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27 June 2016


The name Gavin King makes most in Cairns want to retch.  His mercifully short time as MP and Rapist Excuser was followed by a brief stint writing historical fiction, and then a single column in the Douglas Shire Newsport - both of which confirmed that his journalism career is well and truly over.  

King is carrying the kind of Stench that doesn't go away.  All as the result of his vile views and big mouth.

It is no surprise that he's now trying to inject his venom into the current federal election - clearly at the bidding (and likely envelope of cash) from the current Minister of Blogs Warren Entsch.  It comes in the form of a "news" website that King describes as "a place of local stories and unique voices, a hub of info and a destination of debate".  Well, no promises on the debate - King's already furiously deleting contrary comments and blocking opposing viewpoints.  

Most of the website is an obvious campaign promo for Warren Entsch. 

But like all things "Gavin King", this one too is knee-deep in fraud and deceit.  

The business name is completely unregistered, and the
domain name is registered to "Tropic Trust".  And while Gavin and Leah King are selling advertising on this soon-to-be-sinking ship, they aren't registered for the GST - so there's another 10% that the government is getting screwed out of.

This source of "engaging news" has ignored six of the candidates for Leichhardt, ignored the cursing from Warren Entsch at the the Katter Party candidate (and Entsch's subsequent lying about it), along with the frequent attacks from Entsch surrogates at campaign stops (like the abuse heaped on a HBW reader at the DFO).

And of course all of the Entsch failures are never mentioned. Six years of abusively high insurance rates JUST in the Far North.  Shipbuilding contracts given to others.  No money for roads, for public infrastructure.  Years of Entsch failures - ignored by Gavin King.  

Amazing what a couple envelopes of cash can do.


Anonymous said...

I would gladly give King and Stench both an envelope filled with cash if they promised to piss off forever! It is probably what worked for Kevin Brown

Anonymous said...

Have not really noticed but will say again we are like the north of England, losers in the Neoliberal cash bonanza. Yet they keep supporting it, then Gavin asks what do we need to do to attract millenials lol Clueless.

Anonymous said...

What's the caption for that photo? The little bloke is telling Wazza; "And Gavin reached out like this, and grabbed my balls". And Wazza is smiling and thinking; "yep, we all do that in parliament, it's how we show that we support all things gay"!

Anonymous said...

The last huge injection of cash we had from the Federal Government was when Jim Turnour held the seat of Leichhardt. Hopefully, Sharryn Howe will shit it in on Saturday, so we can get our fair share of the pie once again. Here's hoping so.

Observer said...

I've just been having a browse around facebook and twitter. Looks like some of the medicos have jumped in faster than 1st July with people posting that they have had to pay $20 upfront for a GP visit and one woman has posted that she was made to pay $225 upfront for an ultrasound which previously was bulkbilled. So Malcolm Turnbull reckons that privatisation of Medicare isn't an issue, hey? For a millionaire like him it isn't. Pity about the low income groups, the aged and the chronically ill. But then when did Tories ever care about the poor?

Anonymous said...

Entsch has presided over years and years of the breaking down of government services by outsourcing, offshoring and privatisation. Back in 1998 Entsch voted for the privatisation of the old Commonwealth Employment Service and thousands of tinpot "employment services" sprung up over Australia. We now know that most are abysmal failures, failing to deliver any service to the unemployed but putting big heaps of taxpayers dough into a few private pockets.

Then Entsch voted to privatise Telstra and we all know what a broken mess Telstra is today. Then Howard started privatising the Technical and Further Education Colleges which surprise surprise has been found to be full of fraud, false student registrations etc and big cash in the pockets of the operators.

More fraud has been uncovered in another area of government services which was outsourced to private individuals. This time it is the Migration Agents who have been found granting fraudulent 457 visas to those who pay plenty or who present fraudulent documentation to be granted a visa. On and on it goes. Privatisation without any plans to scrutiny or request accountability from the private operators who all must think Christmas has arrived.

Entsch has been part of the neo-liberal agenda and cannot disassociate himself from the poor outcomes and resultant criminality of privatisation. History will not judge him well.

Anonymous said...

Hey HBW....is Howie Thomas mixed up with Entsch's campaign or have the Libs given him the flick?

Anonymous said...

Anon 02:36 And people keep voting for the NeoLiberal agenda. Liberals are handing out 50bn in tax cuts to corporations that we will have to pay for some way. Most benefits will flow offshore. All because tax rates will be set based on global prices, like any commodity, and then we just have to cut spending to accommodate. They wil have no choice but to further privatise and reduce spending leading to reduced living standards. But the people want it. They must hate their kids, first generation perhaps in history to demand things be worse for their kids than they had it. Killing off the future economy, the reef and the climate all willingly without any regard for their kids and grandkids.

Anonymous said...

Looking at his parliamentary career,Entsch has played a key role in the gradual disintegration of the public sector, which was a key player in ensuring equality and a "fair go for all".

For many decades, Australia boasted a good and decent society whereby being born with a plastic spoon in your mouth, did not guarantee you a lifetime of poverty. Government departments provided free health, education, cheap housing, a solid welfare safety net, and government regulations such as tariffs and import taxes kept our own industries going. We had a fair and progressive taxation system. Our workers were protected against exploitation. We were once proud of our own industries and self sufficiency. We both grew and produced almost all of our own food.

For the son of a railway man who grew up in a Queensland Housing Commission home in Mareeba and who attended a State Government school, Entsch has devoted his entire parliamentary career to overturning, abolishing or reducing all of those public institutions which made Australia the lucky country. He has avidly supported globalism and the concept that Australia be fully dependent upon other countries for all our needs.

His government recently axed billions from aged care, which will mean many frail aged will not have access to home help packages or able to enter into nursing homes. His government enacted massive funding cuts to hospitals recently which will mean ramped up ambulances and lack of bed spaces as we saw in the early 2000s. His government has made savage cuts in our welfare services which will mean many deserving people will have to go without any income support at all.

Entsch has voted for the privatisation of many former government services such as the CES and Telstra, all of which in recent times have revealed massive fraud. Migrant Agents, as mentioned above, have deliberately issued 457 Visas to foreigners with false trade and educational certificates.

Entsch has been a big bummed passive "nodder" in Parliament, agreeing with the tearing down of Australia's great institutions, nodding away with the neo-liberal agenda of privatising everything which might turn a huge profit for unscrupulous individuals while robbing the taxpayer blind.

His so called support for same-sex marriage, obviously just a ploy to try and prove some sort of connection with the public, has turned into support for an expensive $160 million "plebiscite" which he has agreed with his own LNP party, will not be binding on LNP members if the public vote is in favour. Once again he has demonstrated he is nothing more than just a "nodder".

Entsch has been a dismal failure as a local representative. However his greatest failure has been in tearing apart Australia's once buoyant, self sufficient economy and making us almost entirely dependent upon foreign nations. For that he will be judged very harshly.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention how about every six months or so Entsch proclaims in the Cairns Post that he is working hard to find a solution to our sky high insurance costs.We're all still waiting...Seriously what has Entsch actually done for the electorate?He was elected in 96, retired in 2007 and then reelected in 2010.The Liberal government just ignore us while we have such a buffoon as our member.The bloke is 67...why didn't the local Libs tell him it was time to retire?

Alison Alloway said...

Well said Anonymous above. Yes, the move by the LNP on having a $160 million "plebiscite" on same sex marriage, but followed by Turnbull's announcement that the public vote will not be accepted by the LNP parliamentary party which will still have a "conscience vote", is a classic example of the blundering ineptitude and deceit the LNP are mired in. Why is there any need at all to waste this money on an issue which the Australian public has overwhelmingly decided, years ago, to accept and to get on with life? $160 million would go a long way in funding our aged care institutions, helping to fund Medicare etc
Then on top of it all, Turnbull stating that the LNP would not accept the results of the plebiscite?? I mean, WTF??? What dithering, blathering weak leadership this is. It's like going round and round the mulberry bush, and round and round again...and WTF here we are back at the beginning again.

If Entsch is genuine on this issue, he would be surely speaking out against the need to squander $160 million on a sham "plebiscite", yet he isn't. He, too, is prepared to drag Australians round and round the issue. Exactly, like he has dragged North Queenslanders round and round and back again on the insurance issue.

Lot of noise, lots of blathering, but nothing happening.

Anonymous said...

As well as Medicare being on the chopping block for privatisation is the Department of Veteran's Affairs. I wonder how Entsch's old supporters who are Vietnam Vets feel about that? As we have experienced whenever a government service is privatised, client service instantly deteriorates as staffing is slashed, callcentres outsourced to the cheapest bid from foreign countries, and services reduced as CEOs and Executives help themselves to exorbitant salaries and perks of office. It won't take too long after privatisation for us to follow the American system where many vets will just fall through the cracks and be left without any assistance whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

One aspect of all the offshoring and privatisation which nobody has really examined yet is the offshoring of a lot of the Taxation Department's work to the Philippines by the Turnbull LNP Government. This means that a lot of private financial information is now in the hands of an unknown foreign company whose reputation for confidentiality and security is unknown. Information on people's incomes, assets, investments, stock in hand, purchasings ,savings etc would all constitute valuable information worth a good buying price for the right people. I wonder how long it will be before there is yet another scandal involving criminal activity of what was once a secure, safe government function? With staffing severely reduced in the Taxation Department, who will investigate? Frankly, Australians should all be worried sick over this as well.

Bob R said...

Six years of abusively high house insurance rates. Yeah we all fucken well know this. Entsch has done nothing but blather on and on. So now the Tories want to privatise Medicare. Fucken oath they do. A few weeks back the wife and I were in our GP surgery having our annual flu shots and the surgery was full of old people mostly pensioners. Once Medicare is privatised those old folks will have to pay for their yearly flu shots as well as every time they go to the Docs for their script. Then the other day I had to take the wife to the 24 Hour medical clinic there in Florence Street as she had some infection in her foot. The clinic was full. No more bulk billing for everyone once Medicare is privatised. Christ all mighty it is going to cause havoc once bulk billing is abolished.

Anonymous said...

The long predicted economic maelstrom is gathering pace. The fiat currency game was never going to last forever and the Ponzi scheme is starting to crack globally faster and faster. Tick tock goes the economic clock. Central bank cartel minions and partners such as J.P Morgan have an expiry date. Once the domino's start to really fall they will want to opt out of a lemon like NQA.
Do people really think that a pissy little mismanaged city like Cairns is going to be immune to global events? Not likely. Warren Entsch to save Cairns? Not likely. Dredging the fucking inlet? Not likely.

You watch what happens over the next 12 months globally. Brexit is not the main problem, the Yanks non-payable deficit is. However the EU's demise will be felt far and wide. The UK was just the beginning. Where will the EU now get it's $60 billion annual operating budget from - Greece? Ireland? Spain? Oh yes, I forgot - Germany! Frau Merkel is really going to be happy to fund the UK's portion of the EU operating costs. NOT.

Why do you think the latest attempt at preventing the inevitable meltdown is a failure. Who has ever heard of 0.00% interest rates before? Are they fucking serious? If you put $1000.00 into 10 year bonds at the end of 10 years you get a return of around $980.00. You can't make this shit up! The desperate cartels are making the game up as we all play along.

Most people don't realise it yet but we are watching history in the making as the worlds Central banking scam unravels. The pain however will be enormous and on a scale never before seen on this planet.

As for Cairns airport and it's supposed $1billion future development? Keep dreaming. They will never even get to spending a tenth of that on the airport. What is the government going to do, pay with buttons? Oh that's right, Malcolm will just crank up the printing press and add to our debt and inflation. The 1% just keep on adding to the bubble, and when it is finally pricked you can kiss goodby to your kids and grandkids futures. Pensions, welfare, superannuation and savings? Foooof. All gone at the stroke of a pen.

Wake up people and batten down your hatches.

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghia? AA is WTFing every where with her hatred towards her old foe wheel chair man, WTF happened there?

Anonymous said...

It's funny how Fatboy Entsch talks tuff on insurance, yet does nothing. Perhaps it is a coincidence that insurers have contributed to his campaigns over the years?
And what about the other great scam - Cairns airport. Those fuckers made around $230 mil in profit last year, much of it at the expense of the local community and businesses. Yet the LNP wants to donate wads of cash to developing the shithole airport that Kevin Brown-noser has gutted. Our tax money to develop a J.P Morgan asset!! Is this shit for real? Deb Hand-on-cock reckons it is great. What a maggot. Our money to supposedly be used to develop the region by way of airport development, which includes general aviation. Really? As I recall 2000% rent increases forced most of the local aviators out, plus Brown closed the cross runway!!! Development of general aviation my ass. This whole thing is more shonky than an offshore Indian telemarketer.
Cairns is a third rate shithole inhabited by fucktards, Hillbillys, a largely drunk indigenous community and around 25% unemployment.

Dear Malcolm you Goldman Sachs footstool - keep your money mate. No need to offer it as a payoff. You left us with Entsch and because of that you will lose Leichardt. We are sick of the hog riding Kraut loving poofter supporter! He is toast come Election Day.

Anonymous said...

Entsch is the quintessential political snake. He loves to ride a Harley and skull a beer with the regions Vietnam vets and pretend he is their bestie, yet he sells them out by sneakily supporting the selling off or outsourcing of government service providers that 'supposedly' care for his mates! Would love to see him try to sell out his comrades in Nam back in the day. They would have shoved napalm up his arse and lit the fuse. Fucking toad.

Hamish Krint said...

Whatever you all say - Wazza looks like he'll scrape back in! There just isn't enough of all the info revealed in HBW given to the masses. I tell everyone I meet to read HBW, but I fear the readership is still but a drop in the proverbial ocean. FB, Twitter, and the rest of the social media reach many more readers, so if all HBW readers spread some truths on there, or keep referring people to HBW to read the 'extended' version, we are stuffed for another 3 years! We have little time left to spread the word..........

Anonymous said...

Hamish The Liberals have just given us the worst 3 years of government I can ever recall. We are wealthiest we have ever been in history but we have to kick the poor and make their lives hell, we have to force doctors into dropping bulk billing. NBN has been butchered for politics only at massive cost. Nobody can say they have been a good government with a straight face. They are hateful, divisive and everyone knows it. Voters think that if we go back to to being a caring egalitarian society that they may not be able to afford that 5th trip overseas this year so as long as more than 1/2 are profiting from misery, and enjoying it, this rancid government will stay. They are not misinformed, they know full well what the deal is. All they needed was a veneer of respectability in Turnbull to pretend they are not the vultures they truly are.

shanghai said...

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous 23:58, I have been wondering too how many of Entsch's Vietnam vets besties realise that Department of Veteran's Affairs is up for privatisation and/or offshoring? I reckon they will all think it awesome just awesome to be put through to a callcentre in Vietnam only to be answered in such awkward English they can't understand a word, so then have to travel to Brisbane to actually see someone face to face and even then have to book an appointment a couple of months ahead. So they finally get there and find out their benefits have been reduced and there is no more free medical treatment. Oh and nobody to complain to either. But nonetheless, the new CEO has been interviewed by Womens Weekly with a plastic 20 year old barbie doll stuck to one arm like a tumour, on board his latest yacht.

Anonymous said...

Shanghai old mate, thanks for the tip! But I've got my portfolio spread amongst metal - gold, silver. As soon as gold hits $1400 it will keep climbing to $2000. Should take another 12 months, more gradual rater than rapid. It's a game because all the markets are rigged, but the house made from cards is falling mate. Even that crooked old fucker Alan Greenspan is now saying we should go back to using a gold standard! No shit Sherlock, that's how it used to be. That arsewipe was part of the gang of thieves employed by Uncle Sam to keep the American population fooled and conned out of their futures and the futures of their kids. Gold was the standard, and rightly so until an American Presidential prostitute bent over and took it from the Jekyll Island bloodline and the rest, as they say (incl the gold standard), is history......

Alison Alloway said...

Anonymous 19.19, I have been "calling out" our one and only disabled parliamentary representative, Rob Pyne, to champion the cause of Medicare, to be a powerful voice for the right to affordable health care for our sick, our aged, our injured, our disabled fellow Australians.
He has failed to respond to my heartfelt and impassioned calls.
There can be no mistaking his silence. He just doesn't care.

As has been pointed out, his representations to legalise abortion in Queensland will also be affected with the privatisation of Medicare. Sure, it might just get up and pass through the Queensland Parliament, but rising costs would restrict it as an option for the poorest of our women.

shanghai said...

well done 20.55 but maybe pare it back a bit no goes broke taking a profit Indians,chinese and now Russians hoarding gold but westerns don't like it ? no dividends I guess ? by the way I have never been so dis interested in federal elections ever !