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24 July 2016


It's hard to understand if ANY journalistic standards exist now at the Cairns Post - or if there really is someone attempting to be an 'editor'.

In just this week, we've been treated to a series of ignorant and nonsensical stories that reflect little reality.  And while the ComPost for years has dished out bullshit stories about projects that never get off the ground (a'la the Paul Freebody waterhole), even these stories are now lacking the allure of their usual fools-gold plating.

Take the headline story "MINER EYES CAPE YORK FOR LITHIUM EXPLORATION".  The ComPost touts the story as perhaps "heavy lifting. . .the Far North's Economy?"

So insignificant was this development the company Lithium Australia, didn't bother to even promote it.  So insignificant is the development that the Palaszczuk Labor government haven't even bothered to include it in their mining exploration plans.

Then the ComPost gets to the key facts they've uncovered with this "exclusive"!  Lithium Australia's CEO sez:  "It will be going through the normal routine process, but I've got no idea how long that takes".

So it's another ComPost story about NOTHING.  It should have been one sentence, but instead it's a headline-grabbing nonsense.

Then we get to one of our two phantom Chinese developers, Mr. Benny Wu.  The Cairns Post CONTINUES to claim Benny Wu is the owner of Double Island.  It was long ago established that Wu is just a "front man" for an Australian-based Director of China's Shandong Energy, Owen Huang (黄-平).  This kind of false stories can mislead local contractors and tradies if and when they contract for work.  The ComPost shouldn't be misleading the public this way.

The ComPost this week again flogs this dead horse by proffering the "latest and greatest excuses" from Benny Wu as to why after almost four years he's done NOTHING to reopen Double Island, or even refurbish the now-beyond-sleazy Acacia Court Hotel.  Ditto with the Kewarra Beach Resort.

Benny Wu, who claims to be "Dr. Wu", has a diploma-mill doctorate from the disgraced Lincoln University - a scam closed down long ago by American authorities.

In a bizarre twist, the Cairns Post then allows new Advance Cairns CEO Kevin "Hiding from the Pakis" Byrne to give Benny a kick in the nuts.  Our new Cairns "Business Cheerleader" is quoted:  "The realist in me tells me that we're unlikely to see (these Benny Wu projects) proceed under the current ownership".  Perhaps Kevin believes his wife, Amanda Byrne, who was struck off for life as a property manager by the Queensland Government a decade ago, could do a better job.  We excitedly await the Byrne review of Aquis.

The third bizarre ComPost story this week involves perhaps the most serious social issue in Cairns - the huge youth unemployment rate.  A reported 26.6%, community leaders routinely quote 50% as closer to reality.

The Cairns Post gives us Kyle O'Donnell and Natalia Grasso,
NEW $1000 iPHONE 6
who claim they are "living week-to-week as they desperately search for work".  The ComPost gins up sympathy for the couple, who we find are "both 17-year-olds" who have to spend "their entire savings on living expenses".

First of all, WTF are these two children doing not living at home?  Well they weren't going to school - neither of these two "lovebirds" even bothered to finish high school.  So even the foreign backpackers have more skills to offer Cairns employers.

But a little troll through the young couple's Facebook pages paint a much different picture of these two children.

Kyle O'Donnell looks to have a seriously hardworking father.  No mention of a mother anywhere, so that's a worry.  Kyle has been boasting since he was 15 that he loves his grog.  Who's the alcohol enabler of a 15 year old?  No talk about a job, or career, or anything that might help his future.  But lots of talk about lifting weights, buying expensive body-builder supplements, and boasts about how "ripped" he's getting.  Put some of that effort into a job-hunt, kid.

Natalia Grasso's mother is one Christine Burke.  She says she's a hard working mum and works at a hospital in New South Wales.  As mother of three children all with different last names, she hasn't exactly been the world's best role model for Natalia, but the distance has sure lightened the load for mum. 

Natalia talks about "great weekends away" with her 17 year old beau, so you've got to wonder why the Cairns Post didn't dig a little deeper.  Where are these two kids living, anyway?  Are they collecting the dole from Centrelink?  What kind of job services are they being provided?  Anyone suggested that maybe they need to get a little more schooling?

Natalia says "it's really hard", and that they had to spend "their entire savings on living expenses".  I see Kyle is using the latest model $1000 Apple iPhone.  Some things more important than food, I guess.  Boo fucking hoo.  I smell a Cairns Post setup.

These are the prototypical young people we're turning out in Cairns.  This isn't meant to be a critique of these two children, who apparently agreed to be featured in this Cairns Post story.  If your mother is banging out bastards left and right and there's no one at home being a parent and getting you schooled properly, its mum and no daddy that cop the blame.  The Cairns Post put a sad picture at the head of the story and then invested precious little in the way of actual reporting.  Another FAIL by the Cairns Post.  The viewpoint being promoted to the readers is that apparently Cairns has high youth unemployment and that government isn't doing enough.  It's an opinion with no substance - is John MacKenzie now editing the ComPost?

Yes, we DO have a massive youth unemployment.  Why hasn't the Cairns Post done a REAL story about the causes and solutions?

Finally, we've got a disjointed story about liquor use in the Cape York community of Kowanyama.  It's horribly written and makes no sense.  It talks about liquor-related offences being high, and then we find out later in the story that the majority of them are liquor POSSESSION, not public drunkenness, drink driving, or some "real" crime.  The only "real" crime is the fact that reporter Grace Mason can't write a coherent sentence, and that Julian Tomlinson can't recognise shit when he reads it.

The most shocking information however is put at the end of the story, almost as an afterthought.  It says that the Kowanyama Canteen "limits" a person to 10 cans of middle beer in the four hours they're open, except on "Super Saturdays" when there are NO limits.  No wonder the "canteen idea" hasn't fixed the problem.  


CBD Warrior said...

You're completely correct about the Cairns Post, HBW. Basically all they do now is advertising for those who can't work a computer or don't have a smart phone. Real Estate advertising is over 1000% more expensive than five years ago! The CP has given up really putting an effort for the community. No wonder since they aren't part of the Cairns Community anymore, with almost all of the work being done in Townsville.

As for our two little job-seekers, this is sadly the result of selfish parents who've spent NO real time raising their children and instilling in them some kind of value system. Look for Kyle and Natalie to be banging out some kid soon - when they find out what kind of money THEY can get from the government for this task.

Anonymous said...

Good ol ComPost, the 'Townsville newspaper'. Absolute load of shit alright. As for the 17 year old kids and the love bird story, another crock. These kids are growing up expecting to have everything handed to their lazy asses with no effort out in by them. These two are probably no different. A society of kids not wanting to work, violent, addicted to Facebook, Twitter and taking selfies, fast food eating piss drinkers, pot smokers and Ice takers, and selfish uncaring little arrogant fuckers with no regard for other humans. A lot of the girls have had the clap by the time they are 15 and the boys are getting knob-rot from sticking their doodles into multiple girls at drugged fuelled parties.
Yep, it's a wonderful generation being bred and these scumbags are the future of our country. Cairns sounds like the perfect 'host' for these young parasites.

Anonymous said...

Lies, damned lies and the Cairns Post. This former local newspaper is now another from the Murdoch tabloid stable. It has no balanced reporting and the few 'reporterters' that actually work for it are not career journalists. Every time I buy it I think of what Johhny Rotten said ' ever get the feeling you are getting cheated' yes Johnny I Do.

Hamish Krint said...

And the weekend compost jacked up the price this weekend! Vicious circle - price hike, less sales, more price hike, less sales, till one disappears up one's fundamental orifice!

Alison Alloway said...

Alright everyone, just stop knocking the young. I well recall all the abuse when I was a teenager dressed in mini-skirt and platform shoes, long hair and suede fringed shoulder bag, back in the 1970s. Yes, guaranteed The Cairns Post may not have chosen an ideal pair to portray as the face of youth unemployment, however there are many out there who desperately are trying. This generation will have life much harder than we boomers as neo-liberalism continues its assault upon all the public institutions, welfare services and working conditions. The Australia we grew up in will not be the same Australia for them. All the benefits of the social conscience which emerged in the late 19th century and 20th century will be abolished in line with the demise of the social conscience and democratic contract. I predict many of this generation will end their lives in privatised "Work Houses" similar to those of the Victorian era and will not have a long life. Indeed their lives may be terminated through legalised euthanasia if they are regarded as useless.

the ponz said...

These kids are the future patrons of Belly Up Bob's cultural rejuvenation ha ha...perfect job applicants for the plethora of knock shops (wot?.. you hadn't noticed?..) around Cairns. " Sex worker" is seen as being one of the only viable "career" opportunities by school leavers and other "stranded" young people in this dump, and even that is being ruined by undercutting by backpackers and itinerant foreign whores. Get out and talk to some, unbelievers. 26.6 percent my arse!

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghai? AA has spoken every one Neal and listen to the leftie queen, she is telling us about her hussy ban the bra days. Show some respect people. HaHaHa

Anonymous said...

Your not wrong Alison. Everything that was developed in the 20th century is being broken down or abolished.

Hamish Krint said...

I take your point Alison. There are many 'unfortunate' youth, who, despite trying hard to be self-sufficient, cannot do so. However, when I was young(er) there was no dole, and I did anything to make a few bob. I asked the duty manager at the Esplanade Coffee Club - why the rapid turnaround of staff? She replied - they are backpackers, who constantly move on to see different parts of Australia. I asked - why not employ locals? She replied - they are not interested in working 'unfriendly hours' e.g. early Sunday mornings. The farmers are bemoaning the forthcoming tax on backpackers. But where are the local youth taking up the 'adventure' of fruit picking? Not cosy enough? Too far away? Not enough social life at night? Maybe young people need to change their priorities to: 1. You work 2. You eat 3. You play - rather than the reverse....

Peter James said...

Anonymous 7:25 - You need to get out more. Maybe visit some local schools, sporting groups, youth orchestras, etc etc etc and have a look at the overwhelming majority of good kids in this area. It's easy to anonymously spew forth a diatribe like yours without any basis of fact. What a hero.
The funny thing is - the youth you portray - an absolute minority - couldn't give a toss about YOUR opinion. The balance of our youth - the majority - also couldn't, and shouldn't, care less about YOUR abhorent opinion. So guess who that leaves giving a fuck about YOUR opinion. You guessed it! YOUR party of one.
Your vitriol suggests you know nothing about our youth at all. Or from a photo YOU can judge a young couple's level of commitment to each other, their work ethic and drug dependencies, their diet, attitudes and sexual habits.
Like I suggested - do try to get your head out of your arse long enough to actually engage with their generation. I can imagine the immediate hue and cry if you had so gutlessly levelled your assumptions against any other strata of society ( think Aboriginals, Muslims, etc. ).
You are living proof that you don't need a long neck to be a goose.

Anonymous said...

Hey Peter, you're right, the majority are perfect. I was only describing YOUR kids!

shanghai said...

come on Allison show us a photo ?I'm sure elvis would be impressed !

Ken svay said...

Really you are no better than the Post with this article. Backpackers work for $10 an hour cash, it's illegal and it's wrong. They can work for three months for free to get their second year visas.
Do we want our youngsters in $10 an hour jobs until they are sacked for someone cheaper? You should be criticizing governments who have destroyed the apprenticeship system. 100,000 fewer apprenticeships under the LNP and the ALP not much better. 457 visa holders number about a million and have stolen kids jobs, that's the real problem.
Then we have dodgy training providers ripping off the taxpayer and not training anyone. This problem needs analysis that is beyond the Murdoch media or you Hillbilly. I feel sorry for you reinforcing stereotypes just like Murdoch. We need good ideas and solutions not just smart ares who like to bash others. That's so easy isn't it?

Alison Alloway said...

Farm work isn't for everybody. I recall when I was picking tobacco near Dimbulah as a teenager, one of the young teens working alongside me suddenly went into hysterics and took off for the stringing shed as fast as she could. Following her into the shed, I found, once she was able to speak, that she had seen spiders amongst the tobacco plants. She said she was not going back into the fields because she was terrified of spiders. Well, I laughed, as I had seen the spiders too and just kept a wary eye out for them, shaking them to the ground if I found them on a leaf. However, it wasn't long before I was sprinting down the row back to the stringing shed as fast as I could, too, and declaring I wouldn't go back out there picking tobacco, either. What had spooked me was seeing a snake, either a brown or a taipan, curled up amongst the plants. I suspect it was a taipan as a shaft of sunlight picked out its reddish eyes. (The late Mr. Ram Chandra had regularly visited our schools with his snake collection so that we could learn to identify dangerous snakes.)
I never went back to picking tobacco ever again. As I said at the beginning, not all people can do farm work.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect work environment to me - living and working on the tablelands and especially with tobacco, being paid in cash, backpacking, what more could one want!

Bob R. said...

Well said there Ken svay. Yeah too fucken right the kids today have to contend with the tens of thousands of 457 Visa holders who are pouring into Australia and taking over the jobs for a pittance in wages. It seems like every week the Fair Work Australia is investigating cases where minimal wages and poor work conditions were given to these 457 Visa holders. As for the people in the tourist industry here in Cairns they blame Australian kids for their own fucken greed in only wanting backpackers so they can pay them cash payments of a pittance for long hours. The wife and her friends had a meal in town recently and the wife said the food was most likely rehashed leftovers reheated in a microwave and smothered in a packet sauce. She couldn't eat the shit. The wife is a damned good cook so she would know. The wife said people were just pouring in and out of that fucken restaurant like an overflowing dam so they were throwing out the food as fast as they could. The city is full of tourists so why the fuck should they care if people don't come back.
Yeah Alison not all people can do farm work or work on trawlers either.

Second Anonymous said...

ComPost - either a story about a crocodile, a python that has eaten something or a set up pic with people with a sad/angry looks and crossed arms. Add the obligatory Chamber, Advance Cairns or TTNQ opinion and it is the daily news.

They would make you think that house breaking and stolen cars is only a local issue instead of happening worldwide.

Soon they will need to take a different tack and bring out a new feral pig epidemic invading every backyard, new soil bacteria that eats flesh and a new mosquito virus. All regularly rehashed tabloid crap posing as news.

Before Christmas there will be a story telling us it will be the season of the most and worst cyclones with the biggest floods.

It is all getting a bit predictable ... and feral pigs invading every backyard has been neglected and must be due for a front page and another 20 follow up stories.

But maybe before that more youth crime, need for boot camps, weekend detenton, corporal punishment at school yada, yada, yada.

And we are continually informed that house and business prices are through the roof and above world average and presumably unaffordable investments because it must be a sellers market to get such returns - but then the real estate section seems to be the biggest section of the paper.

The classifieds - always a big earner for any newspaper has shrunk with the main adverts for "Adult Services". Obituaries - also a good earner for most papers has shrunk in the ComPost - most likely because they share the same columns as Adult Services.

Two to three decades ago the CAIRNS POST was a reliable source of local, state and international news. It is now becoming un-newsworthy as it morphs to opinion and promoting sponsors as news.

Question: how low will they go before they raise the standard to take into account the intellect of their potential circulation?

At the moment it is so "dumbed down" the potential audience must be very low.

There is a great potential for this monopoly to make money - but their mindset is stuck in a different world to the one we live.

Peter James said...

Anonymous 06:17
Google " tobacco growing in Australia " and report back on your utopian dream of living on the tablelands and working with tobacco. Fail !
Yet another industry that was arse raped by the Federal government. One more addition to a long, shameful list.
Take a guess at where the majority of leaf coming into Australia originates? Sit up the front of the class if you said China. Get a gold star if you said it has been that way for 10 years.

Observer said...

The son of some friends of mine came over from the UK and went backpacking around Australia. This young kid was pleased to find work picking fruit at Childers in Queensland. His wages were $50 a day for ten hours work per day. He thought this was alright and then went to look for nearby accommodation in the town. He found all he could get was a shared dormitory type bedroom sharing showers and toilet with several other backpackers for $200.00 per week. Childers is freezing cold in winter so he couldn't very well camp outdoors. Needless to say he left as soon as he could. Farmers may well scream out for workers but until there is reasonable affordable accommodations for their workers, they will always have problems.

Alison Alloway said...

Anonymous 06.17, a lot of students worked on tobacco farms in the Mareeba/Dimbulah district during the late 1960s and early 1970s. It wasn't bad money for young teens. We could earn $5 or $6 a day and the farmers would drive us to and fro the farm. I only have fond memories of those days. The mostly Italian and Yugoslav farmers and share farmers were good to us all and I was never aware of any ill treatment of any worker. It was hard physical work, even stringing the tobacco, as the six foot long sticks, hanging with pounds of tobacco leaves, were heavy to put up on racks in the curing barns. It was however, not work for the faint hearted as crops everywhere harbour all kinds of animal life. The tobacco leaves often had itchy grubs on them which made our skin itch like crazy. Then there were frogs, toads, spiders and the odd snake hiding amongst the bushes in the fields. The tobacco also oozed a sap which some people found they had a reaction to.

Interestingly enough, many years later when I was working in the public service, I recall one day smelling the unmistakeable perfume of the tobacco flower. It seemed to waft past me every now and then. I put my head up from my work and commented to my colleagues, "I can smell tobacco flowers!" I said. The chap sitting opposite me, a fellow of Italian extraction replied, "I thought it was my imagination, but I can smell it too!" He quickly explained that his Uncle and Aunt had a tobacco farm at Dimbulah and he had often worked on the farm. We both kept on the alert for the source of the smell, and eventually we found that one woman was bearing the scent. When I asked her if she was wearing perfume, she replied coyly, "Oh, I'm wearing a really expensive perfume, called "Poison" which was given to me for my birthday." Well, it was all I could do to keep a straight face!! So much for "expensive" perfume!

Anonymous said...

When you pay people to sit on their arse and not work, they will oblige you. Many feel that the job opportunities are below them so why do the work that is available. Hence the 457 con that is happening in our country. As for these kids not having coin, dress your girl up and drop her off on the corner of Sheriden street she will make lots of money, she has no other qualifications.

Anonymous said...

I see where Fair Work Australia is investigating YET ANOTHER case involving farmers where the backpackers are forced to work in labour camp conditions, up to 14 hours a day for $4 an hour. This time it is the strawberry farmers of W.A. Maybe if the farmers paid decent wages and provided good conditions such as Alison mentioned above, they would have no trouble in attracting labour.

Anonymous said...

The Cairns Post is a rag. Very poor.

Anonymous said...

Lol she's a stripper now