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25 August 2016


We'd like to sing the Wizard of Oz tune "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead".  Peter Tabulo, who should have been sacked by Mayor Schier for his piss-poor performance as Kevin Byrne's "developer's poodle" has finally exhausted his welcome with the Cairns Council.

His legacy?  A raft of prison towers in our CBD masquerading as unit developments.  A raft of Development Approvals with missing components greeted by a Tabulo "wink" to the developers and no enforcement of important conditions.  A raft of major projects that have gone horribly over budget as the council has been rudderless for the last four years with Bob Manning in perpetual nap and Tabulo over his head in his first (and last) CEO position.

Tabulo is been allowed to slink into the night like the snake he has been.

However we're supposed to applaud the elevation of John Andrejic?  We don't think so!

Andrejic is in the finance position only for his skills at "creative accounting" - skills he honed as a Manning puppet at the Port Authority.  Andrejic has been signing the cheques on the projects that are now under scrutiny.  With little in the way of checks-and-balances, the Council books are hazy and un-transparent.  Who knows the real position of this Council?

Andrejic is also directly responsible for the $12 Million computing cock-up.  So a guy loses $12M and we give him a promotion?  Why would anyone do that??

Cover-up.  That's why.  That's how these things work when corruption and malfeasance is rampant.

Andrejic is also responsible for the last remodel at the Cairns Airport domestic terminal when he was employed by the North Queensland Airport Group.  This remodel is widely viewed as mishandled and inadequate, flushing $200M down the dunny.  Sure, let's promote the guy!

The Cairns Council is doing the ratepayers a disservice by not bringing in a new set of eyes and new set of skills.  We're told that all of these discussions are occurring "behind closed doors".  How can the Minister for Local Government ignore this clear violation of the Open Government Act?  How can these councillors participate in such closed-door negotiations?  Like the elevation of Tabulo as "CEO in Training", John Andrejic as CEO is the latest dangerous management decision by this lazy Council.

Lots of emails piled up from our loyal readers.  Can't we take a holiday after the elections?


Wendy said...

Giving Rob Pyne more amunition for his tabled enquiry into Local Government corruption. Just looking for a positive in this litany of horror that is the CRC under the Ole Butch Manning, Sleepy to his friends.

Tony Hillier said...

The Cairns old boys' network maintain their stranglehold while throttling the democratic process and progress in the region. As the French say, plus ├ža change!

chasrose said...

The CRC treats its Rate payers like Mushrooms and that is ,We are Kept in the Dark and Fed on Shit.Why can't the powers for the State step in and Investigate what is the Obvious to everyone around here,and that is Incompetency by all those so called Experts hired by Council.I reckon that the First order of the day is to Ask for QUALIFACATIONS,that woul sort out the Bad from the Good Fruit.Charlie.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the uncaring masses of Cairns voted in this Mayor and Council. Until they do something truly heinous, or die, we are stuck with their incompetence.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, Crazy John gets promoted! Surely HBW is taking the piss out of us? Nah, it's all true. Will Johnny boy spend even more time running the red arrow? Hope he doesn't have one of those 'kiniptions' he is famous for. The boys club sure is alive and well. It's all part of the plan to keep Cairns in the 1980's, and they are doing it well.

Anonymous said...

WTF did you say Shanghai? You applied for the position and was told to fuck off. I don't understand why, you have the Qualification of a fuckwit. You should have been given the position. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

It's the Council staff I feel sorry for. They used to have great leadership and high morale. It's gone downhill under Tabulo. How will they fare now?

Anonymous said...

Hope that terrible side kick Kelly Reaston is next.

Second Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous 8.13
Not to be picky - but his doctor would write it up as "conniption"

Anonymous said...

Welcome back HBW!The eternal thorn in the side of scum-baggery. Thank you for keeping us informed, proper!

Anonymous said...

Yes get rid of Kelly Reaston and the puppy planners with no spine below her . Peter Boyd is part of the mega-bucks salary 'brain-sludge' planning regime below her. The same folk that think it is Ok to build 7 storeys in Yorkeys Knob in a two storey community without consultation.

Anyone investigated who is the designer for that building? Maybe its a Councillor with a mega-conflict of interest ???

The whole planning department needs a Crime and Misconduct review to clean them out once and for all.

shanghai said...

fuck the council I'm going for the big bucks ceo of airport and or dominoes Smithfield? i don't need the public scrutiny of this site so there !

Anonymous said...

A little off topic but a review of Cairns from trip Advisors. Sad part is some of it true. Even sadder nothgn wil get get done abut it, past trying.


We have been in Cairns for the past 4 days and unless you do a tour of some kind (Great Barrier Reef and/Daintree Rainforest, Kuranda) then you might as well stay home. Cairns is possibly the worst and most overrated town we've ever visited. The streets, shops, restaurants and bars are run down and filled with trashy drunk people. Walking down the Main Street (from their 1990s mall toward the esplanade) the stench of alcohol can be smelled on the sidewalks along with the BO of backpackers.

The esplanade is yet another overrated swimming pool, since you can't swim in the ocean, everyone bathes in this tub of piss, alcohol, and STD infested waters. I would rather walk through a snake infested rainforest than dip my fat toe in the esplanade.

The restaurants are so exuberantly expensive that you'd think that Gordon Ramsey was in the kitchen making your meal. We settled on a Greek restaurant that was quite good, but three simple appetizers alone ran us over $40+ so after one night of eating out, we bought groceries and cooked in our hotel.

We didn't go to the botanical gardens but if it's anything like the esplanade then you're in for a big disappointment.

The ONLY reason to go to cairns is because of its convenient location to the airport, it's a good starting point for excursions such as the Great Barrier Reef, the Daintree Rainforest and Kuranda. Even then, don't expect to be wowed by the natural scenery. It's beautiful, but nothing to write home about. Our tour took us to the inner reef and outer reef (and the staff and crew were exceptional) but the reef itself was bleached by the sun and much of the corals were dead (global warming), the sunny beach of Palm Cove is nice to look at for like 5 minutes (no better than any other beach in the world, except watch out for saltwater crocodiles that can creep up at any time- especially at night, or jelly fish or any other killer creature lurking in and around the water). The best part about Kuranda was holding a Koala. Mostly to a tourist trap selling overpriced cheap souvenirs and equally expensive but mediocre food. The Daintree rainforest, Mossman gorge and Cape Tripulation are also worth a visit if you venture all the way out to Queensland but Brazil has more beautiful rainforests, gorges and waterfalls. And PCH in Caifornia and the US West Coast has much more stunning views than the scenic highway from Cairns to Port Douglas. We have yet to be wowed by anything here. The price you will pay for the "quality" of what you will get is not worth it.

However, if you ARE coming to Cairns then you're best to take the tours or at the very least rent a car and tour around on your own. Although, If you are into paying too much for food, walking around beer scented sidewalks, STD infested bars and nightclubs (Cairns ha the highest STD rate of any city in Australia), trashy tattoos, red-faces and BO smells, then Cairns will be your dream destination.


Anonymous said...

Ding dong... The Witch ain't dead... Like a wraith she haunts the corridors of Council, looking twenty years past retirement age, when in reality she has a decade to run. Continually Gloating over how many scalps she has taken, she slowly but surely divests Cairns Council of any individual stupid enough to stand up for what is right, or rude enough to show creativity, talent or proactive thinking. After a few drinks she is know to broadcast her talent for getting rid of staff. At last count she claimed personal credit for removing over one hundred staff from the payroll. This witch goes by the name of Linda Kirchner. After takenMagically winning the role of General Manager for Community, Sport and Cultural Services with no actual experience in those areas, she is one of Bob's "appointees" to a $250,000 GM role,who will do whatever it takes to keep her job.

Anonymous said...

Probably has strong gums as well.....

Anonymous said...

"This witch goes by the name of Linda Kirchner. After takenMagically winning the role of General Manager for Community, Sport and Cultural Services with no actual experience in those areas, she is one of Bob's "appointees" to a $250,000 GM role,who will do whatever it takes to keep her job."

No - wrong.
Manning hates her.
She was shielded by Tabulo.
He used her to do his dirty work.
Now he's gone she will be next - not long now.

Anonymous said...

It's a well known fact that the Unity hierarchy hire friends with no adhesion to CRC administration instructions. More often than not the lack of experience from these " professionals" come to light and they are moved on with full remuneration of contract.
Ask former head of works Ashely Cooper who is still getting paid his salary in full even though he was moved on 18 months ago.
Let's not forget that Tabulo was hand picked by Manning just as Andrejic will be ignoring CRC's own hiring policies.
Now we have Brett Moller taking on further employment ( as if his council salary wasn't enough) and foregoing on an election promise of taking on the role in a full time capacity.
I trust Mr Moller has written to the CEO and asked permission to start a second paid job as is required in its own policy statements.
The Unity Team under Manning has drastically reduced the workforce of the council with dozens of tenders going to Townsville ( line marking, street signage, landscaping, consultants etc).
It's ironic that they reduce their rates base and contribute to the high unemployment in the region and yet openly about the money they have saved.
Lawsuits are a plenty in Spence St reflecting upon the current administrations "professionalism.
BTW how much money have this council borrowed from the banks? All is not what it seems.....

Anonymous said...

Being an idiot must run in the family because his wife Barbera Tabulo was sacked from White Rock School for staff bulling and moved to a EQ office job.