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01 July 2016


In keeping with the "ANYONE BUT TRUMP" voting philosophy, we have worked hard to evaluate the candidates for the parliamentary seat of Leichhardt.

The current member has two fatal flaws:



Despite the known limitations that come with electing an independent member, we believe this election is trending towards MORE independents and minor party candidates being elected.

We are pleased to support Independent Candidate for Leichhardt Daniel McCarthy.   While we're aware that he's a little neanderthal in his views on climate change, most of these are "settled issues" in which he's unlikely to make any appreciable difference now.  

We urge all voters to select the LNP LAST!


Wendy said...

Just be aware that this so called independent does not believe the reef is in danger and is further to the right than Fred Niles.

Anonymous said...

Here here!!!! Vote for Dan! It's time for change, and it's definitely time to send the current useless 200 kg walrus off into retirement once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Wendy, maybe so, but none of them are perfect, and none of them can deliver everything we need. However Entsch has done absolutely nothing, and he is a complete embarrassment and arrogant bully. So almost anyone is better than the drop kick who has held Cairns back. I hope he gets booted out. He will have his massive pension to live off and will no doubt be rewarded by one of the insurance scumbag companies and will be their 'colsultant to Cairns'.

Frank Pagram said...

Dan, the head in the sand man, who said Greens pollies going out to the Reef to observe bleached coral was a political stunt, so he used what in hindsight was his own political stunt to try to stop it.

Anonymous said...

Good joke HBW. The only difference I see between this homophobic extreme right winger and Entsch is that Entsch is useless and harmless while McCarthy's what's in it for us slogan and lack of policy will unleash every rabid redneck in FNQ.

Alison Alloway said...

Today is the day (1st July) when the bulk billing incentives for pathology and diagnostic services are removed, and the incentives for MRI services are reduced. Blood tests, X-rays etc will no longer be bulk billed. GPs are now saying that their fees may rise up to $79.00 out of pocket per each visit. Professor Owler, former President of the A.M.A. has repeatedly warned that the LNP's changes to the health system will adversely impact upon the poor and the chronically sick.

So where is Daniel McCarthy's strident opposition to this?

As I have patently pointed out for all, we have an "independent" State Member for Cairns, a man who knows all too well, the amount of medical care involved when experiencing a critical accident, yet this "independent" Rob Pyne, has not spoken up for Medicare. He has not gone in to bat for the poor or the chronically ill or physically handicapped or the aged. Yet, in a previous life, he was a university "Disability" advocate!!???

Reading through the election materials for many of the "independents" I note that they too, ignore the current changes to Medicare and its pending full privatisation. I include the pending privatisation of Department of Veterans Affairs here, as our vets will also end up being subjected to hefty slugs for medical care.

What is patently obvious is that "independents" don't care. The issue of affordable health is not on their radar. Instead we see things like "save the reef" and "I want my gays married!" and "let them stay!"

Is this the way to treat our elderly, our chronically sick, our handicapped, our Veterans, our poor? Ask yourself if you will have enough money to pay for a chronic illness for yourself or a family member once Medicare is fully privatised? Will you?

The healthcare of our nation should get first priority. The "independents" have revealed they just don't care. Vote for them at your own risk.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't write McCarthy off. Down at the pre-polls at DFO today, I recognised individuals who previously were LNP members handing out How to Votes for McCarthy. He had quite a well turned out posse of people there. I was able to speak with an LNP member who confirmed that McCarthy has sheared off a certain slice of the LNP organisation thus enabling him to entice LNP voters away from Entsch. This LNP split should help Sharryn Howes. Also spotted the latest Mrs Warren Entsch there and Hillbilly you do the woman a grave injustice! Entsch and Trout were there, Trout doing the spruikers act as people waited patiently to vote.
A little gossip which I cannot cross reference. Apparently Pauline Hanson turned up one morning and in tow with her was the one and only James Ashby!! Well that is the goss I heard.

Anonymous said...

James was probably in town to join Entsch and Cueball for a game of 'nude twister' or 'naked leapfrog'!

Mickwow said...

Hillbilly,I usually agree with your comments but this McCarthy will not be getting a mention on my voting card,i heard him being interviewed and he sounds like an arsehole!PLEASE NO MORE REDNECKS.


It would be our view that NONE of the candidates tick ALL the possible boxes.

Arguing against our selection on the basis of YOUR personal box being un-ticked is counter-productive and nonsensical.

We're frankly tired of the concept that we should be selecting a local representative based on irrelevant issues. We think it's time we select someone who ticks only ONE box- a desire to work every lever of the government on behalf of the residents of Far North Queensland.

Warren Entsch is surely not the one. And the other major party candidate has run such a sleepy campaign that WE can't even remember her name.

So you can take your arguments about climate change and perceived right-wing bias and stick it in a sack. Time for someone who isn't afraid to speak up and Rage Against the Machine.

Anonymous said...

How about someone who can speak up for the sick, the cancer victims, the young leukaemia children, the disabled, the aged, the terminally ill......or are we all invincible and immortal?

Anonymous said...

Can confirm that James Ashby (Slippergate scandal) was handing out how vote cards for Pauline hanson at the DFO Westcourt pre poll.
James Ashby has a pilots licence and has been flying Pauline Hanson to Reclaim Australia rallies.

This has been reported in the media ABC news article 28th July 2015.

Anonymous said...

Economically the reef is the the most important issue to Cairns and he ignores that. If World herritage is lost, and that can happen very soon, then Federal Government can withdraw all support. Bleaching in areas further south like around Cairns will be devestating as it will be harder to recover from due to water quality problems. They expect that to occur after 10 years but if no action is taken sooner on water quality than World Heritage maybe taken off the reef. Ony 5% farmers are eco certified as it is voluntary?

The ALP is like the Democrats in US and the Lab and Katter.our in UK where they are the same as the conservatives with some softer touches. So they come across as worse in many ways. They are okay with gay marriage and some human rights but have no interest in struggling self employed, working class, or the ones left behind.This has allowed populists to emerge both sides.

BUT That is no excuse to support a fascist on training wheels. We should at least learn the lessons of history. I think supporting a protest vote has merit but to endorse Mc carthy outright is reckless. QLD already is viewed as regressive with Dutton, Hanson, Christensen and Katter and that image does hurt investment. As the closed minded result in UK will hurt investment in that country.