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08 June 2016



In the space of just two weeks, Member for Leichhardt Warren Entsch has succeeded in pissing off friends and foes alike, with the result that the Cairns community polled now views him as an ignorant buffoon, flip-flopping like a stunned dugong.


First he attempted to inject his spending ideas into the local Cairns Council, offering to spend their "pot of federal money" on a stadium and his silly "tunnel to nowhere" idea while attacking plans for the long-needed Entertainment Precinct. He spoke viciously about the Cairns Mayor Schier on the "Cueball" hour, for weeks. Then, suddenly, he sees a vision and sez "yes, the Entertainment Precinct should be built on the waterfront". Leaving his former fellow allies out to dry.

Then he's spruiking to get money for the new Chinese owners of the Sheraton Mirage, claiming that "Chinese culture likes tangible government commitments". Warren, mate, it's called a bribe - that's Chinese business culture, not ours. A few beheadings for political corruption in Australia might not be such a bad idea. 

Then of course the Entschy-generated email sent as a thinly-veiled attack against Malcolm Turnbull, whom Entsch has privately described as "one o' them misguided intellectuals". Yup, what the LNP needs is more closeted homos - let's run that by the voters in Wentworth.

Yesterday, reports of Entch's disgust with LNP Candidate for Cairns, Paul Freebody were all the rage. Actually, this was the first sensible position Warren's taken all year - Freebody is an even bigger clown than Wazza and his preselection for the seat of Cairns will guarantee an LNP loss despite enormous anger against Labor in Cairns. Freebody's now painting himself, his failed waterpark, and failing carwash as a "victim" of the GFC, when in fact he's just a victim of his own greed and big mouth. And yet today Entsch rolls over like a Christmas goose, issuing a media statement backing down the same day he tells the Cairns Post he stood by his previous statements!

Don't forget his outsourcing of his website to Brisbane while attacking Council for not protecting local jobs. Or his employment of bankrupt Danae Jones as full-time media advisor, after she failed to pay employees and contractors around the town.

Whew! We're exhausted just keeping track of it all!

Then there's the story that the Cairns Post won't cover - Entsch's financial relationship with failed company the CEC Group (CEG), where he was director and chairman during a critical time that the company stopped paying entitlements, superannuation, and other required company payments. ASIC is investigating Entsch as part of their criminal probe into the failure of CEC, where Entsch was still a "consultant" as the house of cards collapsed.

You can't make this shit up!

These are the acts of a deranged madman, only interested in what he can get for himself. The kind of politician that MUST GO, regardless of party or ideology. 



Anonymous said...

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Stench can take it up the arse sideways!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious shit HBW!! Wazza the Dugong! And that picture of him pulling Turnbulls finger, gold! I reckon the caption to that photo as Turnbull points at the Dugongs chest should be 'Warren, your titties are huge, have you gone up a cup size?'

Anonymous said...

I like to be informed HBW but find the humour too overstimulating and the missus not happy with my laughter late at night.

Peter James said...

Stentsch is so far in the closet he has been having adventures in Narnia! Get rid of the goat-fucker before Cairns becomes totally fucked and fly-blown like a queers arse.

Anonymous said...

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. FNQ Ha.

Hamish Krint said...

Hey everyone, no matter how much you write about Wazza, unless you splash it all over the social media (use links to hillbilly.com)and make more people aware, Wazza will cruise into the position again. Macca won't bag him, the Compost won't back him, no one will bag him publicly for fear of being shafted by their boss or funding sources - which means that 95% of the electorate will be unaware of all that Hillbilly writes. It's almost a lost cause trying to unseat him, unless some drastic awareness takes place. Sometimes I think the small hillbilly readership just likes a laugh, but is not willing to put time and resources into helping other candidates like Sharryn Howes. Am I right? I'm doing my bit - are you???

Alison Alloway said...

Ooh alright Hillbilly, I, for one am a little weary of the personal attacks. So Entsch has not been the best representative, I agree. The Liz Plummer Radiotherapy and Oncology Unit stands as stark proof of Entsch's ineffective representation over the years. We had to wait until the ALP represented Leichhardt to get that critical, life saving medical facility.

This coming election the big issue is whether Australia wants to continue down the road of neo-liberalism or not, with the institution of Medicare now at mortal risk. Do we want an Americanised health care system where medical care is based only upon your ability to pay, or the current system of care? A full privatised health care system, with its price gouging and abandonment of any pretence of the Hippocratic Oath, as well as little or no government intervention or controls, just scares me to death. The tragedy is many Aussies are like naïve little children and still believe that governments won't allow "bad" things to happen.

Anonymous said...


it is a paradox. What the people say they want will never be delivered because they vote for the party that almost promises not to deliver. Stockholm voter syndrome? You can see it in the US where the poorer states kept voting Republican then wondered why they kept getting poorer. Now they vote Trump because what they voted for came true. So liberals being a train wreck government may see him turfed out but such a bad government still polls 50% so it is more religion than rational voting choices.

Good article the other day on rural and regional Australia being at cross roads with so many comments perplexed at why regional and rural Australia vote agaisnt themselves.


Anonymous said...

Allison, I disagree, why shouldn't people make the attacks personal? Entsch has neglected our community and made outrageous mistakes and decisions which ultimately affects us personally. So as far as I'm concerned it should be gloves off and if people want to attack the Dugong then good!!
The bloke is a hog riding overweight hillbilly who couldn't deliver a letter to a mailbox. It seems everyone knows that except himself.

Anonymous said...

Malcolm Turdball pointing at Rotten Stench's manboobs, Stench with his mouth partially open, were the two of them about to act out a Parliament House version of Brokeback Mountain? Makes sense, lots of talk and support from these two for fag marriages.

Alison Alloway said...

Anonymous 18.33. Entsch's ineffectiveness as a representative has meant unnecessary deaths in the Leichhardt electorate. Should he be re-elected along with an LNP Federal Government, he will once again continue to sentence people to unnecessary deaths, when he votes for the full privatisation of Medicare. It is that black and white. If people on low incomes are forced into making a choice between seeing a doctor or eating, people will die.

Yet, let us not restrict our horror and disgust to just Entsch. I notice on Rob Pyne's site "Standing Up For Cairns" he is suggesting people cast an informal vote this coming election. Here is ANOTHER elected representative who doesn't give a shit about the impending privatisation of Medicare. ANOTHER representative who doesn't give a rat's whether low income people will be able to afford all the medical tests, Xrays and diagnostic tests and doctors visits. Aaaah yes, it is in Pyne's best personal interests of course that he continues with the self-serving sophistry that "I know everything, I know best!" With his quest to look after "Number One" he is giving the finger to the demise of our national health care system. Like the Pied Piper of folklore, he is leading a group of half-wits to a fearful future where illness or accident will bankrupt them.
Pyne is every bit as repulsive a representative as Entsch.

As someone said to me this morning, "You would think, that as he is a paraplegic, Pyne would know just how much medical care people need when they become paraplegics and he would be going all out to support Labor in retaining Medicare!" Well, read his site and find out that he isn't!!

Anonymous said...

HBW, can we please have a 5 part series on "Kevin Browns greatest airport fuckups' before Voldemere leaves Cairns for Perth?

Thanks bro

Tony Hillier said...

The days when politicians truly represented the interests of their electorates and put locals' interests ahead of party protocols and self interests are long gone. They're so out of touch with day-to-day realities, it's scary. I share Alison's fears that a re-elected LNP govt will systematically set about dismantling or privatising Medicare, either of which will leave Australians with a health system similar to that in the USA, which means that low income people will suffer.

Anonymous said...

No need to be homophobic

Alison Alloway said...

Tony Hillier, there are damn good reasons why, as you say, "gone are the days when politicians truly represented the interests of their electorates." I will give you an example, and I know you will have a strong interest in this:
Some years back I stood up at an ALP Conference and spoke passionately about the need to legalise medicinal cannabis. The conference voted in favour. Our ALP delegates raised it at the Queensland Conference, and it was adopted as ALP policy at the last State Election. So yes, we were listened to. It is a lie that political parties "don't listen" to the electorate, and a lie which is eagerly promoted by a lot of self-serving "independent" charlatans.

Early this year, the Federal Government approved the growing and cultivation of cannabis as a medicinal crop. (Entsch voted in favour of this, may I point out.)
Both Victoria and Queensland then introduced legislation enabling the supply of medicinal cannabis to patients.

I thought that would be the end of it. However, NO.
To the best of my knowledge, Victoria and Queensland, both Labor States which are leading the way, now have different policies on the supply of medicinal cannabis.
So I am going to have to stand up again at a Regional Conference and speak about the need to have one national policy on the supply of medicinal cannabis to patients across Australia.
As you would know, this is a very popular issue, and people are now aware that medicinal cannabis has a real place in medicine, with more and more information becoming steadily available.
HOWEVER, what the overwhelming majority of people are doing is merely congregating on social media with their thoughts or their bitching and moaning, INSTEAD of going to the political parties, speaking out and helping to forge a policy.
Then they have the auadacity to say the politicians are "out of touch"??
I put it to you to think of one lone individual solitary person, yes, just me, standing up at a political conference to say we need a national model and that I believe the Victorian model is the one to follow.
Where the FUCK are all the others who support medicinal cannabis? Need I say again that ONE out of TWO people born today will develop cancer at some stage in their lives, and that most of these people will benefit from medicinal cannabis?
YET what people are doing is just to sit on social media and whinge and whine and abuse politicians???!! Just who is at fault here?

Over the decades I have been a member of a political party, I have seen membership steadily decline as Australians become more and more apathetic and inert. We are a democracy which enables the "power of one". I have never been in doubt of that seeing over the decades how some of my ideas have been taken up and incorporated into our governance. We do have influence and power when we act as a CITIZEN should.
However, sitting back at home, bitching and bellyaching in front of the TV set or flying around social media venting and abusing politicians achieves nothing.
Experts keep on telling us our democracy is weakening. For that, the blame rests solely with the Australian people.

Alison Alloway said...

The above would have made a damn good subject as a lead story for "Barfly" particularly if an interview with Daniel Andrews could be obtained.

Anonymous said...

Off topic....

AQUIS challenged for being on a flood plain = greenies killing jobs

Houses damaged oceanfront Collaroy = stupidity why would people build in risky areas ?

All experts after the fact.

Tony Hillier said...

Alison, were Barfly still around, I'm sure we would have championed the cause of legalising medicinal cannabis. I applaud your evident commitment to and your tenacity in fighting the good fight in that regard. You clearly have some clout in ALP circles. Were you never tempted to seek election as a Labor candidate for Leichhardt or Cairns?

Anonymous said...

Greenies stopped the seawall construction at Collaroy 10 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Anon 17:19 then there are the facts. State government offered funds for a sea wall but residents were required to contribute but refused.

Anonymous said...

No relevance to the topic but more to the point 17:19, who were the greedy (not greenie) bastards that OK'd the development of real estate for their rich mates on geologically unstable ground only metres from the sea in the first place - knowing full well that if something like this occurred the stupid rate payer will forking out the money for it.

Alison Alloway said...

No Tony Hillier, never tempted. I don't possess the resilience and self-discipline of Val Schier and Desley Boyle and these are qualities which a public figure must have for personal well-being.

Anonymous said...

In that photograph you can almost read the body language. Wazza is saying - 'hey Mal, is that the black folder that contains the Panama papers relating to your offshore tax havens, as well as the contact details of every male only massage den in Cairns"? And Malcolm is retorting with 'NO, you giant 160 kg walrus, it's even better than that, it's the phone number for every queer and steer who resides in the Cairns district. All you gotta do is get the Libs voted back in nationally and the folder is all yours, cupcake".

Anonymous said...

I saw that comment you wrote Alison about Pyne not speaking up to save Medicare. You know that Tom and Marion Pyne were quite well off so Rob received the very best treatment available and he can afford to have a few carers. I dont believe he understands at all how a private health system will disadvantage the low income people who become sick and injured or the aged people on a pension. Pyne seems more interested in playing the social butterfly around town like a film star celebrity and latching onto populist type issues like the age old abortion one to shore up his vote. He probably also doesn't have a clue that once Medicare is fully privatised a good proportion of women just won't be able to afford to have a safe abortion anyway as these are done in private clinics not public hospitals. The cost for the anaesthetist, the specialist, the pharmacist etc would be exorbitant and would steadily rise under privatisation.