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02 June 2016


Warren Entsch, Minister for Bloggers and Member of Parliament in the Seat of Leichhardt, is a lying jackass.  He's been a continual failure for Far North Queensland, a continued failure as an LNP member, and is distrusted not only by the Cairns community but his fellow MP's as well.  These are facts without much dispute.  

But the Entsch fuck-ups are now reaching heights that have even his handful of paid spinmeisters shocked today.

Most residents in Far North Queensland today got an email from Australia Post that strikingly confirms that Entsch not only is a liar, but is working to undermine the battlers in a way that is breathtaking.

Australia Post, in their struggle to develop new services for the public, has rolled out new insurance services said to be "competitive and affordable".  Included in this roll-out in today's email is "Gold Home and Contents Insurance".  

So this new government-funded service, underwritten by all of the residents of Far North Queensland, is NOT AVAILABLE TO RESIDENTS OF FAR NORTH QUEENSLAND!  Start filling out the application and insert your FNQ address, and the website immediately says "UNFORTUNATELY WE ARE NOT PROVIDING OUR SERVICES AT YOUR LOCATION".

Go try it yourself and be disgusted!!!   

With Cairns in a longstanding insurance crisis (THE SKY IS FALLING, THE SKY IS FALLING! shrieks John MacKenzie daily), we now find that our taxpayer-supported AusPost insurance service IS REDLINING FAR NORTH QUEENSLAND!

This sadly is just one more fuck-up among years of fuck-ups by Warren Entsch.  You've got to wonder what he's doing when he's in Canberra besides giving interviews about gay marriage.  He's got zero credibility with his colleagues, so he gets nothing done.  He repeatedly spins a tissue of fantasy about all the "work" he's doing for us.  It's self-promotion and baldfaced lies. 

Entsch has been one of the vocal "leaders" who have been trying to get the Queensland Government to rescind the minor port status of Cairns, a status pushed by Gavin King and Campbell Newman during the LNP's abortion government. 

This while Entsch has known full well that the Reef 2050 Plan, proposed and finalised by his own LNP Abbott government, prohibits Cairns from being dredged.  A prohibition not only part of this final agreement, but also agreed with the United Nations.  Entsch continues to vilify environmental organisations like the Pew Research Center (a non-partisan public advocacy, praised just today by Pope Francis on his first visit to the United States).  Pew and the Greens have had nothing to do with this agreement.  IT'S ALL ON THE LIBERAL PARTY, Entschy!  Did you sleep through it?? 

But as the recently discovered letter from LNP Federal Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt, there is NO CHANCE that Queensland can make this change to the Cairns Port.  NONE.

A fact that Warren Entsch, Lying Weasel Extraordinaire, has known for over a year.

So afraid is Entsch of being exposed as a worthless charlatan, he continues to spin lies thinking he'll be able to bullshit his way into one more term.  

Fat chance, fat boy.

Warren Entsch couldn't even stop Australia Post, another government agency, from fucking us over!

He bellows and blusters to LNP mouthpiece Cueball MacKenzie that he's "backing fully the efforts to get the port dredged".  All while knowing the show's over.  Even hardcore LNP locals have begun to question why Entsch is spending all of his time trying to legitimise sodomy instead of doing his job.  

The big question today????

Why is a GOVERNMENT INSURANCE AGENCY being allowed to discriminate against the homeowners of Far North Queensland?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Warren knows something that the rest of us don't - legalising queer marriage will actually save the reef, bring down insurance costs, and enable cruise liners to fit in through the inlet! It's amazing what can be achieved when you legalise sodomy. But then again, take one look at our pathetic region and it becomes quite clear that Warren has been arse fucking Cairns for years.

Alison Alloway said...

I wouldn't trivialise the public lobby for same sex marriage, Anonymous 06.45 above. As an Administrator and co-Administrator of several political sites on facebook, I confirm that it is riding very high on the public agenda for change.
However, well done, Hillbilly once again, for revealing yet again Entsch's inadequacy. Despite the years of hot air and bullshit, nothing satisfactory has been achieved with the outrageous premiums charged by the insurance industry in North Queensland.

I see where the LNP are touting that Australia Post may be given the contract for administering Centrelink and Medicare payments at some future date. This move would precipitate the eventual privatisation of welfare services, where predictably we would see the entire welfare net broken down into pieces with some being "offshored" and jobs given to underpaid, undertrained Pakistanis or Asians somewhere. This is currently what has happened to the Taxation Department with many positions being offshored.

It is beyond the pale that the LNP cannot see that privatisation of government services has failed. Big time. The proof is that reduction in staffing and quality of training for staff results in high stress and a toxic environment, providing a drastic decline in customer service. Avenues for complaints or reviews of decisions are often kept hidden from customer awareness, as another "saving". The CEOs, Executive and shareholders gouge the organisation of profits as much as they can, failing to re-invest in capital expenditure, new equipment etc CEOs and Executives receive obscene salaries, well above the level of salary paid to government Senior Managers. Statistics and performance reports are then "fudged" and handed to government as proof of satisfactory performance.

It is all a deceptive charade which will ultimately have the gravest of consequences.

Handing over our welfare safety net and our Medicare to Australia Post is begging for big trouble.

KitchenSlut said...

I think I commented on the Australia Post insurance thing when it was first posted.

"So this new government-funded service, underwritten by all of the residents of Far North Queensland, is NOT AVAILABLE TO RESIDENTS OF FAR NORTH QUEENSLAND! Start filling out the application and insert your FNQ address, and the website immediately says "UNFORTUNATELY WE ARE NOT PROVIDING OUR SERVICES AT YOUR LOCATION"."

The reference to this as a government-funded service underwritten by all residents of FNQ is just WRONG. I wont bother going into details as this was previously pointed out at the time it was first posted. I don't have a problem with legitimate criticism of Entsch where I have previously been quite open with my own criticism. I do have a problem where this riticism just repeats fundamentally misleading material.

shanghai said...

guess what pilgrims ? not only anz bank wont lend to us but now Macquarie bank wont lend to these high risk areas zetland,ultimo waterloo,southpark and cairns ! wtf did we do wrong ?

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghai? The world according to AA the Labor stooge.

Anonymous said...

Cairns has become a third world country with suburbs resembling Ghetto's. How can you insure a turd?? And why would you invest in a turd?


Kitchenslut, we believe you're being overly pedantic.

We recognise that this is NOT a government insurance company. It's irrelevant to the argument, however. It's a service that a publicly-owned company (Australia Post) has lended their name to. In a sleazy attempt to get additional revenue. And the service is NOT available to all Australians!

It's fraudulent, and the fact that the government of-the-day has accepted the redlining of Far North Queensland is worthy of discussion.

Anonymous said...

The ALP lacks talent for this election, so around we go yet again. They need to recruit candidates who have community profile and recognition, not just another staffer.

Anonymous said...

If the labor party want to get rid of Entsch why don't they put up a decent am candidate against him? I have never heard of that woman and can't even remember her name and the expect me to vote for her.
How about nominating a candidate that at least has a public profile? I mean who is she, where does she come from, what is her background? I know nothing about her. I haven't even heard her voice on television or the radio. Unfortunately she will lose.

Anonymous said...

Eya Slut!

Anonymous said...

My sister moved to Cairns from Perth six years ago and voted for Entsch in the last election. She told me she is going to vote for him again, she is a registered nurse and has a medical science degree.

She told me she liked him because he is lobbying to stop the spread of tuberculosis from PNG into the Torres Strait ... then onto Cairns.

At least my vote for ALP candidate Sharryn Howes will nullify my sisters vote.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Byrne CEO of Advance Cairns? The old white male mafia of Cairns triumph again. Only when they all die off will Cairns have any chance of a progressive economic future.

Anonymous said...

You all are sounding like you are making excuses why you will vote for Entsch. If you don't vote for somebody else then you will always be lying in your own filth. You get the politicians you deserve.

Hamish Krint said...

Hi Anon 02.23 3/6/16. I have met Sharryn Howes, earning an honest living as a social worker for Ngoonbi at Kuranda. She espouses Labor values. To find out more about her, go to www.sharrynhowes.com.au and tell people. So, she isn't a lawyer or a unionist or a staffer - just an ordinary human being. Why must she be high profile? Yes, she has spoken or radio & TV, but doesn't have the big bucks to splash herself all over the media, every hour, every day. Pity. Each of us, in our own small way, could spread the word about her, or else Wazza cruises into the position, again.......

Anonymous said...

Read Kevin Byrnes wants to flog off the dairy from southern tablelands to the Chinese so that means none for us. Scumbag. Or they ship it to China, add permeate then ship that diluted rubbish crap back to us for 50c a litre.

Alison Alloway said...

Anonymous 06.26, FNQ has always had a tuberculosis problem. I doubt it can ever be stopped completely from spreading into the Far North. If Medicare is fully privatised, which apparently she obviously wants, then we can expect to see T.B. raging once more across Australia. One of the big problems today is that Asian students afflicted with the illness cause scares in our universities. I now know of two such scares where the students were told to be checked out after the disease transmitted to others. Yet the media does not report it. China has the worlds second largest population of people with tuberculosis and dormant tuberculosis. Australians are not being warned.
The disease has re-surfaced in the USA and is steadily spreading. Once again, there are no media reports.

Anonymous said...

Not forgetting Entsch voted for the $57 billion cuts in health care around Australia.

Anonymous said...

Yep Anonymous, 23.08, Entsch did. Ditto he will vote for privatisation of Medicare. Then when the shit hits the fan and the public hospitals fall over with increased demand he will just up and point his finger at the State Government. All too fucken easy.

Ken svay said...

I met with Xeonphon number one Senate candidate Suzanne Grant this week in town. An impressive committed candidate but she reports that Pauline Hanson is probably going to get the vote.
Oh dear, what hope is there? Huge storms in the south this week but we still cop the huge insurance premiums. You would think that this issue alone would motivate voters to think before voting, but no.
We hill billies are truly fucked.I may have to go back to Cambodia which despite being one of the most corrupt countries in the world is better than FNQ.

Anonymous said...

Senate is best made up of those that can review facts and fisgues so if QLD votes Hanson there are truly the idiot state. Xenophon is rght wing conservative who makes evidenced based decisions rather than shooting off populist rhetoric aimed at lowest common denominator. The right need more of him and less Abbott/ Trumpish crap.

sir cus. said...

HBW has exposed the hypocrisy with regard to two important issues for FNQ,large scale dredging and home insurance ,one should never happen and one that should.The use-by date for Entsch is long gone ,given Governments are voted out not in the profile of a new candidate may not be relevant.

KitchenSlut said...

"We recognise that this is NOT a government insurance company. It's irrelevant to the argument, however. It's a service that a publicly-owned company (Australia Post) has lended their name to. In a sleazy attempt to get additional revenue. And the service is NOT available to all Australians!"

No you haven't. You have explicitly stated that it is underwritten by FNQ. This is a lie.