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07 July 2016


It's not clear what's more amazing.

  • The reports of fraud and massive malfunction at the Cairns (un)Regional Council
  • The refusal by Cairns Council CEO Peter Tabulo to fulfill a Right to Information Request on the now $12 million IT debacle
  • The lying by Mayor Bob "Sleepy" Manning on the real reasons for staff rejecting the Grass is Greener music festival
  • The lying by Mayor Manning on the huge cost overruns associated with the implementation and mismanagement of the Civica IT contract upgrade - claiming "in-confidence" agreements.
  • The ease at which Manning and Tabulo have thrown Council professionals under the bus for these fuck-ups
  • The actual investigative reporting now being done by the Cairns Post 

Cairns Post reporter Jim Campbell was the author of "fluff jobs" on Bob Manning and Cairns Council BEFORE the election. This included his ignorant reporting on the Bob Manning and Family mismanagement and finally bankruptcy of the formerly well-oiled business that was EventsNQ.  And the approval by the Manning Council of a sweetheart contract at the same time the business was Trading While Insolvent.  

Jim Campbell and the Cairns Post ignored all of it.  

But this week Jim Campbell has apparently decided that his ability to continue work as a "journalist" anywhere would be limited in the future if he continued with his fluff-piece writing ways.  We understand however that the Townsville-based editor of the Cairns Post, Julian Tomlinson (who has NO journalism education) has refused to take the next legal steps to get compliance with from the Cairns Council for the Right of Information request.  So Cairns Post editorial remains flaccid and refuse to back-up their reporter. No surprise there.

Manning's claim of "business in-confidence" agreements with Civica is a defence already struck down by Queensland Courts when tried by the government in the Queensland Health payroll system debacle.  Council has NO RIGHT to withhold this information from the public.  NONE. 

Civica Pty Ltd is a well-known and experienced provider of software management systems for councils right-around Australia. As well as schools and other public entities. Bob Manning has inferred that the "business in-confidence" requirement was at the insistence of Civica, and all but accused Civica of providing a substandard system to the CRC. Without a full explanation of the issues involved it's hard to determine what's gone wrong (and if it has been fixed).  However Civica is being portrayed as the "bad guy"by Cairns Council management who have obviously provided this "spin" to the Mayor.  Civica should be worried.  

Just recently Manning contacted some adjoining Councils including Douglas Shire, offering to provide contract services to these smaller Councils for these kind of management services.  We are reliably informed that management at several adjacent Councils were well-aware of the chaos that was the Cairns Council IT department.  They've demurred, of course.

We can also report that Right of Information requests on the Tobruk Pool are being rejected by Peter Tabulo as well.  Council insiders have previously reported substandard work done on the facility, and continue to report a massive overrun in the cost.  An overrun that cannot be ascertained by publicly available council documents as Bob Manning since Bob Manning began HIDING the council financial reporting that was routine under both previous Mayors Byrne and Schier.  Council staff has been interviewed by business solicitors hired by Council making preparations for a lawsuit against the contractor Adco.  This after the well-known cock-ups when the contract was first let to them and the refusal of Manning to back down despite the history of Adco and swimming pools.

And we've also got to ask - what happened to the $5M Health Club that was supposed to be part of the Tobruk Pool, and a key part of the financial planning?  HAHAHA

We've received widespread reports that Bob Manning, primarily resident on the Esplanade, has promised other residents and hoteliers to move all the "noisemaking events" off the Esplanade altogether.  This was the primary reason an outdoor concert venue was included in Munro Martin Park, as well as the reason this project got NO public scrutiny and was pushed into construction last year.  While Division 5 Councillor Richie Bates is talking tough now, we have seen emails that suggest he was aware of the decision - MONTHS ago.

Bob Manning promised before the 2012 election that his council would be "open and transparent".  That Council, along with this newly-elected Council, have been anything but  Financial analysts have been denied the information to evaluate the REAL financial position of this council.  While voters apparently can be bought with low rates and grandiose promises of a "Green" monorail, we're clearly on a negative trajectory. 

Would things have been different without such an inept and un-Australian Cairns Post?  


Anonymous said...

Another good article from HBW. However, we should look at these issues in this context; Bob Manning is providing that exact level of service that Cairns residents want. You see, we already knew from his previous term that he was a shonk, questionable, an obsfucator, untrustworthy, totally not transparent, and an absolutely lazy incompetent fool, waster of taxpayer money and useless businessman. So what did the local community (fucktards) do? They voted this arrogant short-arse coconut husk in for another term!!

So, dear locals, this is what you get. You were all warned, but you opted to stick with this Muppet. Congratulations!

HBW, please keep these reports alive. Excellent work. We all know that nothing is going to change, but it is still fun reminding the locals of what they voted for. Fuckwits

Peter James said...

Dear Anonymous 13:31
If you want to sing the praises of our wonderous Mayor could you fuck off and do it elsewhere. Not everyone shares your barenaked admiration of Chairman Bob. Some of us don't even like him.

shanghai said...

above I resent the the comparison between coconuts and local polies coconuts are useful ! but could you imagine cue ball filling his gob with a coconut musk on his head yelling out at villa romana more vino garcon !!

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghai? Peter should Fuck off as not everyone shares your leftist view except AA. Hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 18:33 needs some pictures and smaller words to help them understand what you are saying Peter. Then again they have their posted comment displaying their illiterate stupidity and that must be so embarrassing. *sigh* Right wingers have no sense of humour.

Anonymous said...

Peter Peter Peter, harden up petal. No need to tak it personally, unless you are actually Bob, or one of Bobs relatives, or perhaps his finance adviser, or his male lover......

Anonymous said...

Has he annoyed Warren Entsch, seesm to eb him that runs the press here.

Anonymous said...

Cairns is stuck with the most incompetent Council the city has ever had. Schilling thinks he's the Almighty, James is useless, Bates is a puppet, Moller is waiting to make a move for Mayor, Zeiger does whatever Schilling tells her to do, Richardson is extinct, Cooper is in the pocket of developers and Olds is brain dead. At least Max is good for a laugh but what a Circus they are.

Anonymous said...

Annon 19:19, so true. An incredible compilation of dross. Total incompetence. All this mob will achieve is to drain the taxpayer purse a bit more, pad up their super accounts and use their positions to earn Board and directors salaries, spin business decisions in their financial favour, and produce jack-shit. Cairns will decline even further over the coming years. It's an embarrassment that a group of people can be anointed into positions where they produce nothing, take a city backwards, and then get paid shitloads to do that! No wonder the world is fucked, multiple that by all Councils and Government agencies globally!

Anonymous said...

This current Council have it made in heaven. They can all sleep in every day, wander off around the world whenever they feel like it, all on big $ bucks. Life is good. Mackenzie won't ever say a bad word against them, ditto The Cairns Post which only oozes out fawning praise and adulation. If the shit hits the fan they have a Labor State Government to blame for everything. They have a Federal Member who will put his beak in and agree with the Council that Labor is to blame for anything which goes wrong. To top it off now they also have a State Member in Rob Pyne who will rip it into whoever is his biggest threat at his re-election. No prizes for guessing who that is either.
So of course there is no accountability whatsoever apart from HBW.
Unquestionably we are looking at the very worst possible Council ever.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how most of the issues in Cairns are of a legacy nature. For example Warren Stench - been in the game in Cairns for years. Has accomplished nothing. All piss and win. Useless twat! Bob Manning - Cairns port authority, the airport, Councillor and Mayor - all in Cairns, round and round it goes, screwup's in all three enterprises, but he is still employed, useless twat. Fruitloop Andrejeic - Cairns port authority, airport, then a plum made-for-him CFO role at Council. Again, another legacy of uselessness, and he is a complete twat. Herr Tabulo........the same. The list is endless. Same people, all useless, all doing circles, all mates looking after each other, all pathetic. "Cairns, the Hillbilly gateway of the North".