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31 May 2016


Cairns' current hillbilly member of federal Parliament is Warren Entsch, the closeted LNP version of Jim Turnour. Entsch fancies himself a FNQ "queenmaker", and is currently whinging about anything and everything with little to show for his blubbering.

He was called on Rugnut this AM to whinge about the fact his mates at CEC didn't get any "lucrative roadbuilding contracts" after the recent weather problems. He is quoted as saying he's "disgusted". Entsch neglected to mention his years on the CEC board where he helped drive this company into the ditch they're now in, and somehow believes that this company of ill repute should be "bailed out" by government contracts. It would seem that the Queensland government isn't interested in a company teetering on bankruptcy that's reportedly failed to pay local tradies for long periods of time. Can you imagine the whinging by residents if a collapsed CEC left half-completed road building projects??? What kind of government pumps money into companies that are mismanged and near-death???

He then got bitchy about Cairns Regional Council rejecting the CEC bid for the tennis centre. Despite the fact that CEC had never built a tennis centre before, didn't have the specialised equipment to make the surface flat, had a suspended building licence, and has never been any closer to a tennis centre than a glass of chardonnay!

We all know what happens when "local companies" are given the task of building something. Tom Hedley's legacy is prison-tower looking apartments all over the city, many with massive defect issues. Udo Jattke's contribution is ghettos built with guaranteed-to-flood ground floor units.  CEC killed a guy working on the East Trinity abortion known as False Cape.

The reality is that Entsch has never been any good at securing dollar one for FNQ. He's given to grandiose plans (the $1,000,000,000 tunnel from the CBD to east Trinity, for example) and has a history of angry tirades and bullying staff and supporters. Likely the reason he was given the job of "whip" at Parliament. Projects secured for Cairns in the past were the result of local planning and a balanced viewpoint of Cairns by former PM John Howard, who visited Cairns often. Entsch was only around to take credit for them.

As usual Rugnut MacKenzie hangs on every word said by Entsch, shamelessly embarrassing the community with our own hillbilly "Brokeback Mountain".

The Entsch-effect is likely to stick Cairns with Labor state parliamentarians after the next election, with Entsch pushing unelectable "mates" for preselection. Paul Freebody. The peals of laughter have begun! His meddling in private business is unproductive and tiresome to the public. The fact is his mates at both CEC and Glencorp are doomed to liquidation. Government dosh shouldn't be used to "bail them out" from their own greed and stupidity. 


Anonymous said...

Bravo HBW bravo! A great series on Warren 'wild hog' Entsch (or should that be 'wide hog'). I'm still pissing myself laughing at Hillbilly Brokeback Mountain! Priceless. Looking forward to part 3. Bit the photo of him on the scooter is amazing because he looks like Sargent Shultz from Hogans Hero's! Is he off riding and looking for The Blue Oyster Bar?
Malcom Turnbull should have his ass kicked out of Government as punishment for leaving us with Sargent Shultz. Seriously, if that is the best that the Libs can offer FNQ - a giant buffoon notorious for producing nothing for many many years, then the Libs don't have this nations political solutions or answers to its problems.

HBW, bring on 'Hillbilly Brokeback Mountain Part 3'!!!

Anonymous said...

Jim Turnour was by far the better representative.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wazza's views on equal opportunity in marriage are his main legacy.

Anonymous said...

Jim was OK but not super bright in many areas, especially why our natural environment is so important to our economy. Being one of Jan's protégés was his downfall. Same for Billy Gordon.

Alison Alloway said...

Still, Entsch is able to waffle on and bullshit and to find blame for all his failings. I well recall how he wrote to The Cairns Post all those years ago, just blaming the Queensland Government for our lack of radiotherapy and oncology services when it was FEDERAL funding which was initially required. Entsch treated me like a fool, not realising I understood where the funding needed to come from. Bullshit artists and conmen always do well and easily impress the gullible and naïve.
This morning I watched a video clip of Donald Trump having exchanges with political journalists in the USA. Instead of answering questions, Trumps replies were only of lengthy, fulsome praise for himself and how exceptional and outstanding he was. I was left thinking that he really believes he is Jesus Christ himself. Entsch indulges in self praise a lot when answering questions as well.

Anonymous said...

Entsch isn't the only bull shitter and self serving conman in the political arena. I have been watching another local character who looks like has the cunning and self serving preservation of a shithouse rat. So far the population of hillbillies haven't woken up.