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30 May 2016


The Palaszczuk Government has definitively and finally spoken on the silly massive inlet dredging project.

The answer is a resounding "NO".

While John MacKenzie and his hillbilly listeners are going to try and pin this rejection on the ALP, the fact is that both sides of politics, in a rare expression of bipartisanship, were agreed on killing this patently stupid idea.  The mouth-breathing listeners of 4CA actually believed Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King and Joh Bjelke Newman when they "committed" $90M to this ill-conceived project.  A commitment that was never real because both King and Newman (along with the Minister for Blogs Warren Entsch) KNEW that the federal government was preparing to limit the port dredging by international agreement.

The idea didn't pass the laugh test.  Economically it was like flushing $300M down a rathole.  Even the cruise companies knew it made no sense. This whole sordid affair has mostly destroyed the declining reputation of Cummings Economics - who once again have shown that they will churn out fancy bullshit for anyone prepared to pay them. 

And today we have Bill Cummings blathering in the ComPost that Cairns is being "shortchanged by $100M".  Of COURSE we are!  Our mouth-breathing "leaders" keep promoting stupid projects instead of economically viable, reasonable investments.  The rejection of this project is a smack-down of this Cairns stupidity.    

If our so-called leaders would apply some brain power to this issue, we might develop a workable solution for the cruise industry.  But it's time to move on and start looking on how to grow our tourism industry in a sustainable way.  One place we might start is to demand an overhaul of the Cairns Airport management, which has proven to be inept at increasing airline usage but vitally adept at screwing the users of this vital tourism asset.  Kevin Brown and the airport board have only been interested in fleecing the public for their investment banker owners.  Guess who has the ONLY free parking spot at the airport?  It surely isn't any of the hardworking  employees, who see their parking costs raised to recoup any pay rises they earn like clockwork. 

Cairns Airport GM Janice Antonson, not the only UK migrant snaring one of these highly paid and perk-heavy jobs from Brown, is now said to be on "stress leave".  Perhaps her inability to secure international services while the Gold Coast and other airports run roughshod over the Cairns tourism market is now starting to bite.  And then there's the loss of 16 year airline United, cutting Cairns off from the US market.  

Anastacia Palaszczuk opened last night's FNQ Investment Conference trying to convince real, serious investors that we have real, serious projects for them.  It's hard to make this case when the local news is full of nonsensical whimsy instead of real economic reporting.  

And speaking of whimsy - - apparently Warren Entsch is ready to move on with his latest fairy-dust concoction.  Entsch commissioned a primary schooler to produce a photoshop view of how East Trinity would benefit from a tunnel connecting the CBD to this beautiful green CBD backdrop.  Just don't mention that apparently Entsch and his other former digger mates (including "General Mansford") are among the largest landowners in East Trinity.  Never mind that this silly made-up drawing would require a roadway at about a 60 degree angle both up and down - which almost no cars and absolutely no trucks could negotiate.  

Entschy has given the MacKenzie hillbillies a new idiotic idea to embrace and love.  It's kinda like jiggling a ball of yarn in front of a cat.  Sadly, these kitties can vote.  


Anonymous said...

Entsch really is the Bob Jelly of Cairns!

Anonymous said...

A HBW, as always a nice succinct analysis of Cairns and it's Hillbilly leaders! What a mob of numptys and magicians who hold MBA's in "smoke and mirrors" and "magic tricks".

- Warren Entsch is an embarrassment. This guy has done nothing but dazzle the community with magic tricks for years. He plucks a ludicrous idea(s) out of thin air, polished them up, makes them look real then WHOOSH, just like magic he gets voted in and the proposal dissapears! Magic

- Kevin Brown, another magician. 5 years of lame media stories, lots of high level talk, plenty of potions tipped into his special cauldron and then WHOOSH! nothing changes, no airport improvements, no money being put back into the community, yet his wages and bonuses grow exponentially! Magic.

- Antonson. She gets a massive salary yet has only managed to sign-on a couple of pissweak contracts. What a magician. Watch has she travels the world on shopping sprees paid for by NQA, as she attends endless tourism and business forums, earns close to $300k per year with bonuses, yet produces nothing of value for the airport or the region. WHIOSH. More magic. And as for stress leave, that's probably because she went on an Ollie jollie to Hongkers and found that they had run out of Gucci handbags or Manola Blanich shoes!

Then you have the ADCO's, Cummings, Mannings, the list of useless trough swillers doesn't end. But Manning and Entsch are a disgrace for peddling the inlet dredging which every person knows is a crock of shit. Cairns as a region has so much potential, but between the current list of dross leaders and successive local and state governments, we have nothing short of a joke of an economy. Recently some banks put Cairns on their list of Top 5 regions that they did not want to loan money too. Take into account the dropping house prices, shit infrastructure and the lack of leadership you get a redneck hillbilly shithole famous for its humidity, drunk indigenous and high crime rate, high insurance rate, high fucking rates, high fuel, high electricity, high food, high cost of living, and 'high' residents!

"Cairns, rooted one day, totally fucked the next".

Anonymous said...

Apart from suggesting that the problems at Arakun could be solved with a bootcamp, Entsch devoted most of his his appearance on the talkback show today to insulting the scientists at James Cook University who apparently are alarmist about the Reef and making stuff up just so they can get more funding for their pet projects. McKenzie was of course chortling heartily in the background and even used the recent crocodile tragedy (stupidity !) to get the stammering Trout back on and starting another whinge about croc management in Cairns. The former member for Cook was next. It's as if the LNP never got voted out.

Anonymous said...

Polls have him losing at this stage though really who wins overall is more immportant. But he does not deserve to win.

Anonymous said...

This tunnel nonsense may be Stench's latest whimsy, but it's definitely not new. And the picture looks remarkably like the image we read about (and shook our heads over) many years ago. This fool will soon be touting his environmental credentials for his ability to recycle the same old shit and expect a different outcome.

Anonymous said...

Just heard Steve Ciobo ( federal LNP !) on Q&A claiming credit on behalf of the coalition for STOPPING THE DREDGING IN CAIRNS.That will have cueball, Entsch and their merry band of rednecks in a spin...

Anonymous said...

Just heard Steve Ciobo ( federal LNP !) on Q&A claiming credit on behalf of the coalition for STOPPING THE DREDGING IN CAIRNS.That will have cueball, Entsch and their merry band of rednecks in a spin...

Anonymous said...

Greetings to Mr Hillbilly Watcher and readers of this blog.

I have thought long and hard about what has Warren Entsch actually done for the Leichardt electorate that I admire him for. Hmmm !!!

My first thought is : -

a) Lobbied to have the Willis Island meteorological station kept open and given an upgrade. Two benefits to the region ie advanced cyclone warning and drawcard for cruise ship liners that sail out past Willis Island to obtain a tax free duty concession.

b) Lobbied for the protection of native bird species ie Gouldian Finches ... Mareeba Wetlands habitat.

c) Lobbied for the eradication of pest bird species ie Indian Mynah ... The Mens Shed make bird traps that are available to the public, cost of trap about $75.00. I believe you can then take the trapped birds to any veterinarian aand they "put them to sleep" for free.

d) Remember he lobbied to prevent the cutting down of heritage mango trees in Cooktown.

There is probably many other things he has done that I have forgotten about.

Conversely there is many wacky proposals advocated ... the worst being the Trinity Inlet tunnel. I think there is some merit at some future date for an alternative idea; being a bridge linking Aumuller Street to the other side of the inlet via the tip of Admirality Island. I would like to see the former CSR sugar cane land being remediated and turned into the Cairns Wetlands Park. I would like to see if it is possible to entice the Cairns CBD flying "bat" fox colony to this site. At some future date maybe 20 years from now residential housing will all cover this sugar cane land. All sugar cane growing would cease north of Gordonvale.

I will be voting for ALP candidate Sharryn Howes on election day. Today I gave her Federal election campaign $100.

Regards David V Rutherford Ishmael Road, Earlville.

Anonymous said...

Cairns Airport....without any doubt, any reserve hands down the worst fuckin airport in Australia if not the Southern Hemisphere...what a place..shit even entering the vicinity starts to stress me now...greedy arseholes!

Johnno said...

Even if the dipstick looses his bum seat he's a $$$$$$$winner!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Anon up there Liberals always wanted to stop dredging and made it an election issue at the last election attacking ALP for wanting to dump dredge spoil in 5 locations within the reef lagoon. Liberals were keen to reserve the only dredging for coal mining. But Liberal voters never vote on policy, it is more a religion to them. Then when things go wrong they blame Labor but yeah they voted to have the chnages made.

Debt is the same. Parliamentary Budget Office says the debt accumulated as an underlying structural deficit from the time Howard cut fuel excise. Together with future Costello tax cuts it led to a decline in revenue of 5% gdp as opposed to the 1% decline due to spending so it was very much a revenue problem, not a spending problem. But they blame Labor and now want even more tax cuts so if we have not lost AAA rating already we will if Liberals win. And debt will skyrocket but Labor....

NBN debate has been equally flawed with many Liberals voters thinking incorrectly that it is a spending issue. It was only ever an investment that cost taxpayers nothing.

NDIS has exceeded expectations with increasing productivity resulting in plus 1% GDP but was slammed by the stupid right. Because it was ALP, not because there was anything wrong with the policy, Politics before national interest again.

Liberals have really very little talent in their ranks, Bernardi, Christensen, Dutton, Abbott, Andrews, Entsch. Really a bunch of dopes. Julie Bishop is probably the standout and perhaps the only one with any talent. Labor lost some talent along with Gillard but still have Wong, Cameron, Burke, Albo, Plibersek, Swan and Bowen. Much greater depth of talent.

The policies of Liberals will hit lower income earners hard and being a lower income area that will impact the economy and business, attacks on health will again cost business due to reduced disposable income. With the reef you can clearly see some would rather the reef die and the towns economy be trashed than admit global warming is real and that the reef needs repairs.

We cannot afford Entsch and his anti Green agenda. We cannot afford the budget impact on the town. We need a good NBN. We need the business leaders of the town to shut up with their irrational demands and hair brained scheme. Nearly as bad as Entsch. Nullinga Dam as well should be dropped even Manning says not needed until 2040. Farmers fear it is to take Tinaroo allocations off them and any sort of agriculture development and dams can impact the reef and that is a highly sensitive issue right now. Need reality check. Wasted so much energy on never going to happens.

The right have had a go, they failed, and even though I do not identify with ALP they are the only option. Greens are a bit too uncompromising. Really we have no choice if we want to survive the next 10 years. Liberals have not given us one reason to vote for them, apart from HMAS expansion in 2030 so they seem to think we are idiots If we vote for them they would be right.

Anonymous said...

Not so long ago, I saw a photo and a description of the latest cruise liners being built. They are HUGE, monstrous things capable of carrying almost a city full of people. The accompanying article stated that the trend for cruise ships is to get bigger and bigger. This has been pointed out time and time again, that future cruise liners will not be able to turn around in Trinity Inlet.

Anonymous said...

Greetings again Mr Hillbilly Watcher and readers of this blog.

As regards the larger cruise ship liners coming to Cairns. I would like to see if this idea is feasible.

At the Yorkeys Knob cruise ship anchorage, I would like to see a heavy duty pylon constructed that had an elevated platform that came up to the embarkation point of the cruise ship. I would like to see several cable car pylons anchored to the sea floor between the ship anchorage and Yorkeys Knob. Someone with an engineering background would need to devise an innovative way to make this idea work.

I would like to see a large tour bus coach parking area on the southern side of Yorkeys Knob road. The proposed Aquis resort is planned to be built in this area. At the tour bus parking area there would also be the terminus of the proposed Green(light rail)train. The train would service a scaled back Aquis resort, both the domestic and international terminals of Cairns airport and terminate within the Cairns CBD.

I would like to see the cable car extend onto the area where Skyrail starts. Visitors from the cruise ships could spend their day in Kuranda, try cable water skiing or spend several hours at the proposed Adventure Waters fun park.

Alternatively they can take the Green train into the CBD for shopping or they may choose to stay all day at the scaled back Aquis Resort Casino doing various things such as playing golf, watching a cabaret show etc etc.

As a rule I am not a great fan of casinos, If the Aquis Resort is to be built, then lets make it family friendly and attract a lot of asian travellers especially mothers and children. High rollers who only want prostitutes can go to Macau.

Is this proposal of mine feasible ?

Sorry if the posting is off topic re: Warren Entsch not worthy of re-election.

David Rutherford.

Anonymous said...

You might have noticed Entsvh popping up on social media lately. He's on Facebook, he's on Instagram, he's everywhere. Except it's not him it's ole Howie the wonder plagiarist. Bronnie seems to like a lot of his posts, funny that!

Anonymous said...

Judging by his support for gay marriage and love of social media he is probably popping up on 'Gaydar' and 'Grinder' as well...