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30 July 2016


The Electoral Commission Queensland Commission has begun sending infringement notices to registered voters who failed to vote in the Local Government Elections earlier this year.

However despite the lodging deadline having passed weeks ago, a number of candidates for Cairns Regional Council have FAILED to lodge their financial disclosure notices as required.

These failures include:

Raj Patel (Division 5)
Gavin Vincent (Division 6)
Flora Pondrilei  (Division 7)
Ellen Weber (Division 8)
Greg Fennell (Division 9)
Howie and Bronwyn Thomas (Division 9)

Of the Cairns (dis)Unity Team, only one councillor has lodged their disclosure - Richie Bates.  However his notice is defective (as are many of them).

An inquiry made with the Unity Team got the response:  "We filed a disclosure for the team - we don't need to file anything else".

This is incorrect.

The law clearly says "Candidates who benefit from funds controlled by other candidates are to disclose the benefit received".  Team members had corflutes paid by the team - hence BOTH the team disclosure and the recipient MUST disclose on their return.

So the following additional disclosures are missing:

Brett Moller (Division 1)
John Schilling (Division 2)
Terry James (Division 4)
Max O'Halloran (Division 7)
Jessie Richardson (Division 8)

Raj Patel has made two separate defences on his failure to file.  First he said he was "self-funded".  Not an excuse, Raj.  Then he said he had NO funding.  Wrong again, Raj.

The law clearly says that EVERYONE has to file a funding disclosure, even if it is a "Nil Return".  So who paid for the corflutes, Raj?  Mercifully, Raj has apparently gotten the message from the public's disinterest in his campaign and he's abandoned his blog and stopped posting on Facebook.  Cairns residents breathe a sigh of relief. 

Richie Bates and the other candidates who were sitting councillors are required to file returns that clearly encompass the period from THEIR FIRST ELECTION as a councillor to 30 days after this election.  This is extremely important - have sitting councillors been getting money from the outside during their term?  The public needs to know.  EVEN FOR THE COUNCILLORS WHO FAILED, like Slippery Greg Fennell.

Time for the ECQ to send out infringement notices to these people, too.  Not just the public.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how much Tobruk pool builder ADCO donated to Richie Bates to win his support for their antics.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will happen to them. They are politiicans, a protected species, untouchables. One set of rules for them and a different set of rules for the rest of us. Entsch has also done this for years. If they thought they would actually be fined, get in trouble, be accountable or if they actually could give a shit about the law they would have all done the right thing. But they haven't. Look at how many of these crooks have got away with every breach of the law possible, and yet they still get draw a taxpayer funded salary. Viva le revolution.

shanghai said...

another head turning episode like I said some are more equal than others has anyone dealt with the a.t.o recently? omg, after the airport and pool debacles what awaits us in the cbd ?

Anonymous said...

Townsville getting support.

Discussions are underway between the Commonwealth and key stakeholders including the QLD Government and Townsville City Council towards a City Deal for Townsville.

Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull joined Assistant Minister for Cities Angus Taylor and Member for Herbert Ewen Jones at a roundtable with Townsville City Mayor Jenny Hill, and local government, business and tertiary education representatives in Townsville on Tuesday, to hear the community’s vision for the city.

The Commonwealth Government is investing in the future of Townsville and the future of Northern Queensland, providing $100 million towards a modern stadium, entertainment venue and headquarters in Townsville for the 2015 NRL premiers, the North Queensland Cowboys.

Most significantly, this investment will form the centrepiece of a City Deal for Townsville.

Assistant Minister Taylor said the success of the City Deal would depend on coordinated investment and reform across all levels of government.

“It is an invitation to the QLD government, local government and the private sector to deliver better outcomes for Townsville. It requires a shared vision to deliver strong growth in local jobs, regional economic growth, accessible housing, and a commitment to ensure Townsville is more liveable and sustainable.”

The City Deal will build on the Coalition’s significant investment in infrastructure and jobs for Townsville including:

$150 million toward the Townsville Eastern Access Rail Corridor
More than $900 million in infrastructure projects in the region, including the Townsville Ring Road
$75 million to locate Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia in Townsville
Planning work for Hells Gate Dam
Expansion of one of the largest defence bases in Australia, Lavarack Barracks, and
Expanded defence facilities to support the regional deployment of Singapore’s defence forces during training exercises.
These investments will help the Townsville region realise its immense potential.


Anonymous said...

Those penalties don't have to be paid as they are not addressed to the correct name of your person.
Send the rubbish back Unclaimed, Return to Sender and that goes for the Rates Notice and the dog rego shit as well, they are a thieving bunch of dishonest grubs who are controlled by another bunch of members of some secret society, the Law Society.

I make this post Anonymously but they know full well who I am and who I represent and what my opinion of these criminals are including the other goons in the uniforms that back them up if you allow it to happen by claiming you longer have a driver's licence due to an unpaid SPER fine for not voting.

Anonymous said...

Annon 19:50, that is great news for Townsville. The Mayor, Councillors and business leaders have been working hard to put the city on the map, to lobby for funds and also put forward a sound business case. They have pushed and pushed for the stadium and all that hard work is paying off for the community. How many times have you heard the stadium mentioned publicly and also heard of realistic transparent costings as well? Lots. That is how a united team get the job done.

But what about Cairns? A bunch of lazy and incompetent taxpayer leaches is the only way to describe 'our' leaders and government representatives. Fantasies about billion dollar city rail networks, port dredging and other pipe dreams. All Manning has done is rebuilt a shitty old pool (short) and allowed for flammable bike bridges too be built!! And you wonder why the state and federal governments shudder and shiver at the mention of our hillbilly city and the dross that runs it!

Anonymous said...

Oh Shanghai you are always the glass half full bro. Shitty pool, rundown CBD, combustible bike bridges and an airport pissing fuel everywhere! That's quality for the Cairns region! Job well done.

Anonymous said...

Annon 10:00 I agree, fuck paying all these fees and charges, they are all a rort and bullshit. I'm getting my $60 dog rego value anyway - I let the mutt shit on the footpath, let him bark all night, let him bail up uninvited sales people! This is Cairns, it's what we do.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing compensatory phallic sculpture in M.M Park for a mayor who is unable to fund a major erection across the road.

shanghai said...

sorry 13.04 wasn't me I have never bagged bridges,leaking fuel,or rundown cbd my go is bats ,high debts ,over priced stockmarkets,lack of parking for buses in cbd ,drunken yum cha,quaratine station for cannon park,stupid impatient drivers,crc propaganda budget and aquariums yeah mate I agree half full is more positive than half empty.

Anonymous said...

Anon 21:26

Yes it is good and I read that the Federal Government and State work well together, though after losing Herbert may sour a little. Enstch is probably digging dirt on her right now because warfare is all he knows, not teamwork.

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghai? no fair dinkum WTF did you say.

shanghai said...

what a load of trash ! the Chinese hacked our census poll ! do you really think a country with a billon people gives a shit about a white trashy country in asia ? census poll with a population smaller than shanghai? why don't our esteemed pollies admit we are are way behind the eight ball in everything.but no scott Morrison had a a good piss up after the budget and justified it by saying its in line with other piss ups in recent history no wonder why my cairo lives in city view ! but any way kids stash your money in cash and be patient.

Hamish Krint said...

Where is Hillbilly? Buried under the stage at Munro Martin Park????
Or put into the foundations of the new Civic Theatre???
Cueball is about to put on his toupee again...and celebrate!

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghai? H/B is an in consistent prick and only talks shit like you. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Hey HBW; AWOL for a month now? Are you on holidays?
Meanwhile, Saturday night in Cairns with an event on at Munro Martin Park......cars driving around aimlessly looking for parking in the CBD but none to be had. Many restaurants losing business because clients couldn't park nearby. This is a terrible planning disaster by the incompetent Council!

Alison Alloway said...

Townsville has almost always had a Council Team which works together for the benefit of the people of Townsville. Right from the days when Perc Tucker (ALP) was Mayor of Townsville. There has never been the disgusting, hungry grabs for power which we have witnessed here in Cairns, aided by the likes of Mackenzie. Townsville was not politically fired up to reject a brand new state of the art hospital as Cairns was in 1995/1996. Previous to that when Townsville declared its lower Flinders Street would be a historical precinct, they achieved just that. Here in Cairns at the same time, the squeals of the developers outroared those who wanted to preserve some of Cairns' historical buildings. Thus we would be one of the few cities in the world which does not have a dedicated historical precinct. Lastly we all know what happened with the Entertainment Precinct idea. Townsville just went and achieved its remarkable South Bank Precinct with all its jazz and street musicians without any such hysteria. Mackenzie here in Cairns, fired up the rednecks into a lather of hysteria over the "Ukulele Festival." Then through all of this is the endless dog-chasing-its-tail fiasco of the "dredging the inlet", round and round and round we go, and back again, year after year after year through this State Government, then another State Government, then another, and on and on and on, endlessly on. After all this time, no-body has come up with a solution. If it were Townsville, they would have resolved the problem long before this.
Townsville and Cairns are indeed a tale of two cities. One which is forging ahead, obtaining all its wants and needs, while Cairns habitually strangles itself.

Anonymous said...

A bent phallic symbol I reckon that's what Manning has got up in Munro Martin Park. I mean who bloody decided on it? This council doesn't give a shit what we want or think about anything and now we re left with this awful shit ugly broken dick thing to show the world as one of our best pieces of art.

shanghai said...

i think everyone is getting worked up over nothing its not a penis its a burnt up stump of a tree ! 10 families of of possums reside there already beautiful stuff more fauna in the cbd .

Anonymous said...

Hillybilly, do you watch this? You know many councillors still havent made their declaration of gifts. Linda Cooper has and it shows a $6000 contribution from a major developer here. $6000!!! I bet they got some favours for that.