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01 July 2016


Warren Entsch, the current Turnbull Government Minister for Bloggers, has been found to have filed several fraudulent statements with the Australian Parliament.

A business on Mulgrave Road called  "Tuff Muff Exhausters" has been found to have Warren Entsch as co-director with his son, Jason Entsch on the registered corporation known as "Entsch Enterprises Pty. Ltd."  The business is only a couple hundred meters from daddy's government-paid office on Mulgrave road.

The business was formed on 1 December 2004, when Entsch was the Member for Leichhardt in the John Howard government.  No disclosure was made then.  Entsch has filed at least three disclosures since he reentered Parliament in 2007 and has not disclosed his directorship and interest in this business.  EVER!

Oddly, Gazza's son Jason has another ABN in his own name - 29390892925 attached to a business called "Tablelands Mini Excavator Hire and Mulch".  This ABN was lodged in 2010.   

Then there is Thiaki Creek Farm, registered to Warren George Entsch as a business name in 2003, with records updated in June of 2008.  Also not listed on his Register of Business Interests.

YIKES!  Then there's the Entsch Family Trust, registered just five months ago under ABN 24404033856.  NOT LISTED in the Register.  Entsch is required to update the register within 28 days of a new business or other business event occurring.

Warren Entsch has a long history of hiding his business holdings from the public and his Parliamentary colleagues, in violation of ethical rules.  This goes back to before 1999, when he held directorship and ownership interests in Cape York Concrete and pastoral company Vervale and then lied to then Prime Minister John Howard about it.

How many other businesses does Warren Entsch have financial or operational interest, and why hasn't he made a truthful and honest disclosure to the Parliament as required by law?  We continue to receive reports that business interests are being hidden by Entsch using other family members. . . .more soon.  


Anonymous said...

The only reason you would hide those details is if you knew something about the whole thing was wrong. Why the secrecy Warren? Decades of hiding business interests, why? It also shows his blatant disregard and 'up yours' mentality. It shows the true measure of the man. And why have parliamentary rules at all if the politicians only break them constantly with no recourse? Cairns doesn't need a rule breaker and a sneak as it's representative. Time for the fat tub of shit to pull his snout out of the trough and piss off for good. And I bet it is no coincidence that the son has his business almost next door. Shared resources perhaps??? Shonks

Anonymous said...

Is 'tuff muff' his nickname for his wife's front-piece? What next, he will start an adult shop called 'withered todger'?
He is a ridiculous fat, lazy, untrustworthy hillbilly dressing douchebag with a 70's porn moustache.


Anonymous said...

Well, it's 9:00 PM and it looks like the fucktards of Cairns have completed their mission to destroy their future- looks like fatboy is back for another 3 years. So Entsche along with Sleepy Bob get a few
more years to dine ringside at the taxpayer trough and complete their retirement fund. We done to the morons of Cairns who will need to be reminded over and over again what a monumental fuckup they made. Ansolute fools. You will all get what you deserve....I'm moving out people. Farewell.

Hamish Krint said...

What a sad conclusion to the poll for FNQ - Wazza romps back in again, just like Manners......
A couple of booths put ALP in front both on 1st preferences, and even more in front on other preferences. So where did Wazza score well? In the bush? In the CBD? What a puzzle.
Mr. Smoothie will continue to bullshit his way through the next 3 years, despite not declaring his business interests, or any other untruths, and we will wear it. Cheaper insurance? Forget it. Same sex marriage? Forget it. Any development cash? Forget it. Industry expansion? Forget it. Sports facilities? Forget it. Medical improvements? Forget it. From now on, any time someone bitches, we can all say "You voted for Wazza!!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Entsch was born in 1946, so he is 70, and not in the best of health as is obvious. He will be 73 at the end of this term if he makes it. I think it is in the interests of all political parties to be ready for a possible midterm by-election.

Anonymous said...

Turnbull could've punted the fat buffoon, but chose to keep him. Cairns residents could've punted the fat Buffon, but chose to keep him.
As much as I think Turnbull is a knob, so are the constituents who voted him back in. You reap what you sew Cairns. Thanks a lot, assholes.

Hamish Krint said...

When is Wazza going to take down his signs? Isn't there a fine for leaving them there? Or is sleepy Bob going to do it?