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08 July 2016


Since ejection of the reactionary Newman government by the voters of Queensland, we've noted an increased openness by the Queensland Police Service in their dealings with the public.

Cairns, like most larger areas, has a dedicated QPS Media officer in Senior Constable Russ Parker.  He's generally been a fair and reliable source of crime news in Cairns, and usually ensures that John MacKenzie doesn't step "over the line" in his reporting on local crime.  MacKenzie is known to be quick to point out allegations of crime against certain indigenous members of the community, and he's not unwilling to exaggerate situations.  Cueball has frequently said over the years that "hundreds of pushbikes are stolen from Cairns Central."  HUNDREDS.  MacKenzie is the bottom-feeder of broadcasters, trolling up misery for his own amusement.

SC Parker however has played along with MacKenzie in ignoring a serious crime charged this week.  On Thursday a 41-year-old male Constable was stood down by the QPS, charged with Grievous Bodily Harm of a 23 year old British tourist on April 17, in the Cairns CBD.  

The incident has been "hidden" by SC Parker twice - once when it occurred on April 17, and then yesterday when the Constable was stood down and charged.  We know about the incident ONLY because of the reports made by the Queensland Police Service Ethical Standards command, who released the information yesterday in Brisbane.

Not a mention of it by SC Parker to the Cairns community.  Not in his daily "media wrap", nor when he gave his 10 minute crime wrap-up on the MacKenzie program.  John MacKenzie who has little trouble reading all the bad news out of the newspaper was happy to play along with the local QPS media coverup, despite the story on this constable being featured in the Cairns Post.

All sadly typical.

And unlike most criminals charged with such a serious offence, no word on the name of the Constable involved despite the QPS asking for "information which could assist in this matter".  If we don't know his name, how can other possible victims of this copper come forward with their information?  Likewise if this Constable has an exemplary record of service, those people can't come forward either.  Because we're hiding his name - despite the Crime and Corruption Commission statement saying that "The CCC has reviewed all the available evidence and determined there are reasonable prospects of a successful criminal prosecution".

The victim of this alleged attack sustained serious injuries including a broken jaw and eye socket.  A great Welcome to Cairns for our wonderful backpackers.

This lack of candor from SC Russ Parker comes on the heels
of his promotion of a known Urban Myth about "credit card skimming" of financial data.  Parker stoked community paranoia by claiming that "he won't have an (RFID) chip credit card" because "he's heard they're not secure".  This is the kind of police information we are getting from our local constabulary?

For the record, RFID chips on your credit card (the part that makes the cards "PayWave" ready) contain only encrypted data and have had ZERO reports of actual fraud requiring the use of a special wallet.  Sure, they can be read - but it's gibberish that can't be decoded.  

You can't make this shit up. 

Sadly I guess SC Russ Parker is getting his technical information from Ouija boards and TV commercials.  

Trust by the public in their police service is a nebulous but necessary component of policing success.  And the trust can be squandered very quickly by them in short order with foolish mistakes and missteps. 

And in the case of this week's criminally-charged Constable, Parker seems happy to hide the truth from all of us in Cairns.  


Anonymous said...

No surprise really. Wasn't it recently revealed that the 'rejects' from Brisbane's police headquarter training and induction program get sent to work in Cairns? Hillbilly cops serving the Cairns hillbilly community, under the Hillbilly leadership of Entsche and Manning, with a dose of Pitt and that know Pyne. Fuck I feel really safe.

As for Cueball, I just consulted his Ouija board and it told me he is a fucktard!. Not really a new revelation really.

Anonymous said...

I understand the matter was kept quiet because the police officer concerned had indigenous heritage.

Anonymous said...

Can't be true. Lazy arse Cairns cops don't come out of their little offices unless it's to sit in the back of a speed camera van.

Anonymous said...

Russel just doing him job as a diplomatic spokesperson. He is 100 percent good decent police officer. So what we like to hate Macca. Parker is no way corrupt.

Observer said...

I have met Parker and would judge him to be a fair and decent police officer. There must be a reason for his silence on this matter.

Anonymous said...

Parker is a genuine, hardworking copper and to say otherwise is false. He is merely a spokesperson for big bosses. He would have no say on what information gets released.

Anonymous said...

Off the subject but just imagine if Cairns had elected someone other than LNP or Labour we could have had a massive bargaining power in both the upper and lower house today to get things done. Instead we will have another three years of zilch/nort/zero/nothing and FA.

Anonymous said...

Is Nick Dalton on holiday or has he left CP? I small the winds of change. No more covering up council issues.

Anonymous said...

Poor old Russ is not the sharpest tool in the shed and the other two girls in his office on the ground floor would provide him with the good oil he takes to the loud-mouth anyway. I have worked in there briefly on two occasions and he is not the most sociable person and in fact if you don't wear a uniform you are just another peasant and in the way.

As for being corrupt, this is a little unfair as he does wear a uniform and that should tell you that he is one of the club, you don't go against the club or you are taken out permanently, and Russ does want to retire peacefully and stay silent until he fades away and dies as they are all terrified and my late father advised me that an ex-police officer will never expose and make public what goes on in this secret society.

Anonymous said...

There is no way a cop is going to hang another cop out to dry especially in the media. That's just how it is. Parker has to go to the station everyday to work so he got to show solidarity with his brother officer. Also he is a media rep for QPS, he gets told what to say.

Anonymous said...

Corruption is rife with the Queensland Police service in the north. I have a juicy story and am just waiting on some Right To Information files to come back before I spill all the details.