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28 July 2016


The first contract rushed through the Bob "Sleepy" Manning Council in 2012 was the so-called redevelopment of the Tobruk Pool.  This redevelopment was the Manning "payback" to Life Member of the Tobruk Pool Association, Max "Grabby" O'Halloran.  

Howls of protest greeted the announcement.  No public consultation, too expensive, in the wrong place, no money left for any other sporting facilities.   Even council poodle Raj Patel (who has yet to file a campaign disclosure with the Electoral Commission) attacked Manning for the lack of transparency.  Not one $buck of state or federal money went into the project.  They both have put money into Townsville swimming facilities. 

The Tobruk Pool was the first (and last) test of Bob Manning's "Public-
Private Partnership" plan for city infrastructure.  All the Stage 3 business opportunities that were supposed to shoulder some of the cost?  NOT EVEN ONE TENDER.  A lazy $5M down a rathole. 

Then the contract was given to Adco, a contractor with a history of pool construction failure instead of a local trade consortium.  

Council insiders are now all abuzz with word that the pool has one major problem:  IT DOESN'T MEET FINA (International Swimming Federation) STANDARDS FOR OLYMPIC SWIMMING EVENTS!

Why?  It's been said to be almost 200mm too short, with different lengths in each of the 10 lanes!   So the pool isn't just short, it's not square.  Close enough?

FINA CAN approve sanctioned events in a pool if the length is non-compliant.  However FINA does NOT approve sanctioned events if the design "materially interferes with the competition".  And a non-square pool with different lane lengths is deemed such material interference.  FINA Standards are available for your perusal HERE.  

In short - our "world class" $23M+ swimming pool is unable to be used for "world class" events!


It's not clear that even all the councillors have been briefed on this cock-up.  One new councillor told about this report  sounded surprised when asked for his comment.

And it's even more unclear what Council is planning to do about this major failure.


Anonymous said...

Wow so that means for a 1500 meter race being 30 laps x 200 mm less you would have 6 meters less to swim. Even ADCO project manager big fat Chris Carey would break a world record ? Well maybe not but you can see my point. Council needs to sue the ass off ADCO and make them fix it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they used the same tape measure that Sleepy Bob uses to measure his todger? Of course it came up 'short'!

Anonymous said...

Was JOHN Clarke involved in any in the design & specifications? A good chace someone will set a new world record inthis pool if we can get meet approved

Anonymous said...

As has been said before 'you get what you pay for'. Old Coconut Husk will bugger up many more projects that are yet to come before he retires next election and rides off into the sunset with his government padded superannuation. The guy is a joke, but the locals who have voted for and kept this Muppet in power are the bigger joke. Longreach Council, Cairns port, Cairns airport, Cairns Council, WTF do people like about this incompetent clown that they keep hiring him or voting for him?

Anonymous said...

Any proof or are you just saying this?

Ken svay said...

So the pool was never measured or checked for square? It seems an amazing omission.

Anonymous said...

I laugh at how everyone is bagging on about the build cost of $5m. But what about the whole of life costs, let's bring those into the spotlight as well, so the taxpayer can be reminded of how much this 'white elephant' is going to cost them over the next 25 years.
CRC are a sham. It should be against the law to act with such incompetence.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture of Max and Cueball. Can't wait for the summer photos of them prancing around the 'short' pool, perhaps with Chris Farley, all in their speedo's and hoping that some cute fillies will notice their 'button mushrooms' and hookup with them!!!


Cairns Council has posted a certification that purports to "prove" the Tobruk Swimming Pool "Meets FINA Standards".

The certificate council has made available (on their Facebook page) in fact PROVES the accuracy of this story. It only certifies the pool as meeting the standard as a "FINA Facility". It specifically does NOT CERTIFY the Tobruk Pool as meeting the standards of Section 2.2 on "Dimensional Tolerances". Without compliance with this section, the pool CANNOT BE USED FOR INTERNATIONAL WORLD CLASS SWIM MEETS.

This is part of the dispute now underway between Council and the contractors. Council's contract apparently was not written with the specific language requiring Adco to build a Dimensionally Accurate pool to the Standards in Section 2.2.

CBD Warrior said...

Master Bates has posted what is allegedly the FINA approval. HBW looks to be completely accurate - the pool is not certified as "dimensionally accurate". It's like buying a mudcrab and getting a paper "certifying" that it's a Mudcrab. FINA gave us a paper saying "yup, it's a swimming pool". Lolls like the city slicko's have dudded us again.

Anonymous said...

ADCO were aware of this issue not long after the shell was poured and even spent late nights there when nobody was around with a laser measures followed by a lot of swearing once they realized the stuff up by their surveyors. Don't know why Richie Bates is covering for them as any legal action may backfire now.

Anonymous said...

Council employees do not have the experience to design and supervise the building of a professional grade Olympic swimming pool.
Council contracts this work to a professional engineering consultancy.
If this consultancy has got it wrong then their professional liability insurance should take care of the matter.
No need to bag Manning and Max about this.

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghai? WHO GIVES A FUCK.

Anonymous said...

Rather offensive don't you think?
How about....he balances the books and avoids hiking up the rates.....happy about that...or do you want huge increases?

Anonymous said...

Anon 20.58 Rates go up due to unsustainable growth like AQUIS or property value going high. So no rate rises means that growth has been well managed or there has been no growth, As we have had the latter for nearly a decade then easy to keep rates low. Really they should have gone down. It also means we could have afforded CEP easy and got far more bang for our buck and perhaps some growth due to it.

Pool FINA or not, waste of money. How mamy olympians do we have? None?

Anonymous said...

Typical. Manning was voted out of his position with Cairns Port Authorityvand I think he has had an axe to grund with a few big mencaround Cairns ever since. It seems he is desperately trying to get his name remembered ans signing off on jobs that should never have got a go ahead like Tobruk pool. I am worried about the upcoming theatre. It has been related in published materual leading up tobtge last council election that the theatre was designed by an architect not a theatre designer and hence the seating is fucked as is the stage. I was hoping that Bell Shakespeare Co might return to Cairns. Niw seems little hope that anyone will enjoy visiting our now rural play box...and I am now thinking of all that lovely money that has been wasted on both.

Anonymous said...

Ummm.. When you are borrowing to balance the books, the pain is simply deferred. Our rates are fine now - a primary reason Bob kept his job and kept his personal debtors at bay - but those loans will have to be paid back, likely when Bob is long gone & interest rates are back up.

Anonymous said...

Annon 20:58, you really are a Cairns hillbilly. Are you that stupid that you believe that because Manning didn't jack up what are already some of the highest rates on the eastern seaboard, this automatically rand he is doing a good job? No wonder Bob won votes when you have dipshit voters like this!

Anonymous said...

It's obvious. It's the 'two rules' situation. The short end is for the Manning's and McKenzie's of the old boys club of the town, while the longer lane is for the rest of us. That way, it can be said that we're all in this together!

Peter James said...

I have spoken face to face about this with Max and he knows nothing of your claims. I don't know what probity is in play here but looks like your informant is incorrect. At least lets call it that - incorrect - for now. Seemed strange that no media outlet got word of such a major problem. Or did they all confirm their source before playing Chicken Little ? Will a retraction be forthcoming - you got it wrong!

Anonymous said...

Peter James sticking up for his besties again. I bet you asked Max while you were at his house with Cueball, Manning and Entsch enjoying cold beers and a nude dip in his pool?

Anonymous said...

Media outlest in Cairns are never accurate anyway so lets not pretend we are a well informed city. Latest load of bullcrap we are fed is in relation to Traditional Hunting.