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21 July 2016


The majority of Cairns international tourists arrive via domestic flights from other international "gateways" in Australia.  Warren Entsch promised YEARS AGO that he was "fighting" for requirements to triangulate new international flights with stops in Cairns - as Cathay Pacific has been doing for YEARS.  Like all Warren Entsch "promises", nothing came of this one, either.

New international flights are continually announced for Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth and all of these new flights OVERFLY Cairns on their way.  Forcing these passengers into domestic flights to visit Cairns.

Is it any wonder Qantas and Virgin profits are up?  

Qantas has quietly announced another change that will make international tourists jump through MORE hoops in order to visit Cairns - hoops that very well will mean they miss flights altogether.

Like their low-cost offering Jetstar, Qantas will no longer "interline" baggage between Qantas flights from Cairns to the other international hubs.  For the bulk of our visitors, transiting Sydney, this means they now:

  • Check luggage in Cairns ONLY to Sydney
  • WAIT and collect these bags at the Sydney domestic terminal
  • Wrestle these international bags (jammed with boomerangs, liquor, and baby formula) into the inadequate and overcrowded inter-terminal bus to get to the Sydney International Terminal
  • Pay $5 for this bus service
  • Wait in ANOTHER QUEUE to check-in their international bags
  • Wait in ANOTHER QUEUE to go through hand luggage screening
  • Miss their connecting flight


  • Check their bags in Cairns to their final destination
  • Take the inter-terminal "prescreened passenger" shuttle
  • Load up on more designer crap at the Sydney Airport

Where is the outcry from our Cairns tourism "leadership" on
this change?

The Australian airline industry was "deregulated" with no accompanying rules on their operation.  ALL the Australian airlines routinely ignore complaints about their operations.  The consumer organisation CHOICE notes that currently 1 in 4 passengers have had problems with delayed or cancelled flights.

With most getting NO assistance from the airlines - because there are NO RULES.  Deregulation in Europe, the USA, Japan, and other countries came with government regulations on their performance.  


Choice has launched a new website for the lodging of consumer complaints.  We have learned that Choice has attempted to place advertising for the service in the Cairns Airport terminals by purchasing advertising space.  The airport has refused - any guess why?


Anonymous said...

Of course the airport won't allow advertising such as what 'Choice' want to do, the airport management have a well known history of trying to cover up and hide ANY AND EVERY airport issue. Whether it be commercial in nature, financial in nature, regulatory in nature, or safety and security in nature.....but you can't hide much from HBW!

Again the airport and it's management show it's true colours by acting sneaky. Maybe Qantas would play nicer if the airports management team played nicely for once and weren't so cocky and arrogant? And maybe if the airport had smart commercial team and relationship builders the outcome would be different? Seems like Kevin Brown legacy lives on through Acting CEO Rolfe and his band of incompetent executives?? Muppets

Anonymous said...

Nice picture of John Revolting. His face is as plastic as the airport General Managers!!!!

shanghai said...

yeah big deal punters come here once ? who gives a shit about repeat business hey !! go to rainforest station the meals haven't changed in 20 years or a coat of paint on the joint, they only come here once. yeah Charlie way to go .if some people find wicked vans offensive then I find tropic wings buses backing the unity party offensive but no cover up there as well but I guess we are all equal but some are more equal than ours.

Anonymous said...

I agree HBW, I'm also surprised that Cairns airport management aren't crying out, considering they are aready all a bunch of emotional basket cases known for their emotional outbursts and crying at work!

Anonymous said...

Cairns airport, as predominately owned by JP Morgan, and under the leadership of Kevin Brown until a few weeks ago, would sell a paper bag containing human shit to a blind kid if it meant making money. So the fact that they won't sell advertising space to Choice pretty much proves that the airport is covering up once again.
Funny how the big girl from the UK is totally imploding of late. Just can't handle the pressure now that bodyguard and protector Kevin Brown'noser has fled to Perth. Or is there an 'alpha female' contest going on internally, or a bit of a 'battle of the fattest', or a 'battle of the incompetent'? In that case all executive management tie for 1st place!

C'mon Kevin, surely you can find positions in Perth for all these incompetent deadbeats still at the airport in Cairns? Maybe as a taxi rank marshaller, or a trolley collector, a shitter cleaner, as one of those weird meeter and greeters who don't get paid (unlike money tins Kevin Brown who wouldn't give a way a fart for free), or one of the orange shirt illiterate mower men?

Anonymous said...

Let's examine the so-called NQA aviation business leaders shall we?
Where are all these new planned routes and operators Cairns airport promised to reveal a few months ago?
Where is the new Cairns GA precinct and freight hub that was promised?
Where is all the promised growth in recreational and small business leisure at Cairns airport? Oh I forgot - a runway closed permanently and higher fees and charges.
Where is the $900m Mackay airport freight hub as promised back in 2014?
Where are the international flights from Mackay airport as promised? Where is the proposed encouraging of recreational and leisure growth? Oh I forgot, let's also close a runway and whack up fees and charges.
These 'leaders' are all piss and wind. Plenty of talk but no action. Kevin Brown and his mini-me clone from Mackay share two things in common - the inability to pull in extra business as promised, and silly bald heads!
What a joke. These dreamers couldn't pull a root in a brothel.

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghai? who gives a fuck, i totally agree.

Anonymous said...

The female managers are imploding in the place. All are prone to fits of tears, bad language, anger outbursts bullying, you name it... Now I am assuming it is a hormonal thing because they are all showing signs of their old age and sprouting moustaches, have odd body odour, and suffer an assortment of other "body issues", noticeable when up close to them. Shit I'm glad I'm not in the offices otherwise I would need to carry a spew bucket with me for every occasion that I bump into them! Speaking of hormones and anger outbursts, now that Kevin is truly part of history, when will we get a new leader? The old Board muppet is a joke and we need someone who has grown a set and can fix this shithole.

Anonymous said...

Cairns has nothing going for it. You notice even the few Chinese investors that have any interest prefer Kuranda, Islands, Plam Cove and ignore the city like the plague. Town is too hillbilly. Plus the reef limited lifespan. Promoting Indigenous tourism best thing to happen thanks to state government.

Looking at Karatha arts centre


sort of shows how backward we are. Amazing new arts centre, 60 million and they secured 10 million from the Federal Government yet Manning and Entsch could not get a cent between them? It is a brilliant project, has the town excited, has an inconic feel by fitting into the landscape and love the rooftop outdoor cinema. All for a tiny small town? Smaller theatre but then only 16,000 population. A mining town looks more progressive than Cairns? Qantas has no interest in our future, because we do not.

Anonymous said...

From the courier mail regarding interline baggage.

Qantas baggage rule changes in accordance with new Oneworld policy

Kim Culyer, Escape
July 18, 2016 10:53am

Escape’s Doc Holiday answers all your holiday questions including the rule change for Qantas baggage.


Can I still through-check my bags to my final destination when I fly on Qantas?

DOC: The way Qantas interlines (through-checks) your baggage with other carriers is changing from September 1.

Before this change, Qantas would through-check baggage to your final destination if you were travelling on a Oneworld alliance member, regardless of whether you had two separate tickets or bookings.

From September 1, if your travel plans are not all on the one booking and one ticket, your baggage may not be checked right through to your final destination. This means you will need to claim your baggage at your transit points, clear customs and immigration, then queue and check in again.

This is due to a decision by Oneworld, whereby the 15 member airlines of the group are no longer required to guarantee this through-check process. Other airlines affected include British Airways, Cathay Pacific and American Airlines.

New luggage rules will apply to Qantas passengers from September 1. Picture: Scott Barbour/Getty
These other members can still offer a through-check baggage service on separately booked tickets if they choose, but must guarantee it if your tickets are in the one PNR (booking).

If your flights are on a single ticket in the one PNR, or you are on Qantas flights all the way through, then the through-check process will continue as is.

There will be downsides to this new policy, and the first and possibly the most inconvenient issue I can foresee in this instance is delayed aircraft and missed connections.

There will be extra passengers in the snaking queues of immigration and customs, instead of making their way to airport lounges and transit areas.

There will be wait times for bags from the first carrier, passengers will then have to find the next check-in counter or even worse, change terminals. This, unfortunately, could lead to the traveller not being protected in the case of a misconnection or delayed flight.

Passengers will need to be vigilant and check visa requirements for the countries they are transiting. You will also need to check the minimum connection time for each airport you are passing through.

A travel agent will be well versed in these requirements and may also be able to add multiple sectors on multiple airlines into the same booking in some circumstances, resulting in the issue of one ticket.

Anonymous said...

One of the most disgusting aspects to Cairns airport is the amount of money that successive Board members have spent over the years. Flying around Australia and Internalionally business class, jetting off overseas just to attend a concert. Hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted for no better reason than "snouts in the trough".
Kevin Brown was on his half a million dollar salary (excluding bonuses), and he was so tight that he claimed a $2.00 parking ticket for parking at and attending a staff Christmas party.
All executive management earn between $200k to $250k. Again, ludicrous salaries when you look at those people's lack of ability and lack of value added to NQA. And the highest of that group of salaries has gone to Kevin's mates that he brought to Australia from overseas.
What about the frontline staff? They have endured budget and resource cuts, downsizing of departmental manpower, ineffective tools of trade, mistreatment from senior management and a host of other issues. Again all because of the mighty dollar (or lack of).
The place is a complete sham.

Anonymous said...

Not only does the former bald headed CEO buffoon Kevin Brown leave behind a shell of an airport in Cairns, Kevin will also have his work cut out for him in Perth as they are battling several expensive high level legal actions. Kevin doesn't have a good track record at winning legal fights so it's going to be fun! Then again he doesn't like a face to face fight, the weak little man, he much prefers to hide in the shadows and let others duke it out for him. Scottish Jessie's are like that, no balls and spineless. But what do you expect from a race of men who wear checkered skirts! Perhaps he will wear a kilt and his famous high heels to Board meetings?

Anonymous said...

Travolta looks like an absolute fuckwit with his plastic face and hair that doesn't move. I wonder if his winky is also fake and plastic?

Anonymous said...

Interesting article. The GM Airport who works for Cairns airport, her hubby worked for Qantas. He got injured, sued Qantas and pocketed over $300k as a payout. Thy then splashed out on cars, holidays, house renovations. Is that why QF and her don't get along too well?

Anonymous said...

Australian airports are a FKN joke. Every single one of them is shite. Fly to Asia and the airport experience while not a jolly is 10 times better than the rigmarole we have to endure here and the staff are polite, speedy and speak numerous languages to facilitate efficiency. I hate coming through the Cairns airport international terminal where you have to pay for a bloody trolley as soon as you arrive then have to run the gauntlet of "Border Force". People can whinge to Choice as much as they like but these fuckwits that run the airports don't care. They care about the dividend that the owners fund gets.

Anonymous said...

Correct sir, Cairns airport does nothing but suck every cent out of you no matter what you are doing. Kevin Brown even initiated the placing of lockable plastic covers over power outlets to stop people charging their phones and using his electricity! I shit you not. Go check it out around the main waiting area and food hall in the Domestic terminal. Brown was the most tightest, selfish, and self centered person I have ever had the misfortune of meeting in all of my life. Piss on him.

Baliguy said...

On Sunday the 5th June this year my daughter, granddaughter and ex-wife flew from Cairns to Bali to visit me here. They were among 60+ people boarding in Cairns, the rest of the passengers alighted down south somewhere. On boarding, some passengers were asked to move seats, something to do with load balancing. On arrival at Denpasar Airport the 60 passengers from Cairns found themselves alone at the carousel, with no more baggage coming down. They were THEN told by the Jetstar rep that, unfortunately, there had been a mistake, and their baggage failed to load.

Their bags arrived 1:30 am Tuesday, leaving them all day Monday with hand luggage, and a young baby. When we collected their bags I challenged the rep as to what had happened. He said it was a simple mistake. I told him that was bollocks. The ground staff responsible for loading baggage would have known, and said something, IF it had been a mistake. The fact that some passengers were asked to move around proves the hold was filled with cargo, leaving no room for the extra 60+ bags. But, of course, no-one was going to tell the passengers that, let Bali sort it out.

We put a claim in to Jetstar for over $600 worth of clothes and baby stuff, and I dared them not to pay. They paid without a whisper, and added vouchers for free meals and shit next time they flew Jetstar. Not something they are looking forward to.

Anonymous said...

Love the Airport Management staff member that drives an airport utility to work each day and parks it right outside the Virgin Departures, commercial transport company passenger drop off zone at the Domestic Terminal.
This nicely limits access for limos, taxis & mini buses with trailers etc. dropping off passengers, the transport company having just paid the Airport in some cases $7.50 or more for the privilege.

Within 20 meters there is unlimited parking that would not take up this limited commercial drop off space.
Leads to unsafe and time wasting double ranking.

The alternative parking for the offending Airport owned vehicle is however a few more meters away from their management offices.

Oh gee it would be awful if they had to walk those few extra meters and allow the commercial passenger transport companies access to something they are charged for.

Gets even better when the Australian Federal Police decide to park right behind the permanently parked Airport vehicle (when it's time to drop in for a coffee).

Gets even more serious when the AFP illegally park their vehicle right before a pedestrian crossing used by hundreds of passengers and drivers accessing the Limo Bay and rental cars area at the Domestic Airport Arrivals Area.

Have seen quite a few very near misses at this crossing as passengers cross and emerge from behind the vision blocking AFP vehicle (during the AFP drop in for coffee time.... loosely disguised as "watch the airport for a little while as we drink our coffee".).

Hundreds of Taxis and Limos go through this crossing each hour.....Once again they have parking within a few meters of this area that would not endanger peoples lives, but gee it is not right next to the coffee shop!!!!