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27 June 2016


An overview of the complex Senate ballot paper we're going to see in Cairns at the poll this week.

Queensland has been largely immune to the "minor party" chaos that has been a hallmark of the southern states.  And the primary reason for a double-dissolution election.

But Queensland has a much more chaotic ballot for Senate this time.  Get a good overview here.


Anonymous said...

The Donkey Votie site do not understand political leanings too much but otherwise amusing.

Observer said...

As always some of the independent parties springing up have some good policies, but as usual they do not have a full platform. Do they believe in outsourcing, offshoring and privatisation of public services? Are they happy with the offshoring of a good slice of the Taxation Department's work, ie the personal details, including income, assets, investments, purchases, write offs etc, of many Australians to the Philippines? Would they support the offshoring of the Centrelink Callcentre and the privatisation of Veteran's Affairs? If they support National Service, then would they agree to sending troops overseas into a war zone? Do they support the huge corporate tax cuts of the Turnbull Government? Would they support a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Banking Sector? Do they agree with the LNP that a national register of foreign land ownership should not be made public? Are they happy with the sale of Australian agricultural land? Do they agree with the sale of Australian ports to foreign interests? Do they agree with the casualization of the Australian labour force? Where do they stand on Medicare?
There is much more to running a country and managing an economy than people think. Offering voters a choice of one or two popular issues is not going to guarantee sound governance.

Anonymous said...

This senate election is going to be interesting. I think the two major parties are in for a shock.

I used to lean to labour years ago, voted for Kevin Rudd, Then thought of myself as a swinging voter but now would consider myself conservative voter. Won't be voting for either Major Party in either house of reps or senate this election. Greens will be last on my ticket but I am dirty about having to preference either libs or labour above the other even though they will be only just above the greens.

Both parties are diabolical at the moment. Their policies and actions seem to be based around how popular they will be with the Twitter crowd. Sick of it. The Brexit showed that twitter means nothing when it comes to an election.

My father who is a lifetime Labor voter feels the same way about the labor party. I hope an independant gets up in leichhardt and the senate is going to have the least amount of lib/lab senators ever. It will be a shit fight for which ever party forms government.

Just my prediction.

Anonymous said...

I love the SEX Party ...

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:56 I agree with need to send a message and perhaps avoiding the majors is the way to do it. Though to me the problem with both ALP and Libs are they are too conservative lol

Alison Alloway said...

By voting in a heap of "independents" Anonymous above, you are opening the door wide, wide open for all sorts of corporate corruption and bought votes, to come straight on in. The American Health Corporations have big mega bucks with which to entice political representatives, AND THEY DO SUCCEED. In the USA, as Michael Moore has pointed out, there are FOUR Health Corporation Lobbyists to each and every single congressman and woman and Senator. An analysis of donations to individual Senators and congressmen and women in the USA reveals many have received huge donations from the various Health Care corporatists.

Would it happen here in Australia? This is an issue which clearly demonstrates the positive side of party politics because the Labor Party is committed to retaining a national health care system. Like it or lump it, it is a socialist ideal, and one of Labor's most precious "babies". Could a Labor politician be successfully bribed on this issue? Probably, but they know that if they voted against retaining Medicare, then they would be instantly expelled from the party which would immediately know that corruption had occurred and an investigation would be carried out. All over Australia, branch members would be baying for blood.

Put the Greens with Labor on this. I don't see a Greens representative breaking ranks to vote for privatisation of Medicare.

As for the LNP, We know that they would privatise their grandparents chamber pots and false teeth if they could. They want to privatise Medicare.

That leaves all the rag tag, motley crew of "independents", those people who are often untested, who do not have accountability to a party, or party office and party branch members. People who do not have any hard and fast ideology such as a powerful belief in affordable medical care for all, a fair days pay for a fair days work etc. Independents cannot get called into a local branch meeting to "explain" themselves and they do not have a national organisation behind them to monitor their behaviour.

These are the people the Health Care corporatists will go after. Many know that they will only serve one term in office, so they would be worried sick about their futures and their future incomes. They are RIPE and PRIME for bribery. No party office to demand scrutiny of their finances or to take them to task for the way they vote. Wooohoooo! These are the people who could receive "donations" of a few AUS$million placed in a private bank account in Panama or the Caymans to vote for the privatisation of Medicare. Once the money is there, the vote has been done, any of these corrupted people could decide to suddenly resign "for family reasons" and leave the country. They have got themselves a nice tidy sum to spend the rest of their lives in luxury and leisure.

There are safeguards for Australians in having political parties in that it does lessen the risk of bribery and corruption.

Anonymous said...

This weekends election coming on top of the Brexit will be a game changer. The Brits are restless, most of the other nations held captive by the EU are restless, the Americans are restless, why do Australia's politicans think it is any different here? People are fed up with the mainstream political bullshit. The established parties have failed consecutively. They can't be trusted, are out of touch, cannot deliver, and we've had enough of it. The 99% are starting to stretch their wings and wake up to the fact that we are being held captive by these filthy lying, self indulging, corrupt governments who are controlled by and in bed with the Globalists, Capitalists, cabals and Central bank criminals.

Fuck the lot of them - it's better to die on your feet than on your knees. The uprising has begun, Brexit is not just the beginning but it is a sign of what is to come.

I'm not a betting man, but I'm betting that this weekend sees a record broken in the amount of votes that the Independants, unknowns and other assorted ones receive. Some of these candidates will get in, some won't, but by god I tell you that a strong message will be sent by us, the people.

Anonymous said...

Comments in Cairns post say McCarthy has outed Enstch major donators as insurance industry.

Is this for real anyone?

If it Is he should be tarred and feathered .