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05 July 2016


When the Cairns Esplanade was upgraded some 10 years ago, hoteliers adjacent to Fogarty Park were livid at the inclusion of a bandshell on that site.  And they have continued muscle Cairns Council staff over the "doof-doof" musical concerts that regularly occur in the park.

When Bob "Sleepy" Manning was first elected as Mayor, he met with several of these hotel owners including the Kamsler family (Pacific International), the Darwin-based owner of the Hilton, management from the Shangri-La, as well as the Reef Casino and Hotel.  All demanded an end to concerts at the park (with the exception of the Christmas Show) due to guest noise complaints when they were underway.

The Pacific and Hilton are particularly affected because of the old, poor construction of those buildings including the lack of soundproof windows and doors.  

Manning was said to have ameliorated these business owners with the promise that the replacement of the Civic Theatre would include a concert venue in Munro Martin park - a venue that now looks to be almost completed.  And while the public was told concerts in Munro Martin would be "acoustic" in nature, clearly other plans have been in mind all along.  

We have on good authority that none of this was shared with
Richie Bates, who will now have to deal with the business owners and residents on Grafton Street who adjoin Munro Martin Park and will now be shouldering the noise from doof-doof bands.  We also understand that a back-door warning has been given to owners of units at 174 Grafton Street, who then began to sell these now devalued properties.  No word if the Coral Tree Inn and other businesses were ever given a chance to comment on the plans.

After the recent Council election, Manning instructed staff including General Manager Linda Kirchner:  start moving the concerts OUT of Fogarty Park and into other venues around the city, especially Munro Martin Park.  The "Grass is Greener" concert is just the tip of the iceberg as big business reaps its investment in the Unity Team and Bob Manning.

Richie Bates is still seen as an unreliable councillor by the majority.   Major decisions are reached by Manning, Terry James, and John Schilling and presented as a "fait accompli" to the balance of the Council - with no debate and no chance to make any changes.  One councillor has publicly complained that Bates is still "under the thumb" of the unions with a large part of his campaign finance coming from the Unions.  

It's unclear if any of these business owners financed the Unity Team and Bob Manning.  Despite the passing of the 15 week compulsory deadline for filing of campaign disclosure materials, only one sitting councillor (Linda Cooper) has made a timely filing.  The others have been withheld at, according to insiders, the  instruction of both LNP and ALP party leaders, to many of the councils in FNQ.  All but one disclosure has been filed by Brisbane councillors and candidates, with other large councils like the Gold Coast also seeing full compliance.  

General Manager Kirchner is also about to be holding another shitbag for Manning, as Council is said to be instructing barristers in Brisbane on what are described as "massive cost overruns" on the Tobruk Pool.  Which since the "splash" opening has been mostly seeing even fewer numbers of swimmers than before the rebuild.  More on this soon. . . .

So once again the business community in Cairns is making all the decisions for the public - now including who can use our "public" parks.  With the Division 5's Richie Bates again revealed as a spineless and "out of the loop".  


Anonymous said...

I for a short period of time lived at 174 Grafton Street in Cairns. At the time there were many complaints about the noise from a nearby backpackers hostel. One night a young naked girl performed a strip tease using a traffic sign as a strippers pole. The girl was filmed and the footage was shown on television. The girl protested about this, saying her privacy was being violated !!!

When I was living at the 'Parkview' apartment in mid 2011 the 3 bedroom unit was selling for $500 000, I purchased a better apartment at Earlville for $260 000.

When the last Local goverment election was on Mayor Bob Manning wanted to have large concerts (10 000 people)at Cannon Park racecourse.

Anonymous said...

No surprise about the Councillors not disclosing their business interests. Almost all Councillors are in the 'game' for the salary, directors positions, payoff's by developers and 'inside' tips on future developments which they can then cash in on early. Same trick/different Council. It's all about snouts in the trough and benefitting themselves. The system is completely fucked and the game is rigged. One rule for the crooks and one rule for the rest of us.

Council Or? said...

Good read on CRC there, HBW. Everyone in the building knew when this expose was posted this morning, and it's spot on.

Ernie said...

When is everybody going to wake up to what the final plan of the city area is,the ratepayers are forking out dollars in this area and to no real value other than the investors and unit owners who want to push the price of their investment to the limit, ask manning and the property owners and the property dealers who push to keep any kind of local participation out hence the cost of munrow park theatre, lake street rip off to hand dollars over to the business mates, shields street, tree cutting etc. News is that the business ripoffs of this town will not get that for their retirement in the city area, we should build a fence around it to keep them in so far and not to keep the real people out. There is more than plenty of maintenance to be done in the suburbs and outer areas for this kind of dollars to be spent on. so go to town make plenty of noise and get rid of them.

Anonymous said...

Stupid ol tossers whinging. It's just a couple of concerts you ancient old fuckers. Sell up and head to the Daintree if you want quiet. I don't see how the odd doof doof will be a problem when you've got GBR choppers every day, filthy rabid flying foxes, backpackers pissed and humping, curlews squuaking and shitbox wicked camper vans with no exhaust pipes! Has Bob's sleep been disturbed??

Anonymous said...

Cairns is history. Let's just hope global warming raises the sea level a few feet or a big ass cyclone rips through the city this coming summer. That will shut up all the old codgers moaning about concert noise.

Anonymous said...

Bob "Bankrupt" Manning is already working on secret plans to redevelop the Esplanade precinct. No doubt the community will be "consulted" shortly after the tender is awarded.
Bob Manning owned property within Harbour lights. This magically disappeared into a "charity trust" just before Bob drove NQEvents into the ground. Bob has a significant conflict of interest around Fogarty Park.
The Council staff running Fogarty Park have been advised that Bob Manning promised his mates at Pacific, Shangri-la and Harbourlights that there would be no more concerts in Fogarty.
I will not be surprised when Manning reveals a plan to redesign Fogarty Park so as to increase CBD car parking...

Anonymous said...

Never made any sense to have both Fogarty Park and to develop Munro Park for same sort of events. So we pay 10 million to move events to Munro Prk to keep the city quiet?

BUT Go to pier Friday night and wonder how they sleep in Shangri La yet no-one is allowed to question the clubs.

Next will be no further need for Fogerty Park wso they will flog it to a developer.

Anonymous said...

Interesting Linda Cooper took $6000 from developers the Fortress Group. Stench is putrid.

Anonymous said...

Unity's donations are in. Full of developers and real estate agents. But the stand out is a staggering $50,000 donation from Total Food Network. Anyone keen to dig deeper?

Anonymous said...

Gaurdia and Cryptosporidium were both found in our drinking water supply last week.
A boil water notice should have been mandatory but not a fucking word from council.
The organised cover up orchestrated by council staff beggars belief.

Tens of thousands of people at risk, this kind of activity borders on criminal.
Unaccountable and out of control...