful blocked.
The woman who posted it was shocked to find the entire post missing, including the video. However, it re-appeared again in the afternoon.
The whole incident was suspicious and we are left wondering what the hell was in it that some people obviously didn't want us to see.

Anonymous said...

Must be the paranoid managers checking. Everyone else is too scared to look as they are aware that their activities are being monitored by the squeeky voice I.T ass kisser, the Scotsman and the giant H.R boss.

Anonymous said...

Peter James, I agree with you, what a load of pompous shit. Who cares about ridiculous procedures where they drive to the GG, have scones and then give each other a reacharound before announcing the election date. It's as nauseating and outdated as other government processes such as when the speaker of the house is changed. FFS, enough of this absolute shite, they need to just get on with the job, fix the broken down system and give us Aussies a fair fucking go for once. These politicians in Canberra really do live in a time warp disconnected from the real world. Take all their perks away and hand them a shovel and make them earn $50k per year. That's what these wankers need, a touch of reality.

Anonymous said...

Does Manning check HBW also? I would imagine not as he would be fast asleep. These politicians really are a pack of muppets aren't they?

shanghai said...

why are u surprised ? everything is inter connected banks,govt dept,coles,woollies,they know everything we have concentrated every thing in to about ten places... cash is bad to them...lets get rid of it hey

Hamish Krint said...

So I put my phone number on the Do Not Call Register, so that hustlers like politicians, scammers, God botherers and do-Goodes don' t bug me, especially at dinner time. And then, tonight, WTF, the phone rings (an unlisted number), which it does rarely, and and Malcolm Turnball is on the line, asking me to vote for Wazza. ASIO must have found my number for him, and he tells me that Wazza is a great bloke, not really full of shit, and that Wazza is joining Jenny Craig (his new job if he doesn't get elected), so I should have pity on the Minister for Red Wine and throw a few votes his way. So I'm going to drive around to all the election polling places, and tell them my next door neighbour's name and address, and vote for the boy. I am telling a fewporkies - I did hang up on Turncoat, and didn't get to the end of his message. Can any of you sucker-ups report what he said? Maybe that Cairns is getting SFA - unless they get elected - blackmail at its best. And Wazza lost his tie for his big Ch. 9 news 5 seconds of fame......even sleepy bob got 3 seconds.......

Anonymous said...

Turnbull came to town yesterday, so out of his comfort zone. So it was probably election related viewing this page just 2 days earlier. So Townsville gets 150 million and we get 24. What a loser town this is. Oh but wait in 10-15 years we will get HMAS expansion and MAYbe some maintenance work on boats not yet built. Nothing from ALP, but then why they when they offered so much and the region voted them out. Entsch leads in polls. Manning, Entsch? Like the town wants to self destruct.

Anonymous said...

Did you see they relaunched Val Schier's Tropical Innovation awards for business under a slightly different name!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Turdball wanted to take advantage of Cairns declining realestate market and buy some properties in Mooroobool or Manunda? Maybe he was just curious about how the 'lesser half' live and wanted to inspect a region like ours? Or maybe he was auditing his 'Minister for meat pies' Warren Stench's clothing style?

Anonymous said...

i love how everyone here complains about everything. But when it came to the elections for CRC where were you all then? It's your own fault that government is fucked. If all you do it whinge about it here in the comfort of your armchair, but do nothing pro active.

Anonymous said...

Annon 10:46, bollocks mate. A lot of people on HBW comment here because they recognise the folly of mainstream media, and because they practise what they preach. I for one didn't vote for Sleepy in any Council elections nor have I ever voted for the Minister for blogs Entsch in any federal election. However the majority of my fellow Cairns hillbilly community did vote for those buffoons and as they say 'the rest is history'.

Anonymous said...

When we consider that voters of Leichhardt don't even include life and death as an issue in an election, as witnessed in the last election, (when it was Labor's Jim Turnour who got us the life saving Liz Plummer Radiotherapy and Oncology Centre), what hope do we have of tossing Entsch?

Alison Alloway said...

Two events which have happened recently are also very disturbing. The first was the way the Murdoch media demonised Duncan Storrer who innocently asked a question on "Q. & A." which most Australians wanted to know, ie "Why are the rich getting a tax cut and not the rest of us poorer people?" The media machine flew off into a rage and exposed all of Storrer's life, causing great anxiety to the poor fellow. This action by the media was just horrifying, revealing the disdain and brutality of the elite of the Victorian era towards the "lower classes". The message was clear, "Don't you DARE question your superiors, you lowlife!" I watched an episode of the Edwardian era "Downton Abbey" recently where a ladies maid was not only given a severe dressing down, but also sacked from her job, for "speaking out of YOUR PLACE!"
The Duncan Storrer incident was therefore, truly an eye opener as to the type of society we WILL GET AGAIN with growing inequality and the arrogance of the privileged class.

The second incident was the AFP raid on Steven Conroy's office and the home of one of his staff, over so called "leaks" from the NBN.
How did the media know to be there, to film it all??? Why bring the Australian Federal Police into something like this in the first place? The NBN is funded by us taxpayers, and we have a RIGHT to know what is going on, and that it should be fully accountable. Why the secrecy? Is this how the LNP want to govern?

Both incidents are equally disturbing and reveal the LNP are indeed hauling us back, back, back to times of great social and legal inequalities and the "born to rule" philosophy of a privileged group of over wealthy people.

Anonymous said...

Alison And both are bad for FNQ with a need for fibre to the premise as copper lasts 5 mins in the wet. And having lower than average earnings we cannot afford to support tax cuts for Turnbulls electorate. But the polls show the north intend to do exactly that. The LNP capture the dog whistle vote but we can see the Liberals have gone too far right and now are having trouble becoming moderate again. Turnbull having to represent his party looks like Abbott version 2 and ill at ease.

We can see the same happened in the US with the educated upwardly mobile progressive areas voting Democrat and the hillbilly red necks voting Republican and now the GOP old guard mortified at what has happened. By courting the extreme votes they have become extreme themselves.

Anonymous said...

Membership of this political community by being a registered constituent member of the sovereign state of the Commonwealth of Australia or one of its political subdivisions is not mandatory and nore is voting for any of these lying and thieving fools, if you willingly remain in this association you will just have to put up with this shit, that just cant be made up, and keep your mouth shut, including the Hillbilly and don't forget to vote or they will steal more from you with the penalty fine that you will willingly pay because you have agreed to do that.

Alison Alloway said...

Yes Anonymous 06.37, voters demonstrated that saving their own lives, or the lives of relatives and friends, wasn't an issue in the last Federal Election. I agree. I think of the way the media machine dramatized the plight of the dugong and turtles, stroking up the emotionally receptive day after day, turning that fool "Colin Who Cares" of whatever his name is, into a hero, totally ignoring the life saving efforts of Jim Turnour in getting the Liz Plummer Centre started. People were whipped up into frothing, foaming hysterics, voices thick with snot in their throats as they phoned Mackenzie who egged them on, hitting out at Labor Governments as the sole blame for all the dead dugongs and turtles. Meanwhile out in the cemetaries lay many bones of people who died from secondary cancers, developed because we did not have radiotherapy facilities here.

Yes, the truth is ugly. Bloody ugly. Yet that is the calibre of voter we have in the Far North.

I also remember when Mackenzie had them all fired up opposing the new hospital which Keith DeLacey wanted to give us in 1996. Yet within 4 years Mackenze was bellowing and spewing away on his program about the overcrowding at the Base Hospital, and voters were bitching, moaning and bellyaching away.

Anonymous said...

Would have made good headlines last election, Alison.

Alison Alloway said...

Good one, Anonymous 22.23. Yet here we are again with another life and death issue in that American Health Corporations have been hovering around the LNP like panting blue arsed flies for some time and we know it is certainly on the LNP Agenda to corporatize Medicare. It is just a matter of time, and how much $$$$$$$ the LNP can get for selling off the entire system. Labor is committed to keeping Medicare intact.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Malcolm Turdball's credibility is that he was raised with a golden spoon in his mouth. He is worth more than $100 million dollars. How could this Point Piper elitist ever relate too or understand 'us'?
He worked for Goldman Sachs, an organisation that is part of the 1%, the one percent of the society who own the majority of the worlds wealth. Turdball was trained, groomed and indoctrinated into society's upper crust and anything he does will benefit either himself or the elitists who pull his strings.

Turdball was also mentioned in the Panama papers. Of interest is how the occupation that is most frequently mentioned in the Panama papers is - Politicians!! I shit you not!
These grubs, the politicians, gouge the taxpayer purse, line their pockets, fiddle and rort every inch of the system and then set up companies in 'tax havens' to avoid paying their own tax! As HBW would say "you can't make this shit up"! Why do these politicians need to set up offshore tax accounts? Why don't they pay through the fucking nose like the rest of us who are forced to confirm to a capitalist regime?

You know, The French Revolution began as the uprising of the Estates General against taxes, demanding a cheap government. Are we headed down that road again? The people are stirring around the world, had a gutful of being lied too, being deceived, being stripped of their futures and that of their children or grandchildren, being watched, monitored or manipulated, all this at the hands of a small minority of selfish, arrogant elitist assholes.

But don't worry, Cairns bogan class citizens have no idea what is going on around them, what is happening to their futures, what is happening to them every day, because they have learned that life is about their KFC, Facebook, credit card, cheap piss and Winnie Red's!

Anonymous said...

Annon 22/5/16 02:04, and you are a shining example of what I was talking about. You whinge on here to like minded folks, that changes nothing, and then make your little vote which does very little.

I was shocked at how many people turned up at the polling booths for the last Mayoral election and didn't even know who was running against Manic Manning, didn't know what division they were in, didn't know any candidates for council. Unless people here organize and get out and do something, then Manning and the likes will always have the run of this city. we obviously can't rely on our local newspaper or any media, and to be honest HBW does a great job of exposing some of the corruption, but often alienates people with his own rants and low grade talking.

Alison Alloway said...

Anonymous 21.45, the dumbing down of the population isn't just restricted to people in Cairns or the North. Think of two gigantic lies which convinced the morons to surrender their jobs and the economy of this country to the corporate oligarchs -

1. "Corporations are offshoring their businesses because our wages are too high."

Really? Yet try as I could, I barely managed to get the message through that corporations offshored because of the greed for more PROFITS. Oh, yes people know NOW, but back in the 1980s, the 1990s and 2000s people would faithfully repeat the lie about their own wages being "too high", like well trained parrots. Yet when I pressed these people, they would hastily defend their own wages as "not being too high" but then accuse everybody else of having "wages too high." (Yeah, that is the Aussie mindset, for you!)

This enormous lie helped create the burgeoning economies of China and India, at our own expense. Today, people whinge and moan about the poor quality of goods coming out from China.

2. "Australia must live within its means."

So after our major employment industries have all been successfully offshored, the mining industry is in a downturn, tax avoidance is at an all time high, the unemployment queues are getting longer and longer, of course government revenue is down. So there it is, the second great lie designed to favour the corporatists. "We must live within our means".

Henceforth, the LNP are embarking on destroying our social programs, and social values, like care for our aged and disabled in welfare and Medicare, which are the very basis of our Australian way of life, once the envy of nations around the world. These will also be handed over to the corporatists and funded by dwindling taxpayers monies. Ultimately a lot of this money will end up in CEOs private bank accounts in the Caymans or Panama.

Two great lies which work in tandem to destroy our Australia. Two great lies overseeing the destruction of this country and other Western nations. Two great lies which have resulted in the greatest surge in inequality and public unrest around the world.

The terrifying thing is so many morons have swallowed what the Americans call the "Kool Aid". I have listened to ordinary working class Australians firstly blame ourselves for "having too high wages" and now again blaming ourselves for having a welfare system, denying the system which would sustain them personally in a crisis.

God help us, because we are being robbed blind, and our grandchildren will be forced to live the lives of our great great grandparents, one of arduous struggle and misery.

Anonymous said...

I see where Entsch has joined the "push" (don't you just love the way The Cairns Post overuses this word?) for a new hospital at Edmonton. Of course the Cairns Post doesn't take Entsch to task for voting in the Federal Parliament for massive cutbacks to health throughout Australia. So in time we will see Entsch pointing the finger at the State Government and blaming Labor for not building a new hospital at Edmonton. Here we go again, all over again.

Ken svay said...

Things are so bad at the Post they are giving it away at gas stations. Just as they give papers away at airports in the south.

Anonymous said...

Compost becoming more laughable by the day.
Thursday's front page had a pointer to the story further in on "stage 2 of Sheridan St upgrade". Trouble is the upgrade is to Shields St.
It's amateur hour every hour at the Post.

Anonymous said...

Mainstream media like the Compost are owned by the elitists, they then align themselves with Politicians and corporate entities, as evidenced by their nauseating biased articles. However society has grown tired of the politicians and the capitalist elitists and their bullshit, and as a result people are sick of the mainstream media machine as well.....the Politicians and their corrupt schemes and the corporate filth that suppress our societies have had their day. The troops are rebelling, the ground swell of angst is turning against these self-centered parasites. The worlds financial Ponzi scheme is collapsing. The game is almost up. Some people are waking up to this, but the damage is done. Watch this space over the next year or two as American society and it's finances collapse entirely, with China not far behind it. When these dominos finally fall they are going to pull the entire deck of cards down with them. The 2008 GFC was the foreplay, wait until the fucking starts!

Anonymous said...

Annon 01:07, it could be Kevin Brown doing his daily checks on the website. I can picture it now, each evening around 6:00 pm as Kevin and his bald head shine beneath the glow of his desk lamp with classical music playing, he checks his spreadsheets, checks that he is on track for his quarterly bonus, then checks out HBW to see what his staff are saying about him. How disappointed he must be to see all the inside secrets spilling out, oh how his emotions swell into anger as people take the piss out of him. Poor diddums, he must be so keen to move into his new luxury abode in Freemantle and get his teeth into Perth airport. Bet he is looking forward to introducing his silly "can I help you" vests at Perth. And just wait until the 'team' get to participate in his pointless monthly managing responsibly forum where they will discuss brands of lightbulbs and other such whimsical bollocks.
Farewell Kevin, it was fun while it lasted. You won't be missed.